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All sorts of naughty video play has been happening over at videos like the one above that just went live over the weekend. Who can resist a crotchless fishnet body stocking complete with sexy black heels? How about me rubbing, sucking my fleshy dong and instructing you exactly how I want you to stroke it! Things are beginning to get more interesting aren’t they, well hold on to your nickers I’m about to turn up the heat….

Guess who just started offering custom videos! Yes I am! Been thinking about it for a while now and it’s a go. So for all you naughty boys who want to see you deepest darkest or even you lightest flirtiest fantasies come to life in a 5 or 10 minute video now is you time. I’ll be putting the info up in my blog store soon. I’m excited to see what you all come up with. Be prepared with a ‘script’ of such and any outfit and or location requests. Of course everything is done within my own comfort levels and I will not do anything that is illegal of course. Who’s ready to hear me moan their name in an HD video for your eyes only? I’m excited to see what you all come up with!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 1.05.26 PM.png

CLICK HERE to head to my personal store and check it all out :)

I wonder who will be the first one to receive a custom vid? Hmm a special surprise gift for the first one to order… How about a cummed on pair of panties? The very pair I’ll wear in your custom video ;)

Xoxo Katie


So excited today! Today’s my last regular day this week there are fun things ahead :) I blasted through my work out, am stoked for a fun night on cam then… Drum roll! Tomorrow starts my vacation prep during the day then that afternoon I’m outta here :) off to go frolic in the sun shine with friends and do a little outdoor shooting too. Not sure on the weather so I’m preparing for both rainy wet shoots and sunny warm shoots either way it’ll be fun and I’m sure I’ll get some fun content for you all.

I’ve been plotting and thinking and I have some fun ideas for you all :) pay close attention to my blog and my store for updates on the latest things I will be offering you all. Things I’ve never offered before! Yes exciting! I’ll be getting it up for you ASAP but needless to say I think you all will be very excited.

For now though focusing on finishing my errands and getting my booty moving! So many little things to do before I leave tomorrow night. I’ll be online around 3:30
PST and can’t wait to play!

Xoxo Katie


Many people claim to be shoe lovers but really how much do they love shoes and what makes them a shoe lover? Is it because they have a bunch of shoes, a lot of shoes. Or maybe they always go gaga over a cute pair of pumps. Well I think I have all those people beat. I love shoes and ice now shown just how much and how far I take my love of shoes ;)


I’ve been having all sorts if kinky adventures playing with this or that and getting my kink on in some very public places :) random objects like beer bottles, hair brushes and now shoes. But I’m not done yet! I’ve got many more aces up my sleeve :) lots of fun things planned and plotting in my brain, trust me you’ll all enjoy it.

I’ve come to an epiphany about myself. I get a tickle out of shocking others. Being naked in a public park shooting, a lustful look at a stranger across the dance floor, a big toy, a random item I get to use … All these things just seem shock worthy and scandalous in a fun way to me. I get excited thinking about you doing a double take at your screen… A what? Did she just do what I think she did? Yes yes she did lol

I’m excited for a short week online finished off with a mini vacation! A chance to get away, to enjoy the sun shine and get naughty outdoors on the way there and back :) all fun things! I’ll be peeling out Wednesday night and headed to visit some friends for a fun filled weekend. So make sure to stop by MFC today and tomorrow cause that’s it for this week till next Monday! I’m online around 3:30 PST.

Xoxo Katie


Thank Goodness It’s Friday :) I’m pumped for a fun relaxing weekend. Tonight will just be a quiet night after can but still looking forward to it :P I’ve been being a good girl for the last 6 days and am eating super clean for the next 3 weeks. Been feeling like I’m not as healthy as I usually am so focusing on lots of veggies, fruit and lean protein cutting out processes foods and dairy. Been 6 days and I’m already feeling fabulous! Way more energy and over all good feeling :) I know i know I’m crazy! I don’t need to diet or go crazy at the gym and while I agree…. To me my personal outlook on me and my healthy is a mental thing. I feel best when I eat right and excursive it gives me happy endorphins and makes me feel good about myself and what I put into my body. That said it’s still cheat day today! Pizza and ice cream here I come :D oh yah! Lol

Have you guys seen my coming soon reel on the outside of my site? Oh la la it’s loaded with all sorts of goodies! If you loved my ‘I Heart Shoes’ set you’ll love the video even more! Hehe something I’ve been wanting to try for a long while ;) I tried shoe fucking once in a prvt on MFC and while I was a little timid on the idea I figured why not give it a try… Oh it was good ;) so I had to share with all my members right!

Don’t forget to check out my 2 HD video updates going live late tonight and then late tomorrow night. JOI is coming up! Had lots of requests for that ;) I’ll catch you all on MFC later tonight.

Xoxo Katie


We are almost there, almost the weekend and I can’t wait! It’s going to be a relaxing weekend at the Banks Casa :) girly slumber party Saturday night with my bestie Hilroy and possible Sailor too. Not sure what we’ll get up to but it’ll be a good night spent with good friends. Sunday I’m thinking lazy day in relaxing on the couch with the pups maybe a random mall trip with Hilroy we shall see.

Kicking butt at the gym today feeling pumped with my new work outs. So odd I usually mix things up at the start of every month. Your suppose to every 4-6 weeks anyways do always just easiest to remember the start of a new month means something new. I missed a week here, 2 weeks here etc so i just went back to the same old once back figuring the time off was enough to reset but I’ll admit it it wasn’t. I got bored and stagnate in my work outs. Glad to be back in action.

This time next week I will be hanging out with some very very good friends in the sun shine relaxing! I can’t wait :) my mini road trip will commence Wednesday evening, I won’t get far that night just enough out of the city and such till I crash at a cheap motel. Then Thursday morning I’ll shoot some outdoor naughtiness, TC has pre-scouted some places using google and giotaged photos :) I’m stoked. Then Thursday drive the rest of the way and tada mid day Thursday it’ll be fun time! I’m literally counting down the days now… 6.5 days to go :P

That means you got 4 more days to come see me live on MFC till my mini vacation. I’ll be offline Wednesday to Monday next week so get your Katie Fix while you can. I’m thinking hitachi show countdown today… I’ve got 3 new attachments for it that I have yet to test out ;) what do you say we take a crack at one of them today.

Xoxo Katie

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