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Good morning everyone :) it’s the last week of November and something tells me with all my USA fans and ebuds celebrating thanksgiving on Thursday then shopping till they drop on Friday for Black Friday sales it’s bound to be a short week that zooms right on by.

I’m online today till Wednesday night then a little bit on Saturday midday but that’s it for this week! Taking Thursday and Friday to do s few little things and to relax. For those who got a holiday weeks end planned I hope you have an amazing time.

Till then though come say hi! And let’s have some fun on MFC :) haven’t been to a public cum show in over the week! My hitachi is crying out to me I think it’s time for a epic cum-a-thon today, what do you think? Come on you can’t resist the puppy dog eyes ;)


Can’t make it online today? That’s ok check out my blog store then, I have a $5 off sale on everything and $20 off customs till Dec 12th! It’s a great time to get your hands on my goodies! I still have 2015 Nude Calendars available. Grab them before they are all gone.

Xoxo Katie

It was a rock star rock out kinda weekend! Friday night Bryce, James TC and I all went to see Alice Copper and motley Crew live!! it was the Crew’s Final tour and they certainly went out with a bang. Alice was awesome! as expected! The man knows how to work his props! he had something for everything and I couldn’t help but sing along with him and hoot and holler at him. IMG_8758.JPG

Of course we all met up for dinner and drinks first and very quickly we were all feeling the good feelings and ready to rock the fuck out! Yes of course I brought my camera with me not just my phone so I could get as many kick ass photos and videos as I could. Slowly compiling a collection from my phone and camera as well as from Bryce, James and TC.

IMG_8751 copy.jpg

Group shot for all those curious what crazy as mofos wear to rock out to the classics and the greats! Yes many layers were required it was raining like mad and freaked cold!

IMG_8755 copy.jpg

Once the lights went down and the music got louder were all were on our feet rocking out and having a blast! so many good songs, funny conversations and just an all around perfectly outrageously awesome evening.

1416777616_thumb.jpeg 464a88da95d517ad91d94ce25004b253_view.jpg

As you can see we got a little wild ;) what? can’t a couple of hot rocker chicks have a little fun ? after all we wanted it to be one bad ass night!


This was my first time seeing Alice live and since my dad was in an Alice Copper tribute band all through my childhood I grew up singing along and rocking out. It was a very euphoric night for me :)


Motley Crew was epic! the show was amazing! the lights, the pyrotechnics, the confetti, the half naked dancers, the kid ass outfits and then there was Tommy Lee spinning upside down playing the drums above the crowd!


They closed the night out playing Home Sweet Home and I got goose bumps it was so good! It was amazing to see them especially on their last tour. I loved that they talked about how they got started and the crazy life that they have lived. 33 years together wow! they will be missed that’s for sure! my fingers are crossed for a come back tour in like 5-10 years…. hmmmm :P

All in all it was way too short of a night and sadly James and Bryci had to head home the next day to get Jack but it was a night I will never forget!

XoXo Katie


Humpday here we go, that means only a few short days till the weekend :) especially for this girl! Friday I’m filming a naughty custom for a lucky fan then it’s party time with the bestie in the evening. It’s going to be a much needed day and night off to blow some steam.

Burr it’s cold here! I know what your going to say, how cold Katie? I bet you don’t have snow! Lol true no snow yet but it definitely is cold enough it could easily snow over night if it so decided. Which is odd for Van in November. We’re lucky if we get snow before New Years let alone a whole month and a half earlier. I feel like I need a parka just to go to the gym and 3 parkas to take the dogs out. I bet they are glad to have their new winter jackets. Nice and fleece lined and warm :) Eva has taken to waddling once in hers lol it’s rather ridiculous but super cute. No it’s not too tight. I had to buy new ones cause their old jackets were a little snug on Eva. She’s just voicing her discuss in a silent waddling protest. News flash Eva it’s not working.


She is cute though gotta give that to her. Caught her snuggled up in the guest room bed. That little face just says mom come snuggle you know you want to! You don’t need to work or get on cam, just come snuggle. I’ll give you kisses! I won’t lie somedays she manages to draw me in for a little snuggle fest ;)

Hope your staying warm where ever you are. If there’s snow I hope you got the fire build high and I dare you, no I triple dipole dog dare you to run outside and do a snow angel! You know you want too :P

Xoxo Katie

IMG_4759.jpg IMG_4760.jpg

Three and a half days till something awesome this way comes lol I’m excited for Friday! For what hmmm you will all have to wait to hear about it closer to ;) I’ve got a little adventure planned Friday night with my bestie!! Something of epic proportions.

Till then rocking it out this week and focusing on having fun each day. Thanks to all those that came by to say hi yesterday on MFC. I had a blast! Today we finish off my calendar, snap chat and video raffle. I’m excited to find out who gets to win.


Happy tity Tuesday, my fav day on Twitter! Enjoy some boobies on me ;)

Packed up a few more calendars last night and a few goodies for some friends. Went through my shoot closet and found a few goodies I’m going to get ready for auctions as well. Be on the look out ;) early next week I’ll be posting some auctions for all you naughty collectors. Don’t forget though if there’s something you have had your eye on you can feel free to email me at and grab it before I post it in an auction.

Sweating it out at the gym as we speak, feels good! Getting as much time in the gym as possible leading up to the holidays so I don’t feel so bad about all the little treats u get here and there around the holidays. I’m looking forward to rum and eggnogs, baileys and coffees, sugar and short bread cookies! Yummy! Lol soon my pretties soon.

XoXo Katie


Good morning lazy Monday maniacs ;) it’s a start to a kick ass week! I’m excited for the weekend and it feels like each day is a count down till then. Got some out of town guests coming Friday for what will be a kick ass night of great music, epic outfits and good company. Till then though I’m focusing on each day so that they don’t crawl by.

Feeling a little pooped after a good but blah weekend. Didn’t get up to too much other than filming some steamy custom videos and getting the pups some new sweaters!! Silly little tubby didn’t fit any of her sweaters. Lol so I headed out to the pet store to get them some. Yah 3 pet store later :P it appears everyone with a small dog got a sweater this weekend cause there was pretty much no selection at any of the stores. I finally found these jems, nice fleece lined and water resistant on top with hoods for when it rains :) Kinzie doesn’t so much mind but eva… Eva waddles around in it, it’s pretty funny to watch her walk in it.


Feeling like it’s going to be a lazy yet fun week ahead. I’ve got my raffle still going on MFC till tomorrow. You could win a calendar, and add to my snapchat or some videos. All are pretty kick ass prizes so don’t miss out.

I just put together another bundle Id stuff for the post office. Calendars are going fast which is awesome :) already 1/2 sold out.

I’m off to the docs for a check up this morning but my booty will be rocking it on MFC later today. Come see me before kick off time. I will be on 3-5:30 pst, see you all then.

Xoxo Katie

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