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I had a blast last night with my members at our weekly chat! Broke out this little number so cute! Can’t wait to shoot in it :) thank you to my special friend who got me that sexy little outfit. I love the ears, mask and of coarse the fishnet full bum lol something about fishnet over a cute butt that is just plain hot! That and the way it feels across my nipples. Thanks to all those members who came by to hang out and to all my MFC loves ago hung out with me yesterday afternoon.

Vday is approaching… Who’s got a hot date? Who’s going out with a girl friend who single to celebrate being cute sexy single girls? Who’s hang out on MFC in the early afternoon and early evening? Who’s giving away valentines packages in a big raffle that day? None of you? Well then must be my days plans ;) lol yep I’ll be kicking it at the gym in the morning, raffling off some valentines and getting naughty on cam in the early afternoon/evening then out to dinner with Joni for our girls night! Yep a bday tradition I think I even convinced my mom to come with us. If not I got some flowers and chocolates for her either way :) love that lady to death!


This weekend is a shoot weekend not sure when I’m betting Sunday TC will be a coming over for a day of hot outfits, naughty friends and lots of fun! Not sure what we’ll be shooting but I promise you will all love it! I’ve got a few things up my sleeves and more than one new friend who needs to make a début ;) trust me you’ll like them.

For now I’ve got more than a few sexy outfits and props to pack up and send off to some lucky auction winners. Thank you to all those that bid. I’ll be posting new auctions at the end of the month so get you bidding buttons ready.

See you all on MFC around 2 PST can’t wait to pick up where we left off.

Xoxo Katie


I thought we should start our week off right with some boobs! I mean why not every week needs some boobs involved or it’s just not that great of a week. Yesterday was family day in Canada, what’s that you ask? It’s a holiday for families. A day to hang out with your loved ones and not have to work. Well that all depends ;) I had a really fun afternoon on MFC and just loved hanging out and being naughty with you all. My mom was away skying with my grandma anyways so she wasn’t available to spend time with.

Been scoping out a few new games for the Xbox and I will admit I’m annoyed! Seems from the interview I watched they won’t be releasing games that are backwards comparable for the Xbox. In other words they release the game for Xbox 1 but not 360. Lame! I’m hoping the guy just didn’t list the 360 when we has rambling off consoles. Cause the latest Lego game
Marvel looks pretty freaken wicked! I love the Lego games! So much fun!

Don’t forget about my members hour long free chat tonight at 9 EST! I missed you guys last week so this weeks chat will be extra spicy ;) you won’t want to miss it that’s for sure! I’ll be on MFC around 3 PST hope to see you guys there before hand.

Xoxo Katie





Yep I’m bored so randomness ensues :P


Last nights Victoria Secret Fashion show girls night went off without a hitch! In the end there was about 10 of us and we all had a blast!


We went through 2 batches of sangria which didn’t seem to be affecting us till we went to stand up and almost all fell over lol :P


Of course I went all out and decorated with pink lights, red and pink feather boas, candles, pink candy and heart shapes everything :) can’t forget the angel wings too though after all we were watching our favorite angels strut their stuff!


The contest went well one unanimous winner won the VS gift card but there was a tie for second place so we did a strut off! They both put on the tallest pair of heels I own and strut their stuff run way style to determine who was the winner of a gift bag full of fun girlie goodies. Since the 3 rd place winner wS such a good sport I sent her home with a little something something too :)

All in all it was a fun yet relaxing night and I can’t wait to do it again soon. Hope you all had a great Saturday night and are taking it easy on this fine Sunday. See you back in action tomorrow on MFC.

Xoxo Katie


Time to usher in a new start here at I’m now featured using toys and masterbating :) It’s been a long time coming and i’m thrilled to share my naughtier side with you all. This week kick started my exploration of toys with 3 Toy happy sets and tomorrow night there will be 3 toys happy videos added right along side these sets. I’m excited for you all to see what I have been up to. I’ve been having what I can only describe as way too much fun shooting and thinking up naughty new ideas to share and show you all.


First things first how about a naughty book worm who just had to take a break from reading for some panty stuffing, toy sucking and purple veiny dildo doing lol that almost sounds like a tongue twister :) not to worry you all I am still the same sweet girl I’ve always been I just happen to have a ‘bad’ side. I mean everyone does and now I’m opening my doors and welcoming you all in to take a look for yourself. I will admit it’s really freeing feeling! I feel alive and free to explore and be who I am. I think every women and every person should feel sexually free to explore and be who they are.

Untitled 2.jpg

I don’t know about you all but a tight little pair of cut off daisy duke jean shorts sure do make me feel sexy. I feel like these one barely cover by butt and it’s jus tout there for the world to see. It’s kinda exhilarating to wear these to the grocery store lol and then grab something on the bottom shelf ;) Don’t you wish you grocery shopped where I do?

Untitled 3.jpg

OK this last one is kinda different. The title really doesn’t have much to do with the set other than the color of the toy which is crome :) yes crome! But it more so has something to do with the naughty things it makes me think about. It kinda makes me think that this might be what a Terminators cock looks like :P I know a little out there but it might be kinda fun in a naughty sorta way :P Either way this set is hot! I love the colors, the matching stockings and the smooth intensity of the vibration from this toy, it’s a fast favourite of mine!

Videos coming in about 24 hrs featuring me using some of the toys above and maybe a surprise one or two ;) I hope your all ready for this cause I know I am. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!! and get watching over 360 HD videos of me, perving at over 17800 High resolution photos, viewing my weekly free members chat and enjoy the archives, candids, fan art that comes along with it. Not to mention full network access to everyone seen on the Bella network. There is over 8 sites and the content ranges from teasing strip teases to hard core fuck scenes :) there’s something for every enthusiast.

XoXo Katie

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