Funny Faces 101

When life gives you lemons quiet often its hard to make lemonade out of them without having the sour puss look on your face. So what do you do to make yourself feel better? to lighten your spirits? For me I like to goof around with TC or close friends. It reminds me that life isn’t always hard and that it can be fun too despite perhaps being in the midst of a crap day or week. One thing that I tend to do a lot of when wanting to feel fun or wanting to laugh it off is well making some funny faces every now and again. I figured it was time for us all to have a good laugh so I thought why not share that with you all. If nothing else it’ll help make you smile and brighten your day or week 😀 DON’T FORGET its ok to be silly sometimes 😀 life needs more laughter. Don’t forget to subscribe to my yourutbe channel KatieBanks.TV if you want in on my weekly videos 😀 2 new vids every week!

xo Katie

Watch Me Webcam

I’m wearing your favorite lingerie, I’ve got a brand new toy and I’m ready to show off. I’ve got a Skype show scheduled for today and I was thinking it would be really hot if you snuck in part way through and watched me playing. Maybe after you watch me webcam then you can join me. You can watch as I tease my viewers. tell them all the naughty things I would do with and to them if they were here with me now… then then I get to actually do those things to you! After I get myself wet and horny from making myself cum on my new big toy. I know you love to watch me play! Especially when I make myself cum on a toy and tease you.  Be ready for after though cause I get so turned on being watched n love seeing you get hard for me while I’m being a good girl 😉


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XoXo Katie

Time for something Naughty

Howdy everyone 😛 finally feeling more like me and ready for some fun today! despite it being a holiday in Canada I really wanted to get something naughty and fun done today and a custom boy girl video was just what I was in the mood for 😀

Todays was a little different but I have to admit it was so sensual and sexy I think I need to film this kinda video again soon. The concept was simple you and me on a fun date and and I invite you back to my place. So light flirting and chatting on the couch then I invite you into my bedroom where we slowly enjoy striping and pleasuring each other. Light on the dirty talk, more so sweet comments that really make it an intimate encounter between a girl and her boy friend. It was sexy and sensual and really made me feel like the camera wasn’t there that is was just me and my guy having a great night together. Very girl friend experience like 😀 it was amazing! its funny how switching something up can really give you that butterflies in your tummy and tingles all over feeling. Its one of the things that I am enjoying most about filming boy girl with TC. We have a pretty active sex life and many interests that we enjoy exploring. That said its hard to decided what we want to try out or do this time. Wether its on camera or off. A chance to act out another persons fantasy really points us in one direction and allows us to re-explore something we have been forgetting about or just not thought of.

I love the intimacy of a girl friend style video. Don’t get me wrong I feel pretty intimate with you guys all the time 😛 I love to dirty talk and be talked to dirty during sex, I love describing what I am feeling and really allowing myself to give myself over to the sensations and feelings. Allowing myself to really cum and cum lots and hard! But there is something that seems so intimate when your a little more caught up in the moment and really focusing on those tender touches and encouragement to your partner 😀

Needless to say you guys are going to love what we have been filming as of late 😀 we are mixing in all sorts of things. Lots of POV which we love! I love feeling like its just you and me and I have your full attention. TO a few fun cosplay costume multiple angel videos. Or How about a simple camera set up in which you really just get to see a fun and sexy experience between TC and I. 😀

Xo Katie

update on me

Its been a minute and a half since my last blog… sorry about that guys! its been kinda a weird week for me. Sadly my head cold that I have been fighting for I think close to 3 weeks so far finally decided to take hold in a really mean way. For the last few weeks I have had a pretty normal yet busy schedule what with being back at the gym, back to my usually 2-3 days on cam and filming. Combine that with a birthday party, a rock show and a few other requirements with my weekends and well rest hasn’t been the main thing I have gotten. I tried to do my best during the week with eating healthy, taking some cold meds, resting when I could and not over doing it and by the weekend I usually had the cold almost beat. Then I go out have some fun and bang Sunday I’m feeling sick again. Its been like that for the last 3 weekends in a row. Finally my body said nope we give up and I really got sick. I woke up Sunday morning after a relatively early quiet night to having no voice and feeling congested as all get out. I thought ok that sucks Sunday is sa rest day and I should be ok my Monday… come Monday nope!

So I headed to my doctors to get checked out cause well it just seemed like time. Sure enough he said it was becoming a bit of chest infection and gave me some antibiotics to help me fight it off faster. He said my body was doing a good job but that helping it out a little wouldn’t hurt. As far as my voice was concerned well that was another thing all together… I basically strained a vocal cord or so he said. Time to rest your voice, don’t speak! straight up that is what he said. He said my coughing is really hard on my voice so to not talk much and it should help minimize the strain. Give it a few days and when you sound like yourself you should be good to go.

Well that doesn’t work! I was looking forward to a great week on cam and hanging out with my buds. I eve planned to film today but that was put on hold cause no one want to hear me all raspy and barely able to speak 😛 So I waited and I took a few days to rest up and do a few little things on the computer and well I slowly got better. Here we are though and it’s Friday and I am just starting to sound like me. I was really hoping to get online today but alas my body has other ideas.

Oh well…  I keep reminding myself that I’m a very busy person and that isn’t always in my best interest. My body needs down time too as well as my mind to feel rested and running at top shape. I guess for me keeping busy keeps me feeling active and having fun. I concluded from this week that I’m going to commit to more easy down time though. Which is a bit of a feet for me since I get restless on down days. I start to feel like there is something I should be doing or need to be doing. Its rather annoying to be honest 😛 I’m sure with [practice I will help my brain find a calmer sense and be more at peace with down days 😛 just going to take time.

So yah sorry for being MIA but I hope to return to normal next week and kick ass 😉 I hope your week has been good! can’t wait to hear all about it online next week

Xo Katie

Blondes at play

You never know what two hot blondes might get up to especially when they are left alone to do anything and everything they want to do. Alexis and I have longed thought each other were super sexy and wanted to get some alone time so we could really get to know one another.

We took our time and really enjoyed feeling each others tight bodies and warming each other up so that we could really make each other cum and cum good.

I loved how fun and flirty she was. Alexis had an amazing body, her skin was soft and silky 😉 I definitely didn’t want to take my hands off of her. Her lips were sweet and sticky…. And her boobs were phenomenal 🙂 I felt very spoiled that day that I got to spend as much time as I wanted touching, kissing, licking and making her cum.

This is without a doubt one of the hottest girl girl scenes I have shot to date. We each took turns fingering and sucking each other till we came. I was a little pleasantly surprised when Alexis first went down on me she made me cum within only a few minutes! It was so hot! after that I couldn’t wait for my turn to get my lips on her sweet little pussy.

Of course we wanted to finish with scissoring, a chance to rub against each other, make each other cum while kissing and being able to look each other in the eyes and see just how hot we were for one another

Trust me you want to see this video! not to mention the photos that go with it…. It was one hot ass shoot day and there is definitely going to be more of Alexis and I playing together 😉


You get full access to the Bella Network when you sign up for 😀 so you get not just 1 but 6 hot ass girls who love being bad in front of the camera with her guy or her toys. Thats 6x the updates weekly, 6x the pair of boobs, the sexy looks and the big booties 😉 I’m pretty sure if your not stoked for that then your heart must not be beating and you are in need of some mouth to mouth right now!! think about it 😉 can’t hurt right.

XoXo Katie