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What a gorgeous relaxing weekend :) I had a great time at my aunts visiting with family on Friday and Saturday. It’s always nice to be surrounded by those you love and just hanging out and having fun. The sun was a shining and it was hot out! Made for a lazy day in the yard with my nieces and nephews blowing bubbles and playing hide and go seek. Then once the kiddies went to bed it morphed into a block party rather randomly too lol one neighbor came by then another and another. I spent as much time out side in the sun enjoying the heat wave. Figured its never here long enough for my liking so forget the AC lets sit in the shade with a Popsicle and enjoy the warm summer breeze :)

Finally found a dress and accessories for my mom yesterday for the wedding we’re attending next month. It’s a nice form fitting green dress with some coral pink chunky accessories :) something that’s summery and flattering. My moms so cute! I suggested bright colored big jewelry and her first question, you can do that? Lol yes mom you can wear a fun colored necklace in a different color than your dress. Slowly she’s getting it. Bringing her out of the 70/80′s and into the 2000s she’s already now for a got first date! Just gotta find a guy now ;) lol


Went to the bay yesterday afternoon to take in the sites and enjoy a fresh ocean breeze. The pups loved it and while there wasn’t much of a ocean breeze coming in off the water the sun was blisteringly hot and it was so nice out. Just look at the water so calm and beautiful. No I did not go swimming! I’m not a fan of salt water too many creepy crawly slimy things in there. Give me a lake and I’m in in a heart beat but cold salt ocean no thanks! The pups agree. Kinzie too one little paw dip and stuck up her nose and walked away.


I’m pumped for next week :) booked myself a little vacation/shoot trip. Going to visit a few friends I haven’t hung out with in god knows how long! Planning to stop along the way and find some water to shoot with and probably take a dip in. Can’t wait! A chance to kick back relax and just smile :) a beach day is in the works and girls shopping trip! I’m stoked already! I’ll be in count down mode till I get there lol for now I’m looking forward to a sunny filled week, a kick ass time on MFC and a relaxing weekend.

Xoxo Katie

Sun Shine Here We Go

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Busy busy Friday for this girl :) got my cousin coming into town who I haven’t seen in over a year! So headed out to my aunts for the afternoon and night to visit and hang out. I’m sure we’ll all have a blast as there will be roughly 10 of us cousins over at my aunts. I’m sure she’ll love the full house. But before that I’m off to get my nails done and run a bunch of errands :P sadly that means no MFC today, but not to worry I’ll be back in action on Monday :) thank you to everyone who made this week a good one.

I’m excited for the sun shine now that the weekend is here. It’s so sunny and so hot and I love it :) I really wanna just throw on my bikini, grab a blanket, a towel and some snacks and hit the beach. Just lay out and enjoy the sun with the pups. Hell I’ll settle for sun tanning in the park don’t even need the beach part. My plan is to wear as little as possible and be outside as much as I can. Ta da no bra and no panties check ;)


Except for an hour or two on Sunday when I will be dress shopping with my mom :P still trying to find her the right dress for the wedding we are headed to next month. Tricky though cause we want it to be something she can wear again. I love that my mom trusts and asks me for shopping advice :) glad I’m a good shopping buddy and that I can help her out. After all I want her to look smoking especially if she’s going to possible wear this dress out on a hot date…. One day lol first step have something to wear in the eventuality she gets asked out.

Whatever you get up to this weekend I hope you have a sunny filled smiling weekend.

Xoxo Katie

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Feeling pumped this week :) started doing a new work out routine yesterday and I’m feeling the burn but in a good way. It’s breathed new life into my work outs which were beginning to feel blah. What am i doing? In doing pyramids with a strip set at the end. So what the hell is that? lol don’t worry I asked my buddy the same thing when we suggested it to me. Well ok I was a little tipsy so responded with what the F are those and why the h e double hockey sticks do I wanna so it? :P basically start at a slightly lighter weight building each set to a higher weight (I do 4 sets of 8-12 reps each, 1 warm up set and 3 work sets) for your last set once you hit positive failure (can’t lift your weight anymore) drop down 50% of the weight your at and keep going till positive failure again. Yes complicated work out mobo jombo :P but it’s party of my day to day life so from time to time you’ll hear about it mmmkay just smile and nod :)

Thank you to those who stopped by for some fun on MFC what a warm welcome I got back after 4 days away. What an amazing start to my week :). I missed you guys and had a blast test driving my new hitachi attachments :) yes last night was good! I signed off a little cum drunk but smiling. I have 3 other attachments that we can try out one at a time soon. Also going to have to make some videos with those attachments for all my members. I’m not an avid hitachi fan like some women who swear by it cause well it’s intense when you have a big clit like me. That said though it’s amazing and fun for a really intense play session ;) it’s like the Rolls-Royce of sex toys…. Ok scratch that it’s the Bugatti Veyron of sex toys, 0-60 in a blink of an eye and it just sucks your ass into the back of the seat and your left hanging on for dear life with the biggest shit eating grin spread from ear to ear. Yep that sums it up lol ;)

Packing up a bunch of auction items for a few lucky winners :) congrats to all those who rocked out my auctions! Want something special of your own? Check out for my personal store :) lists items and some pricing. Just contact me there through the email provided and we can get the ball rolling :)

Xoxo Katie

Monday moaner


Hello Monday morning moaners :P I hope your not faring too badly this Monday considering for most of you it was a long weekend complete with lots of drinks. It sorta was for me too surprisingly enough. Thursday I got my hair did! More blond e yayaya :) loving it! Friday I shot out in the woods for a fun themed shoot that will be coming to sometime soon. I had a blast but sadly forgot to grab my bug patches so got a tad eaten to death by the Mosquitos. Worst part I’m allergic so my bites go purple and last a while :( sad monkey right here! Doubling up on my antihistamines and using my prescribed cream on th hopefully that will fade them fast… Fingers crossed. Saturday was a family picnic that got rained out so I went to the mall for a bit with my mom to try and find her a dress for the wedding we are attending next month.

Then it was dance night with my girls :) we had fun went to a little pub and enjoyed some good tunes and some taste drinks. It was an interesting evening complete with a few rude individuals who could accept girls night meant girls night no boys. No I won’t dance with you means just that lol. Oh well the worst was when a certain guy decided HD wanted to spray it not say it eeks! Lol we had a good laugh over that. All in all though we had fun. My girlfriend was in town for once! She’s been living abroad for the past 3 years and finally came home for a month.

20140707-121045-43845142.jpg 20140707-121045-43845458.jpg

Sunday I attempted to sleep off the shots lol then headed to a wedding shower for my other girl friend who I’m a bridesmaid for. Next month is going to be one crazy month! 2 weddings to go to and 2 stags. It’s literally going to be 1 weekend 2 back to back stagettes, then the following weekend wedding #1 that I’m a bridesmaid for, then the next weekend wedding #2 I’m a bridesmaid for, then I think I have to go visit family the following weekend away :P busy month that’s for sure.

Needless to say its a little funny when I’m looking forward to the weekdays and my regular routine. What can I say I’m a creature of habit and feel the most comfortable in my regular day to day. I’m looking forward to a week of working out, MFC play time and relaxing with the pups. This weekend I’m dress shopping with my mom again and so far that’s it. I’m hoping to plan nothing and just relax.

I will say a fun filled weekend sure helped me clear my head though and release some stress that was building from a crazy busy June. For now I’m going to not focus on the little things that pile up like I was last week and I got overloaded. I’m going to focus on the day to day and accomplish what u can and not worry about the things I can’t.

I look forward to MFC this afternoon… Hitachi show time! I got some fun attachments that I think will be awesome! Haven’t texted them out yet I figured we’ll do that today :) see you around 3 PST

Xoxo Katie

Zooming by



Had a blast yesterday celebrating with everyone on MFC thank you to those who came by to say hi and hang out. Can’t believe it’s now Wednesday! This week is zooming right on by. Just booked in for a hair appointment for tomorrow :) going to go a little blonder. My hair dresser is going on vacation and I’m too impatient to wait till she gets back lol yaya going a little lighter nothing too crazy. Been doing all sorts of moisturizing hair masks and such to help my hair stay healthy so it’s in great shape :) so happy to say that. Been doing mostly a coconut oil mask. I literally bought organic coconut oil from the grocery store and I put in it in all over my hair for an hour before washing my hair. Requires a good shampooing afterwards and a conditioning too but ta da super soft and healthy. I’d say it’s healthier than it was before I went blonde.

Fridays a shoot day :) might even pop on cam afterwards but we’ll see it is July 4th so not sure how many of you will be indoors on your computer :P hoping for a sunny weekend I’ve got a family picnic Saturday and a wedding shower Sunday to attend. Got some new summer dresses lined up to wear. I went on a summer dress buying craze so now I have a bunch! Love it! Only one down side… It doesn’t get that warm here so it’s hard to have the weather that goes along with a summer dress and I’m often always cold lol :P I’ll just have to toughen up I guess ;)

Who’s excited for an hitachi cum show today… I’ve got some fun attachments that a certain Wilson bought me ;) I’m excited to test them out! Come help witness me breaking in some new toys. I’ll be online around 3 PST

Xoxo Katie

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