On the road 

I’m on the road to recovery, finally figured out exactly what was causing my body to revolt and how we can combat it. After my visit to the walk in clinic Monday I started to feel a little better since the doc there gave me something for the swelling but I was still concerned about what was causing this reaction.

Initially I thought it was the vodka but it’s been over 2 weeks since I drank any there for it couldn’t be that. Especially since my symptoms continued to get worse as time went on. I haven’t changed anything about my usual vitamins, my diet or usual products I use. My cleanse ended a week or so ago so it wasn’t that either. I decided a little digging was needed, so I googled alcohol allergies to see what the long term symptoms were so that I could rule it out. Sure enough I had none of the long term symptoms so it couldn’t be that.

So on to the next idea, I changed my birth control 2.5 weeks ago so maybe that? I traced back the days on my calendar and sure enough 2.5 weeks ago is exactly when I started to notice issues. Back to the Google machine I went to find out the side effects of the birth control and any signs I should be watching out for.

Oh oh!! I had several of the major side effects that are signs of a bad or allergic reaction to it! So I immediately stopped taking them and called and made an emergency appointment with my doc for the next day.

After my blood work come back my family doctor said I was healthy no major issues that they were concerned about. My doctor said that yes I was having an allergic reaction to the birth control and that since I already take antihistamines everyday for my hay fever I was very lucky cause it prevented me from have a very serious reaction. Oh great! So now I’m off my birth control, resting, taking something for swelling, antihistamines twice a day and told to just not over exert myself.

I’m happy to finally figure out what had been going on and excited that I’m on the road to recovery. Just sucks to miss out on more time with you all on MFC. This month has gone slowly down hill between being away, house sitting, catching a bad cold and now an allergic reaction it’s been rest month lol oh well just means next month we will be kick butt and taking names 😉 right!

Any and all off line tip love is so appreciated while I’m recovering. I’m planning to be back online Monday come hell or high water.

Thank you to those who have sent well wishes! They are very appreciated

Xoxo Katie


My Dungeon

Welcome pet to my dungeon, mistress is happy to see that you have learned to be punctual and arrive in the proper attire. Now sit.. no not there! yes there, that’s it don’t forget our protocol pet you don’t want to have to be taught that again do you?


Today we will work on your stamina an we’ll see how well you take direction. Listen closely and obey all that Mistress says and you will make mistress very happy! and if you make mistress happy then you will be happy and that is a very good feeling. Obedience is key, obedience is pleasure. Be a good boy and you will get a very explosive orgasm when I’m done with you. But be bad and mistress will deny you an orgasm all together after many hours of torturous stroking and teasing. hahaha you wouldn’t want that would you? no one likes blue balls.


Now now pet Tisk Tisk you better keep your eyes up here pet, if mistress catches you staring at my tits when she’s talking to you one more time i will bend you over and give you the spanking of your life. Mistress knows her titties are very hypnotic and that you just after them, desire to touch them… in due time mistress will reward you with just that but not yet. Be good and you will truly get to enjoy all the fruits of mistress’ body 😉


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Goodies up for Auction

It’s that time again, I posted a bunch of new auctions while I’ve been resting up and bored out of my mind lol 😛 check them out! I posted shoes, lingerie, costumes, clothing, stockings and a few other goodies for all you naughty fan boys out there 😉 Dont forget about the by it now button that is on all my auctions. You no longer have to wait and bid you can just grab the items you love now. I’m super excited to send my loved goodies to new homes and on new adventures… what will they be used for? will you hide it under your pillow, stroke it, smell it or rub it when you masterbate or maybe wrap it around that hard cock when you wank it to one of my videos 😉 oh yes I think that’s a hot one!

Here’s a little better look at what is up for auction this time around.


Best of luck to all you bidders 😉 and don’t forget if you want something you don’t see here shoot me off an email and I can let you know what other items I have and how you can get your paws on them 😉

XoXo Katie

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Resting up

Hello there everybody! sorry I’ve been quieter on the blog front the last few days. It’s been busy busy over here at the Bank’s casa. Nothing too exciting happening just getting all the little nagging things done that have been lingering on my to do list for fat too long that I just had to get them done! A happy belated Mothers day to all the mom’s out there :) I hope you had a nice day with yours. I went over and we had a back yard BBQ at my mom’s for mothers day :) I did all the cooking and tidying of the back yard while she relaxed and sipped wine and kept me company. I bought her a beautiful hanging basket for her front porch too since I know she has a green thumb and loves plants.

Yesterday my day was well crappy lol 😛 wasn’t feeling to good so rested up to see if that might make things better but sadly I am afraid it didn’t so I headed on out to the doctors office to see what was up. I haven’t quiet felt myself since about 2 weeks ago. After a discussion with my doc we think we pin pointed what it was and now am on the road to feeling better, i hope. With some rest, a little bit of medication from the doc and not over exerting myself I should be back to my normal chipper self soon 😀 can’t wait! frustrated does not even begin to cover it at this point.

So what happened? 2 weekends ago I headed out for a night on the town with some friends from out of town. We went dancing and there was enough of us that we got bottle service. Vodka was our poison of choice and we had a great night all things considered. Well the next morning I woke up swollen! my lips were 3x bigger and my whole lower face was swollen. I did not look myself! So i took some arnica (for swelling and bruising) 2 allergy pills and iced my face. Now from everything I read it’s a sign I’m allergic to whatever I consumed last night. I had a lot of Vodka, mixed with water and cranberry juice. Both water and cranberry juice weren’t the culprit, it was the vodka. I have 2 other girl friends who are allergic to alcohol and they said the same thing. Also side note on my birthday I bought flavoured vodka for shots and we did quiet a lot of those too and I noticed the next day my lips were puffy. So that tells me that it’s an allergy that has developed over the last month or two and it’s progressively getting worse. I called my doctors office first thing Monday morning and booked an appointment. Now of course my doc’s office is busy so I can’t get in till next week (which was 2.5 weeks from when I called) after reassuring that I was not in any immediate danger or having anaphylactic shock the receptionist told me to just keep up on the allergy pills, rest and avoid the items I think caused the reaction till then.

Fast forward to this past weekend and well I’m still feeling off, I’ve got some swelling in my legs, lower back and my lips still. It seems to come and go and I have found the more I exert myself the worst it gets. I’m still taking double the usual dose of allergy pills, still taking arnica and bromaline for swelling and making sure to avoid alcoholic beverages with vodka and trying to be as healthy as I can. Yesterday I got a really bad head ache and pain in my lower back which is not normal for me. The swelling had gotten a little worse over the weekend as well so I decided I couldn’t wait to see my doc I headed to the clinic.

Side note this was after laying down for a good few hours and after locking myself out of my house when taking the dogs for a bathroom break :/ it wasn’t my day.

The clinic doctor sent me for some test, blood work etc and gave me something to help get ride of the excess swelling. I should have the results back by next Wednesday when I have my family doctors appointment. Then i can get him to go from there I’m assuming an allergy test is the next thing in line but sadly its’ allergy season and the wait to see the specialist is long. I’m hoping it’s just vodka I am allergic to cause that would suck if not! I’m not much of a drinker but I do enjoy the odd tasty alcoholic beverage on the weekends and I like to have a good night of fun with friends every now and again. Till I find out though I am strictly trying to avoid alcohol.

All that said, I still feel and look a little bloated, my back is sore, my head is sore, i feel a little dizzy and I am suppose to take it easy for the next bit. He told me to judge it based off how I felt…. I hate when they say that cause the workaholic in me says I’m fine 😛 I can go back to play time online for 4-5 hrs a day. Sadly yah that is not the best thing to help me get better.

That said I am not going to be online today and probably not tomorrow but I am going to see how I am Thursday and Friday and at least try and get on for a little bit. I will be doing a Skype date raffle later this week too so be ready for that! a chance to win 1 of 2 Skype ‘dates’ :) till then sorry loves you will have to hold out for your Katie fix. Miss you guys!

XoXo Katie


Cream Pie

I was a naughty girl again, this time I enticed my boss into going for drinks with me after work! I have bene trying to tempt him for weeks now and well he just never seemed to want to budge, but not this time. I got him right where I want him. He’s so cute! all I can think about all day is how good he would look naked and how I want him to just throw me across his desk and have his way with me. Of course drinks are only the beginning of the night for me, I have many more things in store for him and I. I take him back to my place after, it was surprisingly not that difficult to convince him so I drag him up into my room where I put on a show just for him and watch as he strokes that hard cock. I am dyeing to have him inside me so before he finishes I get him to cum deep inside my tight little pussy giving me an amazing cream pie! oh my look at that cum oozing out of my tight little hole….

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