Busy Busy Busy

This month has just been a whirl wind of Christmas, family, crazy mall folk and lots of baking. As you can see very strong rum balls and red white and green rice crispy squares were definitely on the menu. As was key lime tarts, butter tarts, shortbread cookies and my favourite granola bar cookies. Don’t worry I’m not eating it all to myself, I bake as gifts to others and for desert to all the dinners and social events I have to attend. What with all the visitors I’ve had this holiday season I needed them. But I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, thank god! Lol. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and friends but at some point I just want to have my own head space and a chance to walk around naked all day if I want. To be able to drip dry right out of the shower, to dance around like an idiot butt naked in my living room with all the blinds open….. ooops yep that happened 😛 Today is a finish everything day, first on the list a doctors appointment. I know I hate awaiting but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Won’t be so bad I’m just picking up a prescription and heading out on my way. I have to stop off at not just one grandparent’s house but two to deliver little bundles of joy. I hope my Grandma can’t figure out what her present is just by feel. I got her a new mini cup cake pan and some extra must have baking items (what that’s what she asked for so that’s what she gets) I tried putting it in a box but there was just no way to find one big enough. So I cut up a cereal box and made a make shift one, ok fine so she’ll totally know what it is but whatever it’s the thought that counts right. Next is my brothers, I’m not sure where he will be at on Christmas so I thought it best to drop it off since I don’t think that he will be at my mom’s fist thing Christmas morning.

It’s strange, everywhere around me everyone is saying Merry Christmas, there’s lights as far as the eye can see, greeting cards and Christmas tunes galore but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t. I think I need the white stuff to help get me into the mood. However the forecast calls for liquid snow (yep that it Vancouver talk for making all this dismal rain seem less annoying, ie in the summer it’s liquid sun shine :)) So for all you that have snow, make sure to pop your head out your front door on Christmas eve and blow really really hard and just maybe it’ll make it my way 😀

Of course a blog wouldn’t be complete without some boobies 😉 so here’s a lil something from me to you. I hope where ever you are you are warm, happy and safe this holiday season. Oh and I wanted to give a special shout out to my good friend Eduardo. Thank you so much hun for all your generosity, big kisses and big hugs!

XoXoXo Katie

He He He Christmas Nails too!