Aaahhh so excited! Just registered myself for the 2016 AEE expo in Las Vegas! My first adult industry convention and I’m ready for it to be an epic, fun experience that will be right up there with 1 of the times of my life. So what are you crazy kids doing in Janurary 2016? Coming to Las Vegas to meet this crazy kid you say 😉 good plan lol it’ll be a Bella family extravaganza 😉 

Xoxo Katie 


Catch up day

Yesteray was my day to catch up on the little things that keep getting pushed to the side. Felt good to get things done and off my plate. It’s amazing how my mood can reflect my surroundings. I like things to be organized and neat so that they are easy to be around, easy to navigate and easy to find things that I need. I’m no organizational freak but I try my best to keep things tidy. I’ve learned through error to be this way and I find it helps to sooth my inner turmoil when my space it tidy and neat. Not to mention clean! with 2 small dogs an edit being one of the hottest summers we have had in a long long time I ave to clean 1x a week at least or the floors start to look a little shaggy. Add to that I’m allergic to dust and dust mites
(only mildly but still bugs me if the dust and hair adds up) I realized yesterday why I have been so congested the last month or so… yep forgot to do the whole adult clean thing lol dust was collecting something fierce.

Well here I sit today in my nice clean house :) took all freaken day :( minus gym time and a puppy walk for a good hour mid day but it’s done. I vacuumed, indexed, dusted like mad, scrubbed the bathrooms, the tub, the shower and even washed the floors. I felt very domestic and almost Cinderella like lol. I’ve come to the conclusion my next goal in life is a maid lol 😛 my mom use to have a maid service come to the house 1x a month and I think it was only $200 for her 3 story home. For my little apartment can’t be that much! I’m looking into it at least. That way my 1 day off a week isn’t spent cleaning from top to bottom.


I was so glad I got a chance to get these little stinks outside! they sure love a nice long walk and it was a nice break from the cleaning. Not to mention I woke up to rain clouds and yuck weather out today so I’’m glad I got a chance to enjoy the sun shine yesterday before it abandoned me right before the weekend too. Oh well I don’t have much planned for my weekend so it’s not the end of the world. It’s rather remarkable to see these little ladies smile and be so content, they really do make my world a brighter place and warm my heart everyday. I caught Eva following me around from room to room yesterday while I was cleaning. She would curl up on the closest mat, bed, blanked or random patch of carpet as close to me but out of the way as she could. It was adorable 😀 little does she know I got her photo hehehe

Back to the grind today for this girl, I got a bunch of abibid auction winners items all packed up and ready to head on out to their new homes :) I always love sending naughty goodies out in the mail. I never know exactly what or where they will end up but I bet if they could tell stories they would tell a hell of a story 😉

Back on MFC today for some play time! I am hoping today is the day we get a show started this week. It’s been oddly very very quiet on there this week which is frustrating when your horny and want to play but I will make due with what fun i can have. SO if your not up to much later today come by and see me. Watch twitter for my tweet as to when.

XoXo Katie


Busy week 

What a busy week it has already been and it is only Wednesday! I feel like my to do list is a mile long and there are not enough hours in a day or enough of me to go around 😛 hmm contemplating cloning myself and getting productivity up by 100%… hmm who am I kidding, if there was 2 of me we wouldn’t get any work done lol we’d probably never get out of bed 😉

Yesterday was a long day for little old me. After a crazy morning of running around I hopped on the ferry and headed over to visit my uncle in the hospital. It was a long journey for little old me between a 1/2 hours drive to the ferry, a 2 hour ferry ride then a 15 min taxi ride to the hospital then the same all the way back it was a long day of sitting around and waiting 😛 thankfully I walked over so it was a little less wait time and hassle. I had a great visit, it was nice to see him and I was happy  to be able to make his day a lot more enjoyable. He’s got a long road ahead to recover but with a little hope and a positive mental attitude he’ll get there :) Thank you to all those who sent well wishes! I didn’t get a chance to respond I was out of cell range or just way too pooped to do anything but fall into bed when I got home last night. That said it didn’t go unnoticed.

I did get a nice surprise in the mail yesterday from a very good slave boy who spoiled me rotten… just in time too I needed a new book to read on the ferry while waiting out the 2 hour sail time. I’ve got LOTS to read now! a little bit of learning, some guilty pleasure fun and a goo laugh or two to be had as well.

I also got a sexy ass pair of fabulous heels! OMG aren’t these define! so sexy, so sparkly I just can’t get enough! Not sure what the hell I will wear them for yet or with but like most outfits I put together I start with the shoes and work my way up 😉 that’s the mark of a true shoe whore lol. My friends always look to my shoes first to see if it’s something new I am sporting lol

A special thank you to my slave… you know who you are for making my day extra special!

And of course big spoils in return for those who spoil me off my wishlist :) I love getting packages filled with naughty lingerie, sexy heels or kinky things in the mail! Thank you to those who have spoiled me as of late 😉 I mailed out more than a few naughty thank you to those who really went above and beyond.

I’ll see you kinks on MFC soon! can’t wait to have some play time, I’m feeling horny as all get out after yesterday

XoXo Katie




What a busy start to my week already! I’ve been here there and everywhere. It started with a BANG! Yesterday I filmed some kinky customs for you lucky boys you 😉 a naughty shoe fucking, baby oil and anal play video followed by a post beach hook up video. I always love hearing you pervy boys fantasies and kinky wants, it really fuels my fire. Follow that up with an afternoon on mfc with my ebuds and I have a very naughty day indeed. I slept like the dead last night though which was amazing. 

Today I’ve been to the bank, post office, postbox, staples, pet store, Costco then home. Got just about everything except forgot to stop at the drug store :/ can’t remember it all I guess. I did learn about some sneakier ways to package a few things so they get faster shipping easier Muahaha and I learned about getting a membership like card that gives me a discount. After 5 years of mailing dirty goodies out in the mail I learn this… Bah lol oh well guess I can just chalk it up to a learning process. So later today I’ll be signing up for savings and getting a few mailing supplies.  

I’ve been making sure to get in a nice long ass walk once a day for the ladies, after all they love the warm sunny weather too. Just cause I work inside and am a hermit crab every now and again they deserve an adventure. Of course Eva loved the river, kinzie not so much. She found the highest, driest and closest rock to me to perch on lol silly muppet. Eva loved the water till she got cold and started shivering like mad. I was glad to see them be a little brave though and dip in. 

I was going to finish up today with some kinky play time on mfc but I got a call from my uncle asking if I’d come visit him. For those who don’t know, my uncle was admitted into hospital 3 weeks ago, has had server always surgeries and has been very touch and go. He’s like a second father to me so his health has been very difficult and I’ve been calling him every other day to stay in touch. My aunt and family closest to him had a work/vacation planned so he’s been alone for the last 5 days. He called me today to ask if I could come keep him company that he’d love to see me. How could I say no? So I wolfed down lunch, grabbed my book and am headed his way. It’s a 2 hr drive but family is family and when in need I’m there. I’m just so thankful that I have the ability to make that choice and call. That said I won’t be making it on cam today though, I’ll be back in action tomorrow though 😀 and ready for some kinky play time. 

Xoxo Katie 


Dear Diary: Confessions of a Detention Slut

Dear Diary: Something kinda freaken awesome happened today in detention. I know that sounds like one of those oxymorons or something right but its’ not .…..

I got detention again today… as usual what else is new! seems I’m just not a great student. I headed to Miss Bryci’s room for detention after class, she’s mad at me for god knows what?!? it could be I don’t listen in class, or that I didn’t do my homework or it could be cause I was passing notes in class to Bobby, or maybe cause I was making googlie eyes at John or cause I was doodling little dirty cartoons in my text book, or maybe it’s cause I kinda altered my school uniform to be less sucky. I think I did a great job of adding a little pizzaz to my uniform, after all how am I suppose to attract the boys? At least I didn’t do what Ava did and cut my shirt super low so that her big boobs are almost popping out every second of every day. I had to do something to compete or I wouldn’t get any male attention. I tried to explaining that to Miss Bryci but she wasn’t having any of it, she definitely didn’t buy it.

It was probably about mid way through Miss Bryci scolding me something fierce for being well a slut that I kinda got this overwhelming feeling to kiss her. She was so authoritative, so sexy and powerful I just wanted to! odd I know! the more I tried to fight the feeling the more her eyes bared into me and i found myself fidgeting more and more. Slowly rubbing my knees together which caused my panties to ride up and rub back and forth on my hard clit. I was soaking wet in no time, I decided I had to get my hands on her and I wanted her to feel how wet I had gotten for her.

I tried to flirt my way out of trouble like I always do heheh and she actually took me up on it! she came around that big old desk of her’s, pulled me in and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and I got wet just thinking about what she might do next. She put her hands all over my body, pulling my big bouncy boobies out of my shirt, tugging, licking and nippling my big nipples then… then she pulled me over her knee and spanked me like a bad little girl!

I got soaking wet after that and let her do whatever she wanted to me. She licked, fingered and fucked my tight little pussy till I came all over her desk. I was so excited I had to get my hands on her big tits and her tight little pussy too. Mmmm she tasted so sweet and yummy on my tongue. Her pussy was so inviting for me to play with… I grabbed that glass toy she used on me and made her cum right there in the middle of her office where anyone could hear us or possible come in and disturb us. Mmm I then cleaned off that toy like a good little girl with my mouth… mmm we both tasted so sweet and yummy.

Confession…. I think I might be more of a brat in class now and see if I can’t land myself in detention again, I don’t think it’ll be that hard 😉

Xo Xo Katie

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.42.51 AM.png

It’s finally arrived, the moment you have all been waiting for…. My detention video with Bryci is finally live for members to see! It’s a very hot and heavy video, we pulled out all the stops! Had a exciting time roleplaying the naughty teacher and the slutty student. This is the first of many hardcore girl girl videos Bryci and I have up our sleeves! We finally ripped the bandaid off and are ready to dive in for more naughty lesbian action soon.

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XoXo Katie