Dear Blog: Am I Nutts?

I feel completely out of it today, even perhaps nuts. I don’t know why just do! I hate this feeling though. I feel extremely unmotivated to do well anything to be honest. I know I am supposed to go to the gym today and I’m supposed to clean the house but…. mehh I just don’t want to. The thing that gets me the most right now is that I have no idea what I want to do instead and the idea of doing nothing just seems stupid and like a complete waist of my day. All I seem to want to do right now is stare out the window at the sunny sky and wish that kinzie was here so that we could go to the park. Maybe that’s my problem, maybe I feel like I’m missing a piece of myself. But I can’t believe that I would just fall apart without my little monkey here at my side, that just seems well silly. Maybe that’s it, or maybe it’s that my body is tired today. I have a feeling that I didn’t sleep that well last night and kind of suspect that I spent most of the night tossing and turning. That would explain why Kinzie wasn’t cuddling with me and was on the other end of the bed as far away from me as she could get; that does beat my theory that she learned to mind read and while I was sleeping hacked into my brain and discovered my plans for her today. OKay woooo did I just have that thought? That’s it no more paranormal or sci fi before bed. I blame the movie ‘The 4ht kind’. ever since I watched that movie I can’t look at owls the same way (and I love owls they look sooo cool! especially the little tiny ones!) and well every time I go to go to bed with the blinds or the window open I have to close them. It’s not like that would really stop them if they wanted in and wanted to probe into my mind for information…. who am I kidding, why would they want in my mind. I’m just me! I’m not that important am I? Why not probe the mind of the president of the USA he’s the one with all the big time knowledge not me. That’s it I will just have to make a sign to hang on the outside of my window that says :

Dear Aliens,

My name is Katie Banks, I am an adult soft core model who enjoys being naughty and walking around in my birthday suit. I am of decent intelligence but do not have any information that wold be deemed important for you to know. Perhaps the man who lives 3 floors down and 4 windows over to the right would be of more interest to you. He seems rather important and carries a very big brief case. That is all.


Katie Banks

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Sorry dude who lives 3 floors down and 4 windows over but maybe, just maybe if you had thought about putting a note out on your window to help ward off the aliens you too would be sleeping more soundly at night and not being visited by owls. If you haven’t seen ‘The 4Th Kind’ do it!! It was a pretty freaky story that is based off a real life case that is still unsolved to this day. It’s about an extremely remote town up in Alaska that has seen far to many unexplained disappearances and has far too many unsolved FBI cases still pending investigation. It is done as a movie/documentary in which they show the real case study video done by a certified psychiatrist who was investigating into the towns people’s insomnia problems. She very quickly begins to believe that there is more going on here than meets the eye. It was an amazing movie, but also very disturbing on another level. Watch it with an open mind and see what you get from it.

I don’t know exactly if I believe in Aliens or not, but I believe that the universe is a HUGE place, thing, whatever and for us to believe we are the only intelligent life is well perhaps the stupidest believe we as a race have ever had. It’s even worse than the world is flat. The universe is soo very vast and well there are sooo many solar systems just like earth that it’s impossible to think that somewhere there isn’t another planet just like ours and that they too are exploring the universe. We have only been able to see a very small section of space, god only knows how much more is out there to explore. I for one can’t wait till we make space travel more of a reality for the everyday person. You better believe my name will be on that list. I so want to walk on the moon. I so want to look back at the earth and think wow!!! I bet I’ll be like 99 years old and not able to walk or go pee on my own but that’s ok! 😛

I’ve always been an avid sci fi junky. I can never get enough of space! Its just so…. so wow! Ever since I was little I have looked up into the sky at night and not been able to help myself. I sit in wonder of what or who is out there. I find myself wondering how could all these people with all these different ideas, believes, sightings and descriptions of real life aliens be fiction; how could they all be wrong? I blame my mom for putting these thoughts in my mind. she loves space! She use to get me to watch all the original star Trek movies and TV shows. I’ve seen them all (Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager, ect) I have always loved the Alien and Predator series but must admit have been a little disappointed by their joining in both the movies. As I grow up I find myself no longer awed and drawn in by the make believe any more and find myself looking more and more to the real stories; the unexplained mysteries. In fact while your at it you should also watch ‘Fire in the Sky’. It’s another real life story of a man who gets abducted by aliens. Really crazy and extremely cool. Yet again though I suggest to watch it with an open mind and see what you get from it. I don’t know I find myself believing despite my want to believe that it’s all a hoax. Either way I keep an open mind and will always look for more proof. Gotta question the world around you and the information your given, if not how will you ever know what is real and what is not; what is truth and what it lies.

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Well now that I have filled your minds with wonder and skepticism (don’t deny it, it’s ok. Everyone denies what they don’t know and what they fear to be true. It’s the body’s natural defence mechanism) go forth into the world and watch and learn for yourself. I feel a little better now so perhaps now is the best time to strike while the iron is hot! I’m off to the post office to mail off my Valentine’s Day packages and who knows maybe even stop and grab some lunch and head to the park by myself. Look at that I am one independent women I am! (thanks for the pep talk I needed it :D)


  1. eduhpc   â€¢  

    With this message in your window, i’ll don’t be shocked if the aliens thinks that you are more interesting that the man 3 floors down, and decided to stay to take a look 😛
    I think too, that the universe is too huge for just us being the only ones who living here!
    That’s like a huge castle(universe) for only one guy (humanity) living in…. :O

    • Katie   â€¢     Author

      lol I think you might be right eduardo!! Maybe I should switch the message to say that I am a 96 year old elderly women 😉 maybe they will leave me alone then 😛

  2. Holger   â€¢  

    You are definitely not nuts! I’m also pretty sure we are not alone in this huge universe. There are certainly other life forms out there (maybo not very “human-like”) and it would be quite arrogant to assume we are the only creatures in it.
    BTW: I liked the movie “The 4th kind”, too. It was scary and I found the solution quite disturbing. I like scary movies so it was perfect;-))
    OK, back to the office reality and have a nice weekend!!

    • Katie   â€¢     Author

      That’s exactly why I liked it! I love movies that make you question the world around you and leave a lasting impact. Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE scary movies!!

  3. Holger   â€¢  

    That is sooo cool!!! And they don’t have to have a happy end, often those movies with an open or bad end stay in your head much longer.
    And if you happen to like traveling (which is my other favorite leisure activity), I actually would like to clone you:-)))
    Have a nice Saturday!!

    • Katie   â€¢     Author

      Lol if I could clone myself I would get a lot more accomplished in one day… hmmm that actually sounds like fun…. bedtime would be more exciting and well interesting 😛

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