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What a busy yet amazing weekend. My girlfriend got married on Saturday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The weather was perfect! Everything went off without a hitch :) Thursday was the rehearsal dinner and we finally got a chance to check out the venue. Friday was BBQ day :) had a relaxing backyard BBQ at the brides parents house followed by going to see the expendables 3! Awesome movie! My fav part was of course Arnold’s famous line… ‘Get to the chopper’ lol epic. Saturday was the big day, it was a relaxed day all things considered. The service wasn’t till 5 so we went for breakfast, a little last minute shopping them got ready.

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Sunday was present opening followed by a hot date for me ;) literally! Went to a teppanyaki restaurant where they cook all the food right in front of you. It was hot! Lol enjoyed a wide spread of steak, lobster, chicken, scallops and prawns. I wore a rather fancy dress that has been in my closet bagging for an excursion since I bought it back on boxing day :P it was originally bought to be worn to a wedding this summer that I ended up being a bridesmaid for anyways and didn’t need the dress, go figure. Oh well it deserved a night out after all it’s far too pretty to sit in the back of my closet collection dust.

Stopped in at the Victoria Secret store down town wow! It’s huge. And they even had wings set up for you to be your own angel photo op set up. Of course I couldn’t resist. There is something sexy and intoxicating about having wings. The inner VS angel comes out lol.

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My date went very well for all those wondering ;) that’s all I will say for now. It was a good good friend who treated me out. No I did not buy any thing while we were there sadly the store was closing so I really just got a quick look around but I do plan to come back real soon! We just happened to park near it and I couldn’t resist not taking a peak inside since I heard from Sailor that it’s amazing in there.

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Yesterday was ground zero at my place, it was time to put away 3 weeks of stuff pilled here and there from bachelorette parties, weddings, cousins visiting. Not to mention stocking my kitchen. My fridge was so barren it looked like a bachelors fridge’ no veggies, no fruit very shocking for little old me. But at least I got it all done.

Now I can start my week on a high note. Kicked it hard at the gym today it’s been 2 weeks and I needed a good butt kicking. I’ll be sore this week but it’ll be a good sore. Can’t wait to see you all on MFC later today! I’ll be online around 3 PST. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Xoxo Katie

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This past weeks updates were a fun one over on :) I have had this costume in my tickle trunk for the longest time but it seems I only ever remember i have it around Halloween when it’s sooo cold out that the idea of shooting in a loin clout and not much else out in the woods is just far too unpleasant. Well not this year ;) I had so much fun playing a naughty Jane of the Jungle teasing the other animals in the forest while looking for my Tarzan. Now I couldn’t find him so I had to take things in my own hands. But the fun doesn’t stop there Jane was a bad girl this time and she couldn’t resist the idea of playing with one of the monkeys. It wasn’t her fault after all Tarzan does go off hunting and can be gone for some time before she sees him again, sometimes weeks, sometimes days you just never know. Jane made sure to make Monkey promise to not tell Tarzan or he might just get kicked out of the jungle ;) Something tells me Monkey won’t say a thing cause I’m sure he wants another chance to help Jane pet her pet pussy cat. But don’t take my word on it, feel free to watch the HD video and enjoy it all for yourself, just don’t tell Tarzan or he might get upset at you :P

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I love a little costume role-play and yes there will be more in the future! I mean come on we just did the capped crusader, now Jane of the jungle… what’s next? hmmm we shall see ;) I have a giant tickle trunk full of costumes and I am doing my bets to shoot them more often. After all the theatre kid in me wants to play and it’s always more fun with a cool character and kick ass costume.

Cosplay not your thing though? not to worry have a look at my coming soon reel there are a whole bunch of naughty updates coming your way. Public hiking toy play, a cozy curl up on a shag rug, a naughty stockings cum show and a hot ass fishnet body stocking.

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XoXo Katie


What a whirl wind of a weekend! I spent friday decorating and rehearsing for my cousin who’s like a sister to me’s wedding :) the hall was very rustic and cute! minus of course all the animals that littered the walls! it was a little shocking to an animal lover like me but I did my best to just not look up. I spent the better part of the decorating on the archway that you see below. Starting with assembly, light,s ivy, flowers, tool and the sign :P it was my baby of sorts and yes I had to walk all over the table top that you see to do it lol


it was a perfect day so sunny and warm, the flowers were hydrangeas and they were the most beautiful green, blues and whites :) all us bridesmaids wore royal blue and tan shoes of course the only one crazy enough to wear a pair of 4 inch wedges was me lol :P the grass was very very uneven at the ceremony site so I am sure I looked like someone walking on stilts oh well I felt comfortable in them and they were cute as hell that’s really all that matters lol :P my cousin looked amazing! the wedding was funny, sweet and short :P the best kind cause it means no one is crying for too long. They played the shoe game and snuck in a question about who is expecting… they are ! lol saw my aunt just about fly sky high out of her chair to double check the real kind of the furry variety. It is of course the real kind. My other cousin couldn’t stop crying :) yes were are all very excited for a new addition to our big family.

I camped out that night in the back of my buddies Jeep lol I pulled the seats down, layer out a thick mattress topper foam thing and curled up. It was surprisingly quiet comfy! although super hot come morning oh goodness! the next day was tare down and present opening. Thank goodness for my aunt having her trailer there and waking up early she started the coffee so I twas ready to go as soon as the rest of the waking dead emerged from our resting places. Yes I was very hung over lol mostly tired though. I was rather tipsy and dancing my feet off with my aunts all night :D

Sunday afternoon went to visit some cousins on the other side of my family who are in town for the week and managed to fall asleep on the beach till my nephew decided a cold cup of water was the best way to wake me up lol! I dunked him afterwards ;) stayed and had a yummy steak dinner with them at their camp site then headed home to grab the pups from my moms house and curl into bed.

Still feeling a little whipped today so just been taking it easy putting things away, starting laundry and all that jazz. I have 3 days of MFC this week (today till wednesday) then I do it all over again for my girl friends wedding this weekend. Thursday night is the rehearsal, friday pedicures and girls day, Saturday the wedding, Sunday present opening and a BBQ. So make sure to get your Katie fix before Wednesday night or you might be sorry!! I may get online Thursday day before the rehearsal from say 11-3 but we shall see depends how the week goes and how much stuff comes up last minute for us bridesmaid to help the bride with ;) I look forward to seeing you all on cam around 3:30 pst

XoXo Katie

Thank Yous!


A gigantic thank you must go out to Guilermo, Chris and my sissy little pet for my goodies that arrive din the mail today :) Oh my thank you does not even begin to cover it! I LOVE getting shoes in the mail and these are two pairs that I have been eye balling forever lol first the white Steve Maddens are to die for! been seeing them online and in the stores and eyeing them up forever but just my luck they wouldn’t ship to me so I was a sad monkey for a while. Till i found a pair that did ship :D and Chris kicked ass and grabbed them on up for me :D so sexy!! The purple ones are kick ass they are super reflective and chameleon like they change colour from green, blue or purple in the light much like a fish does. Oh man are they fun to wear and move your legs this way and that way just to see them change. Thank you Guilermo for beautifying my feet ;) As for my sissy little pet you have done very well mistress is very pleased with my sexy new purse and watch :) now I can count the time down while strolling with a hot new bag and sexy new shoes on :D :D the perfect way to brighten my stressful day!

XoXo Katie

This one is for all you guys and maybe a few of you girls out there curious about how my first time to the gun range went :) It was part of the first bachelorette party I went to this past weekend and man was it fun! I totally want a pink 9mm now hehehe :) or a 45 that thing was bad ass. This is my first time ever at the gun range! went for a Bachelorette and had a blast! Shot 8 different guns from a 9mm, a 45, 2 different revolvers, a shot gun and the desert eagle :) The shot gun had a might fine kick back kinda hurt my boob but man did it feel awesome to shoot! the pump action of reloading it is kinda addictive ;) Enjoy!

XoXo Katie

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