Finally a customer, I’ve been cooped up all day by myself in this bier hall. Ohh he’s cute! Mmm I wanna make him watch me cum. I love being watched. I bet this will be an Oktoberfest he’ll never forget. First I’ll pretend we are out of beer then promise to make it up to him. Tease him, taunt him maybe even beg for him to let me make it all better… he he he… then before he has time to object I’ll slowly start to strip for him. I bet once he sees my big round boobs he won’t say no.

Summer has arrived 

I don’t know about you guys but there is definitely no denying that summer is here! We didn’t have much of a spring so there was no reving up to the heat, it was just boom! It’s hot as hell lol 🙂 I’m craving a sunny sweaty beach day ever since the weather turned. I’m hoping to sneak away one day this week and enjoy a nude beach day with a girl friend. Yes I said nude beach. There is a rather spectacular nude beach here in Vancouver that is amazing. It’s a hell of a hike down like 200 step stairs that are basically straight down and then straight up on the way back but you really can’t beat the beach. Yes I’m leaving leg day till after lol who knows maybe that will be my leg day. 

I’ve started my countdown till Cali! Sun, fun, friends and some vacation time can’t wait 🙂 it’s going to be so nice! Not to mention costumes for D23. I was fixing up a few things this weekend in fact. Things are coming together really well. I even borrowed my mothers sewing machine. It’s been forever since I did some real sewing. It was just like riding a bicycle. I use to make a few things each year, mainly for stage craft. We use to make our costumes or need to alter them. Part of our grade was comprised of how well we did in all aspects of theatre. Was a fun project each year and definitely challenging. 

Till then though I’m doing my best to get ahead and get some online time in so we can have a fun July leading up. I always get nervous when traveling. It really sucks to be honest. I get anxious, I over think things and end up not looking forward to my trip which is always a major bummer. Sadly 1 really really bad time through customs and now it takes some serious zen and help to get through customs without anxiety. That said I’m working on visualizing a good outcome. It’s easy to be honest cause I’ve been back to the  states a billion time since with no incidents. So really I just need to zen out lol as anyone with anxieties will know that’s easier said then done. I just keep picturing me on a gorgeous sunny beach with TC laughing and playing in the water 😎 yep awesomeness right there! 

Can’t believe it’s July basically now! Wtf summer dont leave me so soon… slow down just a little mmmmkay? 

Xo Katie 

Gretchen Beer Wench Pics

it’s so lonely in this tavern during the day, you’d think they would have someone else here with me. Another beer wench, a guy in the kitchen, the manager or what about a strong strapping German lad to help me bring in the new kegs when these ones run out. But alas nope, notta. I get so bored! no one to talk to. Only beer to keep me company.

All the German men are out working or partying. They live such hard rough lives, all I wanted to do is help make it better! help them relax after a hard days work 😀 that way they will give me a big fat tip! oh or maybe they will bring me some German sausage, I love those!

What’s a girl to do when she’s all alone all day? Good thing I’m resourceful and always bring something fun to play with. Oh whats this a customer! ….

hello there! I’m Gretchen what can I get you? you need something really strong to help you forget about your bad day. How about a nice ice cold beer! Oh Oh! it seems that the tap is empty and I’m the only one here, I can’t change it on my own I’m too wee. Tell you what I will give you this half a beer on the house and a little something extra if you just stay and watch.  I love to be watched 😉

Gotta love a sexy costume shoot that turns out perfectly as planned! I was a cute and not so innocent frauline who just wanted to get her share of the fun going around during Octoberfest. Lucky for you you were the first to come into my beer haul 😉

XoXo Katie

Gretchen Cosplay

I had some fun for a recent shoot for you all! nothing beats a fun concept, cool costume, multiple locations and special decorations. I played a cute little Gretchen beer hall wench during Octoberfest who wants to make sure everyone is having the best time ever. I loved themed shoots and cosplay costume ideas 😀 Here I take you behind the scenes while getting ready to shoot.

I’ve been having so much fun making flirty youtube vids, blogs and really just talking to you guys via video more and more. Its a great way for you to get to know me better and see me in my day to day life not just when I’m feeling sexy. To catch al my blogs and behind the scenes like this vid check out my youtube channel subscribers are kick ass and make me smile 😀

xo Katie


It’s finally almost the weekend! We made it! It was a good week on the Banks home front. Got quiet a bit done, got online 3 days this week and had a blast. Got back to the gym and feeling pumped. Moving towards a workout routine that I think will kick butt and be more manageable. 

As for the weekend I don’t have any plans as of yet. I’m loving that fact to be honest. Life has been so go go for so long that the chance to have zero agenda, zero social obligations is amazing. I can just do what I want as it comes up. On my agenda… working on my D23 costumes since that is coming up next month, visiting some water. I don’t care if it’s a lake, the ocean or the river. I want to be in a bikini with my feet in the water relaxing. Oh and some nexflix and chill. A chance to just mellow. 

Might sound silly but with my busy schedule I find the thing I miss the most is uber lazy days. Pjs all day, no make up, snuggling with the pups. Oh yes! I’ve got things coming up the next 2 weekends but my new plan is that Sundays are black out days. No plans made, no obligations that’s my me day. If I choose to go shopping or out and about that’s my choice 🙂 

Working towards a more zen Katie 😊 I hope no matter what you get up to this weekend you have a blast in the sun shine.

Xoxo Katie