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Happy Labour day everyone! I hope your long weekends have been a perfect ending to your summer. I can’t believe it’s already September. This summer flew by and I have so many fun memories from it. I’m looking forward to fall as things tend to slow down and be more relaxed come fall. I’ve been taking it easy this weekend. I went to a friends going away party Friday night. It’s sad to say good bye but I’m sure she’ll have a blast backpacking through Australia for the next year. Saturday was a lazy day as I didn’t get home till 4:30 am the night before! Oops! I hit up ikea though and grabbed a book case that fits nicely beside my wardrobe and will fit a few extra pair of shoes and a few odds and sods. Yes I was running out of shoe storage :P I know I know I’m planning to downsize my shoe collection by a few pairs in the near future. It’s just sad when you have to dust your shoes. Yesterday was a girls day with Amber. We went shopping, got pedicures, munched on some goodies and just hung out. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. Got some cute and comfy lounge cloths from Pink :) love that store! Today is a lazy yet productive day. So far I slept in! Oops I planned to get up at 10 but apparently my body decided 11:45 was more like it. I hit up the gym :) got in a good leg work out now on home to take the pups to the park while it’s not raining. I’m thinking of posting some auctions this week so I’ll get together a few items so that I’m ready to get them posted. Then tonight I don’t know a hot bubble bath or maybe a trip down to the hot tub for a nice long soak. Tomorrow I’m back in action and finishing a big prize happy raffle on MFC so don’t miss out. Till then I hope your all enjoying your 1st day of September.

Xoxo Katie

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Gotta shake it off ohh feeling the burn and I’m loving it! It’s amazing when you take a break from something that’s routine for you and your pleased to have that break but as soon as you get back into it your twice as pumped as before. That’s hep in feeling about the gym this week.

I took 3 weeks off filled with eating out, lots of drinking and just not my healthy life style as per usual. Man did I feel off! For me my healthy life style is all about my mind set. Being active, eating healthy and setting a wellness goal makes me feel great about mysel. Admittedly I come from a family of thin women in their early to mid 20′s who then struggle with their weight as they get older. Add to that heart disease and genetically high cholesterol and you have in a nutt shell what caused my dad to die at 53. I promised myself is learn from his death to take my health seriously I’m the only one that can. I’m very motivated which is often hard to explain to others. My girlfriends always ask how the hell I keep doing it. Right there above this sentence is why. I will not repeat the cycle I’ll sama the shit out of it instead ;)

ok ok I’m sounding like one of those work out self motivates that everyone secretly hates cause they do what seems like the impossible :P

It’s cheat day today and while I feel like I haven’t earned it after only one week back to the gym and only one week of healthy eating I still had home made blueberry pancakes ;) yummy! Tonight will be pizza. Why? Cause routine is good and my body deserves a treat especially after the grooling work outs I put it through this week. I’ve been shaking it off all week.

Little Eva was off to the vet yesterday poor little monkey has gingivitis and has to get 1 tooth pulled for sure and possible 2 others depending how they look under the gums. The main molars she chews with will more than likely get a filling of needed and that’s it. Yes yes the vet is filling those itty bitty teeth of hers. Don’t ask how much it’s one of those you gotta do it kinda things. She was so nervous at the vets yesterday but she did great :) all the ladies in the office just loved her! But they did say she’s on the chubbier side of regular. Means more excersize and slightly smaller portions at meal time. The funny thing is she just lost weight too! Going to have to keep a closer eye on my little piglet.

I’m looking forward to a fun afternoon on MFC today :) I’m going to do a big prize raffle and a hitachi cum show in free chat. I’ve been Mia the last 2 days so today is catch up on orgasms day, don’t miss out! See you online around 3:30 PST

Xoxo Katie


This naughty hiker likes to get a little wild in the woods, the closer to the path where someone might come upon her the better ;) It seems you were in charge of packing the snacks and a bottle of water for us on our hike today and put it into my little back pack. Everything felt fine, there was a long hard cylinder shaped item and a few smaller items. Little did I know that you had more adventurous things on your mind and instead of a water bottle and a snack you packed a dildo and some lube. Oh well I made the most of it and even let you film it for posterity. I sure did feel like a naughty little brat masterbating in the middle of the woods on a well traveled hiking trail!

Hiking not your thing? how about a stockings show off complete with finger play and lots of great ass shots ;) I just love a sexy pair of stockings. There is something about the way my skin feels against them and the way my hands glide over them that sends little goose bumps all over my body. I got all sorts of hot and bothered the more I showed off for you and the more I rubbed myself that I had the most amazing finger cum ever. But don’t take my word for it feel free to take a peak at it in full HD or streaming on my website.

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I’ve been having all sorts of naughty adventures and you guys are lucky cause I love to bring my camera everywhere I go :) CLICK HERE to check out my over 300 HD 1080 video collection on my site right now. There is a new video going live every week and I keep trying to one up myself so you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure.

XoXo Katie

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This week feels like it’s flying right on by! It’s the long weekend this weekend and I have zero plans love that feeling :) I’m thinking I might play tourist and do a little sightseeing or lunch on a nice sunny patio or maybe shopping all the back to school sales. Either way I’ll be taking it easy and having some no matter what. I’m feeling pumped this week back at the gym and feeling alive! Having fun on MFC with you sexy freaks and I even get to shoot a custom video later today for a special friend. From now till Sept 1st a free pair of cummed on panties with every 10 mins video order! Yes it’ll be the pair I wear in the video for you ;) gotta make them special after all.

I think I’ve decided to do a little spring cleaning ok find early fall cleaning and clear out some stuff out of my closets. Anything I’ve shot in even the things I’ve been hanging on for a rainy day will be going up for sale. And… Shoes, I decided that having to dust my shoe collection and having to have a stack of shoe boxes in my closet is just a no no. Going to part with some of my favs that have lived a fabulous life in my hands. Love shoes as much as I do well add a signed pair of mine to your collection. I’ll post pics here early next week. Email me at for details and pics early ;)

For now I’m sweating it out on the elliptical working it out and dreaming of pizza and frozen yogurt on Friday ;)

Xoxo Katie


Back at it this week, last week seemed short and since I ended up not feeling well a little slacked. I’m trying to get my groove back since it’s been 3 weeks since my regular gym routine and life routine was a flowing. I’m very much so a creature of habit, while I do love to mix it up from time to time I do require a regular routine that levels me out. Life for little old me has been all over the map this summer especially this past month. Last weekend was the first weekend the pups stayed with me and I stayed at home all month! It felt amazing to laze in bed relax and just not have to be anywhere.

My shoot Sunday went splendidly other than a few interruptions by nose neighbors out walking their dogs who thought “ohh people I wonder what they are doing? I guess I’m meander for a bit and see. Oh they stopped hmm well if I stick around long enough maybe they’ll start up again. Hmm still no ok fine I’ve wasted 10 minutes guess ill move on” lol yah geeze! Can’t wait for you all to see what I got! It’s pretty hot hot hot :)

Also used a new piece of equipment that will make all you members smile :) hehe sounds so open ended! You’ll see soon enough what I’m talking about.


Guess what I made last night? Home made apple sauce :) I picked some apples from my grandmas apple tree (yes I live in Vancouver and have a grandma who doesn’t live far from me who has an apple tree, a veggies and fruit garden and is growing her own pumpkins for Halloween in her backyard :) that’s just how us Banks ladies roll) I pain stakingly peeled, cored and chopped them myself too. I now remember why I don’t make apple sauce every year, it takes forever and is a lot of work lol :) but oh does it taste yummy! I’m going to take a jar of it to my grandma since she’s always giving me home made jam. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it :)

Hope your weeks off to a good start, see you all on MFC later this afternoon for some boom boom ;)

Xoxo Katie

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