Weekend Starts Here

Sunny weekend here I come :) just a few short hours and the weekend will commence. I don’t have a heck of a lot planned other than a back yard bbq party at my friends place just up the street from me. The pups will be ecstatic to have a back yard to run around in all evening. Especially since Kinzie is all healed up. I gave her anti inflammatories yesterday and today just in case but she’s walking and moving around as normal. Which is fantastic! I didn’t want to have to take her into the vet and I’m sure she didn’t want to have to wear a brace or any of the other options that would result. 

Filming a naughty custom for a lucky fan today! Looking forward to get all camera ready and rolling. It’s always fun hearing about naughty ideas fans want and bringing their inner most fantasy to life. Wether it’s saying their name as I’m playing and cumming or a dirty fantasy they have always wanted to enjoy I love every minute and ever idea. Want your dirtiest fantasy to come to life? I’m now offering anal in custom videos as well 😉 CLICK HERE to check out my store and get the ball rolling on your custom video. 

Hoping I’ll still have some time left this afternoon to get on cam for a bit. Running a little late today sadly so we will have to wait and see. All depends on how long it takes me to finish up my errands then get ready and film. Sadly it’s looking like I might not be back on till Monday, any offline tip love gets videos, snapchat adds or naughty memorabilia :) 

Hope your all having a great start to your weekend and for all my USA readers and Ebuds are having a safe yet epic 4th of July weekend. 

Xoxo Katie 


A Hike 

Yesterday was a scorcher! I went for a nice long hike with a friend and the pups to the coast to see the ocean. It was absolutely beautiful :) see for yourself


The water was cold and crisp so refreshing to dip our feet in after a hot long hike. The girls of course avoided it like the plague, I think cause it smelled funny to them, I don’t blame them I’m not a big fan or salt water. It’s pretty to look at but taste nasty when it gets in your mouth, leaves a film on your body and there’s too many icky creatures that live it just waiting to eat you! Or cause some kind of bodily harm.

Eva was a little leaping lemar, she loves to jump and leap! I had to keep telling her to slow down and wait for the rest of us lol she was definitely in her element that’s for sure.

Despite a beautiful view and a great outing our day ended in not such a good fashion. Poor little Kinzie’s must have sprained her from paw. She randomly started limping so up she went and got carried the rest of the way. I felt so bad! She loves a good walk/hike though but perhaps she over did it this time. She is over 10 now but you’d never know that looking at her.

I took her home got her to rest and fed her some left over doggie anti inflammatories from when she got her teeth done. By the time we got home after a somewhat long car ride she was already doing better thank goodness. So I’m keeping her on the pain/anti inflammatories and monitoring her for now. If it’s not better by tomorrow then she’s off to the vet. But I don’t think it’ll come to that since she was already walking much much better today. Thank god!

It sorta put a damper on the rest of my Canada day and I opted to not head out to see the fire works since I didn’t want to leave her unattended. My good budy TC came over instead and we watched a movie and had a few drinks :) all in all it was a nice and quiet night.

Back to the grind today! Gym! Then back on cam for the first time in July! Hoping we can make it a killer month!

Xoxo Katie


Summer prep 

Busy busy busy week this week for little old me and it’s been oddly stressful. Been slowly getting things done but it’s been like fighting things tooth and nail every step of the way. Finally got the majority of the crap done thank goodness so today is a relax day. Having a few friends over for a bbq, going to take the pups for a nice long sunny walk this afternoon and just over all chill out. 

It’s the start of July officially so that means many fun things for this crazy Canadian! Outdoor photo shoots will abound plus a road trip near the end of the month :) it’s an exciting time that’s for sure. 

But first thing first getting my booty up and off to the gym and ready for bikini weather and shoots. I’m 85% back to normal since evil may roared its evil head. I’m hoping to get a good chunk of that accomplished before the end of the month. Means it’s time to buckle down a little and push myself to make sure I make it to the gym 5 days a week and I stick to healthy foods. Always harder during summer to do that. There’s so many social activities to attend, extra drinking and snack foods that I know I shouldn’t eat. Summer becomes weekends of all cheat meals rather than just the one day. So I’m going to try and keep in line a little better yet still allow myself some fun. Like rather than pig out on junk food and drink on weekends I’m going to bring healthy snacks to snack on when out drinking at friends houses that way it’s only 1 bad thing not 2 or more :) all about balance. 

But that can start tomorrow lol today is Canada day which means a few drinks and some yummy eats. Nothing too crazy but just not going to over do or over think it. It’s mellow day for this cooke Canadian :) 

Have a kick ass Wednesday everyone 

Xoxo Katie 


Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians! It’s amazing to live in this beautiful country and to be able to call myself Canadian!

Every time I get outdoors and see this beautiful country I’m in awe of its beautiful mountains, amazing coast line, dense ever green forests and its abundance of wild life. I can’t imagine living anywhere else :)

so here’s to all us crazy Canadians who love the Rocky Mountains, the beautiful country sides and all the rushing rivers and lakes. Let’s all wave our flags, toast our 5.5% beer and celebrate together on this fine holiday. Xoxo Katie   


Daddy’s Princess

I’m daddy’s favourite little princess! he loves to spoil me and I love to obey and please him. He went away on a business trip leaving me all alone at home and I was left with very strict instructions to never masterbate without his permission. I’m daddy’s dirty little princess and I love to serve him like he’s my King like a good little girl so I never disobey him. He gave me permission to cum today as long as I film it for him and send him the video. I was so excited I put together a sexy little outfit for him and made sure to cum really really hard for him! Care to watch as I please my King?