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Sexy Sunday


Hello lazy Sunday couch dwellers ;) up and at it we get. My aunts here and we totally passed out watching a movie, oops. Oh well at least this way we can get an early start to our day. Got some errands to run, a few little things to do them in BBQing tonight. I’m thinking steaks, potatoes, salad yummy yummy.

Yesterday was an errands day followed by pure laziness lol I was feeling pretty fatigued from Friday night that’s for sure.


I’m excited for Monday morning cause this girl is shooting a hot ass custom for a lucky fan and then a little something something for all you members of mine. Got myself a super soft blanket so I can roll around on the floor ;) should be fun! I’m excited to give it a whirl.

Till then it’s just time to plot and plan for world domination :P hope your Sunday is cartoon filled and relaxing.

Xoxo Katie


Killer fan art alert! Thank you so much BryciFan for another kick ass far art all done up halloween style :) I love it! beware my loves or I might just drain you dry. Suck you of all your lifes essence and leave you in a hot sweaty pile on the floor. If your lucky that is ;) Enjoy loves, Happy Early Halloween.

XoXo Katie



Feeling like its a hibernating kinda week, the rain has rolled in where it’ll probably stay for the next 6 months. Ok not solid 6 months but pretty much. I like the rain, it’s relaxing and in a way renewing it just sucks that it’s the usual constant here. Especially with puppies who hate the rain so take twice as long to do their business, it’s like they are secretly thinking if I have to get wet then so do you mom! If I keep you out her twice as long you’ll get twice as wet. Silly monkeys cause really they are the ones who get soaked not me with my umbrella.

Back at the gym this week feeling sore! But a good sore. Means I’m doing something and something’s working. Mainly making myself feel better about that extra price of pie on thanksgiving :P

Can’t believe it’s 1/2 way to Halloween and 1/2 way till November. Where the heck did all of October go? Guess this just means that I need to make good time of the rest of the month ;) thinking its a haunted house kinda weekend of maybe bowling. Either way it’s time for a fun outing to get festive.

For now we can rock it on cam till next week when Halloween week starts! What’s that? Well I take the week before Halloween to decorate my cam room (just a little) and to dress in a different costume each day :D boo yah! Sexy army girl, genie, vampire…I’ve got all sorts of things up my sleeves for you all ;) don’t miss out!

Xoxo Katie

Full weekend


Happy titty Tuesday everyone! It’s the start of a whole new week and I’m ready for anything. Had a relaxing weekend that was a little busy but I got things done and it feels great. Finally got to clean my house. I’ve given it the good old once over here and there but haven’t had the time for a real good clean in oh Id say a long while. Finally no more dust bunnies waving at me from the corners lol jk

IMG_4329.jpg IMG_4320-1.jpg

I managed to get a good hunk of my book read. Haven’t had an afternoon or evening to read in forever. Snuggled up with the pups and read till it got dark out. They of course loved it! Unlimited snuggles with mom with no interruptions :)

I had a LOT of fun filming a hot ass custom for a special fan this weekend too! Not to mention a few videos for I’ve been pushing the envelope a little if you will be prepared to be shocked! Taboo is fun and kinky! I’m having a blast coming up with what I think are some fun and creative ways to push my limits and perhaps yours. The #1 this to remember is that it’s all fun and games and meant to be shocking, exciting and naughty in a dirty way ;)


It was Canadian Thanksgiving over the weekend as well, yummy yummy! Headed to my moms to visit with my family and enjoy some good eats. Turkey, stuffing, baked potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, squash, gravy, fresh rolls and of course pumpkin pie! Home made pumpkin pie :) Im not a huge fan of the store bought but my grandmas home grown pumpkins she makes into pumpkin pie is to die for’ soo good! Yes I indulge and don’t feel guilt not at all. I’m so thankful to live close to my mom and family and to have their support in what I do with my life. It’s refreshing and so nice to be able to have them in my corner watching my back. I am also so thankful to have all of your guys love and support over the last 4.5 years. It’s been one hell of a ride and I have loved it all. Yes every the low parts or the not so great stuff, it all adds together to creat a better, funner me and helps me to appreciate it more.

All in all I felt productive, naughty, relaxed and caught up :) great way to start a new week don’t you think? I’ll be seeing you sexy freaks around 2:30/3 pst on MFC. Let’s make today a good one.

Xoxo Katie


Oh my god you got to see this… Eww! lol hahaha I couldn’t stop laughing! I LOVE Jimmy Fallon! he has a bunch of these skits out as Sara and it’s fabulously ridiculous. So I had to share the love! Enjoy! oh and EWW

XoXo Katie

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