Count down

One day to go! One day till its vacation time! I can’t wait :) bring on the sun shine and the relaxation. Getting the last few thing together today such as laundry, the pups packed and off to my moms, a pedicure and get my tan on. It’s suppose to be sunny and warm and I can’t wait to wave the rain good bye and relax in the sun.

Packing tonight so tomorrow morning I can have a relaxed start to my day of traveling. Hoping that will help put me in a zen mood for my flight, fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

I swear Kinzie’s already knows something is up, she’s acting super sucky and a little unsure of herself. Good thing I plan to pull the suitcases out after I drop her at my moms. She gets cranky when she sees the suit seed cause she usually knows that means she’s gettin left at home. Of course Eva’s a little aloof so she’s just happy to be hear and going to be so excited when she gets to ‘grandmas house’ she loves the back yard and loves chasing the cats lol in her defense the youngest cat at my moms is the same age as her and they grew up together so he likes to antagonize her to no end lol it’s cute.

Hope your day’s a good one loves!

Xoxo Katie


Busy little Bee 

Busy bee the next few days, I leave early Thursday for my little get away! I’m both excited and nervous, I love to get away but I’m a bit of a nervous flyer. I usually just try to sleep but I tend to get fidgety, clostraphobic and anxious on a plane. Most people  love a direct flight but this girl likes connecting flights, means I break up the long journey so it feels like less time spent on each flight so the negative effects tend to not last as long 😛 I know I’m a big baby and it’s not that bad but still. Maybe this time I’ll see if I can’t convince my gf to get a little bit tipsy with me 😛 maybe a drink will help me sleep and calm my nerves, worth a try.

For now I’m trying to focus on the tasks at hand. I’ve got a butt load of laundry to do, packing for both me and the dogs who are headed to my moms for the week. They’ll have a blast in her back yard and chasing my moms poor cats. I’m shooting a custom video today too! Can’t wait, it’s going to be a hot one!

Sadly yesterday was my last day online until roughly the 29th. I know it’s a long break but sometimes that’s just the way things work out, a great big thank you to all those who came online yesterday to hang out and make my Monday a kick ass one. There won’t be time nor a location for me to cam while on vacation. Then once in back I’m house sitting for my aunt. You guys will have to just save up all your Katie needs and grab a giant fix once I’m back online. I’ll still be on Twitter, blogging and other social media. Don’t forget you can also grab my phone # and txt with me while I’m away. Once back I’ll be accepting phone calls as well :) watch my twitter for when, I’ll be tweeting to let you all know between which times I am accepting calls that day. I can’t wait to try out the calling option since i haven’t done that yet, I wonder who will be my first phone sex caller and what we will talk about 😉


xoxo Katie


Don’t Tell Mom

I’ve been a good little student lately, making sure to get all my homework done, being prompt for class and acing all my tests :) I love being a good girl! But this time there’s no books I can read, no way to study and well while there seems like theres a lot of videos I could watch none of them really give you any feed back on how you are doing so I need some help. Since your my mom’s new boyfriend and you seem really cool I think you can help. You ok to help a girl out? You see there is this boy who asked about me giving him a BJ. Seems rather normal for him to ask I mean we’ve been seeing each other for the last 2 months so why not right? I got a little bit nervous since well I’v never given one so I kinda chickened out, lame. I know your my mom’s boyfriend and all but I just thought you might be able to help show me the ropes and I don’t have anyone else to ask. This can be our dirty little secret, I promise I won’t tell a soul.


Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.06.56 PM.png

All sorts of naughty taboos are coming out while I’ve been playing in front of the camera :) I just get a tickle out of hearing me call you Daddy. Feels so submissive, so playful yet cute and dirty at the same time. Every girl should feel a little dirty and playful every now and again. What can I say I love to shock you guys! I get a tickle out of thinking about you watch me later, while stroking it to me pounding this little kitty for you. Do you get a twinkle in your eye when I say Daddy or something dirty? Do you stroke faster when I tell you what to do, do you try to hold back cuming till I say… hmmm yes I like to think in some way I am shocking to you and that it gets you so horny knowing that I can 😉

XoXo Katie



Thank goodness it’s Friday! Surprisingly this week went by faster than I expected it to :) been having a fun week on MFC with you all which always puts a little bounce in my step. I’ve got a pretty full weekend planned but I’m looking forward to some fun time and good friends. It’s my nephews first birthday Saturday! So all us aunts and uncles are meeting mom and dad out for some din din and drinks. Not that the little dude will know what’s happening but he sure will love all the attention! My mission tomorrow is to get him a new toy truck! Lights, noises and wheels that’s what he loves, other than boobs lol. Yes he is breast obsessed and yes so far I’m his favorite aunt lol 😛

Getting ready for my mini vacation next week! So pumped for sun shine! Starting my check list, I’ll need insurance, clean clothes, dog stuff together to take to my moms, travel sized toiletries… The list goes on. It’s a tad early to start packing plus that makes for sad puppy faces but I like to get prepped early. The little stinks will be spending the week at my moms running a muck, tarring up the back yard and annoying the cats lol 😉 too cute! I know I’ll miss my morning wake up call…  

Dog scarf anyone? Lol she’s such a snuggle monster!

For now I’m getting in my last few work outs so I won’t feel back about slacking and eating way too many yummy treats while I’m away :) it’s the vacation way.

Don’t forget you have till Tuesday to order a custom video from me before I can no longer accept any custom requests till May 1st. They are discounted till April 14th as well! A whole $25 off! Can’t go wrong with that now can you :) CLICK HERE TO HEAD TO MY STORE AND ORDER YOUR NOW.

All I can say now is Thank God It’s Friday! Pizza night 😉 oh yes! It’s going to taste so bloody good. Craving ice cream or cookies like a mad lady too so just might have to stop off n get a DQ cookie dough blizzard mmmm yummy!

Xoxo Katie



Happy hump day! Here we are mid week and it feels like Monday to me, not sure why? Maybe it’s the head cold that has no settled in, maybe it’s the later days I’ve been having since I seem to keep sleeping in. Either way I’m rolling with it :) if you can’t beat em you might as well join them right. I figured extra rest is always a good thing when feeling sick and I really only have a week or so till I leave for my vacation so I better do my best to get better before then. Nothing worse then being sick when away from home.

I’m excited for the end of next week! It kicks off my mini vacation. I’m grade somewhere warmer than here with a friend to visit some family. Nothing to crazy just a few days in a sunnier climate and a chance to lounge around and relax. It’ll be a nice little change and break. Then it’s home to house sit for my aunt. I won’t be on MFC from the 16th till at least the 29th of April so make sure to come visit me before then :) I will however be accepting phone calls on DreamLover Click here to sign up and grab my # i look forward to chatting with you all.

Auctions end in 4 short days! Better get on em there cowboy 😉 only a few left that haven’t been bid on yet and there’s a few bid wars already started. I’m excited to see my goodies find a new home. Already packed up 5 big boxes of stuff to ship out for those who used the ‘buy it now’ option on my auctions. Click here to check those out before they end 

I’ve got a busy weekend planned too so that doesn’t help lol my bro is moving so gotta help out on Sunday. Saturday I hope to get on MFC for a bit n then my nephew is turning 1 so a Bday dinner is in order 😉 For now I’m going to focus on the tasks at hand and hopefully that will help this week not just crawl on by.

Xoxo Katie