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Big Big Booty I got a big booty… HELLS YES! yes this video mad eke want to learn to twerk it like Jlo I mean shit how old is she and she looks that damn fine? she puts all us 20 somethings to shame! and like really bad shame lol I love a lady who is fit, healthy and got a sexy ass that she isn’t afraid to shake lol. Iggy’s booty was popping too lol she is always talking about her big booty in interviews and I never really saw it till just now in this video. I had to share! so far all you big booty lovers be ready to drool ;) Happy Frisky Friday

XoXo Katie

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It’s been a fun week so far and today won’t be any different :) I’ve been looking forward to a day at the salon for a week or two now. Off to get more blonde and to hang out with one of my best friends in the while world! I’ll be sitting in the hair chair for 3-4 hours chatting, shooting the shit and laughing with my close friend Salsa. We’ve know each other since we were 8! Crazy how time flies! Sadly this means with the football game starting at 5:30 I won’t be coming online tonight. Instead we’ll play catch up tomorrow ;)

I’ve been having all sorta of fun with my new SnapChat app! I’ve got a few followers on there now and I’m having a blast snapping some naughty pics for them all :) like the ones above and this jem bellow… to get access to my snapchat check out My Store or my MFC profile :)


Well just a shorty today hope you are all enjoying the hot photos I have been posting. Whats next?… 4K video starting in October :D who’s excited? this girl is :D you haven’t seen real life filming till you see 4k video it looks like I am right there in front of you in live action. I think you all will be very very pleased with the new hella crazy clarity and crispness of my videos. I know I am.

Have a terrific Thursday

XoXo Katie



Mid week and here comes the rain :/ bah lol I was loving the late summer we’ve been having here in Van and sadly here comes the typical fall weather. Rain and cool days. Oh well the rain always makes me sleep better at night and it does help to keep everything green here year round :) I was just hoping for one last sunny summer feeling weekend.

Been pushing it at the gym lately and I’m finally feeling back to normal, it only took a few weeks to get back into my groove and to work off all those weddings, wedding showers, bachelorette parties and summer bbq’s. Not that I didn’t enjoy them all :) it was a summer filled with delicious food, taste drinks, lots of activities and events and not that much time for the gym sadly. I’d say this was the busiest summer I’ve ever had lol

I started watching Under The Dome this past week or so. I heard so many people raving about it I just has to see what all the fuss was about. Loving it so far. It’s interesting to say the least. It’s not quite as Scifi ish as I was hoping but it’s definitely starting to get a little more interesting.

Well this booty is finishing up at the gym then it’s MFC time! Been having a fun week so far do I’m looking forward to some naughty antics ;) don’t forget to check out my auctions still running for the next few days. Get your hands on my goodies before they are gone! Or check out my blog store for custom videos, video sales, audio clips, panties, posters, toys etc.

Xoxo Katie


It’s that day of the week again, my favorite day of the week Titty Tuesday! The day my twitter feed explodes with boobie pics :) yes it’s a great day! Enjoy done boobies on me.

Xoxo Katie

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it’s no lie that cars get me all sorts of hot and bothered so it should be no surprise to you that masterbating in the back seat of my buddies car while on a road trip was something I jumped at the opportunity to do. I had so much fun and was so loud! lol you won’t want to miss this steamy video trust me ;) Now live in full 1080 HD for members of next week we find out what happens when I get stranded in the middle of no where and have to hitch hike back to town to call for a tow truck to come get my broke down baby. I couldn’t ride for free and had to do something nice for the guy who picked me up! ;)

XoXo Katie

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