Video blog time

I’ve been a video blogging maniac lately lol I’ve been trying to film more and more of me in my every day life and the fun things that I get up to so that I can invite you all into the other side of my life not just the kinky and naughty kind that involves naked boobs! don’t worry there are still boobs on my youtube channel just not naked ones because those aren’t allowed 😛 I am going my best to make things fun and bring in the things we all love while still obeying the youtube rules lol I am bad for getting banned.

Lets see I have been kicked off Instagram 2 times and am now on my third account. I have been kicked off youtube once before and it sucked. It really harshens one’s mellow when you get canned. It’s frustrating, maddening and makes you not want to try. Putting time and effort into something, into creating a community, a fan base and a following to jus have it wiped out in one step sure makes you mad. So I am not breaking the rules any more lol 😛 That doesn’t mean we won’t still have fun 😛 oh fun will abound.

So I move forward with a new Instagram @thekatiebanks and have had it for about 6 months now 🙂 I have only had like 1 or 2 posts removed which is normal. I’m having fun sharing with everyone on there. It’s amazing how light and energetic i find Instagram. i love following makeup people i like, everything little baby animal related, sexy ladies I like, inspiring quotes that make me smile and of course something silly thrown in to make me laugh.

Youtube I have had for the last 4 years I honestly just didn’t update it that much. I was such an avid video blogger back when i started my first one. I updated regularly, had fun ideas, really felt I was reaching new people and having fun. Then one day I got canned. It sucked and I was majorly bummed. After that I started a new channel but really lost the steam in my engine to start back up at full speed…. fast forward to a few months ago and really I asked myself WTF self why are you not video blogging? it was fun and easy to do and everyone really seemed to love it? come one now lol 😛 fast forward to now and I am having a blast coming up with fun ideas, sharing my adventures and I have even gotten TC on the other side of the camera!! You all might not know this but he’s camera shy. He’s more a behind the scenes, hold the camera kinda guy and its been fun to get him to bust out of his shell and say hello. So expect to see more of him and at some point who knows he might just start posting blog himself too!! for now we will give him a mental high five for joining me on camera in out sexy sex tapes and for popping in on some fun video blogs.

It your not subscribing to either my youtube or my Instagram WTF 😛 lol jk 😛 its on youtube and @thekatiebanks on Instagram

XoXo Katie

Vegas, TC + a Tight dress

back from Vegas and finally starting to feel a little better after coming down with the worst head cold ever! So many fun things to share and show you guys from Vegas starting with some fun video blogs! Lets kick start this one with TC, his first in front of the camera Vlog with me. Expect to see more 🙂 I am slowly getting him more use to being in front of the camera so you call can get to know him better as well. Here you go just a fun little hello style video we did after shooting one day. More to come! I have been creating like a maniac since I have been away from cam all week sick so many more fun videos rolling out for you all soon.

I hope your having a fantastic Friday 😉

Xo Katie

Bad Employees

Bryci and I were very bad employees, we sorta skipped out on our weekend responsibility at work without telling anyone. WE couldn’t help ourselves, we would rather stay home and play then head to the office and get some work down. Of course the boss found out and we got in big trouble! so first thing Monday morning we had to march straight up to his office and explain what went wrong. Lucky for us we had a plan. We figured with a little visual aid we could convince the boss to let us take the weekends off in exchange for a 3 way meeting every Friday at 5 pm in his office. IT would be just between us and him. Once he agreed we gave him a little taste of what it would be like…. Bryci of course couldn’t keep her hands off of my big juicy booty so I let her play with my butt while the bi boss watched!


Hello I’m Katie

Time for you all to get to know me a little better 🙂 one of my goals with my youtube channel is to let you all anatomy world in a new way that lets you see me love and in living color just being me. Yes you get to see me on cam or in videos but that’s not how I am all the time, nor is that the only things that I do. So part of my youtube channel fun will be get to know me videos, questionnaire videos, fun random facts about me videos… the list goes on. I hope you all like this one 🙂 to check out all my free tube vids all you got to do is check out and don’t forget to subscribe and like my vids! it helps butt loads.

Xo Katie

Hot gym sex

Its that time again, after the holidays were we all try to kick butt at our new years resolution to get in shape and feel better. What better way to feel motivated then to reward myself after a hard days work at the gym with a good tumbling 😉 TC was all to willing to help out! He supervised as I stretch out and did a little cardio to help unwind from my hard work out. It didn’t take long though once I lay on my yoga matt for a little breather for him to come over and help me really relax afterwards.


He made sure to help hit all those hard to reach places and really made sure I was going to feel not just my work out later 😉 We really had some fun with this one! Since I am such a work out fitness buff it was fun to include something very me in this scene. We of course had to utilize the bike! I mean come on you knew you had to see me on it when you saw it in the back ground of the photos right.


What many of you might not know is that that is my mom’s basement 😛 she was all packed up and close to moving day with a great little gym space in the basement that I just had to take the golden opportunity and ask her if I could shoot in her gym. My mom being bad ass said yes 😀


To watch TC and I stretch it out after a tough work out all you gotta do is one thing… its real easy and its’ something awesome that you’ll be doing for yourself! when was the last time you did something just for you? something that you knew would be awesome and being you many 😀 …


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