Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone and wish you a very Happy and safe Halloween season this year. Last night was a scary movie marathon for Kinze, a few friends and I. Well marathon might be pushing it lol! We headed out for a late dinner cause by the time everyone showed up none of us had had any time to eat and well candy and chips just were not going to do it for us. We headed to a local restaurant just down the street from us that had just opened up. I was really excited to try this place out till I found out that there was an hour and a 1/2 wait just to eat in the lounge, not to mention a 2 hour wait for the dinning room. o.O So we headed to my gf’s fav cactus club…. mmmm. Yum yum yum! Dinner was great but by the time we got back it was already like 10:30 so we really only had time for one and a 1/2 movies. On the screening list was a few cult classics and a few slash and gashes of course. We decided that ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ was the winner. It’s a great movie based off a true story, it even managed to get us girls quivering and jumping out of our seats lol. We then tried to start ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’ which is a stellar movie, but it just got too late to finish it. Most people still had to work today so off home they went and Kinzie and I settled in to finish the movie. Tonight kinda turned out to be a bust. My gf and I were really wanting to get dressed up and head on out to get a good groove on, but it just isn’t going to happen. After humming and hahhing about where to go, what to be and who to go with we decided that we would totally rather rock it out in our PJ’s and stay in. Soooo scary movie marathon 2 starts shortly lol 😛 Not sure what we are going to watch, any suggestions?

Well a nice glass of white zinfandel is awaiting me so I must be off my loves. PLease remember to be careful and have fun! Make sure to post pics of your costumes in my members forum or n twitter for me, I wanna see you all in your costumed glory 😀

XoXoXo Katie