Sunny Adventure

its time for another video blog 😀 here are me and the pups at the park today! after filming a super hot scene for my website today that will go live very soon for you all to enjoy 😉 I took the pups out of ran adventure so we could enjoy the sun shine. We spent most of the sunny weekend indoor and not having too many sunny day dreams so it was time to get my sun shine in and for the pups to get to run around like crazy monkeys! Eva ate every stick in site lol and kinize of course played keep away with her ball lol 😉 Enjoy all

XoXo Katie


My Official DVD Release! 

I’ve got some super fun need to share… 

My first ever show case DVD hits stores in about 2 weeks or less! I’m so excited! It’s really surreal to see my face on a box cover and to think I jumped to technically a full fledge porn star. Kinda crazy when I stop, take a step back and think about it.As far as I’m concerned I’ll always be that nerdy theatre geek who was kinda awkward and kinda shy. 

TC seems pretty stoked too since he jumped from camera man to porn star over night too! We have been putting a lot of work into having fun, being creative and coming up with some really hot ideas for scenes. DVDs have inspired us! Lots of new hot scenes coming for of course as well. It’s been fun to submerge myself into shooting and really get in touch with my kinky side. Explore the naughty things that go on up in my head.
I will be selling signed and dedicated copies very soon! Not to worry I will blog and tweet once I’m offering presale of these bad boys 😉 I can’t wait to see one myself. It all becomes so much more real when your holding it in your hands. 
I’ll be posting a trailer so you can all check it out soon too 😉 be ready for some hot hot hot ass content! 

Xo Katie 


Summer’s here 

It finally feels like summer is here, it’s been so off and on weather wise that it’s hard to feel like it’s summer. Compline that with a crazy busy schedule and ta da I’ve been here there and everywhere. At least the weather wasn’t super gorgeous while I’ve been busy that would have just drive me nuts. It’s my first week back into the swing of things since my shoot schedule for Tweedle is almost finished up and I’ve gotten all my little side things on a roll now. Feels good to have a clearer plate and to be able to get back to juggling just my usual things. Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved all the new things happening with me but it’s just been a lot so fast. I’ve been back on cam since Tuesday and boy did I miss you guys! It’s so nice to hang out, have some fun and get off 😉 I’m aiming to be on 3-4 days a week like I use to so expect to see much more if me 😉 

Tweedle, the psychological thriller I’m in has been going fabulously! I’m loving every minute and it’s really been a fun life’s experience. I have 3 more shoot days to go, 1 this Sunday then 2 mid August. I’ve taken something like 150 candid photos and a butt load of clips. I’ll be putting together some fun video blogs to show you all what I’ve been up to. 

Shooting has been getting better and better as TC and I find out grove. It’s all so new and we’re still figuring out our style and our rhythm. It’s been fun to indulge our minds and find new buttons to push. It’s has its challenges that’s for sure but we’re meeting them head on and turning them into something awesome. I’m always so pumped to see the photos and videos once TC gets them to me. So hot! 

So be ready for big things, kinky things and my usual. I’ll be back to my usual schedule on cam and hopefully blogging from here on out. Oh oh and video blogs! I’m working on getting those in the regular mix too 😉 

Xoxo Katie 


Behind The Scenes

Ever wonder what it would be like to be behind the scenes like a fly on the wall while TC and I shoot some of your favourite scenes? how about when we shoot boy girl photos or when we shot with the very sexy Miss Brianna Jordan? Now you can. We have started recording behind the scenes when shooting so you can all enjoy a in depth look as we have fun and get our kink out and on. You’ll get to see us make the odd mistake… opps yes it does happen! you will also get to see what we do to correct our mistakes and how me make it work in our favour.


You’ll get to see us setting up and switching around the odd equipment and items. You will see how I’m a bit of a goof ball and like to dance around or be silly the odd time between takes or between pics. You’ll be a fly on the wall as Brianna and I shoot our most recent video and photo set together and get to see us really connecting and playing around with one another. You never know who else might come strolling in…. Kinzie and Eva do like to make the odd cameo in our work from now and then. They are such great escape artists. We are getting better at making it harder for them to mastermind a prison break though.


I’m loving the added fun of knowing you are all watching us work… yes I know your not literally there on the same day but you will get to see what we come up with how we work and what is some candid fun moments we share in between that the regular cameras might not capture.

Expect more in the future too! why you ask? well you can thank DVDs for that 😀 we are trying to include as much fun things on DVD and in my site that we are really looking to expand and give you all a more interactive look at our shoot days and us making some bow chicka wow wow… 😉

XoXo Katie


New Aucitons

Guess who posted some more auctions! my auction pile was overflowing. I just realized I had taken a long while since i last posted any auctions, since they are one of my favourite things and ways to interact with you all I got on it asap. This time i found a few old favourites of mine, a few new things and a few hot thing that I think you all would love. Dont forget I always offer buy it now on all my auctions and will be more then happy to combine shipping at a cheaper rate for multiple items won or bought 😀


It’s been a crazy ass week for this crazy girl. Movie sets 3 days in a row, 2 days of shooting for my website and fans and one day of getting everything else done including banking, grocery shopping, cleaning and planning shoots for myself. Needless to say next week is looking great! no movie set shoot dates, no crazy expected appointments just 5 whole days wide open to me. 1 will be a boy girl shoot day. TC and I are aiming to shoot once a week. Come up with a fun idea, cool concept or just be us and turn the camera on and have fun. This way you guys get the latest and greatest content from us. Other then that I plan to be on MyFreeCams… finally!

I literally feel like the last few months have been one big giant haze. Between adult life stress, new things, new projects, personal challenges, crazy work schedule and mom moving things have been bonkers up in here. I finally feel like i can get back to me and the things that made me great. What does that mean? it means more time on myfreecams hanging out with you all. More time at the gym (yes I have been there probably less then I can on MFC lol going to go hide now lol) and more blogging. I have been doing my best to stay on top of everything and sadly there is only so much of my little self to go around so I have been falling a little short on things.

New updates are coming members way! i just uploaded some hot ass videos, photos and more for you all. How about a pov joi bj video complete with naughty pics. You look deep into my eyes as I please your cock and keep you on the edge till I’m ready to let you cum. That is after I warm up my pussy and present my tight little body to you 😉 How about we play in the shower after you have a relaxing nap then we finish off helping each other dry off on the bed before you give me a facial after making me squirm. Or how about you edge me along while I play with my hitachi making me count down and draw out a super intense orgasm… why thank you 😉 I have a mix of things coming, solo and boy girl so you guys get your fixes where ever you might need them 😀 😀

So be ready for some fun! and some action 😉

XoXo Katie