Shopping Haul Try on

I loaded up on some hot ass new bras, socks and yoga pants and wanted to share my naughty findings with you all!! The mall has been a little tough to navigate lately so I am just surprised I found anything. I sometimes find regular clothing shopping to be tough. I like to keep to my basics and find some fun and flirty pieces that seem so me and well lately that has meant coming up empty handed. Funny enough I always find it easier to find some lingerie or naughty fun clothes that I know you guys will love. This video is loaded with super hot stuff you can expect to see in future shoots for my site and for my youtube.

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Baby Oil shoot Day

I often get asked what its like before I start filming around my place, what are my thoughts, what am I wearing, how do I get my day started. What about after my shoot… do I just tear down and get back to regular things? am I buzzing around smiling from ear to ear… well now is your chance to check it out! I had a very full and fulfilling shoot day of sexy customs both solo and boy girl and I made sure to check in with you all before the day got started and then once all finished. You can see the post sex glow and my ear to ear grin after a very satisfying day 😀  I love sharing little things like this with you all through my youtube channel, check it out by click here now! don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. And the more subscribers I get the more videos I make and the more regular video uploads happen there.

Xo Katie

Behind the Scenes of my Baby Oil Shoot

I love playing with baby oil! its so fun and makes for some really hot ass videos. Lucky for me a very special fan wanted a custom boy girl video involving lots of baby oil…. fun 😉 This is just a little look behind the scenes right before we started rolling. I love sharing some fun behind the scenes before we get filming that way I feel like I have involved you all right before we start, you all get to see what sexy outfit I have on this time and hear all about the naughty fun I am about to get up to! Hope your loving my fun behind the scenes vids up on my youtube channel lately cause there are more in the works where these came from 😉


Facials!! Is it All Hype?

I know for a lot of people a really big question that your wondering and that I often get asked is facials?!?! huh? do you really like them? do other girls really like them? is it just a porn thing? how do I get my girl to want to do facials more? I cant even begin to count the number of times I have been asked those questions or some kind fo those questions. So I decided its about time someone answer them and well since you asked me and I love talking about sex with my friends and with my fans I thought why the heck not! SO here we go… sine we all have sex on the brain lets talk about facials. I give you some helpful tips to exploring facials with your partner or at the very least suggestions on how to start the conversation rolling about facials. Helpful tips to help minimize the possible downsides and even share some past experiences of mine. I love when you guys ask me the naughty dirty questions that I know your dying to get answers to but are unsure of who to ask. I want you to know that you can always come and ask me 😀  Comment here or on my youtube channel your questions and I will be sure to have some fun helping and sharing my past experiences or the advice I have gained from others that I know 😀

Xo Katie

My Official Socials

Often I get asked if I have a different twitter or integral, if I’m on this site or that site, If I have a facebook profile or not… well I thought what better ay then to clear it all up then hearing it straight from the horses mouth. No questioning if its really me saying this or if I’m just kidding or keeping things hush hush on a few things. Nope I’m not! here is the most recent  update on all my official social medias as they stand as of right now 🙂 lots of goodies including in this video! If I don’t mention a social media platform in this video like facebook or kik or a dating site ect then its not me! I 100000% like to make my social medias known to my fans, friends and buds that way you know for sure that is me you are talking with.

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