Squirty Cheer

Its time to practice my cheer, lets see if you can guess what us girls came up with to impress the football team. Ok ready…. B is for…. L is for…. O is for… how did you know! well you know what that means don’t you? It means you get exactly what we were spelling out. I love giving a blow job, makes me feel like such a naughty little slut and I just love that feeling.

1 copy.jpg 0.jpg

I want you to start stroking while I strip and tease you then I’ll take care of the rest. After all I want to please you and that gorgeous cock of yours. Mmm you are so much bigger then I thought you were. Not to worry I love a challenge and will do my best to fit you all in my mouth.

4.jpg 2.jpg

I love when you face fuck me and make me gag on that hard cock. I can feel my eyes watering and everything that tells me I’m doing great and that its feeling wonderful for you. Mmm yes keep going I love when you make me spit and stroke you at the same time as I suck you. I’ve had lots of practice but none of the boys on the football team have been as big as you are.

You want to come on my tits? I know you love these big boobs and want to cover them in your hot load. I want that too. Ready? I’ll titty fuck you till you come all over them. Dont be afraid to get me messy, I like being messy.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.27.41 PM.png


AVN Artcile about Me

Look who made it into the AVN magazine for the month of August 😀 me! It’s not just a little mention either it’s a full page article with photos and a mention in the front table of contents along with a photo. It’s such a great article too! Sharan over at AVN was so fun to talk to she really made me feel at home and as if I was talking with a girlfriend. She included all the important and fun details and really made an amazing article. I feel really blessed and special when I read it.

I’ve been doing more and more interviews the last little while and I’m really loving them to be honest. It’s bed. Forever since I’ve done an interview and it’s really interesting to see what things people are interested in knowing about me.


I really feel like taking a dip in the DVD pond has already brodened my horizons and helped me to reach new fans and friends. It’s really exciting.

I did get asked the other day why DVDs? The answer… Why not! When a great opportunity comes your way and it’s something you thought you’d love to do but never thought possible why say no. It made sense from a professional point of view. It’s a great way to introduce myself to new fans, new promoters and to get my name and face out there more. It was a chance to be inspired to create some really hot new content and really encourage us to make the best videos we can for Katiebanks.com. On a person level I have a big bucket list and I aim to accomplish as many things on it as I can. I’m constantly wowing myself and this was a great way to wow myself again and achieve another item on my bucket list. Progress and evolution is inevitable, I chose to embrace it.

It’s been so exciting to see my face on a DVD! I’m still like “wow that’s me” 😱 I haven’t officially seen the DVD in person yet but they are on their way to me so that will be happening very soon.

I’m not sure where you can get copies. I only have the one myself. I’ll be looking into how to get more in the next little bit. But if you want a special piece of my history you better get on tracking one of these bad boys down. If you would like to read the article it’s also up on the AVN website too! I believe they are the same article perhaps a little more added for the magazine but I’m not 100% on that. Click here to read up on my DVD experience and a bit about me now.


For those concerned or curious no I’m not abondoning KatieBanks.com I LOVE my site! It’s my first priority and my first dedication. DVDs are just a way that I’m helping to make my site bigger and better. Mixing in more variety for everyone to enjoy. Every scene I’ve ever shot will always be available at KB.com. Including all the extras such as behind the scenes, Candids, action shots, photo sets, fan art and cam show archives. My #1 goal is to make my site so awesome you never want to leave 😀

Speaking of which I’m working on another hot update for you all… This time Creampie! Are you ready?

Xoxo Katie


Babysitter Anal

Hey there Mr Smith, your home early. Your wife said I shouldn’t expect to see you till much later. She’s out with the ladies from work till late or at least that is what she told me. The kids are asleep so its just you and me. I don’t mind hanging out for a bit till she gets home if you don’t want to drive me or aren’t in any shape to. She did say you might not be so I was prepared to stay late. Nope I don’t have class till later tomorrow my first block is a free block so usually I just do homework at home first.

4.jpg 2.jpg

How do you like my new shoes? they are hot right? I just got them yesterday. I love wearing them they make me feel so tall and sexy. Awe you do Mr Smith, your just saying it. ITs ok you don’t have to make me feel good. Heheh you do? well I have a little secret for you too….


I think your really hot! I don’t know what Mrs Smith is thinking leaving you home alone all by yourself. She sure doesn’t seem to pay you enough attention. OH I have a confession… I found this on your wife end table. I promise i wasn’t snooping, the little guy wondered into your room and was about to go for it so I scooped it up first.


It’s an anal toy isn’t it? I have never tried anal before but man do I want to. It looks so hot! What do you mean Mrs Smith won’t use it? that seems so wrong to me. I’ll try it for you… you can watch 😉 it can be our little secret! I promise I won’t tell a sole.




Katie Banks DVD Trailer


Its the time you have all been waiting for! I am now offering signed copies of my first ever feature DVD! it features 5 scenes of me. 4 never before seen boy girl hardcore scene and 1 never before seen solo jerk off instruction big toy video. I have put a lot of work into making some of the hottest scenes i have ever filmed and am featuring them here on dvd for all of you. There is naughty role plays like a naughty school girl who decided to be a brat to her physics tutor. A flirty young girl who finds her best friends dad super hot and isn’t afraid to seduce him when she gets the chance. How about a sneaky perv who gets a show while I masturbate in the bathtub with my vibrating rubber ducky? i don’t stop there I invite you in and help please your till you come all over my pretty little face. Or how about an insane oil video in which I use more oil then ever before! i completely douce myself in it, encourage you to stroke that cock for me while i use my favourite glass toy to make my pussy cum nice and creamie. I then take you into my mouth and fuck you so good you cum not just once but twice. I really wanted to make it a special day for you 😉 Last but certainly not least I bribe the boss to let me off work this weekend with pay. Of course I offer him something he can’t refuse in exchange.

Check out my hot trailer above for a sneak peak of what’s inshore 😉 email me at katiebanks30i@gmail.com to order your signed copy now. I am offering a free gift for those who preorder.

XoXo Katie



Tease & Please

You know me, I love tease you relentlessly. Knowing that I am pushing your buttons, making you squirm and getting you hot and hard really turns me on. I love to find new ways to tease you and surprise you wether its randomly walking around in nothing at all in the middle of the day, sending you dirty pics, naughty texts or how about filming when you can hear me and watch me from the door. I know what you want and I am not afraid to taunt you with it 😉


Lucky for me you know exactly what I am craving when I do so and you never fail to reward me for my bad behaviour 😀 After teasing you in my new bra and panty set that you love you made sure to give me exactly what I was asking for. I know how much you love the look and the feel of silk. Its so shiny and smooth, running you hands along it makes you fingers feel good. As they slide of the silk fabric and onto my smooth skin you think about how soft and smooth my little kitty is and you can’t wait to touch it.


I can’t wait for it either. In fact its exactly what I want. I want to spend that afternoon together in bed. I want to feel that nice hard dick in my mouth, taste your yummy sweet taste and feel your hands on my body. I warmed up my little kitty by rubbing myself now I want you to take over 😉 I love the feel of your rough big hands on me.


Now that I have you nice and hard and wanting I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you deep inside of me as I cum. As my pussy clenched and sucks you deeper and deeper, you want to feel that don’t you ? I want you to! Lets start with me on top. I want you to lay back, feel good and watch these big boobs bounce.


I can’t wait for my reward for being a good girl and coming so hard. I love that you can make me cum so hard but even more then that I love making you cum. I love knowing that i have given you that feel good release. I love knowing that I did that.


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