Captain America Boobie Edition

Of course Is had to do a super hero 😉 after all the 3 themed that I was going for was Star Wars, Disney princess and Marvel. I wanted something a little different then just the black widow. I wanted something bright and shiny and Captain America was so it! I loved the tiny little romper and cape. Everyone needs to walk in public with a cape on just once to see how it feels. its awesome 😀 I will say lol I was a little concerned that I was going to be showing too much legs, ass cheeks and boobs to get let in … You’l have to watch and see if I made it it 😛 what do you think? too scandalous for a Children friendly Disney convention ?

Xo Katie

My Star Wars Obsession

It’s no lie that I love Star Wars! it was my first ever scifi movie I saw and I fell in love with the whole damn thing instantly! I have been obsessed eery since. SO n surprise that the most important part of D23 for me was the Star Wars exhibits. I made sure to get you guys a close up look at all the original models and set pieces that they had on display 😀 Of course I did this video in my Chewbacca cosplay! this was the day before I shot my xxx update for my site in this same outfit 😉 Yes that happened and yes there will be more scifi themed cosplay shoots that come from my fav scifi movie ever 😉

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Xo Katie

Boobs and a Landspeeder

Bryci and I were stoked for Star Wars day! a day to dress up together and scope out all the awesome Star Wars exhibits. They had original pieces for the models, from set and of the costumes worn to film the original Star Wars. I was so stoked to see it all 😀 Yes I know I’m a huge dork lol but super proud of it!

After filming some very sexy girl girl content and some fun for our youtube channels we were super eager to dress up and get out there! to see and be seen by the rest of the convention attendees. Plus well having a day when someone was going to dress up with me meant that I was extra excited to get out there 😀

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Inside D23 with me

Heres some of the inside of D23… the highlights reel if you will 😉

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I Had Sex Here

I had this request on youtube the other day (yes I read the comments on there, listen to your gas requests and make sure to include them my filming plans 😀 so comment!! can’t hurt right) to do a cribs style tour of my place. While I was not home I still thought it would be awesome to show you guys the great room we had while in Disney Town. It was a great back drop to more then one hot ass photo set and video 😉 ready to follow me in a tiny little sweater dress with no bra and no panties on? thats what I thought 😉