Bad Employees

Bryci and I were very bad employees, we sorta skipped out on our weekend responsibility at work without telling anyone. WE couldn’t help ourselves, we would rather stay home and play then head to the office and get some work down. Of course the boss found out and we got in big trouble! so first thing Monday morning we had to march straight up to his office and explain what went wrong. Lucky for us we had a plan. We figured with a little visual aid we could convince the boss to let us take the weekends off in exchange for a 3 way meeting every Friday at 5 pm in his office. IT would be just between us and him. Once he agreed we gave him a little taste of what it would be like…. Bryci of course couldn’t keep her hands off of my big juicy booty so I let her play with my butt while the bi boss watched!


Hello I’m Katie

Time for you all to get to know me a little better 🙂 one of my goals with my youtube channel is to let you all anatomy world in a new way that lets you see me love and in living color just being me. Yes you get to see me on cam or in videos but that’s not how I am all the time, nor is that the only things that I do. So part of my youtube channel fun will be get to know me videos, questionnaire videos, fun random facts about me videos… the list goes on. I hope you all like this one 🙂 to check out all my free tube vids all you got to do is check out and don’t forget to subscribe and like my vids! it helps butt loads.

Xo Katie


Hot gym sex

Its that time again, after the holidays were we all try to kick butt at our new years resolution to get in shape and feel better. What better way to feel motivated then to reward myself after a hard days work at the gym with a good tumbling 😉 TC was all to willing to help out! He supervised as I stretch out and did a little cardio to help unwind from my hard work out. It didn’t take long though once I lay on my yoga matt for a little breather for him to come over and help me really relax afterwards.


He made sure to help hit all those hard to reach places and really made sure I was going to feel not just my work out later 😉 We really had some fun with this one! Since I am such a work out fitness buff it was fun to include something very me in this scene. We of course had to utilize the bike! I mean come on you knew you had to see me on it when you saw it in the back ground of the photos right.


What many of you might not know is that that is my mom’s basement 😛 she was all packed up and close to moving day with a great little gym space in the basement that I just had to take the golden opportunity and ask her if I could shoot in her gym. My mom being bad ass said yes 😀


To watch TC and I stretch it out after a tough work out all you gotta do is one thing… its real easy and its’ something awesome that you’ll be doing for yourself! when was the last time you did something just for you? something that you knew would be awesome and being you many 😀 …


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My Official Profiles

It’s been a long time in the making but here it is! you can now get all the info you need about all my official profiles right from the source… me 😉 I sat down and made an official profiles video for you all and posted it up on my youtube channel. For those who don’t know where that is its there you can watch all sorts of fun behind the scenes, get to know me sort of videos. I’ve got a whole range of fun things up there and with 2 new vids going up weekly its easy to get lost on there for a while 😛 I’m aiming for fun themes, interesting interactive videos that you all can really get to like. If you haven’t already please click the subscribe button and like the videos that you see. I will start doing some give aways in the future based of those who are subscribed to my channel and comment on my vids! so be ready.

A big thanks to those who are already subscribing 🙂 it really means a lot that you guys support me in all the many crazy and fun things that I do.

Heres to a kick ass start to 2017!

XoXo Katie


Spread the joy

Home stretch now, only a 2 days left to finish those last minute details. For me it’s present delivery time today for a girl friend, a shared drink and some good company. I still have to wrap her gift but I got time 🙂 I’m rather desperately checking the weather app and forecast hoping, praying, pleading with the universe for my white Christmas. It’s been 8 years! I mean come on now. It’s all i ever want and all that I never get 😕 this year is the closest year in a long time. It shows snow on Boxing Day so you never know maybe my odds are better then I sadly think they might be. They are calling for snow tonight! If it does the same on Christmas Eve then that counts as a white Christmas in my books. I just wanna open my curtains on Christmas morning, peak outside and see something white. Doesn’t need to be a lot! Just a little will do ❄️ 

I hope whatever and wherever you find yourself today your safe and having fun. If you are at the mall or anywhere anything is sold I wish you luck! I ventured out with my mom to grab a few household things she needed and let me tell you. I rushed back home 1/2 of my stops not accomplished and wanted to hide out. My mom and I usually shop till we drop on Dec 1. We get it all done. So we don’t have to see a mall or store for Christmas shopping till after the holiday bushel is over. Now I remember why I hate stores close to Christmas. People are not friendly they are mean. Long story short, grumpy customers, crazy parking lots and 1 very aggressive,  very nasty male who yelled at me and literally looked like he might try to punch me out in the parking lot and I call that a disastrous day. He assumed I was blocking what he thought was an open spot but really was the buggy drop off with no buggies currently in it. He was all to quick to honk aggressively then run out of his car to knock out what he figured was a guy but was me. So instead he verbally insulted and cursed at me. Right in front of my mom! I felt like swinging myself but 2 ladies are no match for a grumpy male fueled by rage. 

I’m totally fine not to worry just more startled and shocked at his odasity. Lesson of the story is be safe! Be friendly! Everyone’s out there in your shoes too, let’s spread love and happiness not anger and frustration. This is suppose to be the happiest time of the year. If we each do a little bit it will be 😉 to all those friendly nice peeps out there THANK YOU for being an excellent example for others 💖 

Luckily I only have to go to the liquor store today 😋 I’ll go early and there’s a butt load of parking there lol stay frosty everyone. 

Xoxo Katie