Big Black C… Worship

I’ve bene long dreaming and fantasizing about you coming over and having your way with me. I’ve never been with a black guy before but I hear once you go black you never go back. Always thought that was a cheesy saying I think it’s time to put it to the test don’t you? I wore something skimpy tight and sheer to help that big black dick rock hard for me. I love the way it looks! like a chocolate dipped dick ready for me to taste, lick and swallow down. I can’t wait to wrap my pretty little mouth around it. Don you think it’ll fit in my tight little pink pussy?

2.png 3.png

Mmmm tastes like chocolate in my mouth, make me gag on that big black dick! I want it so bad! Dont hold back on me, I want you to fuck me like the little treat that I am, make me never want to go back. I can’t believe I’m saying all these things but I’m just so horny and want to experience something new, something my girl friends are too shy to try and something I will never forget.


It’s so fucking big and my pussy is so tight for you…. oh my gosh I can feel it stretching my little kitty. God this feels good! Dont stop I want to cum over and over again on that Big Black Dick! I want to worship your BBC. I don’t care if the neighbours hear me I just want it deep inside me! Of god I cam so hard! but i’m still horny! you sit back and watch and keep stroking that cock for me while I finger this tight little pussy and cum again just thinking about how much I loved feeling that BBC inside me.



This is just one of the latest 4K ultra HD videos live on that members can enjoy! My first ever full out BBC worship video! this was so naughty and fun to film I felt like a dirty little slut and I loved it. There are over 350 HD videos on my site alone. I love to talk dirty, be naughty, role play, give jerk instructions and beg for you to cum for me. You will also get access to over 28 000 high resolution photos of me. Not to mention you get full network access just for signing up. That’s 9 sites total! there’s hard core, bg, gg, ggg, toys, tease and so much more on the network. With daily updates you won’t be sorry you clicked join, trust me. If i wasn’t already part of the Bella Network I’d sign up!

XoXo Katie



1 day to go 

1 day to go then the work vaca start! I’m getting super excited! The only bad part is that today is the day I pack my suitcase. I am notorious for over packing, especially when I’ll be shooting and vacationing. I like to be prepared and have a good range of outfits to shoot in. Plus you know me I like my shoes to match and be different, my accessories to be on point and all the extras. I’m hoping for lots of bikini, beachy, water oriented shoots. I wanna go skinny dipping 😉 been a few years since I was able to get some bikini shoots in. My goal 1 shoot bag, maybe 2 extra pairs of shoes then my own personal bag. It really starts to get difficult when you consider the hair, makeup and bathroom items I’ll need. Oh well 😛 what can you do? 

Mailing out a crap load of goodies for my Abibids winners and a few lick fans who grabbed up some goodies from my blog store I LOVE sending out care packages loaded with all sorts of naughty or kinky goodies! 

A big thank you to those who stopped by to wish me a safe and fun vacation yesterday on MFC. You guys sure know how to make a lady feel loved 💖 I feel very blessed to have the good ebuds and fans that I do. You guys are truly the best! You make my day everyday! I only hope I can help make yours just as often. 

Well just a quickie today, no rest for the wicked! 

Xoxo Katie 


Go go go week 

Ahhh it’s finally here, the last week of July and that means many many fun things are in store for not only me but you guys too! I have got 2 more days of regular for me life. Which means gym, MyFreeCams, working on abibid winner’s orders and in general clowning around as I do 😉 Today is a dear friends Birthday on MFC so I am sure we will be getting up to all sorts of kinky fun on MFC today! I’m looking forward to a fun day helping someone celebrate and getting to share in the joy with you al. Dont’ miss out! I have a few goodies planned for you on there. Tomorrow will be a short day on cam a chance to get in some last minute play time and hangs with my buds. Then Wednesday is when all the fun begins.  Wednesday morning is pack and get ready then I’m headed to my mom’s to drop the girls off for the next week or so. They will have so much fun playing in my mom’s back yard, chasing her cats and pestering my brother lol They always seem so happy to go see Grandma and spend some time there. Eva usually comes back a little thinner which is good cause she tends to like keep a extra layer of chub on her that i have the darnedest time getting rid of. I bet it’s all that fresh air and back yard roaming that does it for her. One day… hopefully soon I want my own place with a nice chunk of grass for her to go nuts on lol

So where am I going? well that much is still a surprise but I can tell you there is lots of sun shine in my future, some epic outdoor photo shoots, maybe some water sports fun and an epic visit with a friend. I’m stoked to get some really great outdoor photos shoots in. Last year I got rained out sadly but this year it’s clear skies and su shine in the forecast. We already have a spot picked out and it’s not too far from a cute little motel I already reserved a room at for Wednesday night. Thursday I shoot then soak up the rays. Friday is another shoot day! but a special sort of shoot day…. heheh love dropping wide open hints at you all lol 😛

Then it’s time for me to kick back, turn my phone off, close the computer and the camera and relax to the max. Not 100% sure what we crazy kids will get up to but there has been talk of many fun outings, girlie day, yummy twisted teas on the patio and I am sure more than one giggle fest lol 😀 I am stoked!! The saddest part will be packing up and heading home come early next week but such is life I suppose.

SO make sure to get your booty on MFC today or tomorrow to wish me a safe and fun road trip :) and to get your last Katie life fix before I am gone gone gone! Then it’s on to August which will be a kick ass month 😉 I have a few fun little deals and sales going to be happening in my store… oh sales I say… more on this when I return form my road trip.

XoXo Katie


Body stockings…


I know you love when I wear a tight body stocking, the way it conforms to every curve and long line of my voluptuous body. It makes my skin feel so soft and silky to your touch and that gets your cock nice and hard. Just what I want. You are out of town right now which means little old me is left to my own devices but sadly I’m lonely and miss your hands on my skin, your lips on mine and your cock in me. I thought I might tease that cock nice and hard while your waiting around in your hotel to come home and fuck me. Better pull that hard on out and start stocking for me cause I might just call you and play with you.


Watch me as I warm up this tight little kitty and get her nice and wet for your hard cock. mmm I love playing with myself thinking about how turned on your getting. Miss me yet? hehehe thinking about heading home a few days early yet? hmmm …. no? I guess I haven’t done my job enough! next time i’ll up the anti and make it that much harder for you to resist.



I don’t disappoint 😉 I love those intense close ups as though you face is right there where my camera is getting a good look at my tight pink kitty and my big titties and hard hard nipples. You won’t be sorry I promise! plus then you can watch the matching video of me pleasuring myself just for you.

XoXo Katie


Bad Babysitter

I’m a bad the best babysitter you’ve ever had not mention I know I’m your favourite one. I’ve been baby sitting you and your little sister since you were in middle school. I saw the way you stared at my big boobs and tight little body, you weren’t fooling anyone. I knew you liked me from the first day I was over. I didn’t mind though I loved how shy and cute you were. Now that your in college things have changed. Since your too busy to watch your sister I got called to babysit. I was really hoping you’d be home form summer break and sure enough here you are. Well do I have a surprise for you 😉 Something I have been wanting to do for you for a long time. Now sit back relax, watch and listen. This is going to last in your spank book well into the future. I’m going to help you study up for those finals the best way I know how 😉 remember when I use to help you study with flash cards and skimpy tops? well I will do you one better…. better start stroking I want to see that hard cock cum for me.