Shooting today

So Excited for todays shoot! I am getting more costume cosplay fun in and its so wicked! I love the chance to stretch my theatre student side! to create a fun costume, a cool idea and bring it to life! Today will include sexy ass pics both inside and outside… yep sneaking out and about to get some on location shots that I think really help to put a little pizzaz in my photo sets 😀 then its solo video magic time and finally a naughty BG vid! I love shooting both! its a chance to really dive into the character and hit those hot buttons for you all. This one is a little naughty, a little crazy and a lot sexy! she’s a comic book character and I know you will all love her.

This is my last big shoot for the next little bit cause something big this way comes… a change that will be awesome and epic and I think.. no I know you will all love it. Its something I know you have longed to see again and I am eager to switch things up. Thats all on that for now since I don’t want to give anything else away.. its a surprise after all.

This weekend should;d be a good one! it was TC’s and I’s Anniversary and we are going to have a nice us day. I’m not sure what is happening to be honest. I love a good surprise so TC is working hard to make one. I’m hoping for a nice fancy dinner out! maybe something with the pups and the sun shine would be great! either way I am sure whatever he has in mind will be amazing 😀 after all I’ve always been the kind of girl that its more about the thought that counts.

I hope your Friday is going to be fantastic, if not hopefully the boobs above helped even just a little 😉

Xo Katie

Warping Your Childhood

Day 1 of D23 was Little Mermaid day.. but a little different. I was the school girl version of Ariel! Wad simple yet sexy in all the right ways. I was shocked to see so many little mermaid orient costumes there 😀 it was awesome! it really made me feel like I was with my kinda people lol Her’ as little look see at my outfit before we headed down to the floor. That is of course after we shot a sexy pov boy girl video in our hotel room. We shot some really intimate and hot stuff while away and its all coming to my site very soon 😉 you guys are going to love it I am sure of it.

Xo Katie

Pigtail Facial

I thought of the perfect way to thank you for helping me on my project, your always there for me when I need something and I love that fact. So I really really wanted to make sure to thank you in just the right way so that you would know how much your help means to me. I want you to lay back, relax and let me make you feel good.

I know how much you love a blowjob and when I rub my big round boobs all over your cock. So my idea is that I want you to relax and let me make you feel good. Just close your eyes and give into the good feelings. My hands feel so soft, silky and little on your cock as I stroke you. My mouth is so warm and wet as it slides up and down on your hard shaft. My boobs…

I love when you let me service your cock. I know your love making me gag, having me deep thorax your hard rod as deep as I can get it into my tight little throat. Making my eyes water and me gasp for air afterwards. It gets my heart racing and my blood pumping, I love that feeling. But what I really love and can’t wait for you to do is stand above me, me on my knees as you cum all over my face while I look up at you with a twinkle in my eye and a smile from ear to ear 😉


Mission Aborted

With huge attendance to the D23 convention and the most epic of exhibits being the Star Wars and Marvel panel is was super disappointing to find out that the line up started on Thursday for Saturday morning. We hummed and hawed about getting up uber early and attempting to get seats in the nose bleeds… Star Wars is the most epic of epic scifi and what started my love of all things Scifi… decisions decisions

Injures Suck Ass

Being sick or injured sure sucks! I woke up last Wednesday morning with a strained neck. It was tweaked something fierce and that means Advil, hot and cold compress and taking it easy. I’ve always had one side of my neck that is a little tighter then the other and from time to time usually from straining myself, working too hard or just randomly slept on it wrong it can get angry at me. Well Wednesday was one of those days. I think I spelt funny and ta da injured. I coolant look down, up, left, right or move really lol. It got a bit better within a day but still I had limited movement so It was still time to take it easy, hot/cold it and rest. I tried doing light duty things. I got majorly caught up on all computer work that was piling up here and there. I got ahead on a few things and got cleaned up in general on all thins tech oriented which is great! sucks though cause I finally feel I have no more travel plans, no more weddings, family funerals or other obligations that take me away from home. I can finally get back in my grove I have so very long missed.

What grove its that? glad you asked… My gym, tan, laundry of course 😛 lol JK bad jersey shore joke I know. I want to get back into my gym and cam routine. I love being active both in the gym and online. Its so nice to take the me time in the morning and push my body to be stronger and healthier. I’ve missed a regular gym flow and was back at it before we left for Cali in the beginning of July. I’m eager to get back but sadly with a neck injury all you really can do is take it easy. Is amazing how much your neck ties into anything upper body related and your balance. SO working out is out, doing anything physical is basically out. Le suck! I’m frustrated to say the least.

It’s already Monday and I wanted to take on the world but alas I am resting again today. No cam… hoping for tomorrow! I miss you guys! I miss our fun naked hang outs 😉 our silly antics and our public cum shows 😀 Soon my pretties soon we will be back in our grove. ON the up side since I am caught up on all things this means less computer catch up days that take away from cam time 😀 I am hoping to be on 3-4 days a week… for sure 3 maybe a 4th depending on our shooting schedule.

LOTS of fun things planned so be ready 😉 For those who are missing me the feeling is mutual! we will be back to our usual hang outs soon, I promise!

I hope your Monday isn’t to mischievous 😉

Xo Katie