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I had an absolute blast yesterday at Fan Expo ! what’s that? ti’s Comicon but the Canadian version, basically I think it’s not as big up here as it is in the states so they call it something different. Either way it was awesome! I had to get dressed up after all we are talking about a chance to wear a costume outdoors other than halloween that is right up my alley. I wish I could do this more! So who did I go as? Juliet starling from Lollipop chainsaw? ghost busters? R2D2? a robot? wonder women? super girl? nope nope uh uh and notts…. I had to go as Slave Princess Leia I mean obviously come on! TC came with and well as Sailor and her BF we had a blast! TC was in charge of my camera and got a few great shots!


It was kinda nuts though, I couldn’t stand still for more than a few minutes without a hoard of people wanting to take my photo or take a photo with me. I guess this is what celebrities feel like when they got the popurazi up in their faces. It was a little intense but kinda fun I will admit. It was kinda invasive at first but fun after a little while. My fave was the little kids who wanted their photo with me they are so cute. Bending over to get a photo with them was a little dangerous though lol

IMG_7972 copy-2.jpg IMG_7984-2.jpg

I had to get a photo with the Lego guys! almost life sized Lego characters thats right up my alley. They were pretty sweet I really wanted to take one home :D

IMG_7977-2.jpg IMG_7979-2.jpgIMG_7981-2.jpg  

This Jessica Rabbit was smoking!! and super sweet! loved here sequinned outfit very authentic and shiny ;) and of course Sailor looked great as Harley Quin.


The highlight of my day… meeting Jessica Nigri!! big time fan of her cosplay and love all her work. She was my inspiration for my Juliet Starling Lollipop chainsaw costume. It was awesome to meet her, she’s really pretty and down to earth and sweet as pie in person. She was gushing over me (TC’s word not mine) she kept telling em how pretty I was and how she loved my outfit and encouraged me to do more cosplay that she would love to follow it and see what I do. In fact before I got in line to see her (yes there was a line :P) she stopped me when walking by to tell me she loved my costume! hehehe I was a little star struck I won’t lie. I get a little nervous and like OMG I”M MEETING JESSICA NIGRI! lol it’s kinda a fun feeling in fact. I’m hoping once I tweet the photo of us to her she might follow me…. one can hope.


I of course had to get a poster signed from her :) couldn’t not!


An epic day over all in the land of Katie :P hope you guys had a great friday and an even better Saturday :) Happy Easter everyone.

XoXo Katie

Fun ahead


It’s been a go go just to sit around and wait kinda day for me. Been doing those nagging errands and taking care of a few appointments today like the dentist and my yearly check up with the doc. Rush rush there just to sit and wait for 20 mins then sit for 30 mins to an hour at each appointment. Then rush rush to the next. Thank goodness I still managed to get to the gym afterwards been back in my groove and loving it. Sweating out all life’s annoyances and stresses at the gym. Today was leg day and oh man do my legs feel like jello now.

Getting excited for my weekend, I’ll be popping online from 11-2 or 3 PST tomorrow which should be fun! I haven’t been on during the day in months, hoping to get a good cum show in before I sign off. Headed to the theatre to see a play tomorrow night with TC, Sailor and Sailor’s bf :) it’ll be a fun night! Pics to come. At least I think it’s a play so says Sailor she’s always coming up with fun activities.

Saturday family din din followed by a night out dancing for my girl friends birthday! Amanda finally 21 lol hahahaha ok she’s actually like 25 but she can barely pass for 19 do we are all bugging her :) I’ve got a sexy new purple dress all thanks to Bob my soldier ;) can’t wait it’s a hot little number. We are all pitching in on a limo on our way to the club since it’ll be cheap with 15 of us and that way is girls don’t have to worry about walking and using transit in heels and short skirts. I hate sitting on the sky train or bus in a short skirt! Bare butt almost kitty on a public bench is a no ok and I don’t wanna wear panties! Lol what I’m a free spirit ;)

A few more errands to run before I’m meeting up with TC to discuss a shoot next weekend! I’m ready to have some fun in front of the camera again and got some fun ideas just you wait :)

Xoxo Katie


Hump day here we go, almost the weekend especially considering its Easter weekend so Friday is a holiday for a lot of you. I’m excited for a fun weekend and some family time. Nothing too crazy just dinner at my moms with my aunts and uncles.

Till then though I’ve got one full week all of a sudden, my schedule will be a little different so here we go ready…. Today we’ll be rocking it on MFC around 3:30 PST till about 8. Tomorrow I’ll not be online I’ve got a whole bunch of random need to dos that need doing like yesterday to do. Friday I’ll be on around 11 am till about 2 or 3 depending how busy n horny we all are. So don’t miss me cause that’ll be it till Monday.

Second day back at the gym this week and so far so good my neck is still feeling better which is good :) glad to be back at it working hard.

For how I’m sweating it out on the elliptical getting my cardio in woo 35 mins so far might throw the towel in soon though ;) I’ll be seeing you naughty boys and girls soon enough

Xoxo Katie

This week has a dual video update, not only did you get the matching Work out video but also a hot solo video of me playing in a tight white club dress. I’ve been feeling very adventurous lately and keep grabbing my video camera and the best moments possible to film my little adventures for you all to watch. I love adding extra videos, candids sets and goodies for you all.

Topless jumping jacks, naughty stretches with no bottoms on, riding, finger play and so much more can be seen in this video. I’ve been wanting to do a work out themed video for a long time and I was stoked when I got the chance to finally. There was just something about the bounce in my step that made me excited and revved up to play. If you thought the photo set was hot well you haven’t seen anything yet till you see the video in all it’s full HD 1080 glory!

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.01.26 AM.png

Before a night out with my girls I just had to get you all a intimate look at just how sexy I was feeling in my low cut club dress. I couldn’t very well be going out honey as all hell could I ? so I took matters into my own hands since I was already ready to go early and just waiting around for my girl friends. There was just something about the idea of heading out in my tight white dress with no panties on of course that got me hot and bothered. Maybe it was the idea of being at the club and all the eyes that would be on me while i danced the night away. All the hopefuls who just wished a little breeze might blow my top open a little and they might get a peak at the twins. Or maybe I bend over to pick something up and as my dress rides up they get a peak of little miss Kitty. I couldn’t help myself but feel naughty and want to play.
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.01.35 AM.png

Along with these two beauties you will also get over 365 HD videos on my site alone just a mouse click away from watching or downloading, along with over 1270 HD videos on the Bella Network that you get access to just for signing up! That’s a hell of a lot of fun for ones perving needs. Best part it’s only like $24 a month! CLICK HERE and get your fill today ;)

XoXo katie


Happy Titty Tuesday everyone! Hopefully your day is off to a good start. I’m back at the gym today after a little over a week off with a slight neck injury. It’s finally feeling better not 100% but I think it’s as good as it’s going to get to be honest. I started out easy today and will do a moderate work out for the next week or so making sure to take it easy with my upper body since your neck is a big stabilizer for basically everything. Funny how something so small can affect so much. Felt good to be back at it though I enjoy being active.

Can’t believe Aprils already half over feels like it just started for crying out loud. Something tells me this summer will breeze right on by. Here comes those April showers we always hear so much about, it was such a gorgeous warm sunny weekend I’m sad to see the sun hiding behind gloomy clouds. At least I made sure to get out and enjoy it while I could! In fact I met a few friends out on a patio for dinner and drinks on Saturday night. Had a blast! But I will admit we picked a table that was around a fire and they brought out blankets once the sun stated to set. Was still so nice :)


Finally got my car all cleaned up, I went to town windexing, dusting, vacuuming, treating the dash and seats. After all she needed some loving. I even got to go for a rip in my buddies sports car he finally brought out for the season. Poor thing gets put away for the winter but come spring he pulls her out and is looking for someone who wants to go for her first rip together and he knows exactly who to call… ME! Lol no one else gets that excited, wild, kid in a candy store look in their eyes and the biggest shit eating grin like I do ;) I even got to drive muahaha car fever is upon me. Can’t wait for all the car shows to start up and for my uncle to pull out his old school mustang, love that car. It helps that he likes to screech those tires and get her side ways through the corners when ever I’m in the car. I’ll help him tinker on it since it’s carbureted and needs a tuning every year when she comes out from hibernation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it’s good I have a mom and good friends that remind me living in a car garage with a butt load of hot cars, a shoe rack and a bed in the corner is not a good idea lol damn! One day I’ll have my car collection mark my words! If it’s the last thing I do. What cars are on the lust list? Well let’s see… If money is no option.

65 Mustang Shelby gt (Eleanor)
69 charger (General Lee)
08 Nissan 350z
Datson 280
Lamborghini gallardo
Aston Martin Vanquish
2014 Corvette stingray
Bugatti Veyron

We’ll leave it at that for now, those are some big shoes to fill already lol. Who needs a house or a big screen TV just a garage of sexy rides, a bed and a giant shoe rack (can’t not have shoes to match each ride ;)) a girl can dream right?

Any who better get my head out the clouds. See you all on MFC around 3 PST

Xoxo Katie

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