New Camera Oh yah

Time to test out a new camera I got for youtube 😀 something fun and hand held size so I can take you all with me to more places. Been a busy week thus far shooting LOTS of custom videos, cam time and getting new updates ready for my adult website. Lots of fun things in the mix coming up 😀 But I had to take a few minutes out to say Hi to you all video style before filming. I’m loving the blogs lately, feels good to back in the swing of things and sharing more of me with you all. Wether its fun videos, just saying hey whats up or something themed its all been a blast. I hope your subscribed because you don’t want to be the last to know about my latest FREE videos posted to do you 😛 that would just be bad news.

Coming up build videos! I finally got all the things I need to start in on my poison ivy costume and I am going to be filming my process so you can all see it start to take shape and come to life! not sure how long it will take me. Might be one afternoon, might be a few, might be a butt load.. who knows 😛 I don’t have a dead line so I’m doing this at my leisure for enjoyment. you can expect a butt load of shiny shine 😉 because I love to be shiny!

Xo Katie


My Skin Regime

Time to get intimate 😀 I plan to do a whole bunch of these style videos so be ready 😛 also if you have any similar questions or suggestions for vids let me know. This is the first of many beauty blogs. A chance to talk about what I do for my beauty routine. Now I don’t mean just make up I mean everything. Hair care, skin care, healthy eating, work out plan, ect.

I often get asked what I use for skin care since I usually have nice clear skin so here is a little walk through all the products that I use 🙂 I am by no means an expert nor will what works for me for sure work for you but it doesn’t hurt to try and to share info right?

Here is a list of the products I use so you can better look them up if interested:

Obagi nu derm gentle cleanser and toner
OZ Naturals vitamin C facial serum
Dermalogica Active skin
Dermalogica intensive eye cream

Dermalogica daily resurfacer (LOVE)
Dermalogica cream exfoliant
Dermalogica multi vitamin thermoexfoliant

dermalogica vitamin E serum
dermalogica power recovery mask
dermalogica Charcoal mask
Dermalogica hydrating mask

Hope that helps and enjoy!!!

Xo Katie

Bras, Cup sizes and Pink Hair

For all those who have asked what my cup size is and to see some of my bra collection here you go! this is the video for you! I talk about my cup size, how the hell they figure that out, the bra sizes that I wear then show you some of my favs 😉 Be ready to smile!

Hope your all enjoying my FREE youtube channel 🙂 I know I am! its a great chance to show you guys more of me and let you get to know me outside of the naughty naughty world. I am including all sorts of fun things on there from get to know me vids, to interviews, random silliness, behind the scenes, glimpses at the intros to some of my xxx scenes, challenges, ect… I’m also always open to any fun ideas that you guys want to check out.

Next on my hit list is a fun segment where we can talk about everything sexy time oriented. Down to toys, grooming, my advice, opinions, fun story time… all sorts of goodies for that one! just you wait!

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KATIEBANKS.TV for the win 😉

xo Katie

Q & A with a Unicorn

I just recently experienced a first on camera with you all… my first ever threesome scene just went live on my xxx site. It was so much fun! the very sexy and lovely Corinna Blake joined us for some play time. I then decided to site down with her for a fun and quirky interview. I didn’t ask her the typical porn girl Q&A questions. I thought outside the box and asked some interesting, fun questions so we could all really get to know this gorgeous sweet girl. You can check out the interview for yourself by either heading to my kick ass youtube channel KATIEBANKS.TV and subscribe! its FREE! you’ll get notifications and be one of the first to see when I post new vids there which is every week 😀 OR if your a member of my website the video was posted this past weekend for you all to enjoy first. Yes I said first. My members are my heart and sole so they get access to all the goodies first before anyone else. They get ALL the videos I have ever made, literally over 7 years of content, all my photos, candids and other such wonderful goodies.

Hope your Thursday it thong-a-riffic 😉

xo Katie

Our Unicorn

It’s time for us to experience a new first together and I can’t wait to share it with you all….  TC and I are getting adventurous and invited our unicorn to play. The very sexy miss Corinna Blake came and joined us for a sexy as hell afternoon in… She was so hot! so sexy and super sweet! Cant believe how much fun we had 🙂


Not only did I get to play with another hot lady again which you all know I love 😉 but I also got to share her with TC and have us both enjoy his hard cock and making him cum. The entire day of shooting I felt electrified! like there way little tingles racing through me. Wouldn’t you feel the same way if you had those eyes looking up at you from licking your pussy?

She tasted so sweet, her lips were so soft and her tits were amazing. We got some pretty smoking photos together which only made us more excited and even wetter fro the video.

TC and I have shared girls before but never like this, never on camera and never a girl as smoking hot as Corinna. It was so hot watching her suck his cock and kissing her while stroking him. I was so turned on! I was wet for days after just thinking about it. Then… then I saw the photos and video 😀 wow! I think you guys are going to love it!

The hot ass hard core high res photos are already live for members to enjoy along with the candid photos of us as we were setting up and getting more acquainted. The video goes live late tonight then later this weekend the interview! Your not going to want to miss this, trust me 😉

I can’t wait to shoot with more sexy ladies in the future! Sharing my man’s cock and getting to enjoy her sexy body, amazing eyes and then cum swapping at the end… man what a rush!