Almost over 

  It’s been a busy week already and it’s only half over! I bet for most of you yesterday was a long ass day. Always is when you return back to work after a long weekend, not to worry it’s a short week and it’s bound to get better as it goes :) besides just keep reminding yourself it’s almost over.

 For little old me in Canada land Monday wasn’t a holiday it was just a regular week for us. I have a relaxed weekend just hanging out and enjoying the little things. It was m brothers house warming party Saturday afternoon so a nice relaxing BBQ with some family and friends was just what the doctor ordered. 

Monday I shot some really steamy videos! A few customs requests from some lucky fans and a naughty taboo video for my members. I love all the fun kinky ideas i get from fans! They really help me be creative, they turn me on and get my kinky brain a going. This time it was a sexy work out turned play time video, a spy cam gamer girl video and an anal play video. Yes I am offering anal in my custom videos for a slight up charge. I accept anal customs on a case by case bases though as long as they are in my range of comfort and something I think I’ll really enjoy. 


I won’t lie May is almost over and it can’t happen fast enough! I feel like this month is out to get me. Between the flu, an allergic reaction to my medication that went on for 2.5 weeks till I figured it out, treating and dealing with side effects, getting a flat tire on the way to the gym yesterday and all the little things that seem to keep piling up on my head it’s been one hell of a shit month. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been all bad but it hasn’t been all good either! I’m thinking June will be a kick ass month! I’m already planning outdoor photo shoot days and planning some fun encounters for July 😉 more on that later. 

For now I’m just taking it easy and doing it one day at a time. A big thank you again to all those who are wishing me well and for all those who have been keeping me smiling on MFC :) 

Xoxo Katie 


Strip JOI

Tonight was so hot! I’ve never been to the strip club with my man before, watching you adore those sexy ladies up there on stage while you rub my knee and kiss my ear was such a turn on. I never knew it’d be that hot for me. I got so turned on watching those sexy ladies move and dance I couldn’t wait to get you home and have my way with you…. or even better let you have your way with me like the good little slut that I am 😉

1.jpg 3.jpg

At some points I thought about what you might think or say if I got up on that stage and started dancing. Would it turn you on? would you be shocked? pleased? I better get some practice first though, since I’ve never done a strip tease dance in front of anyone before. At least not like that. I want you to sit right there and relax, grab yourself a beer your not going anywhere for a while. I even have your favourite music all queued up and ready to go.


I’m going to give you your very own private dance, just relax and let me take the lead. Dont worry if you get a hard on, I want you to pull out that hard cock for me and start stroking when you do. I want to know how much your enjoying my body and how badly you want me. Don’t worry I’ll tell you just how I want you to stroke it and then I’ll get you to cum all over these big titties you love so much. We won’t stop there though, this is just the warm up to the bedroom. Make sure to be ready to cum when I say, I want you to pop only when I tell you to. You can do that for me can’t you?


Check out one of my latest 4K ultra HD videos live on for members right now! A naughty strip tease and Jerk Off Instruction video in which I tell you just how I want you to stroke that hard cock for me, when I want you to cum and where. There are over 350 HD videos on my site alone. I love to talk dirty, be naughty, role play, give jerk instructions and beg for you to cum for me. You will also get access to over 28 000 high resolution photos of me. Not to mention you get full network access just for signing up. That’s 9 sites total! there’s hard core, bg, gg, ggg, toys, tease and so much more on the network. With daily updates you won’t be sorry you clicked join, trust me. If i wasn’t already part of the Bella Network I’d sign up!



Sunny forecast

Oh my goodness how is it already Thursday? I feel like my week went by in a blink of an eye! IT’s been a great week back to my usual routine, getting back in the swing of things and finally feeling like my regular self. Between a cold and allergic reactions and all the fall out from that it’s been a tough last 2-3 weeks. But I am hanging in there and making sure to rest up, eat right and take care of myself. I feel about 85% back to normal which is loads better than the 40-50% of last week. I’m hoping by next Monday to be back in tip top shape, then I can start back at the gym :) yep that’s right this lazy gym bum has taken the last month off! don’t even say it, I already feel like a slacker but I gotta listen to my body first and do as it needs. I’ll be starting from scratch again :/ which means light work outs and taking it easy. Feels like i finally get a good momentum going and then something happens to throw a wrench in there. Lately it’s my neck (old car accident injury that doesn’t take much to tweet it) so I have been trying to be really bang on with my form and not pushing my weights up too quickly to make sure that I won’t injure it again.

But enough gym talk 😛 it’s almost the weekend and I am hoping this gorgeous hot sunny weather sticks around! Nothing much planned but a nice stroll by the water would be amazing! I miss sunny strolls on the beach, summer nights and just the feeling of the sun on my face and the warm summer breeze in my hair. They are technically calling for rain BUT they have been pushing back 2 days of rain in the forecast for the last week and a half so what’s another few days 😉 I know the puppies would be happy with that outcome :)

Might even pop on MFC on Saturday to say hi since i’ve bene gone for so long. Been having a kick ass few days on there, thank you to everyone who has come back to hang out and help me have some fun in free chat. Still doing a Skype Date raffle till tomorrow night! From here on out you get x3 raffle tickets for all offline tips and today n tomorrow you get x2 raffle tickets when you tip online! woo hoo lots of chances to win 1 of 3 Skype date prizes!

Well for now it’s time for a puppy walk and then I’ll see you all on MFC around 3 pst 😉

XoXo Katie


Your Cockpit

It’s been a long flight and a long shift at work today. Things can be hard as a stewardess, going here and there with very little down time and even being stuck at the airport or for a layover in another city can sure be lonely for a horny girl like me. My options are very limited when it comes to finding someone to help fill my needs when I’m stuck someplace or needing some rough touching right now. But I think I have come up with a solution to my problems and a way to help make the captain a little more relaxed as well 😉 There’s this Captain’s lounge at every airport where we can take a loud off between flights and just have a place to be for a bit. I found my favourite Captain relaxing in the lounge and i couldn’t help myself… I locked the door and decided now was my time. I told him “Hi Captain, I wanted to reward you for a job well done while we are on our layover.” I could tell he knew what I meant, he got a little nervous looking so I made sure to reassure him “Not to worry I locked the door to the captains lounge, I’m all yours! with no interruptions”. But I wasn’t just wanting to quickly get this done, I wanted him to be thinking of me later tonight when he hears my voice making the announcements. I wanted him to be thinking of me tomorrow when he gets home and starts stroking it, so I told him “ First I want you to watch me and stroke it for me then we can have some fun together”. I could tell he was ready and wanted me so bad by the bulg in his pants….




Time to play

I’m back in action today on MFC and am super stoked for a fun filled day! It’s been so frustrating to be recovering and resting when all I want to do is have fun and get kinky. I’m finally feeling more like myself, still a little ways to go to 100% but I’m well well well on my way there. I’ve got a naughty daddy role play custom video to shoot and many play friends to tease this week! I’m horny and ready to have some fun!

Going to start the week off right with a Skype date raffle that will span the next few days! Tickets won’t be too crazy expensive that way everyone gets a chance to join in. I’ll be raffling off 2 10 minute Skype dates and an Ultimate Fan pack :) plus of course all the other fun activities we do on MFC.

I’m stoked for the sun shine in my forecast! Just need another 2 weeks to get back to my usual routine at the gym and to make sure I’m all recovered then it’s time for more of this!

Yep more outdoor photo shoots! TC and I have picked out 2 weekends next month and it’s so on like donkey kong! We have to do some scouting first but I’m sure we’ll find some kick ass locations to have some fun in.

For now I’m busy posting auctions and figuring out some sexy summer outfits to shoot in. Don’t forget to check out my recent auctions before they end! Only a few more days. CLICK HERE to to take a look.

For now I leave you with some boobs, pretty flowers and hard nipples! I’m off to take the pups for a walk in the sunshine 😉

Xoxo Katie