Cum Tan

There’s something about being a bad girl in a public place that gets my hear racing and my blood pumping. I always feel horny when tanning, maybe its from rubbing al let lotion in before i get in the bed, maybe its that there is just a thin wall and door separating me from people outside or maybe its the hot lights warming my skin. Either way I decided to finally live out my fantasy and bring a toy with me the last time I went tanning.


It felt so good to be a bad girl in a public place, I came so hard and loved that I got to film it for you all to enjoy. You just never know where I will take my camera with me next 😉

I thought I almost got caught when I heard a knock on the door but it was just the lady checking the room beside me. My heart was racing and my body felt on fire with the idea that I might get caught. That I might be seen as a bad girl 😉


Afterward a nice long masturbation session and a satisfying cum, I cleaned up, got dressed and hid the toy in my purse, I walked out expecting an odd look or maybe even a comment since I think I might have not been as quiet as I should have…. but nothing. I quickly said thanks and headed out to my car, my heart still racing in my chest. I had a good little chuckle in the car to myself that I actually managed to get away with it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 9.34.15 PM.png



My Bud’s Sister

My brothers has been best friends with his best bud for years! I remember them having sleep overs in super hero pjs and playing figurines. I of course was much younger and wanted to play too but nope apparently I wasn’t allowed. Now that we are older I have caught him looking at me suggestively when he thinks I ‘m not looking. I won’t lie I”ve done the same. He got really tall and super sexy over the years. I have secretly fantasized about what it would feel like to fuck him.

My brother and I now share a car (thanks mom and dad) and since i’m back for spring break from school I have to negotiate using the car. My stupid brother took off with the car so now I’m stuck at home. What’s worse is that I got stood up for a hot date and really just want to get the hell out of here and meet up with my girls.


My brother’s best Bud has got a killer ride I wonder if he would let me borrow it for part of the night or at least give me a ride. Cant hurt to ask, since after all he’s just waiting around for my brother to get back anyways. I’ll see if I can’t trade him something good, who knows maybe just maybe I’ll get to sleep with him after all… I’ve always been curious how big he is, I’ve heard a few of his last girl friends talking about it…. I wonder if its true.


It was true! man do I love the look, the feel and the way he uses that big cock to fuck my tight little pussy. He made me cum so many times I thought I was going to pass out! I might just have to make a few deals with him in the future! That is if he can keep it on the DL for now with my brother, I don’t think he would be really that impressed if he found out we were sleeping together.



… hopefully we don’t get caught 😉

I hope your all enjoying the naughty role-plays that TC and I have been coming up with lately 😀 we are having way too much fun role playing and getting kinky on camera. There are a lot more coming down the pipe so be ready 😉

XoXo Katie


Happy Canada Day

A little blast from the past for you all 😉 and a great big happy long weekend to everyone! All is cray Canadians are celebrating Canada day today and all my American fans are celebrating 4th of July on Monday! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend. Myself not much happening, I just finished my end of the month accounting and paperwork and am now kicking it at the gym. I have today and tomorrow left to get my work out on for Tweedle Monday. I kick start filming the psychological thriller I’m in Monday. I’m a little nervous but I’m sure it’ll be rad. 

I’m thinking a nice long walk with the pups once I finish up here at them gym today and then just a chill night. Ive been go go go all night it’ll be nice to have a more relaxed night in. So many things got accomplished this week. Filming, moving my mom, helping TC with his truck, finishing accounting. I feel like a few weights have been lifted and it’s a fabulously wonderful feeling. 

Tomorrow I want to get out of my house and enjoy the sun no matter what that means I’ll be in shorts or a summer dress and soaking up the rays. I’ve got a drink meeting in the evening with the director, my co star hot girl I share my scenes with and the directors GF. Just a chance to meet before filming, to cheers to the production and have a few laughs. Past that not sure what I’ll get up to in the evening. A fire would be awesome but sadly I don’t have a back yard so that’ll be a little harder then it sounds. 

Stay safe out there everyone and cheers to the Freaken weekend! 

Xoxo Katie 

Girl Girl Teaser

I thought i would share with you all a little teaser video from Bryci and I’s most recent update together….. our first girl girl ANAL scene!! it was freaked hot! expect more in the very near future 😉 here’s a youtube appropriate (no nudity) little teaser for you all to enjoy! make sure to follow it to my youtube channel and subscribe I’ll be uploading many more youtube videos from here on out. And starting next week you will get to see behind the scenes and various events that I am attending and drum roll… you will even get to follow me onto set for the psychological thriller that I am staring in that starts filming Monday :O I’m super excited but also super nervous, I hope I do really well. This will be my first ever silver screen debut and I want it to be a smash. Follow me on youtube, twitter and snapchat over the next month while I film and prepare for my role.

Have a kick ass rest of your day

XoXo Katie


All in the Family

I like to keep things all in the family in one o my latest solo updates… You’ve heard of kissing cousins right? well I have had a crush on you (my cousin) forever and finally decided that while you are over for a family get together it would be the perfect time to finally get you where I want you. I’ve seen the way you look at me, the way you check out my ass and adjust your cock while you stare at my tits. Dont worry I haven’t told anyone yet and I won’t tell. In fact I like it! what you don’t know is that i have always had a crush on you too and I can tell your packing some heat. I want to see that big cock in action. But first I want to taunt you a little, let you see what you have clearly been dyeing to see…


you’ve not going to finish that beer are you? here let me see that for just a minute… what?!?! if you really want the beer why not come here and lick it off me 😉 I don’t mind. Dont lie you love the look of me all wet and ready for you. Now come here and let me suck on that nice hard cock and show you how fun it can be to kiss your cousin.


Every week I will still be having a solo update go live so for all you toy lovers, you solo girl play lovers I have you covered 😉 Not to mention a naughty boy girl update every week and many a girl girl update coming soon too! I’m having way too much fun loading my site with my naughties fantasies, fun adventures, sexual escapades and more. I hope your all loving it as much as I am cause the ride just keeps getting better and better.

XoXo Katie