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Excellent exciting and eventful things are in the works :) I’m excited for the kick off to my summer. I’ve got so much planned some of which have been in the beginning stages of planning for a few months now that are finally coming together. No hints no telling just yet. Most you already know, the rest you can guess and some will be surprises but all will make you smile. Still crossing my fingers for more sunny weather this Saturday. Planning to shoot some sexy content for all you members of mine! Outdoor is at the top of my list but I’ve also got a trillion ideas for indoor too so I’ll figure it out and all will be good.

So far this week has been amazingly relaxing and fun! Just me being me having fun on MFC, getting a few good work outs in, accomplishing a bunch of little things off my list of to does.


I’ve got a wedding shower for my girl friend Sunday and I’m the sneaky brat who’s ‘taking her to lunch’ but really is surprising her when we show up at her aunts ;) I like planning things for friends. I cherish the friendships that I have. I have chosen and carefully weeded through to only have those around me who support me, lover and help to up lift me. Those who I don’t have to hide from or pretend I don’t do adult. They keep me grounded and remind me I’m still the big nerd I’ve always been.

Smile everyone the future is bright, the world is a beautiful place and if today’s not your day don’t worry you can go to bed tonight and hit the redo button and start again tomorrow ;)

Xoxo Katie


Can’t believe June is 1/2 over! What the heck I blinked and 14 days flew right on by I swear. Something tells me this summer will be gone before I know it. I’ve got a jammed pack next 3 weeks so they will fly by. July isn’t too busy yet but I state a big yet! I’m excited but also a little sad that my summer will come and go so quickly.

Planning a photo shoot this Saturday :) I’m excited to play in front of the camera for you all. I was hoping to shoot outdoors again but the weather report seems a little iffy. Going to have to play in by ear. Hoping it’ll be nice then I can sneak out and get at least 1 outdoor shoot done again then I can sneak back inside and shoot at home. Canada day is just around the corner so u need to think of something fun to do for this years shoot. Last few years it’s been Canadian themed bikinis this year I’m planning a little something different. Mistress Katie also has been clawing away wanting out to play so she will be stopping by to put you all in your place soon enough. I’d say the biggest problem I have is narrowing my options. I’ve got way too many ideas and themes I wanna do. Gotta stop off at the dollar store though and see about grabbing some props. I always find the coolest things at the dollar store.


It’s my favorite day of the week on twitter… Titty Tuesday! So I thought we needed to spice up my blog with more boobs, but not just any boobs an intense close up with hard nipples ;) your welcome.

I am also interested in hearing what you guys want to see more of on more girl next door, more glamour, more mistress, self shots, crazy random items for incursion… Hehe ;) I’ve got a few ideas but I also wanted to hear what you guys want to see. So either leave me a comment here or shoot me an email to and let me know. I’m not 100% saying I can make all your requests come true but I can do my best to accomplish as many as possible. Keeping in mind things that are very location, prop and outfit specific can be hard to make happen, if it requires all the planets to aline and a unicorn to come prancing into frame it’s not likely I’ll be able to pull it off. More dirty talk and JOI are high on my list just FYI ;)

See you all on MFC around 3/3:30 PST

Xoxo Katie

backgrounds-happy-fathers-day-2013-hd-resolution-wallpaper-happy-fathers-day-2013-philippines-happy-father-day-2013-wishes-happy-fathers-day-2013-images--300x240.jpg Hero-Dad-On-Fathers-Day-.jpg

Just wanted to take a little time to say happy fathers day to all the Dads out there :) hopefully you’ll have a great day with spent with family or friends making some amazing new memories. I’m having a fathers day BBQ at my place with my family today so I will be making sure to make some great memories with my family in honour of my dad. Just remember that you might not be the super hero who he is obsessed with, the cool guy on TV in her favourite TV show but you are the unsung hero of their lives. My day was my rock war and my hero despite not always seeing eye to eye and often bashing head since we are are both so similar he was my hero, my biggest fan, my protector and my one and only Dad! no super hero can ever beat that :P

XoXo Katie


Thursday already wow this week is zooming right on by! The weekend is just around the corner and that means so is my jet ski van coast line tour :) going with a few friends who found a groupon deal. I’ve never been on a jet ski so it should be fun! Might be a little wet and cold since it is the ocean and it’s suppose to be overcast and possible showers :P if course murphey’s law it’s been nice for 2 weeks straight and as soon as I have outdoor plans it gets stormy. Oh well c’est la vie a little rain never hurt no body.

Feeling pumped from a great week got my adult crap paperwork done woot woot. Year end accounting is never a fun activity but all part of being an adult I guess. I can’t help but think I don’t want to grow up! Let’s run away to never never land. At least I get to party in my bday suit everyday for my job! Could be worse ;)

Loving my new tv show Lexx! It’s an older Scifi and it’s a little odd and a tad but strange but funny, dirty in a sexual way and very well done. It was made back in the late late 90′s early 2000′s so the graphics aren’t up to todays excellent mark but for being an older show I was blown away it’s really well done and the graphics were very ahead of the time, I’m gobbling up the episodes like they are going out of style. I just can’t help myself :P I definitely want to do a Zev cosplay sometime soon trust me you’ll love the outfit! Short short skirt, low cut and sorta see through ;) just need a short ice blue wig and we are set.

Don’t forget to stop by and get your freak on later on with me on MFC around 2:30/3 PST :)

Xoxo Katie

Cum in Closet

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.27.29 AM.png

All sorts of things are happening over on I’ve been a naughty girl and I love it! couldn’t help myself but grab my favourite glass toy and help pleasure myself while getting dressed for the day. Guess I’ll have to freshen up and get redressed before I head out after this. Lucky for you I always seem to have a camera handy where ever I go.

Or how about a HD video featuring me playing in my bathroom. We were running late for your family dinner and you just had to get a little something before we left. Well well making us late again are we, your punishment you just get to watch me play rather than participate this time. There was no toy handy so I made do ;) after all I am very resourceful. My hair brush has looked like fun for the last little while so I thought this was the perfect time to test it out. You can let me know what you think? is it a keeper?

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.27.23 AM.png

To start watching this HD video or perving on my high res photos just CLICK HERE NOW and sign up for a whole lot of me. It’s something like $20 (yes that’s all $20) for full access to my over 385 HD videos, over 18000 high resolution photos, a butt load of candids (literally over 210 candid photo sets of about 15-20 pics each) webcam archives, fan art and a butt load more. Not to mention you get full network access to,,,,,,, and ! holly balls is right! that’s over 9 websites just as a conciliation prize for signing up with me. Your welcome ;) So no matter your fetish, your niche or you wants I think we got you covered and then some.

Selfless promotion over :P heheheh had to let all you non members know just what your missing.

XoXo Katie

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