I can’t believe its already been a week since I’ve been home from Vegas and it’s already February! 2016 slow down ok? I don’t want this year to zoom right on by me! I have way too many fun things planned for this year and I am eager to get started on all of them but alas 1 thing at a time.

Vegas was unreal! it was a whirl wind of a trip that required some self reflection when I got home. I met so many awesome people in the industry, had fun partying with a few bad ass individuals and got some quality time with my bestie Bryci. I would say my fav part was an adventure away from the Hard Rock to a lovely Mexican restaurant with Bryci, James and TC. We ate, chatted and then did some slightly tipsy mad dash shopping before the stores all closed early on us. All in all it was a great trip. I shot some really hot new content for my site. I am so excited to show you all what I have been cooking up for you in my secret kitchen but you will have to wait just a tiny bit longer. Needless to say members of be ready for a fun ride. Those of you reading this who are not members hurry the heck up or you might miss the start of this fun ride. More on this as things develop.

This last week has been me getting back to basics. Being away from home for basically 2 weeks meant that my house looked like a disaster zone. Doesn’t help that i left for the airport at like 3 am and packed the night before so yah. I had major tidying, cleaning and laundry to do when I got home. I had to get back in the swing of things with the pups, cam and everything else. IE why I suck at blogging lately :( sorry guys! add to that I am fighting a bit of a head cold that for the most part I am kicking it’s ass but the odd morning I wake up and feel no bueno.

So here we are back on track and its Monday February 1st. I say what? February ?!?! man I thought we still had some January left, guess not right. February is bitter sweet for me, it’s always a really short feeling month. It’s only a few days shy of a regular month but it always seems to disappear in a blink of an eye and i’m left feeling like wow what happened. I’ve got a few big projects to get the ball rolling on this month and next and even a few more I want to start planning for later this spring/early summer. Those will have to wait though till I find out where I stand with my current projects. I know I sound super cryptic but I don’t want to say too much incase I jinx myself. I’m working towards getting a few things in play, I can breeze over a few for you though.

To start with I am sitting on a bunch of content I just shot in Vegas that I need to go through, process, get sent to the other ladies and up on my site for you all. I did a few new things which means new mile stones to share with you all too 😀 I’m hoping to be able to get my own place this year, no not a new rental I mean buy my own place! nothing too crazy just a place to call my own with a yard for the pups to play in and no stupid strata 😛 I’m hoping to plan another trip down to Cali like i usually do for some fun in the sun and maybe some sexy shoots with a few other ladies. I’ve got a birthday coming up and I am thinking Disney Land!! I’ve never been and I’m hoping I can get some friends to come with and make a fun trip that isn’t going to be too expensive cause WOW when I checked out the costs of a Disney land vaca I was a little surprised. I have a family trip this summer at the begging of May. I’ve also got a few fun side projects that I hope to get up and going soon too 😀 Add to all that my usual stuff of cam, website, store, auctions, customs and you can see how things pile up and go by fast.

So here I go on the first day of February, wish me luck! and if your not up to much come keep a girl company on MyFreeCams I’m hoping we can make February a rocking month 😀

XoXo Katie


Relax and Stroke

Hello my pet, I see you have arrived on time and are prepared for our play session very good! very good indeed. I love a good man who can follow directions and is eager to please and impress me. I want you to relax with me, clear your thoughts, fill your mind with a blank space, nothing in it, nothing can come into it. There is only one focus in this blank space…. me. I am all that matter and all that you desire. You want to please me don’t you, make me happy? good. Focus on the sound of my voice and my high little body. What’s this? your hard already? oh pet your so easy. Since you can’t seem to hold back today perhaps we should test your stamina and see how many times you can cum for me on command. Be a good boy, stroke that hard cock and cum each and every time over and over again when I tell you to and I will reward you. Ready pet? good, I want you to pull that hard cock out of your pants and being slowly stroking for me. Mmmm you like the look of this tight office skirt and my tight sheer shirt don’t you? yes that’s it keep going, give into that erotic want, that heady feeling that only I can give you.


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XoXo Katie


Happy Monday 

Ahhh day 3 in vegas can’t wait to get started! All sorts of things planned and already afoot, members of be ready for one hell of a year. As always I’m pushing the envelope and enjoying the hell out of it. Yesterday was a me day, I shot a sexy photoset and video for you all then embarked on something new and got 2 more videos done…. Yep cryptic I know 😉 today I’m shooting with the very sexy Brianna Jordan. Can’t wait to meet her she seems like such a sweetheart. We’re going to have fun that’s for sure! 

Of course Bryci and I plan to shoot this week too! We have a few kinky customs to do :) something a little new thrown in there too. It’s been so nice to see her and James and just hang out. Grab some eats, chat and just be friends. Stuff we never get the chance to do! We’re working on fixing that on a more permanent bases. 

I’m sucking the last few mins of lazy morning out that I can. So comfy and warm like sleeping on a giant marshmallow! I do have one regret, I forgot my teddy. As silly as that sounds I’m so use to having not just 1 but 2 fuzzy monsters to snuggle with at night that when I’m away I sleep better with a fuzzy teddy. Reminds me of my pups and helps lul me to sleep. I woke up late last night out of a dream and thought hmm where’s Kinzie? Usually she snuggles in when I toss n turn. Oh right not here. 

My mom said they are loving her waterbed spending many hours stretched out on the patch that gets the sun in the day soaking up the warmth. Eva is of course chasing cats lol silly little stinker. It’s so nice I can just txt my mom now! No need to get a calling card and try and time it just right for when she’s home :) freedom of always being able to easily communicate. 

Well the showers calling my name,  I better get a move on! Happy Monday! 

Xoxo Katie 


Leather Gloves

Dont you just love the feel of leather on your skin, so tight, so warm and stiff. I know you love the look of it on a sexy lady, wether it’s a pair of tight leather pants, or maybe a leather mini skirt or how about a tight leather jackets… oh I know what you like best, a pair of tight brown leather gloves on my long dainty fingers. Mmmm so tight, so dark. I’ve seen the way you look at me when I wear them out. It’s that animalistic look in your eyes like your want to attack me at any second. I’m never sure if you’ll pin me down and have your way with me or stalk me for hours leaving me waiting in anticipation. Tonight was the big company dinner and I knew how much you wanted to skip out and stay home and play but we had to go so I wore my leather gloves. I saw your eyes get big when we left the house and I put then on. I teased you with them while we are out and now that we are back home I’m making you wait for what you want. I want to make these leather gloves make you think very dirty thoughts about me any time I pick them up. So sit back and relax, I’m going to show you just how much of a naughty slut I can be. When I am done you’ll always think of me cumming my tits off when you see my leather gloves.



Calm before the storm

Here we are the week before all fun breaks loose 😉 Next week I will be in Las Vegas for the AE expo and some fun antics of course. I have lined up a few girl girl photo shoots with some sexy ladies and I can’t wait to meet them. It’s going to be one heck of a trip. Not only will I be getting a chance to hang out with my lady love Bryci and the 2 bella men (James Dot and TC Davidson) but I will also get to meet all my fans who are able to make it to the expo 😀 It’s my first expo in fact since starting in Adult. I’m both excited and a tiny bit nervous.

I finshed laundry today and most of my running around yesterday which means tomorrow starts packing and figure out what I need and how I can pack as light as possible. Sounds like an easy task right? NOPE not for this girl! I am really bad for over packing. I blame girl guides! they always taught me to be prepared so I try to think of all aspects and angels of what I might need. Which of course means i bring way too much shit! Now add in that I am packing for like 3 people and we have a tough time. I need to pack shoot stuff (sexy lingerie, club dresses, girl next door attire and more) stuff to wear to the Expo and after events and then stuff to wear when I want to be comfy old me just hanging out and being. I’m trying to limit my shoe selection past my runners to 5 pairs of heels! let me tell you that is hard work!

I’m hoping of ra fun filled trip with a great mix of sexy shoots, meets and greets and some down time to just have fun! I have a few key places i haven’t been to yet while in Las Vegas so I am hoping to hit those up in my down time. Not to mention some serious girl time with my bestie! First time on Vaca in a fun city like this together 😀 😀

Make sure to follow me on twitter @katiebanksdd so you can keep up with me and my adventure. If you don’t have my snapchat you really should jump at that! its $35 on an gift card sent to and then you will get access to my naughty snaps while away. Yes I will be snapping LOTS! things like behind the scenes while shooting, naughty fun times, hot girl girl encounters and maybe some sexy selfies at parties and such 😉 you won’t want to miss this I assure you 😀

Xo Katie