Inside D23 with me

Heres some of the inside of D23… the highlights reel if you will 😉

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I Had Sex Here

I had this request on youtube the other day (yes I read the comments on there, listen to your gas requests and make sure to include them my filming plans 😀 so comment!! can’t hurt right) to do a cribs style tour of my place. While I was not home I still thought it would be awesome to show you guys the great room we had while in Disney Town. It was a great back drop to more then one hot ass photo set and video 😉 ready to follow me in a tiny little sweater dress with no bra and no panties on? thats what I thought 😉


VIP Room Anal

Ever wondered what happens in the VIP room? wondered how far they take things? wonder if your the girls type and maybe she’d want to do more with you then just dance? I coolant help myself. As soon as I saw you walk into the club I knew I ha to get you alone and get my hands all over you. I took my time making sure you’d notice me, made sure to flirt on the way by but leave you wanting more. Slowly working you up more and more until you’d do just about anything to get me. Once I knew you were mine I pulled you into the VIP room and told you I wanted to give you a special show. Something I’ve never done for anyone else before but I knew I just had to do for you. I started out telling you to watch me, stroke for me and when you couldn’t hold back any longer cum for me. I told you that this was jut the first warm up to what I wanted to do with you once we left the club and got back to my place.  I stared with a teasing strip tease. Telling you just how I wanted you to stroke it for me. I grabbed my fav toy and started sucking and fucking my tight little kitty while you watched. I loved how turned on it got you to see me being naughty. It turned me on knowing you were loving it! So I took it one step further and grabbed my fav long anal toy.My tight little butt Hoel was ready to get stretched for you. It felt so good! and it made me cum so hard. I encouraged you to stroke that hard cock for me until….


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See Through Crop Top in Public

We visited the Santa Monica pier this time while in Cali, what a great little spot! so much to see and do. The beach was amazing! got some awesome video and photos for you guys there 😉 It wasn’t till we grabbed a appy and a drink then started walking the pier that TC told me my shirt was a little see through. That you could see my areola and nipple peaking between the crotchet of my top! Ooops lol oh well 😛 by that time I was loving the sun on my skin and feeling my double margarita so who cared 😉

Shooting today

So Excited for todays shoot! I am getting more costume cosplay fun in and its so wicked! I love the chance to stretch my theatre student side! to create a fun costume, a cool idea and bring it to life! Today will include sexy ass pics both inside and outside… yep sneaking out and about to get some on location shots that I think really help to put a little pizzaz in my photo sets 😀 then its solo video magic time and finally a naughty BG vid! I love shooting both! its a chance to really dive into the character and hit those hot buttons for you all. This one is a little naughty, a little crazy and a lot sexy! she’s a comic book character and I know you will all love her.

This is my last big shoot for the next little bit cause something big this way comes… a change that will be awesome and epic and I think.. no I know you will all love it. Its something I know you have longed to see again and I am eager to switch things up. Thats all on that for now since I don’t want to give anything else away.. its a surprise after all.

This weekend should;d be a good one! it was TC’s and I’s Anniversary and we are going to have a nice us day. I’m not sure what is happening to be honest. I love a good surprise so TC is working hard to make one. I’m hoping for a nice fancy dinner out! maybe something with the pups and the sun shine would be great! either way I am sure whatever he has in mind will be amazing 😀 after all I’ve always been the kind of girl that its more about the thought that counts.

I hope your Friday is going to be fantastic, if not hopefully the boobs above helped even just a little 😉

Xo Katie