Juliet Starling Report to the Dance Floor

Will Juliet Starling please report to the dance floor there seems to be an outbreak of zombies there that need your special brand of slaying. I promised Halloween videos from last saturday night out in my costume and here I am to deliver! IN not only one but 2 video blogs! keep in mind this is near the end of the evening and we were quiet intoxicated by this point. You might understand more with the second video lol πŸ˜› left them as they were recorded cause well I thinking it’s funnier that way and screw turing it upright so I appear really small πŸ˜›

Here I am in my Halloween costume as ‘Juliet Starling’ from none other than Lollipop Chainsaw πŸ™‚ I’m trying to mesmerize the zombies with my ba… banging dance moves yah that’s it πŸ˜‰ Happy Halloween to all my my subscribers, followers, fans and members!


This last one well I just had to dance to this song and i had to get TC to film it it is after all my favourite song ever!! yes AcDc rocks my socks heheh πŸ™‚ it was a great night and I had a blast! can’t wait for next years costume. Not sure what I will do next year, who I will be able to snag to do a joint costume with and what crazy antics I will get up to but either way it’s going to be a great holiday as usual.


Of course I am also excited to be heading out tomorrow night in costume with a few friends for another night of debotchery. Halloween isn’t over till my feet hurt and my head says no more please! Good thing Friday morning I am getting my hair did and that’s it for the morning. I’ll of course be popping online after all Fridays are some of my favourite days online but It’ll mostly be a chill day I think.

Well Loves pop on over to KatieBanks.com if you want to see my Halloween set and video which went live yesterday! I will post a little sneaky peak for you all here and perhaps a video blog… hmmmm say what? that’s 3 video blogs in a row? I am on fire πŸ˜›

XoXo Katie

Video Blog Time


Here’s a little video blog I almost forgot about! I know it’s a crime! I found on my computer last night and just had to make sure to upload it for you guys. If features me in a certain firey red wig, a army pin up outfit, garter belt, stockings, gloves and a cute little hat. This was and probably always will be on of my favourite photo shoots to date πŸ™‚ I just had to make sure to make a video blog in it so I could share it with all my youtube and blog followers. Without further ado here is me in live and living color πŸ˜‰

XoXo Katie

Video Blog Magic Time

It’s video blog time again πŸ™‚ Kinzie has been doing this ever since she was just an itty bitty little puppy, I call it killing her food. Her pray drive is so high that she feels the need to play with and kill her dog kibble before she devours it. It’s cute as all get out and makes me smile every time I see her do it. It’s just taken me this long to remember to get it on video. Plus usually as soon as I get the camera out bang she is done playing and just finishes eating very unmovie worthy but not this time!! I finally caught her in action muahahahah


It’s been far too long since I have done a video blog and while this one is just of Kinzie and Eva it still counts but alas is not as awesome as a video blog that features me. I keep thinking I should really get back into doing one a week like I use to. Then I start wondering why on earth did I ever stop doing them? oh that’s right cause youtube blows chunks every once in a while and decided to ban my account and delete all my old vids. While I still have most of the old vids on my computer they also warn that if I try to reupload them ta da bannage all over again. LAME!! so yah that kinda stole my thunder and sucked for a long while. I started a new youtube channel about a year ago and have been playing it really safe on there with making sure I don’t swear, show any nudity what so ever and such (as per their long list of rules that are no fun :P) I’m going to try and remember to get back on the video blog train though and get myself to do them more often πŸ™‚ let’s just hope that I don’t get canned again mmmkay.

XoXo Katie

Eva’s new friend


Eva, Kinzie, TC and I went to the park one afternoon after scouting a few shoot locations to let the pups run mad and have fun. We ran into this very sweet outgoing little 12 week old chihuahua names coco. She was so adorable I just wanted to scoop her right up and take her home with me despite the disasters I had with Eva lol πŸ˜› One day I might get another puppy but not for a long while. Eva kinda ruined puppies for me. She was unusual difficult and problematic but with all that said she is finally a well behaved good little dog. She is 100% potty trained which is really difficult to do with small breeds, chihuahuas in particular, she doesn’t destroy things when left alone and she gets along with basically every dog we encounter. Coco’s owners were a very sweet young couple who told me that they come to this same part very often especially on the weekends, we plan to meet up again soon so the girls can play again πŸ™‚ Where was Kinzie through all this you ask? well she had her ball in tow so she did not care one bit about a cute puppy she already had her favourite ball and was content to play keep away from TC and I.

XoXo Katie


I have never ever gotten the chance to play around with a helium filled balloon!! why? I have no idea but it was fun!! Of course I had to take a video of it while doing it cause why the heck not πŸ™‚ it’d be fun right! here I am in the best squeaky voice helium has to offer. I really want to get more helium balloons now lol πŸ˜› what?!?! like you don’t wanna try this next time you get your hands on some balloons… ok actual balloons not boobies πŸ˜› although trying to suck the air out/off a boobie.. ok I’m not even going to go there. Pulling my mind out of the gutter right now πŸ˜‰ only to sit on the side of the curb of course can’t get rid of all my pervy side now can we. Well enjoy all you video blog fanatics


xoxo Katie