New Bra & Panty Haul

I got a brand new haul from the lingerie store of some sexy bras and matching panties and you know what that means right? time for a fashion show haul video on youtube. I love sharing all the fun and sexy items that I not only receive in the mail but also treat myself to. Its so fun getting to show them off right away! Especially since you all don’t often get to see the naughty things I get that I am collecting for future shoots or for naughty days on cam. This video won’t disappoint if you love tight bras, Lacey cute panties or silky sets. I got you covered. I of course picked a range of colours and mostly only the brightest ones I could find 😉 I love when they stand out! your welcome.

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On Set shooting Tweedle

Are you guys getting excited, the independent horror movie I was in is finally approaching the end stages of filming! its been a slow go since its a side project for most of the people involved but man its getting closer and closer and I am getting more and more excited! Cant wait for you guys to see the fun that I had! I got a butt load of fun behind the scenes photos that TC Davidson shot for me while he was an extra on set. I put them all together in a fun slide show video to help get you all pumped for the videos release! TC even got a role in the movie too! He plays a bar tender who’s really good friends with a few of the other hot girls int he movie. There are so many babes in this movie its unreal! wait till you see the list of hot girls in this one, I am willing to bet you will recognize a few of them. 😉  Sadly no I am no close rot having an exact release date yet so hold on and I promise it will be well worth the wait!

xo Katie


Shooting a Hot Scene

Just taking a few minutes out before filming to give you all a little peak at my outfit before filming. One of the things that is really helping to make things feel more intimate and fun is filming a little outfit show off and sneak peak of what we are doing for you all and posting it on youtube before we get shooting. It causes my mind to start twirling and my thoughts to start coming alive.


The Internet Asks: Will you let…

I’ve been at it again on youtube, just love making fun vids for you all there. Its like a back door into my life. Yes I’m a pron chick, yes I love sexy time but I’m also a regular kinda girl and I am enjoying the cross over, the look at my life from a more SFW angle while still being me and still showing you all my sexy side but from a more conversational aspect.

So of course question and answer videos are right up my alley. This time I put together all fan questions for a fun Q & A involving TC as well. If you do have any new questions for us comment them here and I will be putting together another fun fan questions video soon.

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