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It’s summer time and you know what that means…. OUTDOOR PHOTO SHOOTS :D Yes I love getting naughty outdoors! there wis just something about being out and about and doing something very risque that gets me riled up. Maybe it’s the chance of being caught and seeing someone trying to et that second look, maybe it’s doing something that no one else does, maybe it’s the win on my skin and the breeze on my nipples either way it’s one of my favourite things to do. I can’t seem to get enough of it and this year was the most exciting. For the first time ever I masterbated in the middle of a park on a sunny sunday afternoon without being hidden in a car :P lol Yes we got interrupted a few times by people hiking with their dogs but not to worry I am pretty good at looking inconspicuous in the woods.

I was feeling a little bit country this week and had to bring out my leather cowgirl boots and suspenders for a shoot that felt so me. Most of you probably don’t know this but I grew up in a rural environment and while I wasn’t on a farm there was some just up the road and a few of my friends did live on a farm. Despite having really bad hay fever I LOVE horses!! and got my cowgirl boots on to go riding many many an afternoon. While most of them no longer live on a farm or have horses for me to ride (really disappointed about that! I want to do a naked bareback shoot on horse back and no one has a horse damn!) I still day dream about farm life.

I couldn’t believe hot exciting it felt to masterbate in public right at the side of a busy trail where just about anyone could come across me! my heart was racing and there were many a butterfly in my tummy. I love that feeling. Much like I suspect adrenaline junkies love that pump they feel I love that feeling. Forget crazy death defying acts, forget crazy adventures plunk me naked in the park where someone could possible see me and put me behind the camera and I am in my element. Excitement, worry, risk, that free feeling, the naughty girl in me just starts to sore.

Just wait till you see the matching outdoor video I shot for this set…. that’s right I didn’t just get naked and take pics in the park I filmed video and I was not trying to be quiet by any means when I came. Perhaps you might not be 100% aware of this but I am not quiet when I orgasm. lol in fact I have been told on numerous occasions that I am both loud and intense when I cum.

cowgirl-suspenders-64.jpg cowgirl-suspenders-65.jpg

This won’t be the last shoot you see of me outdoors getting my kink on….. the summer is only beginning and I haven’t got my fill of outdoor shoots just yet ;)

XoXo Katie

It’s been another jam packed week on with 2 HD videos live for your viewing and wanking pleasure ;) this weeks videos are a little more personal since it’s just me and the camera this time. It’s hard to say which is my favourite, shooting with a camera operator or by myself. When someone else is there there’s the added excitement that I have a audience and I can see his every reaction as I do it and then I just know that you all will enjoy it just the way I want you to. Or my myself and I with the camera. It feels a little more personal and intimate and I just imagine your face at home as you watch me finger myself or play with my favourite toy, imagine how hard you are and how amazing I’m making both of us feel. Both get my hot and bothered so I guess the age old statement is true… variety is the spice of life ;)

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.13.18 PM.png

I couldn’t wait for you to get home I was far too horny so I just grabbed my video camera and got started with out you, I made sure to send you a copy though that way you could feel like you were there with me enjoying our sunny afternoon together. My purple Dong was just the friend to help out. watch as I suck, ride and play to an amazing orgasm.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.13.09 PM.png

To watch this video or perhaps one of the other upwards of 385 HD videos that are currently on my site all you have to do is CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and start enjoying. There are 2 HD videos going live each and every week as well as a ton of candids, high res photo sets, webcam archives, fan art and a bunch more! Best part for this summer you can sign up for as little as $20 a month! that is unheard of! You’ll also get full access to the Bella Network which consists of 8 other websites and more than a few hot naughty girls who love to play just for your viewing pleasure. There is B/G, GGG, GG, lots of toys, lots of tease and lots of boobs… you know the things I swear that makes the world go round. you won’t be sorry I promise :)

XoXo Katie

Awesome week


This week is flying right on by :) great! I’m excited for the weekend so it can fly right on by I don’t mind. The weather isn’t going to turn around though so I’ll be shooting indoors… Costume time? I’ve got 1 or 20 that keep calling my name lol :P time to bring one out for some play time.

Man been looking ahead to my schedule and it’s looking nuts! I’m excited for all the exciting fun plan but at the same time wondering when I’ll get some time to just be a regular person and relax. I’m going to squeeze it in when ever I can but it looks dicey.

For now I’m focusing on this week and am pumped for another fun day online :) thank you to all my ebuds and MFC luvs who have be stopping by all week to say hi, hang out and show their support it’s been an amazing week :) I miss you crazy kids when I don’t see you and I guess the saying when it rains it pours is so true cause I’ve gotten to hang out with more than a few friends I haven’t seen in what feels like forever! Thank you everyone for making the effort it means a lot. I’m looking forward to 2 more days online cause I never know who might come online or what crazy things we’ll get up to. Yesterday was a lotioned up cum show… I’m so soft today love it.

See you all online in a few short hours.

Xoxo Katie



Excellent exciting and eventful things are in the works :) I’m excited for the kick off to my summer. I’ve got so much planned some of which have been in the beginning stages of planning for a few months now that are finally coming together. No hints no telling just yet. Most you already know, the rest you can guess and some will be surprises but all will make you smile. Still crossing my fingers for more sunny weather this Saturday. Planning to shoot some sexy content for all you members of mine! Outdoor is at the top of my list but I’ve also got a trillion ideas for indoor too so I’ll figure it out and all will be good.

So far this week has been amazingly relaxing and fun! Just me being me having fun on MFC, getting a few good work outs in, accomplishing a bunch of little things off my list of to does.


I’ve got a wedding shower for my girl friend Sunday and I’m the sneaky brat who’s ‘taking her to lunch’ but really is surprising her when we show up at her aunts ;) I like planning things for friends. I cherish the friendships that I have. I have chosen and carefully weeded through to only have those around me who support me, lover and help to up lift me. Those who I don’t have to hide from or pretend I don’t do adult. They keep me grounded and remind me I’m still the big nerd I’ve always been.

Smile everyone the future is bright, the world is a beautiful place and if today’s not your day don’t worry you can go to bed tonight and hit the redo button and start again tomorrow ;)

Xoxo Katie


Can’t believe June is 1/2 over! What the heck I blinked and 14 days flew right on by I swear. Something tells me this summer will be gone before I know it. I’ve got a jammed pack next 3 weeks so they will fly by. July isn’t too busy yet but I state a big yet! I’m excited but also a little sad that my summer will come and go so quickly.

Planning a photo shoot this Saturday :) I’m excited to play in front of the camera for you all. I was hoping to shoot outdoors again but the weather report seems a little iffy. Going to have to play in by ear. Hoping it’ll be nice then I can sneak out and get at least 1 outdoor shoot done again then I can sneak back inside and shoot at home. Canada day is just around the corner so u need to think of something fun to do for this years shoot. Last few years it’s been Canadian themed bikinis this year I’m planning a little something different. Mistress Katie also has been clawing away wanting out to play so she will be stopping by to put you all in your place soon enough. I’d say the biggest problem I have is narrowing my options. I’ve got way too many ideas and themes I wanna do. Gotta stop off at the dollar store though and see about grabbing some props. I always find the coolest things at the dollar store.


It’s my favorite day of the week on twitter… Titty Tuesday! So I thought we needed to spice up my blog with more boobs, but not just any boobs an intense close up with hard nipples ;) your welcome.

I am also interested in hearing what you guys want to see more of on more girl next door, more glamour, more mistress, self shots, crazy random items for incursion… Hehe ;) I’ve got a few ideas but I also wanted to hear what you guys want to see. So either leave me a comment here or shoot me an email to and let me know. I’m not 100% saying I can make all your requests come true but I can do my best to accomplish as many as possible. Keeping in mind things that are very location, prop and outfit specific can be hard to make happen, if it requires all the planets to aline and a unicorn to come prancing into frame it’s not likely I’ll be able to pull it off. More dirty talk and JOI are high on my list just FYI ;)

See you all on MFC around 3/3:30 PST

Xoxo Katie

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