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It’s a thongless kinda day ;) so to celebrate here’s a little naughty pic love for you all.

It’s a cold wet miserable day out here and it sure did make me want to stay in bed and not get up. It was far too warm and cozy under the covers snuggled up to Kinzie and Eva. Of course as soon as I start to stir in the morning they curl in more to try and help sooth me back to sleep. It’s like criptonite!

Been feeling swamped the last few months with work, new projects, life, stress, sick puppies and my own cold (which is now back for sure with a vengeance, it’s off to the docs this weekend for me) to sum it up live was weighing heavy on me. That was up until about 1-2 weeks ago when I started to see and actually make it to the light on the other end of the tunnel. It’s an amazing feeling. Like coming out of a thick fog to feel the clouds clear, the sun to come out and surround you, caressing your skin like a giant warm mom hug. You know I mean, a mom hug is the warmest, most comforting hug you can get. Well at least for me. I’m happy to say I’m feeling a weight lifted from my shoulders. Now of course I still have day to day stress and things to do but I’d say the largest of the weight is gone :)


Now I’m trying to take the time to assess why I was so stressed, plan to prevent it in the future and reminding myself to enjoy all the little things I can. Like daily puppy snuggles and playtime. Being able to work from home and not commute in the rain and traffic. Being able to get my booty to the gym everyday that’s not an easy feet especially when working full time. Getting to play dress up everyday, getting to explore my kinky side in a freeing accepting environment! Having kick ass fans and ebuds who make me smile everyday :) have a bestie who does the same thing for a living that I do so we can talk opening about everything without judgement. I work with J who’s like another big brother. Having people who enjoy working with you and got your back is AMAZING! In short life looks brighter now.

My to do list is virtually empty! That’s unheard of for me lol! I mean even the little things I didn’t bother writing down cause yah right I wouldn’t have time for that are done! I’m getting onto projects that I really enjoy like filming custom videos for fans, costume fixing and bettering and finally my 2015 calendars! That’s right I started doing some image selection and let me tell you oh boy is my job cut out for me! So many amazing shots to choose from. Hoping to get them done by the end of the month then I can start selling pre orders for all you sexy fiends ;)

This weekend is a relax-a-thon and a little work weekend. But it’s fun work! I love designing my calendars it’s fun and artsy and I love art. For now though gotta take the time to enjoy the little things today ;)

Xoxo Katie

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No idea why but it totally feels like Monday to me. Been feeling sluggish all this week and it seems my cold is creeping back in. Back on the antiviral pills, if it’s done gone gone by Friday I’m headed to the docs. That will mark 3 weeks. At least it’s just a runny nose and slight cough now. Been getting a full nights rest but still wake up feeling sluggish as hell. Making it through the day with at least 2 cups of coffee which for me is a lot. Usually I have 0-1 cups a days. Gotta kick this before Halloween! Got some fun, big plans and I don’t want to miss them or have to take it easy.

Had a blast shooting a streaky custom for a good friend yesterday :) got a chance to play slutty dress up. Yes a slutty stewardess in w skimpy themed lingerie outfit. Such a cute outfit! Also shot a hot new video for Did you all see my coming soon reel? It’s loaded with some toothy Halloween sets and videos! Yes this year I put a new spin on my usual 2 Halloween costume shoots. This year I was a hungry vampire. The first of which the photos went live last night and the video goes live this weekend, I’m your new master and you must learn exactly how I want to be pleased our you might end up as lunch. Next week the table turns and I’m your vampire sub. Captured and restrained I must milk your manhood or else nothing to eat for a week. I encourage, bag and plead with you for your hot juicy… Cum ;) I had a LOT of fun doing this.


Next big themed shoot, Christmas! Lol yes it’s early for that but gotta start planning something that way I have time to pick things up.

Getting my tushy online earlier than normal today going to see if I can’t make up for yesterday. Took me x3 as long to do simple mundane things yesterday, drove me nuts. So sadly I didn’t get done filming till later so I wasn’t able to pop on cam. We’ll make up for that today though ;) see you soon

XoXo Katie


Hello lazy Sunday couch dwellers ;) up and at it we get. My aunts here and we totally passed out watching a movie, oops. Oh well at least this way we can get an early start to our day. Got some errands to run, a few little things to do them in BBQing tonight. I’m thinking steaks, potatoes, salad yummy yummy.

Yesterday was an errands day followed by pure laziness lol I was feeling pretty fatigued from Friday night that’s for sure.


I’m excited for Monday morning cause this girl is shooting a hot ass custom for a lucky fan and then a little something something for all you members of mine. Got myself a super soft blanket so I can roll around on the floor ;) should be fun! I’m excited to give it a whirl.

Till then it’s just time to plot and plan for world domination :P hope your Sunday is cartoon filled and relaxing.

Xoxo Katie


Killer fan art alert! Thank you so much BryciFan for another kick ass far art all done up halloween style :) I love it! beware my loves or I might just drain you dry. Suck you of all your lifes essence and leave you in a hot sweaty pile on the floor. If your lucky that is ;) Enjoy loves, Happy Early Halloween.

XoXo Katie


Feeling like its a hibernating kinda week, the rain has rolled in where it’ll probably stay for the next 6 months. Ok not solid 6 months but pretty much. I like the rain, it’s relaxing and in a way renewing it just sucks that it’s the usual constant here. Especially with puppies who hate the rain so take twice as long to do their business, it’s like they are secretly thinking if I have to get wet then so do you mom! If I keep you out her twice as long you’ll get twice as wet. Silly monkeys cause really they are the ones who get soaked not me with my umbrella.

Back at the gym this week feeling sore! But a good sore. Means I’m doing something and something’s working. Mainly making myself feel better about that extra price of pie on thanksgiving :P

Can’t believe it’s 1/2 way to Halloween and 1/2 way till November. Where the heck did all of October go? Guess this just means that I need to make good time of the rest of the month ;) thinking its a haunted house kinda weekend of maybe bowling. Either way it’s time for a fun outing to get festive.

For now we can rock it on cam till next week when Halloween week starts! What’s that? Well I take the week before Halloween to decorate my cam room (just a little) and to dress in a different costume each day :D boo yah! Sexy army girl, genie, vampire…I’ve got all sorts of things up my sleeves for you all ;) don’t miss out!

Xoxo Katie

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