Gym Grind

Ever wonder what it would be like to work out with me? what if I was your instructor and I wore some of the tightest more revealing outfits to train with you in? I be you would leave and later that day once home in the showers you would wonder if I do it just to tease you, if I bend over in front of you just to entice you with my big round butt. If my work out grunts and my short of breath breathe sound got louder when I was cumming. Lucky for you you don’t have to wonder any longer. It’s a regular day for us, working out and stretching our bodies to help release some of that tight tension that has been building up. We move to the floor to stretch out in our yoga matts and you keep noticing this look in my eyes, your noticing an extra bounce in my step. Heck your noticing I’m teasing you more then ever… it’s getting hot in here so I get a little more comfortable and grab something I need to help me relax after our work out.

2.jpg 3.jpg

Finally your getting your fantasy made reality, I start sucking on my long dildo and teasing you begining to instruct you to pull that hard on out of your shorts and let me see you. I love watching a man stroke his hard cock for me while i tease him and make him want me. Dont worry I know you like to follow my lead in class so I’ll instruct you exactly how I want you to stroke for me.


My little pink pussy is so wet and so wanting to feel you inside me, show me how well you follow direction then we can take this to the bedroom and you can do whatever you want to me. That’s it, yes harder harder…


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Cheers it’s NYE 

I was a naughty girl this past New Years and lucky for you I included you in my fun. What better way to toast to the New Years them with some pink champagne.. Yummy 😉 but I don’t think we really need these glasses after all it’d be more tantalizing if you licked it off my beast, my flat tummy, my found booty and then my pink little pussy.


Don’t worry we have lots of time before the party starts in fact I’m feeling so horny I just want to get your hard cock inside me. Mmmm anything inside me… What about this bottle? It’s hard, long and gets wider and wider. You like when I’m a bad girl for you, when I’m a naughty little slut. I bet you’d like watching me fuck this bottle wouldn’t you? You horny perv 😉 love it!





Working hard 

Today starts day 1 of 2016 for me as far as myfreecams goes, I wonder who will be the first tipper of the year? Hmm I’m excited to kick start the month and the year. Not to mention I’ll be drawing for my date raffle this week as well :) who’s going to be the lucky winner? 2 runners up will receive skype shows with me. CLICK HERE to find out more info.

Things are coming together for some sexy photos shoots in LV later this month :) I’ve talked with several girls and it’s looking like it’ll be a fun filled GG trip 😉 I have a feeling I’ll come home very satisfied with a big grin that spans from ear to ear.

I just got my last item in the mail and should be set for sexy outfits, hot shoes and naughty shoot wear. I’ve gone all out I figured go big or go home! I can’t wait to meet everyone not just my fans but all my favorite porn stars too.

Back at the gym today working hard, I’ve got a few more work outs to do before its time to head out and I plan to make them count. Already feeling it from yesterday so I’m on the right track.

I’ll be on mid day today so that you get your Katie fix before football starts 😉 see you then!

Xoxo Katie


Cheers NYE Pics

I’ve been having all sorts of fun in front of the camera lately exploring for members of KATIEBANKS.COM I’ve been using new toys, new sizes, shapes and items 😉 this was a fun one! I’ve always wanted to do a New Years Eve shoot covered in Champagne then fuck the bottle. It seem so naughty and slutty it’s been a long time fantasy of mine to fulfil for you all to watch. This year was the year!! Of course I needed something tight to tease you in first that I could strip out of and watch your cock get hard as I do.


Mmm the champagne was tasty, sweet and bubbly. It felt so cold flowing down my body tickling my nipples then tickling my pussy as they washed over my big clit. What better way to ring in the new year then with me covered in sweet nectar and begging for you to come lick me off 😉


My fun didn’t end there, Once I got my hands on the bottle I knew it was going to be fun and I new that you would cum so hard while watching me. Seeing your hard cock ready and wanting made me so wet and encouraged me to be a bad girl of you. I first wanted to get my mouth around the bottle! it was so big and long it felt good filling my mouth full. I knew then that my tight little pussy was going to love being stretched by the bottle.



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Hello Janurary 

The count down has begun, it’s officially 2016 which means I’ve got 2.5 weeks till it’s the AE expo! I’ve lined up some fun and flirty girl girl photo shoots and I’m looking forward to a kick ass trip! So much to do between now and then though starting with the gym. Yep it’s Sunday but I’m at the gym. I figured why not I was sitting around anyways and I did all my house work yesterday so a little kid day work out won’t hurt nothing. 

I have a feeling it’s going to be one heck of a month and I’m stoked to start 2016 off with a bang. I’ve set a few New Years resolutions and aim to start achieving them early on. Hopefully they will be as easy as I’m hoping but probably not. 

Other then a little down town after New Year’s Eve I’ve mostly been making a list and slowly chiling away at the things I need to accomplish. I figure the more prepared I am for the convention the less stressed I’ll be leading up 😛 

Tomorrow marks day 1 of 2016 online I wonder who will be my first tipper of the year? Hmm who ever it is they will be getting a special surprise 😉 I’m hoping we can kick start the month and have some much needed play time. 

For now it’s gym, shower then puppy walk time. Poor things it’s been foggy as all hell and anywhere from zero to -5 here the last 3 days so they are none too impressed with me when it’s time to go out lol I ran them around the common areas hall yesterday to get them some exuraize lol they seemed to like that so I might just try that again. 

Hope your having a chill weekend :) 

Xoxo Katie