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It’s official, I just sent my order off to the printers and should have my calendars in a little while :) so excited! this years is way better than last not just down to using a better printers with nicer paper but also the format and style of the calendar as well :) I took a little extra time to make this years calendar kick ass. I’ve combined some of my favourite shoots, shots and fun motifs. As usual I am offering Pre Orders right up until the day I should receive the calendars. This year that means if you order my calendar before midnight on Nov 7th you will get $5 off and a free gift :) From now to then calendars are $40 including shipping! after Nov 7th though they jump to $45 so don’t wait! This of course includes shipping within the US and Canada (please add $5 for outside the US?CAD). I you have a special request to go along with the calendar just ask :) I’m open.

XoXo Katie

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You’ve been a very bad boy and it’s time to face the consequences and here they are. I’m officer big tits and I’m hear to lock you up and show you what’s what. Don’t like the sounds of that? Well why not :P I promise I’ll take good care of you. Hehe

Yesterday was a blast! Office Banks reported for duty and was blowing the whistle and many a naughty boy and girl. Thanks to everyone who came by to rock out with me.


I’m so pumped for Halloween tomorrow! It’s been way too long since I got to go out in full costume and strut around with everyone else dresses up too! I’m headed to the biggest Halloween party I’ve ever gone to :D it’s going to be awesome! Hot Sailor, TC, Hilroy and a bunch of others heading out with us. It might get sloppy lol but ultimately epic. I’ll make sure to post pics of my costume once I’m all done up.

Sadly yesterday was my last day online till Monday. Was hoping to get online today but a few things have cropped up including heading to the printers to get my calendars rolling off the presses. That means starting later tonight I’ll be taking pre orders until Nov 7th at midnight. Pre orders will get $5 off and receive a free gift! Can’t beat that now can you ;) info will be posted here for you guys w little later today. As usual I getting a limited amount printed so don’t wait to long to grab your copy or you will be a sad monkey.

Finishing up a kick ass work out feeling pumped and sweating as all hell lol :P I’m excited for tomorrow! Got to finish a few touches for my costume but it’s going to be easy peasy.

This weekend is going to be a chill weekend for little old me. Saturday is going to be a recovery and relaxing day. Sunday is birthday dinner at my moms for both my brothers. My oldest bros Bday is today and my younger bros birthday was yesterday. Yes I know crazy! This was usually a pretty crazy week in my family.

I txt my little bro yesterday to wish him happy birthday and he was still in class all day! Smart dude that one he’s going for a Doctor in Physics and Chemistry. Yes a double major. He’s almost done his bachelor and he’s only been going to school for 3 years! Summer school is usually his bitch every year. So proud of my little brainiac! And now he’s officially a legal everywhere! I know I still think of him as 13 crazy how that happens. He’s 6’1 and towers over me but he’ll always be my little bro.

My older brother well most people who meet him think I’m the older sibling :P he’s my goof with a big heart. He aspires to be a fireman but while he’s waiting to get his foot in the door is headed to become an RN. I can see it! I bug him that all the old ladies at the hospital will be lining up for their sponge baths hahaha he deserves it! Pay back for all the times he threw spiders at me or got me to test the go cart down the big hill with no brakes. We’ve had our differences but end of the day he’s a good dude and he’s got my back and vice versa!

Well any who I’m babbling on now while finishing my 30 mins on the elliptical :P time to call it. Hope you all have a kick was Thursday

Xoxo Katie


Here we go! Only 2 more days till Halloween and of course this girl is stoked! I’ve got my costume all ready to go, got some yummy treats for my friends and ready to rock out! Everyone’s meeting at my place Friday to get ready then we shall be off to our party extravaganza! 12 dance rooms each with a different theme. Tons of cool DJ’s and a bunch of costumed out fanatics like me :) my first year going to a big big party like this, usually I just hit up 1 club and call it good.   Got a theme going with my friends so that’s pretty sweet! Including TC he’s going as a dirty old man lol! I’m doing his make up I’ve got some fun things planned ;) but to mention white hair spray to help grey him out. It’s a fun side project! I love to help others create freaken awesome costumes!


Speaking of awesome costumes… Yesterday was of course the start of Halloween week for me on MFC so yesterday, today and tomorrow I will wear a different costume :) yesterday was a naughty nurse complete with red stockings, panties and lips ;)

IMG_4519.jpg IMG_4522.jpg

Today… Well today you’ll just have to wait and see ;) I’ve got a butt load of costumes just waiting to come out and play.

Xoxo Katie


Rise and grind lazy afternoon dwellers, another wet and cold day here. Poor Kinzie she really does hate fall. Fall brings some wicked storms our way with crazy windy nights. The sound of the wind whishing past the windows scares the pants off her, she ends up curled up with my face vibrating all night. Poor thing! So it was a rather sleepless night for poor Kinzie and a crappy sleep for me too. Eva slept great though lol world class award winning sleeper that one :P

I’m getting mighty excited for Friday! I sadly won’t be online got a bunch of little things to do that day to get ready for a fun night out. But I will be online for the rest of the week starting with a costume today and for the rest of the week. So come on by to see who or what I am today ;)


A naughty slave vampire lands at my sure tonight. A vampire that craves something much more satisfying than blood. Not sure what it is? You’ll find out.

Till then working away on my calendar. Just sent a proof off to the printers to check on color before they start filling my order. I’ll start accepting pre orders later this week! I’ll post about it and you’ll see me advertising it on Twitter so not to worry you’ll all be the first to know ;) I’m excited! This years will wipe the floor with last years! Doing something new too so that’s exciting. Of course all pre orders will be $5 off and include a special free gift along with them ;) can’t go wrong with that.

See you sexy freaks around 2 pst

Xoxox Katie

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Halloween hit early on this year Mistress Katie came out to play ;) She was a very very hungry vampire who needed her deepest desires fulfilled. You were her newest capture but she wasn’t sure yet exactly what she wanted to do with you. Hmm does she make you lunch? or perhaps train you to be her new play thing. She thought it was time for a test run to see if you could learn by example. Better be watching very carefully and cause if you don’t get it right you may end up on the menu and with Halloween just around the corner that means a party with all your Mistress’ friends. Wouldn’t want to end up an appetizer for a toothy crowd now would you?

I know all you kinky boys have been missing Miss Katie so she had to be let out to play ;) there are many more fun adventures that she gets to go on coming soon so be ready slaves to be instructed, forced and told exactly what to do. I’ve been exploring my kinky side and let me tell you it’s been way more fun than I care to admit. You’ll see what I mean soon enough. There is starting to be an abundance of 4K videos on my site for you all now :) with a whole check of a lot more coming so in the future when (if you don’t already you will) have a computer ready for 4k awesomeness you will have a whole back log of 4k videos to watch and enjoy now.

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Enjoy my good boys and remember to be paying close attention, you must listen and obey or you will end up as lunch.

XoXo Miss Katie

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