who’s up for a survey ?

Do you like it rough or sensual?: I like it when it starts out sensual then builds and gets rougher. That said I’m not a huge fan of tough sec

Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: I prefer men on a regular bases and for relationships but love to play with a sexy lady.

How often do you like to have sex?: Every Day if I’m in a relationship, at least 1-3 times a week if I can manage when single

Is sex a top priority for you?: Yes, I’m a horny girl and while masterbation scratches that itch it’s not as satisfying as sex

Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: yes I love missionary or riding on top so I can look at my partners eyes. But the finishing move for me is doggy

How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: Not that often lol Im usually drinking and getting wild with my friends not strangers but on occasion 😉 you never know

How do you feel about one night stands?: They can be fun n flirty but I prefer to get to know someone, figure out their buttons and repeatedly tease and push them 😉

How many one night stands have you had?: hmm most of my 1 night stands turned to dating some worked some didn’t. I’d say ball park 6-8

What’s your favorite position?: missionary, cowgirl or doggy

Where’s your favorite place to have sex?: hmm I like to feel a little wild so I’m up for anywhere! But a bed’s nice since it allows for LOTS of room and positions

Do you prefer to make love or f*uck?: both its called balance 😉

Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: haha I have a porn problem! I watch it 90% of the time I’m have sex n 95% of the time I’m masterbating

How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: depends on how turned on I am or ready I am. I like some foreplay! I wanna feel how hard a guy is for me

Do you get off first or do they?: I do! Lol I cum a lot usually 2-3 times during sex and usually quite quickly too

Do you like kissing during sex?: yes! I love kissing especially on my neck, ears, nipples and of course lips

Xoxo Katie


Finally Friday 

It’s finally Friday! Time for the weekend and is a super busy one at that. Today I’m working out, getting my tan on, getting a pedicure then it’s cam time. I get to release some pent up sexual energy 😉 and feel frisky for the afternoon then off to birthday dinner for my best friend. Me, Salsa and Hilroy are off to dinner! It’s Hilroy’s birthday :) was thinking about this yesterday I’ve known both Salsa and Hilroy for 20 years! Man that’s a long time. I wonder if I’m the only one who’s like an emperor penguin and mates for life lol. All my closest girl friends except maybe 3 I’ve known for 7+ years. Funny that. 

Tomorrows my first ever beach day this year! Headed to a beautiful beach with some good people for a beach day birthday party :) it’s going to be so nice! Can’t wait. My biggest dilemma is what bikini to wear? I have a billion so hmmm… Tough one. 

I’m feeling sore today! But in a good way, I’ve been kicking butt all week at the gym and taking names. It feels great to be back at it again :) it’s amazing how routines just click back into place. It’s been maybe 7 work outs since I started back mid last week and I’m already feeling fitter and more like myself. Fabulous feeling after the last while. Especially with summer already at my doorstep and fun adventures just waiting to be had. 

Well I better finish up my cardio and get a move on my little pale butt ain’t going to tan itself lol 😉 see you all online 2/2:30- 7 PST today 

Xoxo Katie 


fantastic week 

Wow what a start to June! It’s been one heck of a month so far and it’s only the 4th today! And I mean that in a fantastic way :) yep may sucked but so far June rocks. Just got done chatting with TC about outdoor shoot dates coming up and what we might be looking to get, good things coming! Big on my outdoor shoot list is fun costumes, bikinis! and flirty summer dresses. Be ready members 😉 the only problem now is having to wait 2 more weeks till its shoot time! I’m far too excited and have far to much in mind that I just want to hit fast forward. 

Thankfully I have a great distraction or two till then. I’ve been blown away by all my ebuds on MFC this week, thank you to everyone who’s kept me company, tipped and participated :) I’ve got a perma grin from ear to ear now! It’s been great meeting a few new friends, doing not just 1 show but a few 😉 I’m one satisfied little lady that’s for sure. 

I’ve got more than one fan pack, panties and signed prints all packed u for a few luck fans. I love packing up goodies to send out! Which reminds me I’m getting together items for more auctions so be on the look out and ready for some kick ass swag that comes up for auction. 

Not only have I been sending out fan packs bit I’ve also been doing Skype shows.  It’s been really fun  :) if you didn’t know now you do, I’m accepting Skype show requests. Just head to my blog store for pricing, email me there and we can get the ball rolling on a one on one can session! 

Well gotta finish up here at the gym then it’s post office time. 

Xoxo Katie 


Double Creampie

We’ve always had that fantasy of you and me and another guy, you love to watch and I love to put on a show for you. It’s just something that’s never happened yet we keep our eyes open to the possibility of it one day. Well today was that day, we finally went for it and decided that the new guy at work would make the perfect addition to spice up our love life. He was so sweet and polite at the company dinners and parties. I caught him looking a little too long or sneaking in a side ways glance at me. You get along with him so well it just seemed to fit.

1.jpg 4.jpg

I couldn’t believe it when you said that you propositioned him and he said yes. I did a mental little happy dance. Finally I get to put on a good show for my man being a good little slut and play thing for you like you’ve always asked and I’ve always dreamed. I can’t wait to suck on both your cocks and to have 2 men to please. I can’t wait for you both to fill me up with cum.


I love a nice hot cream pie and you’ve always wanted to fuck my creamed in kitty so now it’s your chance. I’ve always wanted to have a double cream pie. This is the ultimate chance for use both to tease each other and fulfill our naughtiest fantasy.




The Man Cave!

Guess who appeared on the Man Cave podcast today! that’s right me! I ad a blast doing a phone interview with Jeff from the Man Cave. It was fun, flirty and I laughed lots! this was my first podcast ever! it reminded me a lot of what it was like doing Playboy Radio back in 2011. The 25 mins went by way too fast that’s for sure :) I’ve now been bit by the podcast bug and want to find a whole bunch more to appear on, why not right! I will admit though I was a little nervous yesterday just before I did the interview but super excited. From what everyone else has said I did great and was a natural :) yayay I’m thrilled to hear that. I haven’t listened yet myself I’m nervous to hear myself 😛