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2 days to go


Monday morning here we go! So far it’s been an eventful day :) got my tan on and a great work out done feeling pumped. The sun has come out and I’m excited to go for a nice long walk with the pups this afternoon. For a lot of you today is Memorial Day. A day to celebrate, remember and thank those who fight for freedoms and the protection if others. While it’s just another day in Canada in still want to put a great big THANK YOU out into the world to all the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving. I’m taking today as a day to appreciate what we have and the beautiful places we live. I worked through my long weekend last weekend (Canada had Victoria Day) I’m taking today off to enjoy the sun shine. I’ll be back in action on MFC tomorrow :)

I’m very very excited! I’ve got 2 days or less till Wednesday morning at 11 am when my appointment is. I’m off to the hair salon again and something fun this way comes! No hints but I’m sure you’ll all love it! It’s going to be different, some might be shocked and I’m sure a few might prefer my mane the way it was but I’ll trust that you all will embrace the change and only be supportive after all I’m the one choosing to change it up. So what will it be? Buzz cut? Short locks? Another perm? Fire engine red all over or maybe brilliant blue? Oh I know platinum blond ;) exciting isn’t it.

Putting together some stuff for auctions new ones should be up next week! Shoes are going up, lingerie and some things that you’d thought I’d never part with ;)

Hope your all having a fantastic Memorial Day or regular Monday.

Xoxo Katie

Long Weekend


Happy Memorial Day long weekend to all my readers n fans in the US :) up here in Canada land it’s just another weekend our long weekend was last weekend and what did I do all weekend? I worked lol so what am I doing all this weekend? Nothing! Feels fabulous! I was suppose to go visit family on a mini road trip but had to postpone it for another 2 weeks or so oh well :) so now I’ve got 3 days ahead of me of relaxation and the little things. So far I’ve organized my guest room which looked like a bomb went off in it! I fixed the pups collars, the bandana was fraying a bit and we can’t have that so I stitched it up and tada all better. I was thinking camping tonight with a few friends but alas it started to rain so they called it off. Darn! I was looking forward to hot dogs on the fire. I guess I’ll have to settle for a monster movie night instead ;)

Tomorrow I’m hoping the rain lets up cause I was thinking of taking the pups on a hike or a walk or something outdoorsy that involved a little exploring and adventure. We shall have to wait and see though might just be a lazy day inside snuggled on the couch reading a good book.


I’m also on the hunt of a new pair of black leather flats this weekend. My favourite pair is getting a little worse for wear and I best find a new pair before they kiss this world goodbye. It’s amazing but I have done a lot of spring cleaning recently and you know what it feels amazing. I went through all my shoes and got rid of anyones that were worn out, too bit or uncomfortable to wear. No not any of my favourite heels of course ;) but my flats, runners, boots etc. I went through all my clothes and got rid of anything I hadn’t worn in over a year. I donated a butt load to Big Brothers and my grandma’s church. I even threw in blankets that I wasn’t using the a local women’s shelter. Feels great to give back to the community and help others out who are in need.

Now however there is space in my shoe closet and well we can’t have that!! need to fill those blank spaces with new beauties :D which a few dear friends of mine are helping with have a look at these beauties <3 I am in love! oh and a sexy new purse with the cutest bow ever! thank you to Steve and Hawklax :)


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 10.52.12 AM.png

It was that time again, time for some self shot toy playing fun. I’d have to say that this is one of my favourite toys right now I call him the ‘new’ guy ;) and he is marvellous! So if you have been missing the intense close ups, kitty invasion shots I’ve got you covered. Just wait till tomorrow night when you see the video that I shot to go along with this. My glass coffee table sure came in handy for some riding I’ll have to remember that for next time.

How is everyone liking the 2 HD video updates a week? I don’t know about you but I LOVE it! double the boobies, double the dirty talk, double the kitty and double the orgasms. Yes I think this idea is here to stay for sure. Planning to shoot again next weekend and I am thinking it’s time for some Jerk Off Instructions, dirty talk and story telling what do you think? This is of course after I visit the hair salon on Wednesday and get a little change happening. No hints just yet but needless to say that in 5 days I will look like a whole new women. I think it will be exciting and a little bit of a surprise but I am sure you will all love love love it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 1.07.05 PM.png

Here’s a glimpse at last weeks 2 HD video updates which included a little POV glass toy fucking and yes it was an amazing cum. If you can’t tell by my ridged nipples, tightened mussels and red chest. I love when you get the ones that make your toes curl, your breath stop and you body quiver. Follow that up with a very naughty school girl trying to tempt you to let her go without detention and to help give her grades a little of a boost this semester.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 4.24.34 PM.png

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XoXo Katie


Another sunny day in Canada land :) loving it! Getting excited for the weekend and playing in the sun shine. Still unsure if ill be heading on a bit of a road trip to visit some family this weekend or next but either way sun shine is in my future. Thinking Godzilla is a must watch this weekend too! Looks awesome and I have been a long time Godzilla fan. My dad loved them and bought every Godzilla movie made including the Japanese English subtitled movies. They were pretty funny but awesome. I liked the one with the giant moth!

A special thank you to Matt (my favorite atm and obedient little boy) and a few other special admirers for some goodies at my post box! Love them all!

Been drooling over the new 2015 challenger SRT Hellcat! Damn is that a fast ride with 640 horsepower. Talk about supercharged V8 power! I think I spent an hour last night just watching every YouTube video I could find of it and drooling. Soon one will be mine! Ok not that soon but one day. At roughly 40-60 000 (price hasn’t been full out set I saw it at 45000 as an estimated price but that seems way to low) it’s a steal! It’ll compete with most of the sports cars and a few super cars out there. It’s no Bugatti Veyron but it’s so damn sexy I don’t mind ;) here have a look for yourself! Get the tissue ready to wipe up that drool.

Xoxo Katie

Sun shine


Back at it today, day 1 at the gym after 2 weeks off with that damn cold. Finally feeling back to normal so it’s time to sweat it out at the gym and work on my bikini body for this summer ;) feels good to be back at the gym. Already feeling it which is expected just means I might be slightly slow moving this week oh well. Hoping to get away either this weekend or next weekend going to visit some family. A 8 hr road trip awaits me either way eeks’ long day but it’ll be fun to go for a long drive with the stereo blaring, my windows rolled down and the sun shining. There’s something about that feeling of the wind on my arms, the sun on my face, the speed as I zoom down the road that just calms my inner beast. I’m a gear head through and through. The faster I go the better it feels :) not to worry I’m always careful and watch my tail.

Next week is quickly approaching and I’m getting very very excited. I’m doing something different next week which might catch you all by surprise! No hints not just yet but it’ll be shocking, exciting and I’m betting sexy as hell! For now I’m trying to focus at the day at hand so my mind doesn’t wonder and my week crawl by. The sun is shining which is marvelous! Means many puppy walks in the sun shine are in my near future.

Have a terrific Tuesday! See you all on MFC around 2:30/3 PST

Xoxo Katie

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