New Auctions

It’s that time again, time for some auctions to start up and a lucky chance to get your hands on some of my memorabilia worn for recent photo and videos shoots. Along with every auction is either a signed print or the video of me playing in your item. Half my auctions have already been “bought now” so don’t wait to put a bid down or just buy it now if it’s something you just have to have 😀 I’ve found a few items that were long lost in the back of a lingerie drawer as well of you to snag up and love. I can’t wait to mail out all sorts of kinky packed packages to a few lucky fans who will get to really enjoy a once of a kind time from me.

Not to mention that I am offering a slight discount on my 2016 Calendars to those who win or purchase an auction :) todays the last day for pre orders!


Here are a few of the items up of grabs:

30.jpgvlcsnap-00002.jpg   blue-fetish-70.jpg miss-katie-32.jpg hell-to-pay-54.jpg detention-11.jpg white panteis .jpg baby-blue-lingerie-57.jpg


Lil Anal Slut

I’ve been exploring more and more on camera for my members at and anal is right up there on my new and exciting things to explore. I started out with a few fun silver butt plugs and now I am on to my fingers. Next and very soon will be anal dildos… I’ve always enjoyed anal play, it’s been a treat if you will that I get every now and again. But sadly it’s very tight back there so I don’t just let any old toy or person back there. I’ve been slowly working on my tolerance if you will lol 😉 getting my booty use to getting slowly bigger and bigger things back there. It’s been a long term goal of mine for a while now getting to practice and explore on camera has given me the perfect opportunity to explore, practice and enjoy my butt that much more!


I’ve missed you so much baby, you’ve been gone for far too long and now now I had the perfect idea how we can share some fun play time despite you being away. I pulled out my new video camera and decided to be your perfect little play thing and surprise you with something i have been practicing for you. I can’t wait for you to come home soon and then you’ll get to do anything you want to me. Anything and everything we have been teasing each other about and maybe even something I know you have been secretly wanting.


I let you work over my tight little kitty till I cum so hard for you then … then i have a special surprise for you baby. I want to be your dirty little anal slut! I’m ready to let you be the first to play with that tight little ass of mine! I’m still new at this so take it easy on me but lets make me cum so hard!


To check out all my videos, over 350 HD videos and over 40 4K ultra HD videos all you gotta do is head over to and become a member today! I love to talk dirty, be naughty, role play, give jerk instructions and beg for you to cum for me. You automatically get full network access just for signing up. That’s 9 sites total! there’s hard core, bg, gg, ggg, toys, tease and so much more on the network. With daily updates you won’t be sorry you clicked join, trust me. If i wasn’t already part of the Bella Network I’d sign up!

XoXo Katie


4 days left for Pre Orders

There are only 4 more days left to get your pre orders in for my 2016 nude calendars! I’m scheduled to pick up my calendars Friday so Friday night at midnight will be the last day to get your pre orders in. Not to worry you can of course still get a calendar after that 😀 Pre orders receive 2 free gifts just for ordering! Make sure to shoot me an email at to order now. This years calendar is loaded with way more nudity, more shots, more fun themed months and I might be a little bias since I am the one who designed the calendar but I think this is the best year yet!!

XoXo Katie



Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Time for the weekend and relaxation! I’m looking forward to a fun weekend mixed with some good friends, a birthday party and some relaxation at home. Tonight I’ve got Sailor, her BF and Asia coming over for w games night. Sailor got a new bored game I think it’s called screaming kitties or something lol sounds interesting and frightening at the same time, should be good. Tomorrows my gfs birthday party so that should be fun too :) other than that I need to pick up a birthday gift and that’s it. My agenda past that is to read a book, do laundry and have a nice relaxing soak in my bath tub.

But we aren’t to the weekend just yet, only a little more then we’ll be there. We’re in the home stretch if you will. I’m looking forward to another awesome day on mfc. Yesterday was a longer day but we made it to a cum show (3 cums to be precise) and we made it into the top 150 for miss mfc. Something that hasn’t happened in over 3.5 years! Yaya I’m hoping we can keep this forward momentum going today too.

Today is day 4 back at the gym and yes I’m feeling it! But it feels great! Being sick, stressed and away sure did put a damper on my work out routine but now that I’m back at it it feels fantastic. Sweaty and sore but fantastic, I love the challenge and I love pushing myself to feel and do better :) they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well I say a work out a day keeps the doctor away. Keeping healthy and fit makes me feel like I can take on the world and live forever muahahhaha. Which I will have you know I come from a family of long living women, both my great grandmothers died just short of their 100th birthday, my great great nanna died at 104. So you know what that means right? with todays modern medicine and things we are doing to help keep healthy longer I’m going to live to be 110 at least lol better take care of myself then right 😛

Calendar pre orders are going like hot cakes I’m already 1/5 sold out 😀 I’m taking preorders till the end of next week and you get 2 free gifts just for pre ordering so don’t wait. CLICK HERE to head to my store today or email me at to order :)

See you sexy sphinxes on mfc in just a little while.

Xoxo Katie


Hello October

Here starts my count down till Halloween! Awesome :) 30 days and counting. They are going to go by so fast though. I’ve got one jam packed month starting with thanksgiving. In Canada Land we have thanksgiving on the 12th, I’ve got a fun filled shoot day planned mid month with the sensational miss Bryci and then Halloween parties the 24th and 31st. Throw in the odd birthday for a few friends, my sister in law and both my brothers and power month has started lol 😛 ok fine more like party month. 

Back at the gym this week after a month off. Feels good to be back in action! I’m pacing myself cause ain’t no body got time for injuries but still pushing myself. Come Saturday morning my body is going to be a little sore. It’s a great sore kinda feeling though, let’s me know I did a good job at the gym and that its payin off already.  Come Halloween I’ll be glad I got my work out back on lol after all mermaids don’t wear much for clothing 😉 

Just got together a bunch of sexy and kinky videos for my members for the next month including my Halloween shoot! It’s different this year that’s for sure. It’s a little costumey, a little fetishey, a little out there but it definitely is freaken hot as shit! Just you all wait! Add in some new anal videos in which I push the envelope and dive a little deeper into my back door 😉 pun intended. I don’t know if you guys are ready for it but I’m sure you’ll love ever second of it, I know I did :) 

Hope your Thursday has been terrific! Only 1.5 days to go till the weekend you can do it! Lol 😛 

Xoxo Katie