Gretchen Cosplay

I had some fun for a recent shoot for you all! nothing beats a fun concept, cool costume, multiple locations and special decorations. I played a cute little Gretchen beer hall wench during Octoberfest who wants to make sure everyone is having the best time ever. I loved themed shoots and cosplay costume ideas 😀 Here I take you behind the scenes while getting ready to shoot.

I’ve been having so much fun making flirty youtube vids, blogs and really just talking to you guys via video more and more. Its a great way for you to get to know me better and see me in my day to day life not just when I’m feeling sexy. To catch al my blogs and behind the scenes like this vid check out my youtube channel subscribers are kick ass and make me smile 😀

xo Katie

We got to 4000 Subscribers

GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!! I’ve been getting back in the swing of things for the last 3 or so months (probably more but to be honest who can tell, time flies when your having fun) updating my youtube channel 2-3 times a week with vlogs, fun get to know me vids, unboxing vids, cosplay vids, scene snippets and just some good old fashion we need to laugh together videos. I’ve been loving every second of it! so much fun and so different creative wise then what I have been doing of ray website. I feel like this is a crazy awesome way for me to express and share myself with you guys. A way you get to see more of me. I am blown away by the support so far! its amazing to see all the comments, likes and subscribers going up and up and up each day.

You guys are the bomb! I feel so loved! I know that sounds corny but its true! I really appreciate all the support, the comments, the suggestions, the subscriptions and the follows. I really wouldn’t be here with out them. Seriously!! My little online xxx and non xxx world only exist because you guys are here to watch and respond 🙂 It really is super rewarding and makes my day every single day!

Here is a short but sweet video saying thank you each and every one of you for kicking ass!!

Just incase you don’t know or your want to know more, here is a few other places to find more of me:

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Seducing my BFF’s Dad

What could be better that a little snippet from a fun and kinky taboo xxx video that I shot for my kick ass members. Sadly the naughty fun bits aren’t allowed on youtube but we can have some fun with the set up and lead in right? Here I am seducing my best friends dad since he’s so hot and I have a thing for older men 🙂 Which is true by the way 😛 There is just something sexy about an older man. He’s wiser, looks distinguished, usually knows what he wants and what he is doing 😉 😉 Plus it makes me feel young and cute! I’m the eye candy, the fun little minx that he gets to play with. I’ve long found older guys sexy and it was so much fun to really hit that fantasy with this video.

Fetish Shoot Day

I always love all the fun different aspects of my personality I get to play with when I film. Sometimes I’m more my shy side of myself, more the silly girl who sometimes has a blonde moment, the smart nerd or how about the dominate in charge lady who wants to make everyone feel good 🙂 Yep that was what I got to do today and man was it fun 😛 I love really getting into your guys heads and really hitting all those hot buttons for you. It gets me excited and makes me wet while playing. Knowing that your just as excited as I am as you watch me is so hot! Part of the fun is all the different kinks and fantasies that you all have. Its never a dull moment and I am always getting to do different fun things that really make my mind work and get my creative juices flowing 🙂 Heres a little look between filming custom fetish clips for a few lucky fans.

Lingerie Fashion Show

One of my new favourite things to do is a unboxing or a fashion show video blog 🙂 its so much fun! allows me to try on the new things I get which sometimes I wouldn’t for a bit. And it gives me a chance to say thank  you live to those who are so nice as to treat me, it allows you to see the great outfits and its just freaken fun all around. Its been too long since my last linger fashion show or unboxing try on video so here we go…. I ordered a butt load of new lingerie and thought you would all love to see it too 😉  Here are the few that are youtube friendly since see through, nipples or kitty showing is a big no no 😛

enjoy! Katie