Sex Toy Review

Tried my hand at my first ever sex toy review! something extra interactive and fun that I plan to start using on cam more so be on the look out 😉 This bad boy was fun and exciting to test out…. both on this video and off 😉 this will soon become my new fav sex toy that I am certain of it. Its got so many fun unique options! it buzzes me and makes me cum so hard! Follow my “bad boy” count lol apparently that was my fav statement while filming… go figure

Story time – How I got started in Porn

You all asked and now you shall receive… this is a long one. ITs’ story time… How I got started in porn. I take you back to my first few experiences, how I met B and J, how I got started on my website, webcam and all the in-betweens. It was really fun actually to go back and talk about this interesting change in my life that I started over 7.5 years ago. Its been one crazy ass ride and its ding nothing but get more and more fun as it goes 😉 I hope you guys are ready for many many more years to come 😉

Xo Katie

Shaving it Bald Eagle

I’m diving back into another sex oriented video! Here’s my tips to shaving and grooming down there for both men and women. How to maintain and hopefully encourage your lady to want to go down there more and more and more 😉 I know no one would complain about that right? More vids just like this one coming soon so click that subscribe button on so you don’t miss out

Hot Comic Book Babe Unboxing

Time for another unboxing video 🙂 this one is themed… well sorta! I am building my cosplay collection and have many fun shoots planned for the very near future. I’ve always loved costumes and been dying to do some epic shoots with them sadly my idea of epic means Hollywood movie style awesome which is so not feasible or capable. SO I just never shot them. Well that’s it I have to shoot them, so I am coming up with fun, flirty ideas that are right tup my ally and fit great with how I love to film. I can’t wait for you guys to see what I have been coming up with cause I know you are all going to just love it to death. A great big thank you to those who are helping me along the way and sending me the various items that I am lacking 🙂 your support both here, on my youtube channel, my site and everywhere else is so appreciated.

Xo Katie

Sand in my Bikini

I absolutely loved filming on the beach! my only disappointment was that there was so many people there! like I mean thousands. I so wanted to get naked and roll around in the sand for you guys. I did that anyways. Something about all that fine sand all over my body that made me feel sexy and a little naughty. Could have also been all the people staring at my while I was being filmed lol 😛 Heres a little look at what it was like on the beach with me