New Camera Oh yah

Time to test out a new camera I got for youtube πŸ˜€ something fun and hand held size so I can take you all with me to more places. Been a busy week thus far shooting LOTS of custom videos, cam time and getting new updates ready for my adult website. Lots of fun things in the mix comingΒ up πŸ˜€ But I had to take a few minutes out to say Hi to you all video style before filming. I’m loving the blogs lately, feels good to back in the swing of things and sharing more of me with you all. Wether its fun videos, just saying hey whats up or something themed its all been a blast. I hope your subscribed because you don’t want to be the last to know about my latest FREE videos posted to do you πŸ˜› that would just be bad news.

Coming up build videos! I finally got all the things I need to start in on my poison ivy costume and I am going to be filming my process so you can all see it start to take shape and come to life! not sure how long it will take me. Might be one afternoon, might be a few, might be a butt load.. who knows πŸ˜› I don’t have a dead line so I’m doing this at my leisure for enjoyment. you can expect a butt load of shiny shine πŸ˜‰ because I love to beΒ shiny!

Xo Katie


Monday Monday Monday

Back at it on this wet Monday morning. Back at the gym after what feels like a long ass break. Feels good to get back to what makes me feel good about myself and what helps make those happy endorphins. I didn’t go too crazy today just a light warm up, light weight set and light cardio. See how I do with that. I expect to be sore tomorrow… but a good sore πŸ™‚ 

Lots to do as usual… it seems my to do list is never ending but it’s filled with fun and creative things so that’s always awesome. I’ve got some new sexy ass updates coming your way. TC and I are having fun and planing some awesome themed shoots for the near future. Cosplay, sexy public stuff, costumes, fantasies… it’s all being rotated in the mix πŸ˜‰ 

I finally got all the pieces for my poison ivy costume so next up is a few fun build days. I’ll be recordingy process and sharing it with you all on very soon. What’s that? Thats my kick ass free YouTube channel! I post multiple videos weekly and encourage you to check it out. Subscribe so you’ll be one of the first to know when I post a new video. 

If you’ve emailed about custom videos I’ll be getting back to everyone today. Planning a few fun custom video shoot days coming up πŸ™‚ can’t wait! I bet there’s a few fun and sexy video ideAs just waiting for me to put my Katie flavor in me. 

I hope you Monday is going well… if not hopefully this helps… 

My Skin Regime

Time to get intimate πŸ˜€ I plan to do a whole bunch of these style videos so be ready πŸ˜› also if you have any similar questions or suggestions for vids let me know. This is the first of many beauty blogs. A chance to talk about what I do for my beauty routine. Now I don’t mean just make up I mean everything. Hair care, skin care, healthy eating, work out plan, ect.

I often get asked what I use for skin care since I usually have nice clear skin so here is a little walk through all the products that I use πŸ™‚ I am by no means an expert nor will what works for me for sure work for you but it doesn’t hurt to try and to share info right?

Here is a list of the products I use so you can better look them up if interested:

Obagi nu derm gentle cleanser and toner
OZ Naturals vitamin C facial serum
Dermalogica Active skin
Dermalogica intensive eye cream

Dermalogica daily resurfacer (LOVE)
Dermalogica cream exfoliant
Dermalogica multi vitamin thermoexfoliant

dermalogica vitamin E serum
dermalogica power recovery mask
dermalogica Charcoal mask
Dermalogica hydrating mask

Hope that helps and enjoy!!!

Xo Katie

Babysitter’s BF

Ever wonder what the babysitter is up to while your away? or how about what that hot ass babysitter who always watched you and gave you that wink when it was bed time was up to once you were fast asleep… well wonder no longer! with the invention of a nanny cam its easier and easier to see what the horny little teen slut of a babysitter you hired is up to.

I get so bored while babysitting, once the kids are asleep theres nothing to do but watch TV. I already tried snooping around to see if I could find something fun to pass the time but all that Mrs Smith had was a dildo that looked like it hadn’t seen the light of day for decade!Β I’m so horny but I know masturbating won’t be enough. I really need to get laid!

I decided to call my BF over for some fun! He’s sitting at home alone bored too. I know I’m not suppose to have anyone over while the Smith’s are out but no one will know. What’s the worst thing that can happen ?

I’m a bad babysitter per say I just like to break the rules every now and again. I make sure to clean up and have my bf gone before they get back so I don’t see what the big deal it.Β It’s a good thing they haven’t installed da many cam yet. Kinda surprised they haven’t? considering they always ask me what I was doing when they get back.

Hmmm or maybe they have and I haven’t found it yet? in that case maybe I shouldn’t let me bf come over and fuck me on the Smith’s big bed after all…. hmm…. nah πŸ˜›



Half Time Show

I love being your good luck charm on game day. It’s my chance to parade around in a skimpy little outfit and feel special. Ever since I came over that one Sunday and your team won big time its been a tradition for me to come over every Sunday. I don’t mind at all especially since we made the deal that as long as I come over in something sexy for game day you’ll make sure to make me cum good and hard before I head home no matter if your team wins or not. That said your always so much more enthusiastic if you do win πŸ˜‰

Since our teams winning this season I thought I’d give you your very own kinky halftime show. Rather then wait for the very end I thought we could give you a really big boost and use that 20 minutes of dead air and commercials to make your cock hard and my pussy wet. Lucky you πŸ˜‰ are you ready for your own personal 1on1 half time show complete with a busty big boobed blonde who just wants to make you cum.


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XoXo Katie