All in the Family

I like to keep things all in the family in one o my latest solo updates… You’ve heard of kissing cousins right? well I have had a crush on you (my cousin) forever and finally decided that while you are over for a family get together it would be the perfect time to finally get you where I want you. I’ve seen the way you look at me, the way you check out my ass and adjust your cock while you stare at my tits. Dont worry I haven’t told anyone yet and I won’t tell. In fact I like it! what you don’t know is that i have always had a crush on you too and I can tell your packing some heat. I want to see that big cock in action. But first I want to taunt you a little, let you see what you have clearly been dyeing to see…


you’ve not going to finish that beer are you? here let me see that for just a minute… what?!?! if you really want the beer why not come here and lick it off me 😉 I don’t mind. Dont lie you love the look of me all wet and ready for you. Now come here and let me suck on that nice hard cock and show you how fun it can be to kiss your cousin.


Every week I will still be having a solo update go live so for all you toy lovers, you solo girl play lovers I have you covered 😉 Not to mention a naughty boy girl update every week and many a girl girl update coming soon too! I’m having way too much fun loading my site with my naughties fantasies, fun adventures, sexual escapades and more. I hope your all loving it as much as I am cause the ride just keeps getting better and better.

XoXo Katie



We made it! It’s finally the weekend! Time to put our feet up and cheers to a week gone by. Well ok that is after we finish work today 😉 my week has been going pretty good so far other then a minor hiccup yesterday but back on track today 👍 I’ll be on MyFreeCams this afternoon for some play time. 

It seems that the week went by so fast! Boom now it’s Friday, I’m happy it was a good one and it didn’t drag but I already feel like a 1/3 of my summer is gone 😕 and of course in typical Vancouver fashion it’s been wet and cold this month. Sucks! Hopefully July and August are super nice! I really want to get outside for some hot ass shoots but we shall see how the weather and my schedule cooperate. 

I have 10 days to do till the movie starts shooting! I’m super excited for my big silver screen debut. I have 1 week of 3 shoots then a few Sunday’s after that. Nicely spaced out so I can still be online and getting things done. I’m excited for the process. I just printed off my pages and have started going through em. Big on my hit list is to learn how to play quarters. Yep gotta do that in the movie and be really good at it too 😂 lol ps I suck! So I will be loading up on quarters and practicing lots over the next bit. Add to that I have to lip sink to Motley Crew Home Sweet Home. While I know the song well I needed to know all the lyrics off by heart! So in my spare time I’ll be listing to the crew non stop and flipping quarters all over my house lol 

Well back to cardio I go almost done my work out for the day! See you online soon 😊 

Xoxo Katie 


Kicking butt 

This is my week so far! It feels phenomenal, I’m kicking ass and taking names. I’ve been on Mfc 2 days this week and aiming for 2 more 😊 feels great to be back on. I’m kicking ass at the gym which is always uplifting and I am accomplishing all those little things. Feels like I’m getting my groove back FINALLY 😜 it’s like I finally am coming out of a fog and finding my footing again. The last few months have been hell. Let’s not beat around the bush sometimes being an adult sucks big sweaty hairy ass but you gotta do it sometimes. Taxes, corporate documents and house application qualifications are all things that suck butt and are stressful as hell!! I just finished doing all 3 at one time 😱 crazy maybe but life throws you a curve ball and sometime you just gotta hit it to win it. Thankfully things have come together and everything seems to be working in my favor now. The stress of it all is lifting and I can focus on being me not on trying to not loose it to the stress and anxiety. 

A little back story, I come from a high anxiety family we all battle with it. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t I’ve learned its best to take it a day at a time do what you can but not over extend or stress yourself during that time: so I didn’t. I missed out on days on cam and took a back seat to a few things. That’s only happened to me 1 other time in my life when I lost my dad. I feel a little wiser coming out the other end this time though so woot 👍 Now that I’m feeling more like me it’s time to get my engines back up to speed. 

A big thank you to those who have joined me on cam this week and to those who were supportive and encouraging. In general too though a GIANT THANK YOU to everyone! Switching to boy girl content was a little scary not knowing how it would be received! Everyone has been so positive, encouraging and awesome. Totally the right decision and time for me to change things. It’s awesome to get the instant gratification and support from everyone. I feel so loved! 💖 especially considering it comes along with a partner in my life that everyone is really supportive of 😊 TC and I feel very loved by everyone. 

I can’t wait for you guys to see the new scenes we’ve been working on and all the fun things coming down the pipe. 

I hope you have a terrific Wednesday! I’m off to get my kitty lasered 🙈 lol good bye hair! Oh yah! Hello baby smooth pussy 😉 

Xoxo Katie 

Friendly Neighbourhood Bear

I was on location for a shoot a while ago and ran into a little friend who wanted to say hi :O a friendly neighbourhood bear… good thing i carry bear mace with me cause he got a little closer than i would have liked. Thankfully he took off before too long but it was too funny to pass up a blog opportunity for you guys to see what it’s like shooting outdoors on location in Canada. I finally came across this video on my computer the other day so while its been a while since I shot it I thought you guys might enjoy a video blog 😀 I will try to get back into the swing of these. I use to do 1-2 a week but sadly stupid youtube shut me down so I kinda lost steam on this after that. I will see if I can’t upload a few of my older vids from my old channel as well :) since i know a few people asked about those and miss those.

I hope your having a terrific Tuesday :)

Xo Katie


Caught Up

Wow what a blur, the last month has literally zoomed on by and I am left wondering what on earth did I do!! I’ve been a little more MIA then usual and for that I am sorry guys, it’s been a zoo no my end. The last month has been a taxes, corporate documents, learning, redoing, editing, filming, stressing blur. Add to that that my mom is moving on the 29th and has had 30 years of stuff to go through so she can downsize to a place that is 1/3 the size of her current place and you have my last month.

It hasn’t been all work and no play though, there has of course been some fun in there too 😉 I have bene having so much fun with all your naughty custom requests its not even funny. Things like a face fetish video (super sexy and very different yet really cool) baby oil anal video, naughty sex ed teacher video and much more. Members of will be very very happy.

TC and I just sent in all the videos, pictures, screen grabs, behind the scenes videos and interviews for our first ever DVD :O aaaahhh it seem all so real now! that’s right very soon you will be able to get your hands on a self titled Katie Banks DVD loaded with scenes never before seen. The 5 videos include some really hot multiple angle clips, lots of fun props… and a solo BIG toy video for a bonus! it’s the biggest toy anyone has ever seen me use to date. These scenes will of course be coming to as well very soon not to worry. I’m not going to just not give you naughty members of mine as much content as I can. I’m simple finding new ways to promote and get myself out there to reach new audiences and new fans. You guys are still my #1. I look at DVD’s as a great way to promote myself, meet new fans, help encourage me to make even better and better scenes for you all. Just the other day TC and I shot a hot shower sex scene that I just know you will all love.

It’s finally that time though, I think I have finally gotten to the end of the corp docs and taxes stage (thank god) I won’t even lie and try to say it hasn’t been super stressful. IT been doing things just to redo them just to go over them again. Its been frustrating and a major learning curve. I think we got it all figured out though and that is great! it means big fun things in the next year for me and TC. We hopefully getting our very own place! a house that is all mine! so if we want to paint the walls bright purple and put in crazy 70’s porno shag rugs we can ….. LOL just kidding we won’t do anything that crazy. It’ll be a place that we can call our own, a back yard the puppies can play in and a good investment in my future 😀 😀 future me is going yayayayy thank you 😛 lol

I have a big week of filming ahead of me with a GirlGirl shoot day tomorrow with the sexy Alyssa Reece and then a sexy work out video with TC Thursday… we are going to use my mom;s work out room in her house lol yes you read that right! I asked hey mom you are moving anyways mind if I come over and use your gym room to shoot in ? she said… sure 😀 isn’t my mom crazy cool! i sure think so lol I’m stoked!

Friday is a I don’t know kinda day lol hopefully work out, hopefully get on cam but also I am suppose to go camping for a friends birthday that night and pick up a trailer and take it to my moms so that Saturday we can do a dump run for her… a hung over omg where is the coffee dump run lol. She moved on the 29th so this is the last chance to get rid of all the big things that didn’t sell during her garage sale.

Next week things should be getting back to the usual. I know i keep saying that and honestly I keep trying and planning for it but then BOOM something crazy happens and the world turns evil on me. Most of that is behind me now so thankfully we can move forward. I will be back on MyFreeCams next week hopefully 3 or 4 days. I am aiming for my usually 4-5 with a shoot day in there for some kinky BoyGirl play time and some naughty customs. Sorry to those who keep missing me, I miss hanging out and feel horrible about the disappearing act. I would have been online today but I have been having all sorts of weird internet issues off and on now and finally figured out it was my router. Had a IT guy come help TC set it all up and get my network working properly, something that has been faulty for a while. So now hopefully Friday if not Monday I will be in fighting form and back online. Planning a few longer cam days to help make up for lost time.

I am still accepting Skype shows too though and they are $6/minute for the next month or two 😀 😀 Skype shows are a great way to have some one on one time and for me to fit them in even if I have a busy day or am shooting and feeling too tired to get on MYFreeCams for a few hours. A girl still needs some fun play friends 😉

I hope you all have a kick ass week!! I’ll be tweeting lots of pics and snap chatting a butt load as usual 😉

XoXo Katie