My 1st Unboxing Video

Its time for another fun first! from here on out anyone who is thoughtful enough to get me anything off my wishlist will get a feature in a fun unboxing video. That’s on top of me spoiling you back. I love to send pics, vids, DVDs.. pretty much anything. I love to spoil those who are thoughtful enough to spoil me.

Here is a link to my wishlist for anyone interested,

Expect more fun youtube vids as things progress. Sadly my last one got taken down for being too racy so I will have to be a tad bit more careful but that won’t take away from the fun and playful things we can do tater not to worry. I’m thinking the next thing we should do is a questions and answers segment and maybe a snow angel video since its snowing outside 😉

I hope your staying warm this cold time of year or out enjoying the hot sun shine for the rest of us 😛

Xo Katie


New Auctions 

I’m at it again! This time I’m clearing out a whole bunch of fun naughty one of a kinda keep sakes. I’ve posted 3 pages of auctions and once these auctions end that’s it! I’ve posted panties, bras, clothing, socks, shoes and even some of my favorite sex toys. It’s your last chance to get some of these goodies. In fact these might just be the last auctions I’m listing this year. I have included a buy it now option on all my auctions so you can grab up the ones you just have to have now -or- you can have some fun bidding away. Each auction comes with either a copy of the video that I wore them in, a signed naughty photo of me in the item or for a select few a signed and dedicated DVD in which I wore the item for one of the scenes 😉 needless to say you’ll get everything and more you could want with each one. 

I of course ship discreetly and as a gift so there will be no extra charges when the items arrive and no one will be the wiser 😉 I give discounts on multiple items as well. I’ve got you covered from start to finish! 

To get your paws on my draws CLICK HERE NOW! I dare you

Happy bidding All! 

Xoxo Katie 



It’s finally almost here, it’s finally the weekend! Thank goodness! It’s been a busy ass week over here for me and next week is shaping up the same. I can’t wait to sleep in and chill out this weekend. I’ve got a fun little project I’m working on for my Christmas shoot which is coming up soon 🙂 my first stop tomorrow will be the craft store. Can’t wait! So many fun things so little time.

Yesterday was a fun filled shoot day for me. I filmed not 1 but 3 custom videos. A naughty titty fuck boy girl video which was a blast! First titty fuck video we’re filmed and I think it’ll become a regular. I followed it up with a sexy holiday themed video then a slutty secretary anal video. A day of feeling sexy, cute outfits, fun sceneries and multiple cums 😍 that’s one hell of an awesome day in my books. I got to play with a sexy and fun wig too which was awesome! Expect more wig fun in the future. Let’s play with brunette Katie, red headed Katie, short haired Katie, pink hair Katie… the options are endless.

Don’t forget to take advantage of my custom video sale on now till Dec 10th videos are $100 off! Pricing in my store 😉 click here to check out my personal store

Week 1 done at the gym and I’ll tell you I’m feeling it. I’ve been doing light sets since it’s my 1st week back just to test out how I do and how I feel. Thank goodness! I’m sore! Sad to admit but I’ll quickly gained back some tone and strength. After all I life a pretty active life style as it is. So I’m coming back but not all the way back. Hoping to see some more tone by Janurary, I’ve got a few sexy dresses to wear to the convention and I’m hoping to look dynamite and feel dynamite in them. Might sound silly but for me working out is very much a mental thing as a physical. I just feel better all over, mentally, physically, spiritually … you name it.

For now it’s into the shower for this sweaty girl! Then it’s myfreecams time 🙂 I’m only on for a few hours mid afternoon to early evening but I’m sure we can still have some fun 😉

Xoxo Katie

Vlog time 

It’s that time, time for another kick ass video blog! I’m doing my best to load up my YouTube channel with a new video 1-2 times a week 😊 I really miss having a kick ass YouTube channel and since my current one has been up since 2012 but really only updated here and there it’s time to fix that. A little back story for you all. Back in 2010 I had a really big YouTube channel I updated several times a week. I have loads of subscribers and views. It was a fun way I was letting you all get to know me more… then the unthinkable happened… I got banned! Honest I wasn’t doing anything bad, I think I might have sworn once or twice. I honestly think i had a hater who just didn’t like me and was flagging everything and anything trying to get me shut down. Well it worked 😕 so after I stayed away for a while. I didn’t update as regularly cause honestly it sucked. I put a lot of hard work into making a great channel and just like that done. Fast forward to 2016 and it seems YouTube is a little more lax with the curve words, a little more lax with the odd slightly risqué thing. So I’m back at it trying to come up with fun ideas, interesting videos and just having some fun! If you’d like to hit up my YouTube channel it’s KATIEBANKS.TV don’t forget to click subscribe and like the vids your enjoying 😉😉 

Xo Katie  


Titty Tuesday 

How’s everyone’s week going thus far? I can’t believe it’s mid Nov already… umm hello and goodbye to 2016 much. I swear this year was … interesting lol I won’t lie I’m glad to see it coming to an end, it’s been filled with a bunch of new ventures, exciting moments, stress, huge learning curves and not as many chill moments as I would normally like but on the bright side I’ve learned LOTS, grown more as a person and figured out a little more who I am. This does mean I want to and kinda need to cram some more things in before I kiss 2016 goodbye but we’ll just have to see about that. 

Back at the gym this morning! That’s one thing I need to cram more in before Janurary! Feels good to be back finally. I’d have to honestly admit this is the worst year I’ve had got the gym in probably the last 10! But I feel encouraged to get back at it. AEE and AVN is mid Janurary, I have a goal to feel fitter by then. I say feel because for me the gym is very much so me time. Time for me to put other things aside and focus on myself. Pushing myself, testing myself and doing something that encourages my body to feel great. 

Lately I’ve felt less then my usual, everything still fits and I still feel like I look good i just notice I’ve lost tone over all and my body isn’t as strong or have the endurance that I use to have. So I’m doing my best to work back to that point 🙂 I can do it! As long as life decides to take it easy on those curve balls for a bit 🙈 

I’ve got a special treat for all you titty lovers and no it’s not just the photo above 😉 I made a special video blog in honor of titty Tuesday! I’ll be posting it later today so be ready… 

I hope your Tuesday is terrific 😋 

Xoxo Katie