Survey says

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So it’s been a long while since we did a survey or questionnaire of any kind on here so i got to thinking hmmm it’s about damn time we didi :P I find them fun and interesting, a great way to get to know someone so here goes :D

  1. If I could only wear yoga pants or short skirts for the rest of my life, what would you choose for me? I’d vote short skirts cause damn I love no panties with a skirt in the summer. I’d miss yoga pants to death but man to only wear them forever hmmm no fun!
  2. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? hmm well having a porn website and playing on cam on a daily bases is right tup there :P but I am sure you guys want to know something else, something less obvious so… I’d say a naughty drunken 3 sum in the park at 4 am is right up there.
  3. What’s your most hardcore fantasy? oh gosh! hmm I’d have to say if I’m being super honest with you all, I’d say a hot night with a sexy lady of intense orgasms, sensual pillow talk and lots of sensual touching and kissing. Or a threesome with two guys and double penetration. Never tried that and I’ve seen it in a few porns and well from what i can tell from watching and from girls who speak about it after they do it, it’s an intense orgasmic experience that I think might be fun to try once.
  4. Have you ever said someone else’s name during sex instead of the person you were with? hahah no, but there was one time almost lol it was shortly after I broke up with a BF of 2 years and in the moment i got carried away and was so use to saying his name during sex that it almost came out, but only almost!
  5. What’s the most sensitive part of you body? hmm hard to say, I love to have my hair played with it sends chills down my spine (although play with it for too long and I start to get sleepy) I love to have my hands be played with (rubbing, stroking, light scratching), my nipples tend to be either little to no feeling or 100% feeling and super sensitive.
  6. Have you ever dated 2 people at the same time? No never, not one to play those kinda games. I’m an all in or not at all kinda girl.
  7. Have you ever been caught masturbating? hahah who hasn’t! I got caught once or twice when i was little by my mom and that led to some interesting conversations lol other than that an x bf caught me in the shower once.
  8. Have you ever had sex outside? yep! camping, under the starts, by the river, on the hood of a car, in the middle of an open field in the middle of no where.
  9. Have you ever used a sex toy in bed? Um I think this one is an obvious! I got my first sex toy when i was about 21 from an xbf actually who went away to work in camp. Once he opened pandora’s box it never closed. We used several different sex toys in the bedroom and had LOTS of fun!
  10. When is the last time you’ve masturbated? this morning :P
  11. If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life, what would you choose: oral, anal or regular? hmm i’d vote regular out of all of those 3. Why you ask? ok here goes… oral is great but doesn’t get you both off together and it’s not as climatic so would be dull after a while. Anal while fun, it’s really really tight back there so not a lot fits in there so it’s a 1 a week thing at most so that would mean a lot less sex for me and my partner and that’s no fun. Regular sex means lots of fun positions, you can see into each others eyes when you have sex, cum at the same time and really feel connected. To me sex is about a connection and exploration together.
  12. Hair down there or all bare? All Bare! most of your probably don’t know but I have super sensitive skin so shaving use to be irritating so about 6 years ago I invested in laser hair removal. I have pretty much zero hair down there and it’s silky soft! I mean really silky soft!
  13. What’s your favorite position? I like missionary as silly as that sounds, I like to look into the persons eyes, kiss them and have them grope my boobs. Next is Doggie or cowgirl.
  14. Do you prefer to wearing make up or none at all? I like to wear a little makeup mostly powder, blush and a little mascara. But I love the ability to be creative with my makeup too! it’s fun and flirty and can really transform your face. On lazy days though I wear just moisturizer and that’s it.
  15. Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear or nothing at all? while I love a cute pair of comfy PJ’s and sexy underwear I prefer to sleep in nothing at all. On occasion I sleep in a light weight cotton no underwire sports bra but that’s about it.

So there you have it now you learned a little more about me that you never knew before ;) I’ll make sure to do another survey sooner rather than later ;)

XoXo Katie

Early Xmas


I stopped at my post box yesterday afternoon while out with my cousins and to my very very pleasant surprise there was more than a few goodies waiting for me :) thank you so much to everyone who thought of me this holiday season. I know I probably should have waited to open the presents till Christmas but I couldn’t help myself! So many sexy lingerie outfits, fun new toys, warm blankets and of course shoes! I can’t thank you guys enough for your thoughtful gifts, sweet sweet cards, emails and tweets :) I feel very blessed to have such kick ass fans and friends. I miss you guys on cam but can’t wait for the new year! We are going to have so much fun! Till then enjoy your holiday season, have a rum and eggnog for me and make sure to get a few treats in there too ;)


I’ve got some many fun ideas whirling through my head for fun videos for you all just you wait! Especially with the new toys, costumes and lingerie I’m going to be having some fun with those oh yes.


Just incase you need a mid month pick me up here’s some boobies or rather a boob for you! Look at that damn nipple! Since back from whistler and the cold cold mountain weather last weekend my nipples have been super sensitive and super hard! I’m not complaining although the slightest breeze when I’m not wearing a bra and its enough to send tingles zings of almost ouch through me. Lol could be worse :P

Xoxo Katie

Role Playing

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All sorts of fun role plays have been happening over at! including a boss bitch secretary who puts you in your place for being a bad bad boy. You punishment? watching me fuck myself right there in the middle of your office. Or how about a dumb blonde who needs help studying for the big english test this week. I need so big help since i’m not so smrt. I’ll make sure to reward you real well for all your hard work ;) just shhh don’t tell anyone or be too loud incase my parents come home.

I’ve been having all sorts of fun playing the naughty girl for you all. I’ve broken out of my own old and really enjoy the little twist I’m adding to my videos. I promise there are some less twisty stuff coming too :P not to worry I got all your bases covered. Just wait till you see my Christmas set and video :D I am so excited for that! Till then there are a BUTT LOAD of 4K videos waiting for you! not into the whole 4K thing or it won’t play on your computer, not to worry I still have 1080, 720 and a mobile size for each and every video too. Oh Oh OH and just wait till you see some of my latest stuff. Since I shoot everything in 4k it’s uber crisp and clear compared to my videos from before, even in the 1080 versions. I also upgraded all my lighting equipment which means more light, more crisp edges, more detail. I mean it’s nuts! it seems like i am right there reaching out of the computer screen and trying to grab you ;)

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Christmas stuff should be loading up into my coming soon reel soon but until then there is a naughty club goer who’s ready to have some fun with you after a night out dancing ;) CLICK HERE to sign up today and start watching me in all my naughty glory.

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The family invades shortly so no time for cam but I will still be blogging, tweeting and snap chatting. Also don’t forget about my blog store sale that is on till January 1st! Hope your all having a kick ass week thus far.

XoXo Katie

Can’t Wait


Happy Titty Tuesday loves :) I can’t believe it’s already the 9th this month is flying right on by and I can’t wait for next week. I’ve got family in town so this girls taking the week off and enjoying some quiet time with good family. But first I’m headed away for the weekend with a few friends for my girl friends birthday. Should be a blast! I’m making sure to bring my camera along since my room has a jacuzzi tub in the living room ;) I’m even hoping to sneak out into the elements to get a fun video or two. I’m really looking forward to a few days away relaxing and just taking it easy.

I’ve got 4 more days left on MFC this month! Today till Thursday then Monday and that just might be it. I’ve got 2 cousins staying with me from the 16th right up till Christmas so sadly that means no free house empty time for me. I’ll still be blogging, tweeting, responding to emails and yes doing JT store :) just no cam.

Speaking on which my December sale is still in full swing till January 1st! Everything is discounted including custom videos. Gotta order your custom video before Friday though or sadly I won’t be able to shoot your naughty fantasy until after the holidays. My 2015 nude calendar is only $30 including shipping in North America :) my cummed on panties are $30! Can’t go wrong really.

For now though I’m off to an appointment and I’ll see all of you kinky kicks on MFC later today.

Xoxo katie

Silly Faces


I was goofing around with some settings on my camera and well made this funny little video :D thought it was good for a laugh so why not share with you all after all it’s been a while since I updated another video blog for you all!

I’m super excited today for tomorrow :D shoot day! TC is going by to work his magic with his camera. I have way too many ideas and outfits in mind as per usual lol but no matter what we are going to have a blast and make some sexy ass sets and videos for all you members of :)

Enjoy XoXo Katie