Gretchen Cosplay

I had some fun for a recent shoot for you all! nothing beats a fun concept, cool costume, multiple locations and special decorations. I played a cute little Gretchen beer hall wench during Octoberfest who wants to make sure everyone is having the best time ever. I loved themed shoots and cosplay costume ideas 😀 Here I take you behind the scenes while getting ready to shoot.

I’ve been having so much fun making flirty youtube vids, blogs and really just talking to you guys via video more and more. Its a great way for you to get to know me better and see me in my day to day life not just when I’m feeling sexy. To catch al my blogs and behind the scenes like this vid check out my youtube channel subscribers are kick ass and make me smile 😀

xo Katie


It’s finally almost the weekend! We made it! It was a good week on the Banks home front. Got quiet a bit done, got online 3 days this week and had a blast. Got back to the gym and feeling pumped. Moving towards a workout routine that I think will kick butt and be more manageable. 

As for the weekend I don’t have any plans as of yet. I’m loving that fact to be honest. Life has been so go go for so long that the chance to have zero agenda, zero social obligations is amazing. I can just do what I want as it comes up. On my agenda… working on my D23 costumes since that is coming up next month, visiting some water. I don’t care if it’s a lake, the ocean or the river. I want to be in a bikini with my feet in the water relaxing. Oh and some nexflix and chill. A chance to just mellow. 

Might sound silly but with my busy schedule I find the thing I miss the most is uber lazy days. Pjs all day, no make up, snuggling with the pups. Oh yes! I’ve got things coming up the next 2 weekends but my new plan is that Sundays are black out days. No plans made, no obligations that’s my me day. If I choose to go shopping or out and about that’s my choice 🙂 

Working towards a more zen Katie 😊 I hope no matter what you get up to this weekend you have a blast in the sun shine.

Xoxo Katie 

Dirty Professor

I have this thing for my professor, he’s such a babe. I find myself captivated by him when I’m in class… constantly forgetting anyone else is in the room and completely blanking on the lecture or info we are suppose to be learning. No surprise that I got called into his office to discuss my grades. I’m both excited and nervous. I have to get at least a B in this class to get my scholarship so I’m nervous he won’t give it to me. But I’m so excited to alone with him in his office. I might just have to see if we can’t work something out to help raise not only my grade by my spirits. I’m bringing along my favourite dildo, lets see if he can resist me when I show him how good I would make him and his rock hard cock feel.


Back at it 

Kicking my own ass this morning at the gym. Feeling sore! But a good sore. I was definitely out of breath and sweaty lol a good sign I pushed myself but also a sign I’m out of shape. It’s been well probably 4-5 months since I’ve been to the gym 😑 I know bad me. Just been one thing or another getting in the way. TC and I created a new game plan to maximize our limited time and get the most out of our workouts despite not being able to go daily. I feel pumped and optimistic. Now to just not get sick and not hurt myself so I have to take time away… that’s the tricky part. Hopefully I’m no time at all I’ll be seeing some results since mussel memory works and I’m sure I’ll get there. I should say for all those who are looking at me side ways “Katie you look great” thank you! I do feel I look good but I know I’ve been in better shape and over all better health for my body long term and I want to get back there.

This little sticker sure did make it difficult to get up this morning though! She sure has been sucky the last few days. It’s been cute seeing her get up the last few mornings and go looking for my mom and brothers. She really did love coming on the road trip with us. She hates being left behind! Wants to see and experience it all. As long as she’s with us she’s happy 😊

Thankfully they travel so well in the car, just curl up with someone and snooze. Usually it’s me! The above photo is our usual way of traveling anywhere. They both have to be on mom lol 😋 it’s snuggle time’

We saw some beautiful scenery, British Columbia sure is a beautiful place to be. So much wilderness, mountains, forests as thick and full as the eye can see. Beautiful lakes, rivers and ocean front. Its breath taking. We had a great family road trip. It was nice to spend time with my family. We were all on our best behavior since well often there’s the odd clash of opinions. We all banded together to remember my dad and celebrate the wonderful way he shaped and changed our lives. It was bitter sweet of course but it was a happy memory of laying my dad to rest, celebrating his life and his memory.  Bringing closure to the sad years that have come before this.

I hope you guys are kicking butt this week 😉 I’ll be online today and tomorrow on myfreecams! Come by and say hi

Xo Katie

We got to 4000 Subscribers

GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!! I’ve been getting back in the swing of things for the last 3 or so months (probably more but to be honest who can tell, time flies when your having fun) updating my youtube channel 2-3 times a week with vlogs, fun get to know me vids, unboxing vids, cosplay vids, scene snippets and just some good old fashion we need to laugh together videos. I’ve been loving every second of it! so much fun and so different creative wise then what I have been doing of ray website. I feel like this is a crazy awesome way for me to express and share myself with you guys. A way you get to see more of me. I am blown away by the support so far! its amazing to see all the comments, likes and subscribers going up and up and up each day.

You guys are the bomb! I feel so loved! I know that sounds corny but its true! I really appreciate all the support, the comments, the suggestions, the subscriptions and the follows. I really wouldn’t be here with out them. Seriously!! My little online xxx and non xxx world only exist because you guys are here to watch and respond 🙂 It really is super rewarding and makes my day every single day!

Here is a short but sweet video saying thank you each and every one of you for kicking ass!!

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