Club Tease BJ

I can’t wait to head out to the club tonight, I picked the perfect skimpy dress. There is something about getting all dressed up, putting on this smoking dress and sexy ass heels that really makes a girl feel like a million bucks. Knowing that not only will your guy but possible other guys and girls really notice and admire how that tight little pink dress hugs every curve of your body 😀



We’re finally heading out on the town for the night after a few busy weeks so we can let off some steam. I thought to help make the night extra rememberable I’d give you a little preview of what I’ve got in store for you tonight.  We’ll start with my outfit choice.. what do you think? Not to see through, not too tight right?

Now panties or no panties that’s the really big question here? Its far more exciting with no panties but then again a see through dress might be a pushing it with no panties on. Definitely no bra 😉


Next how about a preview of what I plan to do to you tonight? I plan to get you worked up and have you right where I want you. I want you hard and needing me before I’ll be ready to leave and head back home. Mmm I want you to watch me while I be bad. I want to know its getting you hard while its getting me wet.

Clearly you love this idea, I’ve barely told you what I am planning and your already hard for me (love that fact). Not so quick though, I have my favourite toy out and I want you to watch me make this little pink pussy cum so hard that I turn red and stop breathing for half a second.

Then then I want you to bring that yummy cock over here so I can suck and titty fuck you till you cum. I want to taste you! I want to think about sucking your cock when we are out on the dance floor.  I want you to think about me cumming and how good I make that cock feel all night till we get home.



Shot pov (which is one of my fav things to shoot) so you feel like your right there with me. The idea of you wathcing this stroking as I get fucked makes me so excited and hot! Can’t wait for us both to cum together at the end too 😉

XoXo Katie


Fetish Custom Video Sale on Now

Who’s ready for Miss Katie to come out to play? It’s been far too long since we played and since you have worshipped your mistress like a good little boy…. Now’s your lucky day I’m offering a SUPER deal on festish custom video clips. I will be filming in about a week and any Mistress/dom or fetish styled custom videos are $100 for a solo clip 10-15 minutes long or $150 for a solo clip 10-15 minutes long with anal. Are you ready to be instructed on how to stroke? told to be a good little cock sucker and cei. Or maybe you want to be hypnotized into cumming all over my tits after you give me what I want? Mistress Katie is ready to play! I have a whole whack of fetish outfits, props and fun ideas in mind myself but I want to know what really makes you hot and want to be the perfect little slave boy for me. Head to my store SHOPKATIEB.COM to order your very own custom fetish clip now!


I’m also offering a slight discount to anyone wanting a non fetish style custom video as well 😀 I’m going to be having a really great next few weeks I can just tell 😉 all these naughty fantasies to act out and play with… sounds like Christmas heheh 😀

Xo Katie


Fucking GF’s Lil Sis

My sisters BF is so hot! I secretly have a crush on him. I feel so bad for him though, he seems like such a great boyfriend and my sis is such a bitch. She doesn’t deserve a hot guy who seems to be the best bf and fucks her good while she looks down on me for being horny… So what if I’m the youngest. I have to be the more responsible one after all she ruined mom and dad for me. She was so bad that by the time they got to me forget it I was never allowed out or to do anything fun.


Thats probably why I I find myself so distracted and so horny all the time. It really makes me want to find someone, anyone to help teach her a lesson, take her down a peg. She keeps threatening to tell mom and dad every time I go on a date and make it sound like I’m here in collage slitting it up. She knows they will refuse to palmy tuition then!


Oh looks like her BF is here wonder what he wants, she’s not even here. Probably blowing him off again. Oh he’s coming in here… better hope its not to talk to me about that guy in his frat who I made the mistake of sleeping with last week. I couldn’t stop myself I was so horny and my sister wasn’t around so I gave into my pussy and slutty needs.


Lucky for my my sisters BF gave me the biggest facial ever! I love facials! He coated my entire face and filled my eye! It stung a little but man alive was it hot!


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XoXo Katie

Ask A Porn Girl

Time for another intimate invasion! who’s up for another fun survey live and in action this time. I really love doing videos like this one cause I think its just a great way to catch someone on their toes and see if you can’t shake loose who they really are. I feel like the more random and different the questions the more you see the real inner workings of someones mind. I’m no exception to that 🙂 This is part 2 of my long Q & A I did using some questions I got from you guys on social media and some others I found online that I thought would be interesting. Be ready for the unexpected 😀

Xo Katie


Dirty Talking Boots

You know exactly what I want when I put on your favorite fuck me boots. The way they make my legs look longer, my booty look bouncier and the way they make my tits jiggle as I walk. Of course I do that on purpose, knowing that they will drive you nuts. Knowing that my tight little net dress will be the perfect additive to make your want and need to fuck me right here and right now.


Now what if you saw me walk past you and head into the guest room to start filming a naughty JOI toy scene for my site. I’m not quiet when I film, maybe that is on purpose… maybe its not…


After working myself up filming I always feel like I need that itch scratched still, like I haven’t quiet gotten it yet. Its that feeling that I needed to get fucked good while telling you how much of a bad girl I am and how much I like that fact.


So what do you do? of course you sneak up to the guest room door so you can perv on me. Once you see I’m done you know what I need and what I want so you come in ready to help me with my “problem” and like any other naughty tease I love to have my buttons pushed so you know I am wet and wanting.


Never a dull moment for my members 🙂 I’m loving inviting you all into my naughty world, my kinky fantasies and my sexual habits. CLICK HERE TO STROKE WIHT ME NOW

xo Katie