Mmm Free Subway

It’s april 23rd, you know what that means? It’s free breakfast at subway today from 7-11 am. I have no idea why lol! It just is. My bff decided that she just had to partake in the free breakfast festivities and decided that she just couldn’t do it alone. Sooo she dragged me out of bed at 6:30 this morning by banging repeatedly at my door while calling my cell phone non stop for 15 minutes. I think she is taken this whole free breakfast thing a lil too seriously, but hey at least she a happy morning person, good to know. I on the other hand am an ok morning person. I prefer to wake up around 8 and have some personal me time to get ready, eat breakfast and enjoy my coffee before I am bombarded with a crazy crowd of hungry subway fanatics lol. But I made it, I survived! it only took about 45 minutes to get through the line of people to order. I think our down fall was the fact that the subway we chose to go to is right down the street from me, it is also right beside the metro and the bus loop. ūüôĀ God help us.
At Least I can say I didn’t have a dull morning. Now it’s time to kick back and relax for a bit before I am off to work. TGIF, I can’t wait to get some time to try out my new camera and practice. I think I have the basics down but there is just so many tools, with soo many sub tools and sub settings. I think I’m getting the hang of it though. I’m actually rather proud of myself. Yay go me! I hope everyone has an awesome friday, lots of love xoxo katie

I want One!!!

I decided that it was about time to sit down and learn photoshop. I have been doing all sorts of tutorials and you know what it’s not as hard as it looks. YAY!! go me! I feel so smart right now! I can’t wait to show someone what I can do and impress them with my vast knowledge. I’m no where near an expert now but I know more than I did yesterday so I figure that’s a good start. I decided that it was time for a much needed break, so I started surfing the net for random things. When I came across this I just couldn’t stop starring…… She’s so pretty (Yes all cars are girls, this one is hulkette, yep that’s right it’s not even mine but I named it lol) I just can’t help but think that a lambo is one hot ride. I really wish that they just weren’t so expensive. I guess she will only have to be in my dreams for now. But can’t you just picture me driving around in one of these on a hot sunny day, with the windows rolled down and the tunes blaring out the window. I promise I would give a free ride to anyone that wants one =) I remember seeing my first Lambo at a car show in the summer and thinking that this was the hottest car ever and there was no way to make it any hotter. Then he fired it up, vrummmm! :O You can bet my eyes bulged out! LOL I like the green colour too, it reminds me of a giant lime, I love limes. But I think that I might just have to make it hot pink lol! I am a girl after all.
Now back to the classroom for about an hour more or so and then it is time to kick back and relax. I haven’t been able to watch Battlestar Galactica for the last week or so, so tonights the night I dive back in. Wish me luck and good hunting lol (I know I’m a BSG nut now)

Survey time!

It’s a rainy day and I’m a little bored…. could you tell lol! Sooooo I thought it might be fun to do this survey I found on line. I thought that this would be a fun way for you all to get to know me better =)
My Favourite things:‚Ä®
Band/Singer: My all time fav is Mariah Carey. I have also LOVED ACDC since I was really little.‚Ä®
Song: ACDC- shook me all night long‚Ä®
Genre of Music: All of them!

Colour(s): PINK and blue 

Movie(s): I love romantic comedies and horror but the little mermaid is my all time favourite!

Food: I love mexican!
‚Ä®Store: I love the Guess store, and of course what girl doesn’t like lingerie stores!‚Ä®
Clothing Brand: I don’t really follow any labels ‚Ä®
Shoe Brand: I love pleasers and pent house shoes, they’re so sexy

Animal: a horse

Pizza topping: pineapple

Month: March

Holiday: Halloween, come on every girl loves to dress up

Flower: Cali lilies

Heritage: scottish, irish, english, french and I think some spanish‚Ä®
Piercings: I have 2 in either ear and my belly button. I use to have my vertical hood, but it got in the way.
Tattoos: Just one on the back of my neck
Sunny or rainy:  Sunny!

Chocolate or vanilla: hmm, I love chocolate, but I would have to say vanilla

Fruit or veggie: Fruit

Night or day:  day

Sour or sweet: Both

Love or money: definitely LOVE

Looks or personality: Personality

Most missed memory:  father daughter day

Best physical feature: I like my hands, they look dainty and lady like lol
First thought waking up: waky waky sleepy head

Little dogs need body guards too

It was such a nice day out that I took Kinzie out to the park yesterday because she has been such a good girl lately. She loved it, she ran after the ducks, chasing them into the centre of the lake. I even had to save her from being attached by a canadian geese lol! She chased the squirrels up the trees and even made a new friend. For some reason she just couldn’t get enough of this one big bull dog, she just wanted to follow him all day long. His name was Jake and I think that this might be kinzie’s latest doggy crush (Sorry Jack, what can I say a women’s heart is a tricky thing ) So we let them walk around the lake for about an hour before Jake had to go home for the day. Kinzie was heart broken, she had to walk him to his car and see him off. After wards she just aimlessly wondered for a few minutes before she decided that she was done at the park and wanted to go home. Ahh, young love, lol! I guess it’s just that time of year, with spring comes new romance. This morning I have a bunch of errands to complete. I hope to get some time to relax this afternoon before my hour of power, lol (I can’t wait to talk to everyone). Don’t forget, I’m on at 10 pm est, it’s going to be a blast.

Mmmm sushi and chick Flicks

Last night was a girls night for sure. I had originally wanted to head out for a hot date with a few cute girls and go see one of the new chick flicks out, I was thinking either Bounty Hunter (I am in love with jennifer Anniston, she is so adorable, she’s the kind of girl that makes the best bff. She’s down to earth, relaxed and cheerful) or I kinda wanted to see that new one ‘the last song’. I know what your thinking eww Miley Cyrus! But I kinda think that she has this little something about her, I kinda like her in the girlie romance chick flick genre. I loved her in flicka. Unfortunately I was over ruled :/ My girlfriends from work wanted to hang out and chill for the night. Sooo instead we headed out for sushi, mmmmm. Now I can’t tell you what exactly what was on that plate of sushi, but I can tell you that I tried everything and it was delicious. We had an awesome time just sitting back and enjoying out fishy food, followed by a endless supply of classic chick flicks. We started with one of my personal favourites 16 candles. (no chick flick night is complete without a little Molly Ringwoll). We stayed up drinking margaritas (mine were virgins considering I had to work early this morning), eating popcorn and watching girly fantasies of gallant knights. It was a blast.
Tonight me and a couple of friends are headed to a local stand up comedy club. I’ve only been to a comedy club once when I was in Seattle, but it was a blast. Tonight promises big smiles and loud laughter, I can’t wait.
Tomorrow is catch up day….. it’s time to catch up on my house work, my laundry, kinzie needs a bath and her teeth brushed.
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, lots of kisses <3