You Can Call Me Jules ;)

Halloween is a time for epic costumes, sexy role-plays and of course some epic cosplays. This year I gave you naughty and a bit mean yet of course sexy with Harley but now…. I give you… something sugar and sweet and everything nice. With a Lollipop Cheerleader who wants to let you know that she just loves all the lollipops you have been leaving for her in her locker after school 😉

This year I had not one but two epic cosplay for halloween 😀 double the pleasure, double the fun and double the epic character vids on my youtube channel!

This is a Parody by Katie Banks.

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Xo Katie

Lollipop Cheerleader Cosplay Vlog

Halloween came not once but twice this year to my xxx site 😉 First it was sassy bitch Harley Quinn now… something a little sweeter and a little more nice. Jules from Lollipop chainsaw. One of my all time fav games! who doesn’t love a busty blonde cheerleader who’s sweet as pie who goes around killing zombies with her pompoms and a heart engraved giant chainsaw? Wait till you see the fun cosplay video I did for you all! OMG so excited! This is a Parody by Katie Banks.

Xo Katie

OMG my family found out!

I get asked this a lot, does your family know? what does your family think? so here we go, I made 1 whole video dedicated to this question 😀 Its a bit long but its the whole truth nothing but the truth 😛 lol jk well not really 😛 I feel very blessed to have the support of my friends and family. They help to keep me grounded and help make me feel like me. Sometimes the result of a terrifying event can turn out to be a blessing in disguise…

Xo Katie

Harley Quinn Bloopers

Are you guys ready for my totally wicked cosplay video that goes live on my youtube channel this week? I’m Harley Quinn and I’m ready to test if your ready to hang with me. I had way too much fun filming this years halloween scene that I went a little over and above to create some wickedness for Youtube too! cosplay in all its glory as I would like to think 😉 This is a little tease video of some bloopers while filming.  A bit of a tease to go with the xxx update live for members of my site right now!. Miss Q was a bad girl and I know your going to love it 😉

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Xo Katie

Ask Katie – why porn? love joy? smallest dick?

Time for your questions to be answered… are you ready? I got some good ones this time! why did I get into porn? do I love doing job vids? will I do more job vids in the future? whats the smallest dick I have been with? what kind of music do I listen to? where can you show your support? and more!

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