So everyone keeps asking me what I am going to be for Halloween tonight and I keep saying well I don’t know!! Now of course no one believes me cause well they all know that I have more than one costume hiding in my closet and well that’s case I do :P I love Halloween it’s one of my favourite times of year and as such I have started a rather awesome costume collection cause well after shooting this (my wicked Halloween set that goes live on Monday in my members area) I have been bitten by the costume acting bug. The theatre student in me had a hay day doing this set and matching wicked video (seriously one of the coolest halloween vids on line, and no I did not say that someone else did :P) I have been left wanting to come up with more creative and fun videos to do that will knock the socks off my members.


This still leaves me with a very big problem, I have about 5 different outfits that I could dress up in for my Halloween adventures tonight and about a billion more if I just stop to think about it. In fact my girl friend Hatty is coming over right after lunch to raid my closet and get ready with me :) yes there will be picks of us trying stuff on :) :) watch twitter for those.

See I realyl really wanted to be this freaken amazing Mermaid outfit that Cutman so very very generously bought for me but it’s suppose to rain hard and it’s freaken freezing outside so I think I might die from the cold and well I don’t want the costume to get wet or wrecked cause it seems rather fragile and I really really want to shoot in it too.

I also have a killer Viking costume on the way that unfortunately didn’t get here yet that I wanted to be, I can of course be little red ridding hoot, or I have a Princess Leia costume that is pretty nifty. Then I could be a school girl, a punk, a hooker, a office lady, Super Girl, Wonder Women….. I mean the list goes on and on. Needless to say I am lost :P

I think I will probably end up being little red riding hood cause well this costume just rocks…. look at it it’s pretty nifty hey?

Either way I better get my butt in the shower if I am going to get to lunch with my friend (Spring) who is in from out of town for only a few weeks. Hatty, Spring and I are meeting up for lunch :) should be fun. I haven’t’ seen Spring in over a year and have really really missed her.

Stay safe tonight guys, there are lots of road blocks so don’t drink and drive, it’s not worth loosing your license or worse dyeing over ok. Take a cab please :)


XoXoXo katie

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