Busy bee 

While most of my American ebuds were enjoying turkey, pumpkin pie and whip cream us Canadians were having a typical Thursday. Well ok most Canadians were having a typical Thursday not me though, I was shooting my little butt off! I had so much fun shooting not only another fun New Years scene for all my members but also some naughty customs for fans. One of my favorite things to do is hear from fans about the naughty custom porn fantasies they want me to act out :) with another week left in my Pre Christmas sale I’m sure I’ll be a busy bee! 

Today’s Black Friday and oddly enough I want to go shopping but so not in the shopping mood. I checked out a few places online but nothing jumped out at me. I’d go to the mall but I’m flying solo today since everyone else is working and aimlessly wondering the mall sounds tedious. So instead I’m eshopping :) much easier! I’ll probably end up at the mall in a bit though since I have a GIANT pile of mailing to send out! All sorts of goodies. Calendars, panties, clothing, auction items. I’ve been a busy bee this week. I’m down to less then 10 calendars left so if you haven’t grabbed yours yet you better hurry! I’m so excited that everyone has been grabbing them up :) I’ll be gracing many a wall very soon. 

For now though I’m kicking my own butt at the gym doing 2 work outs since I missed yesterday. Back, biceps and calfs, then chest, tris, shoulders and abs. I already feel tight and tired lol hello hot bath tonight. Feels good though to be back at it kicking my own butt. I’ll be in prime me shape by AE expo for sure. And I did say prime ME shape. I’m not crazy I just like to feel fit and look good. Not to worry I don’t plan to loose these curves anytime soon 😉 I love em! 

Well I hope your holidays were good and tat you’ve going to have a relaxing weekend! See you all online Monday! 

Xoxo Katie 


The Mile High Club

Have you ever wanted to join the mile high club? oh come on you’ve thought about it, fantasized about it and have probably even tried to figure out the logistics of how to make it work and how not to get caught. After all it is a federal offense and they don’t take it lightly when your a bad bad boy or girl 😉 Well I have thought about it often. I have this big long list of places I want to have sex before I become old and really grey. It’s nothing too crazy just a butt load of fun places that I have to have sex in. The rule is 5 minutes, we don’t have to finish cause well that can be difficult and perhaps we would get caught then but we gotta do it for at least 5 mins for it to count. On the list was the mile high club. It’s naughty, exciting and lol everyone can probably hear you and then there is the walk back to your seat and all those eyes on you… your wondering did they hear me are they just looking up cause they are board? It’s exciting!

On my last trip away I thought to myself that’s it, I’m doing it. I am going to join the mile high club and just so that everyone will believe me when I tell them I am filming it and sharing it with my favourite kinky friends 😉 yep you guys.


It all started with a stroll through the airport in a skimpy little flowy dress… everyone looking and wondering what I was wearing or why I seemed so excited. It got my blood pumping and my kitty wet! So i snuck into the bathroom to help warm myself up! luckily it was empty but that didn’t last long 😉 so I snuck in the stall and played with my big gum drop sized nipples. of course the bathroom filled up and all those other women were no fun so I had to put play time on pause.


Instead i waited to sneak into the bathroom with my camera and have some real fun! I stripped down of you, teased you with my naked body, rubbed my already wet pussy. I could hear someone standing outside waiting for the bathroom and said to hell with it, I don’t care if they can hear me. I didn’t try to be quiet I just gave into my need to cum and to tick off something naughty off my list.


I came so hard twice while playing int he bathroom and boy did it feel good. Felt a little dirty too since it was the bathroom and I knew at least one person could hear me right outside the door. I wondered if anyone else could too, more like hoped they could!

Once I finished I tidied myself back up, rearranged my clothing back to normal and made my way out of the bathroom. There was a guy on the other side of the door and the look I got from him (a why smile met with a slight blush) let me know he heard me and he knew I was a kinky girl Lol. even better I bet he approved 😉 The walk of shame as others would call it back to my seat made me blush a little. All those eyes on me, not knowing if they heard, betting that they did.. they all knew I was a horny girl who liked to be loud.



Miss Pleasure

My latest naughty mistress video has gone live for all you good boys. It’s time to come, watch and listen as I instruct you how it’s going to be and what your required to do for me to get pleasure. Not to worry you’ve been a very obedient little slut for me so mistress has a surprise for you today. Be a good boy and report to my dungeon, you know where and what to wear. Impress me with your ability to remember my rules and rewards will abound. Just don’t disappoint me our you will find yourself in a hell of a bad place and all the equipment I need to punish you at the ready :)

1.jpg 4.jpg

Now Mistress’ reward for you today is for you to watch her masturbate and please her tight little pink pussy. Hahahah ok perhaps it’s more of a torture then a reward because your not allowed to touch that hard cock until I say. You are to sit there on your knees watching as I tease and taunt your hard cock till it’s bursting in your pants and you beg for me to let you touch it. Then and only then will I allow you to pull out that dick and stroke it. Be ready to cum on command after all you like being told what to do don’t you?3.jpg2.jpg

That’s it now you can pull out your hard cock for me and stroke! felt good to beg for it doesn’t it, feels good to admit your a horny pervert who wants to stroke for me. Mmm good I love horny perverts! now stroke that cock, I want to see you cum so fucking hard today you make the biggest mess! Mmmm that feels so good! yes I love pounding my tight little pussy..



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XoXo Katie


Relaxing Soak 

I feel like this next week and a bit is the calm before the storm, the time to lay out in a hot bath soaking up the quiet relaxation before things get busy! With the holidays just around the corner it’s going to be a busy next 2 months. 

For us up in Canada land we had thanksgiving back in Oct so next week is just a regular week for us. That doesn’t mean I won’t be partaking in the days off though, I’ll be busy working as always but instead of hoping on mfc I’ll be shooting for my site and shooting some kinky custom videos for a few lucky fans. I’ve still got my custom video sale on till Nov 31st. You receive $25 off all custom videos and then an additional $20 off anal scenes :) so far you’ve all been keeping me hoping and feeling kinky 😉 love it!  

Of course next is Christmas and we all know how that goes 😛 busy busy lots of shopping, wrapping, friendly gatherings, christmasbparties ect. Then January is AVN 😀 I’m so freaked excited! I’m planning all sorts of goodies like my date raffle that just started on mfc :) CLICK HERE to check that out. 1 lucky fan will win a 1on1 lunch date with yours truly during the AE expo in Las Vegas this January. I’ll cover lunch and drinks, they cover their travel and accommodations. 

Also on my hit list is to shoot with some sexy ladies while in LV this Janurary. I want to broaden my horizons and have some fun exploring my sexy side with some gorgeous ladies.  So as I soaked up the warmth of a relaxing bath last night I started to compile a list of girls to message and get the ball rolling on some gg fun for both me and all my members. It made my bath very enjoyable 😉 

That is until I was interrupted by the long tongue bath water monster as seen below… 



Sneak Peak Holiday Style

It’s that time of year again, holidays are just around the corner so what does that mean? That means I e been a busy little elf and shot my Christmas set and video this past weekend. So much fun! I didn’t do just one holiday shoot though I did two :) I figured why not. I haven’t gotten the photos back yet from TC but from what Ive seen its going to be amazing. I do however of course have some fun candida and bts pics I can share with you all 😉 since you’ve all be such good boys and girls this year.

As you can see I played a little bit with light and dark this time around. For all those saying they missed my dark hair now you get the best of both worlds. You might just see more brunette wigs coming out for fun shoots in the future :) I mean why not I loved the dark hair and bangs look. Not to mention fun colored contacts! Yep I was rocking green eyes for both shoots. I figured it’s about time we get a little different, a little funky around here 😉 I’m sure you guys don’t mind my spin on funky.

Now all that’s left is decorating and then Christmas shopping. Time to start coming up with my list for everyone, that’s the hard part. My mom and I always go shopping the first week of December, we pick one day and we shop till we drop! We start first thing and get everything we need, we don’t stop till it’s all done :) we’ve done that the last 9 years seems to work out great and gives us a fun day to spent together.

Well enjoy my little sneak peaks 😉

Xoxo Katie