Good morning 

It’s another beautiful day! It’s been so sunny and so nice out I just love it! Daily puppy walks and warm sun shine in my windows makes me smile and sooths the savage beast in me.. Well sorta 😘 finally came up with a good schedule of how to work in the gym and shooting each week so that it’s easier to make sure I’m accomplishing both and not slacking. I usually feel best when I have a routine, a schedule tha I stick to for the major things during the week. If not it often can feel chaotic and disorganized which just means I get less done. TC and I have been shooting up a storm and loving every minute of it. We have some big things in the works and are building my debut solo DVD 🙃 that’s right I will be creating and producing my own hardcore DVD very soon. TC and I have sat down to plan out some scenes, some ideas and got the ball rolling on all sorts of goodies. 

I will for sure be letting you all know what’s happening with that side project as it develops 😉 it will be a mid summer release and of course I’ll be offering signed copies. For now I’m working away at shooting some of the hottest and rawest scenes I’ve done yet. Things just keep getting better and better. We are talking multiple angles, multiple cameras, more raw footage of TC and I in action and having fun. We just invested in 4 kick ass cameras that make our old equipment look basic at best. So the quality of our clips is going up up and up. 

I do need some help from all of you guys though, I’m putting together an interview to include on the DVD. It’s time for you to ask me any questions you got! They can be basic get to know you questions, kinky sex questions, things you think others might like to know about me. Email me all your questions asap to I plan to film this in about a week or so. No question is too blah. I will pair down my favs and be sure to answer as many as possible 😀

Be ready for some hot ass content coming to soon! I’m upping my updates to a hardcore video, hardcore photos, Candids, behind the scenes and a solo video each week! 😋 members will be very happy indeed. I’ve been really enjoying the company on camera, a second person to play and act off of, the kinky ideas we have been coming up with and in all honesty just the hot ass stuff we’ve been making. I feel like with each shoot we get better and better. We get more comfortable in front of the camera, better at getting those really key angles, better at getting hardcore photos and better and kicking butt all around. 

I hope everyone’s loving what we’re laying down 💋

Xoxo Katie 


Lesbian Action

I’ve been dyeing to get my hands on some more sexy ladies to play with for you all to watch. I love feeling a women’s lips, hands and tongue all over my body gets we super wet and super turned on. What’s even better is being filmed while we play! I love knowing that your watching me, getting hard and stroking with me.


While in Vegas I had my way with more then one beautiful lady, Brianna Jordan was one of those lucky ladies. We took turns making each other wet. Teasing not only each other but anyone else who came in our vicinity while out having some fun on the town. We were electric and I am sure anyone who to close enough to us could feel our magnetic pull. But we didn’t want to take anyone home with us, oh no we were having way too much fun just us girls.


Finally I couldn’t take it enough, I told Brianna that we should head back to my hotel room for a private party and she said yes. Once back ti didn’t take long for us to undress one another, slowly strip each other out of our bra and panties and start to explore each other. Her hands were so soft yet very deliberate withe where she touched. Each time she moved her hands i got goose bumps and i could feel my pussy get wetter.


We took turns eating each other out, tasting each other before we grabbed our favourite toys are really made one another cum hard. Over and over and over again! we weren’t exactly quiet! I feel a little bad for who ever was in the adjoining room from us…. oops 😉


To watch this hot Lesbian video in full 4K all you gotta do is 1 thing.. If you want to watch me make Brianna cum not just on my tongue but on her vibe as well you just gotta do 1 thing…


By signing up to my site not only will you get instant access to all my EXCLUSIVE Boy girl hard core content, all my anal videos, all my dirty talk, joi and role-play videos and my over 400 HD vid collection. You also get instant access to over 9 sites (,,,,,, and :O theres more coming soon too so be ready for some fun action! there is daily updates on the network so you will never be stuck waiting for something hot and juicy to enjoy 😉

XoXo Katie

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.36.12 PM.png


Girlie Hookup

I was a naughty girl in Vegas and had way too much fun! i made sure to include some sexy new lady friends in this fun and not forget to bring a handy dandy camera and camera man to help record it so I could share it all with you guys. That way you all could enjoy watching us make each other cum 😉 Brianna Jordan was one of these sexy ladies and man was she a doll! super sweet, super sexy and knew exactly how to push my buttons. What’s not to like about this curvy beauty. First off she’s got fucking sexy hair! yes I can say I am super attracted to her hair its so full, long and was full to pull on. She had soft lips, big boobs which I loved getting my hands on and a very sweet tasting little pussy.


We took turns stripping each other down, rubbing each other, pinching and biting! She had a phenomenally curvy sexy ass and I loved getting my face in there and tasting how wet I got her.

We each took turns making the other cum with our favourite toys! she knew exactly how to work over my tight little kitty to make me quiver and cum!


Lucky for you guys TC made sure to capture all of this on camera and on film so you can not only see our hot ass photo set together but also watch us live and in action as we pleasured one another. We forgot the cameras were even there and just focused on enjoying each others bodies.


But don’t take my word for it, sign up and watch the 4K video of us living out our lesbian fantasy with each other. Dont forget to check out the candids we took between shooting and before we got started as well as the Behind The Scenes video that captured the whole shoot! Now you really can be a fly on the wall 😉




It’s been a super crazy last few months for me! I feel like life is moving so fast and so much to do in so little time. I’ve been trying to unwind all week since things got a tad stressful for me there. It’s really been helping to get some me time, time to take the puppies to the park, to finish the things I never have time for and to get more organized. That’s why I’ve been Mia online a bit lately. But I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and am excited for all the fun things coming up. 

Of course I’ve got surprises up my sleeves 😉 I’ve been filming a lot lately and getting hotter and hotter content as I go! Here’s a fun one from a custom for a lucky fan that I shot the other day. 

Yep a fun black wig 😉 looks pretty sexy if you ask me. A tad on the dark side but always fun to play with wigs and fun ideas. I’ve still got my crazy good custom video sale on right now. It’s the BIGGEST sale I’ve ever offered on custom videos! Over $100 off! No up charge for anal either. So if you haven’t gotten a video off me yet or youve been wanting to get another, nows the best time ever. I’ll be filming mid week and would love to hear your wild and sexy ideas. Email to order 😋

Had girls night on Saturday night with some new friends 😊 a great bunch of girls who were really fun and sweet’ we did dinner, played with her new puppies… Omg so Freaken cute I just wanted to kiss them forever! 

Then it was off to go dancing! I will admit we got a little bit drunk… Ok a lot lol we were all pretty much white girl wasted and had a blast! Dancing, flirting with each other and just smiling 😀 it was a fabulously perfect night out with the girls. Yesterday I was hung over though 🙈 uhhhh but it was so worth it. I spent a good chunk of my day taking the pups for a nice long walk in the sunshine. They loved it! Then it was Netflix and chill time for sure while I nursed my poor self back to life lol 

I should be back to my usual schedule of things mid to end of this week 🙂 my schedule will be tight over the next little while but not to worry you’ll still see me around 😉 

Xoxo Katie 


Hump day 

The sunny warm weather feels like it’s here to stay and I couldn’t be happier about that! I’m thinking its time to plan some outdoor shoots. Not 100% sure how we will work boy girl outdoors but I’m sure we’ll think of something after all getting naughty outdoors has been on of my favorite past times since I first started my website 6 years ago. I’ve got a few ideas but we’ll have to investigate a few locations and figure out when’s a good time to get in there. After all getting interrupted would be kinda exciting and fun but doesn’t make for a great ending to the video 😉

This week is already shaping up to be a busy one. It seems every week for me is that way 🙈 Monday kinda went off on its own tangent. I got locked off Mfc due to a crash then got wrapped up doing a few things and lost track of time 😶 on the upside there is literally a butt load of auctions posted! Tuesday was a fun day online thanks to all those who came to play. Today I’m getting my hair done them off to help my mom get set up for her garage sale this weekend. She’s clearing out a butt load of stuff! 

Speaking of clearing out, I’m clearing out my closet! I’ve got w few favorites, a few rare items and some sexy inbetweens for you all to get your hands on. CHECK OUT MY AUCTIONS BY CLICKING HERE  Or feel free to email me directly at and ask for any specific items 😊 

I’ll be shooting some sexy custom videos and a naughty BoyGirl update tomorrow! I’ve got a killer sale on custom videos right now for the summer. Want in on my sale and have your video shot tomorrow? Email me to order now! Over $100 off on custom videos and a discount on panties too! 

Hope your Wednesday is bumping 😉 

Xoxo Katie