Have you always wanted to see Bryci and i really fuck, I mean really make each other cum hard and moan loudly. Now you get to 😉 our latest update together features Bryci and I in one of hour hottest scenes ever! after a hot night out Bryci takes me back to her place to have some fun, little does she know I plan to take charge and make her please me and my tight little body. I tell her to be a good girl and lick my sweet little pussy till I cum on her tongue. Mmmm she has such soft lips and a wet little tongue it felt so good to be in charge and have her please me. I couldn’t wait to taste her wet little hole. But that’s not all we did, Bryci suggested to me she had just the thing to make me feel good and cum for her, of course I was eager to try something new with my lady love. Bryci had bought a strap on, something hard and long to fuck me with. I loved seeing the boobs bounce as she fucked me missionary, then feel her little hands on my breast and ass as I rode her hard cock. I came more times then I can remember. When I was done using her cock to please myself with I sat on her face and got her to taste the wet little mess she had made out of my pussy.

If you want to see how good Bryci fucked me with a strap on your going to have to do yourself a big favour… and you want to do yourself a favour don’t you ? you work hard, you deserve it!



Show and Tell


You remember playing show and tell when you were little don’t you? you bring somethign cool to show the whole class so you can impress them or just feel awesome… well I miss those days, the days when showing someone something really got them excited and made you feel great. It’s time to bring that back… starting today. Its time to play adult show and tell are you ready?


I want to show you something I know your going to love, that’s guaranteed to make you feel good and put a smile not only on your face but mine too. Do you want to see? Ok all you have to do is sit back relax and let me show you…

You see I’m a horny girl and I love telling how i want you to use me, touch me, fuck me and make me cum. I love giving you a visual example, really showing how to make it feel good and just what buttons to push. You see I want you to be the best I have ever been with, I want you to have me wrapped around your little finger that’s how much i like you.


I can see your enjoying this I don’t mind if we make this a joint show and tell… pull out that hot ass cock and stroke for me. It gets me so hot and so wet seeing you stroke. Dont worry I’ll keep telling what I want and how I like it as long as you show me how good my little pussy would feel if it was your hand right now.


That’s it keep going yes omg that looks good, this little pussy is going to explode all over that hard cock… she’s going to squeeze and suck you deeper and deeper into her tight warmth. I want all that hot cream deep inside my pussy, you want to give it to me don’t you ? yes are you ready? I want to cum with you… 3… 2.. 1…

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.25.34 PM.png



Jerk With Me

4.jpg 1.jpg

I love teasing you hard and seeing how horny you are for me. I know if I give you that naughty look with a little smirk you know its go time. This time I made you wait while I teased you until I had you right where i wanted you. I made sure to show you these big round boobs that you love so much, spread my little pussy for you and really get your cock hard.


Once I had you right where I wanted you I got you to lay down and stretch out, I want you nice and relaxed while I work your cock and make you cum. You were more then happy to obliged after all you know how much I love milking your cock.


It wasn’t enough foe me to just suck and stroke you, oh no I wanted to talk you through it, help give you direction so that next time while your stoking that hard cock you will think of me and my pretty face sucking you off and encouraging you to hold back and really milk it. To look deep into my eyes as I make you feel so good. You know you want to Jerk with me 😉


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Sunny Adventure

its time for another video blog 😀 here are me and the pups at the park today! after filming a super hot scene for my website today that will go live very soon for you all to enjoy 😉 I took the pups out of ran adventure so we could enjoy the sun shine. We spent most of the sunny weekend indoor and not having too many sunny day dreams so it was time to get my sun shine in and for the pups to get to run around like crazy monkeys! Eva ate every stick in site lol and kinize of course played keep away with her ball lol 😉 Enjoy all

XoXo Katie


My Official DVD Release! 

I’ve got some super fun need to share… 

My first ever show case DVD hits stores in about 2 weeks or less! I’m so excited! It’s really surreal to see my face on a box cover and to think I jumped to technically a full fledge porn star. Kinda crazy when I stop, take a step back and think about it.As far as I’m concerned I’ll always be that nerdy theatre geek who was kinda awkward and kinda shy. 

TC seems pretty stoked too since he jumped from camera man to porn star over night too! We have been putting a lot of work into having fun, being creative and coming up with some really hot ideas for scenes. DVDs have inspired us! Lots of new hot scenes coming for of course as well. It’s been fun to submerge myself into shooting and really get in touch with my kinky side. Explore the naughty things that go on up in my head.
I will be selling signed and dedicated copies very soon! Not to worry I will blog and tweet once I’m offering presale of these bad boys 😉 I can’t wait to see one myself. It all becomes so much more real when your holding it in your hands. 
I’ll be posting a trailer so you can all check it out soon too 😉 be ready for some hot hot hot ass content! 

Xo Katie