Feeling Frisky 

It’s finally Friday! Woo hoo time to get frisky 😉 wow I’m busy and life sure doesn’t seem to want to slow down anytime soon. I’m not complaining… Well only sorta lol I love what I do and am stoked about new projects coming to a head but there’s always more things that go into stuff then you think. It’s crunch week for us. Between now and the 15th of June it’s do or die week for many things. Seems we get 1 thing off our list just to switch to the next. Thank god I got TC on this having a reliable business partner who helps you kick ass sure helps. 

We are all done DVD 1 well 95% lol just started uploading the content to James so we can officially get the ball moving faster. I’m stoked for you all to see what we have come up with. We’ve been having fun, exploding and really getting into. It’s been fun to follow my kinky mind to whatever fun ideas it comes up with. 

Here’s a little glimpse at 2 scenes that are coming on DVD and then to! The header pic for this blog is a hot bath solo masturbation peeping tom blow job video then right above here is a oil overload video. So much oil! So many cums for both TC and I! Just you wait till you see it. 

Next on to DVD # 2 I’ve got some kinky things planned including a girl girl scene with Alyssa Reece. Finalizing a hot and very dirty role play for that one 😉 all you pervs will be please I promise! 

For now it’s time to finish up cardio and get cracking. I’m attempting to do as much as I can today hopefully that = a lot lol 

Xoxo Katie 


Titty Tuesday 

Happy titty day everyone 😉 my favorite day on Twitter because my time line explodes with even more boob pics then normal 💖 lol this week is already up and running, going to be a busy one. I have a bunch of custom videos to shoot for some lucky fans. I still have my custom video sale on for the summer. Over $100 off and no up charge for anal. I’m loving all the fun ideas coming my way lately it’s really inspiring my kinky side. 

Yesterday was a do it all sorts day. Started out going to get some blood work and a test done for my shoot with Alyssa Reece coming up. She’s super hot, super playful and we are going to have way too much fun filming together I can already tell. She’s playful and fun over text messages 😉 we’re both into acting so I’m sure there will be some kinky fun role plays coming out. 

I shot a very casual me and TC blowjob video yesterday. We just hung out turned the cameras on and recorded what we felt like doing. A very behind the curtain sorta feel video or just us being us. Teasing, being playful, kidding around with each other and enjoying close time. I wanted to spend a while stroking and sucking his cock for him. I love pleasing my man makes me feel good, naughty and wet! 

I also got to play a big dick sluty teacher yesterday for a custom video. It was a little different twist to it from my usual scenes but I think it was uber hot! I brought out an old friend for this shoot. Meet Kong. Yes I name all my sex toys, that’s not that weird right? Lol I like them to all have names, makes them seem like more then just a plastic toy. Not to worry you’ll get to meet all my boys 😘 

Today I’ve got a few more customs to shoot for my lucky boys. Oil, anal, sex Ed teacher, naughty pussy cat and a big toy video are all themes that’ll come into play today. 

I’m finishing off my questionaire questions today/tomorrow and will be filming my interview later this week 😊 thanks to everyone who helped add some questions in there 👍 

Back online on MyFreeCams tomorrow (wednesday) and Friday this week. I look forward to seeing my Mfc boys in action. 

Xoxo Katie 


I’m Horny

Some days I get so horny before I get to work, maybe it’s the washing and rubbing myself down in the shower, maybe putting on some sexy makeup and kinky lingerie.

I often find myself wanting to be bad before I get started. Horny beyond belief. Lucky for me TC was over and didn’t mind helping me with my want to be bad, wanting to fill that kinky need.

There’s something about sucking a nice hard cock that makes me feel naughty. I feel powerful while sucking on his long shaft and watching him tense up. To know that I’m responsible for his good feeling for his want to let go.

I took my time this day slowly sucking stroking and enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth. I had him right where I wanted him and kept him there for as long as I wanted. Slowly edging him closer but never letting him get there till I was ready and wanting that hot load in my mouth and all over my face.

I love that feeling and taste. It’s the feeling of satisfaction. The taste of a bad girl 😉 it’s addictive to say the least. 

Don’t believe me? You can see for yourself by 




It’s finally Friday! That means it’s time for the weekend, time to put your feet up and relax 👍 I’m looking forward to some down time and time with the puppies. It’s a long weekend up here in Canada Land. Sadly it’s suppose to be cloudy and yuck weekend so much for fun in the sun 😶 oh well. I usually never plan anything for the May long weekend since it’s usually the kick off to summer up here and usually isn’t very nice weather. Add to that that everyone and their dog are headed out of town so getting anywhere other then local is a nightmare. I far prefer it to be a home weekend. Enjoy some local activities and chill. 

On the agenda for today was tanning and the gym. Working hard to get some color and feel tip top for the movie I’m in in July. Considering it’s a horror movie and il be naked for part of it I want to make sure I feel on top of my game. Ready for anything as it were 😉 

Next is the post box to collect some goodies 😍 then Mfc this afternoon. I’m hoping it’s not going to crash again and decide to spoil all my fun cause that will have been 3 days in a row it’s done that. Thank goodness for some fun Ebuds who wanted to do Skype last night I at least got some play time and a chance to have some fun 😉 

I how your all having w fantastic Friday! If your not having a frisky enough friend ill help you with that later. 

Xoxo Katie 


Security Cam Sex

Another hot Boy Girl update just went live for members of 🙂 this time we put the camera down and decided to just have fun and just have sex as we would if the camera wasn’t there. We normally have sex the same way off and on camera but I will say it is a bit different with the camera in your hands and up close and personal as you can well imagine.

After a hot night out dancing at the club and watching some sexy ladies strut there stuff I just wanted to get my tipsy ass home and get laid. Hehehe that happens more often then not once I’ve gone out had a drink or two danced my little booty off I just want to go home get naked and cum. TC was more then willing to help me with this 😉 He hid the camera on me so I wasn’t sure where it was and frankly didn’t care 😛 I was way too occupied with pleasing his hard cock and lost in my own cum drunk feelings.


Heres some screen grabs from the video to help give you an idea of what really happened. It’s over 23 minutes long and contains oral for us both, kissing, stripping, several positions and me being pretty much rendered immobile afterwards lol