Laugh a little

Today’s blog entry is completely and entirely dedicated to laughter and big smiles 🙂 I found this cool website full of funny avatars and pics and well I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favourites here with you all. Make sure to laugh lots and smile today after all it is Sunday which means it’s a day of rest and relaxation.

Freezie anyone?
tumblr_lyz6v1tnV71qa5rnho1_500.jpg Lol this just made me shake my head and smile, I can actually picture someone coming up to me and saying this as a pick up line 😛


Hhahah lol I bet this isn’t the first guy to own a suit like this and use it for a fun filled afternoon at the beach 😉


One last one and this one actually made me stop and think for a moment this morning, I blame the few drinks I had last night making me a little groggy…. yah that’s it!


LOL well I hope that you all had a good laugh and if you didn’t all I can say is lighten up 😛 I swear you’ll live longer.

Have a fabulous Sunday everyone, I’m off to clean the house, do some mailing and then I’m thinking it’s going to be a family filled afternoon with dinner at my mom’s house.



  1. Kevin   •  

    LOL. Only you, Katie… 😉

    Enjoy your afternoon, hun. 😀

    • Katie   •     Author

      thanks Kevin you too 😀

  2. James   •  

    Would that line work at all?

    • Katie   •     Author

      lol hahahah probably not but it would make me laugh and smile 🙂 I’ma pretty friendly person though I’m always nice to anyone who has enough nerve to approach me and say hi 😛 doesn’t mean I’ll go home with them, dance with them, date them, fill in the blank here but it does mean I’m always nice, polite and have a smile for a funny comment 😉

  3. KayJay   •  

    The second one reminds me of a friend of mine I made laugh once. She told me she got implants over the summer (this was years ago), so when I saw her next and hugged her I pulled back with an air of mock tragedy, saying “You’re so much farther away from me now!”

    • Katie   •     Author

      hahahahah lol 😛 I bet she got a good laugh and a big smile out of that one

  4. Kevin   •  

    You’re welcome, Katie! 😀 And thank you, as well. 🙂 For now, I’m just chillin’. Watching some tv and checking stuff online. Semi-annoyingly, I have to work this evening, though (but at least it means more money).

    Oh… I know you’ve mentioned it to me before in our talking on here about movies/tv that we like, but I finally got around to ordering myself the Blu-Ray edition of the ’90s “Pride and Prejudice” starring Colin Firth. So that should be in my collection any day now. I’d been curious to see it for a while now, having seen and enjoyed the more recent film version, but for some reason had never gotten around to it before now.

    Also, got the e-mail this morning that what I ordered for you has shipped. 😀

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