Ohh Costumes

Ok this was an oldy but a goody lol! This is a pic from about 3 years ago at halloween when Kinzie and I got all dressed up and headed out for a party. Her costume originally had bells on all the points but once I put it on her she looked at me like she wan’t to die. The biggest pouty face I have ever seen. As you can see I look a little different. A little shorter hair that is… yes… that’s right, it’s red lol! Ok a dark auburn but that still counts as red 😛 I loved my hair this colour, but my biggest complaint was that it didn’t last. It faded too fast and well was too hard to keep up. I was rocking the shorter hair then too. I liked the short hair but man did I miss my long hair. I actually cut it for a play I was in. I was playing a firey tempered red head named Goldie. The play took place in the depression during the 1930’s, ie the bob hair cut. I played a local cafe owner who just so happened to be widowed and looking 😉 lol. It was a blast.

I just realized I don’t know if you guys actually know that I went to school and took a 2 year program in theatre. I now have my diploma in fine arts. I studied as an actress and loved it. Acting is and will always be a really big passion of mine. Nothing beats that feeling of stepping out on stage and feeling the rush of butterflies and excitement when the spot light hits yah. Wait a minute…. that is the same feeling I get when I jump in front of the camera lol. I guess I kinda always liked the lime light in some way. I miss acting actually, it’s been about 4 years since I was last in a play or performed. Maybe one of these days I will crack out my old monolog collection and give you guys a taste.

Last night I headed to a local amusement park that was putting on this bug haunted house extravaganza (is that even spelt right or a word??? ahh who knows :P). It was a blast! I love love love Halloween soo much! I got the crap scarred out of me a few times and even managed to stand up to my chainsaw tormentor. They had all these actors who were dressed up as different horror characters who would walk around and scare you. Freddy wasn’t scary I just made fun of him lol, but the crazy scarred man with the chainsaw who decided that I was his favourite of the night scarred the crap out of me. Every time I let my guard down for about a second he would sneak up behind me and turn on the chainsaw and watch me jump and run for my life. By about the 4th time I was so on to him. So rather then run for my life I would simple spring into action then turn around and glare at him. Give him the good old evil eye! LMFAO!!! He didn’t know how to respond to that one.

I was supposed to head out to another haunted house tonight, but my one gf cancelled and then it started to rain so I traded in a night of frights and ghouls for a cuddle puppy and a book. Any who I was surfing my comp and came across this pic and couldn’t not share it with you all. I hope your having a great thursday night. Remember to take it easy this weekend and please, please, please be careful. No drinking and driving, as a girl watch your drinks and watch out for deviants who are out to wreck your fun.

XoXoXo Katie

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  1. Austin   •  

    No need to worry about deviants when you have the fearsome Kinzie as protection 🙂

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