Girl guide

As a young girl I was always in brownies, girl guides and Girl Scouts after that. I learned how to cook, sow, make arts and crafts, go camping, tie nots and such. But the main thing I would say I remembered from girl guides is always be prepared! I’d say I live with that idea in mind. Ready for anything, thinking of all possibilities and planning ahead yet sadly life does throw you the odd curve ball. Or there are things you just can’t prepare for like a cold or an earth quake. Not that I just experienced an earth quake although they keep saying the ‘big one’ is coming for the west coast. I very vividly remember earth quake drills at school, they were routine.

That said I’d say the best way I’ve learned to always be prepared is to make sure to take the time to ctfo when I can. Heck tomorrow the sky could open up and rain acid on us all! Or zombies could walk amongst us and eat me. Sadly I haven’t mastered the cross bow yet so let’s hope the zombies don’t take over any time soon :P

As a creature of habit I try to chill the heck out on my week nights and most certainly on my weekends. Sadly this past weekend was spent doing my taxes so very little relaxation was had. Although being now finished the yearly torture I’m feeling relieved and proud of myself for getting it done early. This weekend I plan to do a lot of this…

Yep laze around and snuggle some pups! I was hoping for something more adventurous but sadly I was not prepared for the inevitability of a head cold :( lame! So it’s off to the drug store for some cold meds and then snuggles with the pups all weekend.

I’ve got some new books to start in on, I grabbed the first 3 books in the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice. I hear nothing but good things about them and since its been years and years since I saw the movies I’m sure it’ll be great to get back into the story line and characters.

Happy hump day!

Xoxo Katie


Dear Diary 

Dear Diary,

Another day another fresh start :) the sun is shining today and I can’t help but want to go frolic in it. Still cold out there but the warm sun shine on my skin feels divine, it’s this time of year that I both love and hate! it’s like a tease of what is to come. Warm summers, summer dresses, flip flops, sun glasses, beach days. Can’t wait! So many random thoughts floating through my brain right now, i feel like the multitasker of the century or the most unfocused individual ever lol haven’t quite decided which one I am yet.

I still can’t believe its March! how on earth did that happen! so many things in the works for the next few months for this girl! I am planning a trip to see some family to San Diego, been there a few times and just love love love it! There’s the Bella shoot coming up. that’s right all us Bella ladies together in one place shooting, hanging out, having fun… oh the things we will get up to! I’m planning a ton of outdoor shoots too. I can’t wait to get naked in the great outdoors :) one of my favourite things to do all year in fact. I’ve got a friends wedding that I am a bridesmaid for at the end of summer so I am sure there will be all sorts of wedding showers, bachelorette parties and the works leading up to that.

But first things first it’s 19 days till my birthday! no idea what I am doing this year, haven’t quiet gotten that far yet. I was thinking of bowling but since my bday falls on spring break forget it the bowling ale is a nightmare. There’s a house party but I usually always play hostess with the mostess. Or there is heading out to a night club or a pub to chill and enjoy some drinks with friends. hmmm decisions decisions. Either way I just want to hang out with my close friends, have a few good laughs and smile till my face hurst that day. Past that I am sure the Sunday night there will be family dinner at my mom’s house with my grandparents, aunts and some cousins :) always nice treat when hung over lol.

I feel like I have hit the grown running this month which is fabulous! I got my taxes done! they aren’t due till mid June since I’m self employed and even if I wasn’t self employed they aren’t due till end of April but woo hoo this go getter got them all done in one weekend and ta da they are off to the accountant :D I feel so proud of myself for getting that crap done lol now to wait for the giant bill that ensues :/ lol oh well there are only 2 things certain in life (or so my grandfather always told me) death and taxes and since I don’t plan on dyeing anytime in the next several decades taxes it is.

On to happier subjects though as I am sure no one wants to be reminded that the man is out to get us. So far this month is off to a great start for me and I am hoping it’s no where but up from there. Nothing major other than my bday planned for this month but I do plan on getting things accomplished. Still need to clear out my closet and get my girl friends over to do a clothing/accessory exchange. I am hoping to unload a bunch of stuff on them lol as bad as that sounds I really just want to see my things go to a good home, a place where they will be loved, worn or appreciated rather than sit in my closet.

That said auctions are still up and going strong! I have had quite a few people ‘buy it now’ too which is kick ass. don’t wait to bid if you really want something cause you never know if it might get bought up from under you. At least put a minimum bet down that way the buy it now option no longer applies. CLICK HERE TO START BIDDING TODAY!

I’ve also got 5 calendars left too. Can’t believe if! many a person is enjoying my naughty treat for them every month as we speak :D love it!

Weill into the shower i go to get freshened up for the day for you all, I will be on MFC around 12/12:30 today come on by and say hi :D

XoXo Katie


School me Daddy

I’ve been a good student this year and worked my hardest to impress my mom’s new boyfriend. He’s this really great guy who’s super fun and really hot! I love to please him and get butterflies all over when he gives me praise. I find th more praise I get from him the more I want, at this point I’d do just about anything for him! My mom’s gone for the weekend, I think they got in a big fight so it’s just me and my Step Dad for the weekend. Oh wait he likes me to call him Daddy not Step Dad he thinks it’s more personable and since he’s the most important person to me in the world right now I do as he says. It doesn’t hurt that I feel all sorts of naughty when I call him daddy. Heheh I get this little saucy sound to my voice when I say it and it just makes me feel hot! He was seeming really down when he got home from work so I thought I would do something special since ’she’s’ not around. It’s something that I have been fantasizing about for a long while now. I hope he likes it! After all he’s a great teacher and I think I need a special lesson in the female physique.


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Hair day 

went off to the hair salon this morning and got to spend some time with my bestie. Nothing too drastic this time around, just a touch up, more highlights and a trim :) now I’m back to my fresh rocking out ways. The sun is shining today and man does it feel good driving with the windows cracked, the sun on my face and the stereo turned way up. Absorbing some much needed vitamin D and getting a free back massage from my sub. Gotta love that ;) nothing beats a sunny afternoon drive. I missed these all winter, hell this time of year I go looking for any excuse for a long drive! Any who’s here’s a few random pics I took before heading home, hope your having a kick ass Saturday!

Xoxo Katie





Auction Time

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means don’t’ you? time for some spring cleaning! I have got a few items stored away from past shoots that I always planned to wear again and well either I did and now can’t see myself wearing them that often, need to make room in my closet or just want to see someone else enjoy them as much as I did! there are all sorts of things up for grabs on auctions this time. TOYS, yes my used toys that I love so much! I need to make room in my toy bin for some new friends for us all to get acquainted with. I went ahead and bought up a whole bunch of new toys already that need a spot in my toy bit so out with the old and in with the new. Shoes! yes shoes I am parting with some of my shoes! some that I wore for a photo shoot and some that come right out of my personal closet too. I love my shoes but it’s time to make room for some new ones.

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 This is only the beginning too!! I feel a strong urge to purge my closet! I blame Bryci she was talking about it and it had me walking into my closet and looking around going hmmm way too much stuff in here! time to make some room. SO there will be all sorts of fun items going up on auction today as well as in a few weeks from now again. Some things will be from photo shoots and some will come right out of my closet along with some never before scene candid photos of me in them ;)

Make sure not to forget about the ‘BUY IT NOW’ button too as all my auctions have it and you can just snag it up before anyone else does. Love the buy it now feature.

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 My birthday is just around the corner and I would love love love to clear out my closet and make room for new things, more room for things i currently have and just in general to feel like I don’t have so much stuff! lol :P I have a walk in closet that is bursting at the seams. I think I might even have a few girl friends over to take a look at some stuff and see if they want something too. Or worse comes to worse I will donate my used goods to my grandma’s church. I do that 3x a year as it is anyways so why not make it a 4th right ;)

Make sure to check out My Store as of the start of March I am spreading the birthday love and making a sale on just about everything ;) share the love right hehehe! Today I am doing grown up things oh joy! Taxes… the evil necessity of the world. Oh well getting them done early feels good to accomplish things.

 XoXo Katie