Did someone ask for Oil?

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Did someone ask for some oil? hehehehe I had a lot of fun teasing you to cum all over my titties. I gave you one hell of a sloppy blowjob then oiled up my boobs and witty fucked you to finish. Yes it was a lot of fun and we will need to do this again soon ;) My latest 4k and 1080 HD video update was a fun one, I had a lot of fun giving you jerk off instructions while I oiled up and played. I had a blast yesterday filming some naughty custom videos for a few lucky fans as well as a few videos for my members. I broke out a cool outfit or two and did some roleplaying. You’ll see what I mean soon enough ;)

Now it’s Sunday which in my household means lazy day! I got those customs processing which just means hitting go then I am off to take the pups for a nice long walk in the sun shine :) I think they deserve a little excursive, but first i have to stop and get them some new sweaters cause damn it’s cold out! and silly little Eva is a bit wider in the chest then she was 2 years ago when I last bought them their new winter sweaters. So funny cause I bought them the same size and while Kinzie’s still fits great not so much fro Eva. She’s my little chubby hubby. The vet said she’s on the chubbier side of normal but that it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve been trying to cut back on her food, treats and up her excursive but so far no big change. Oh well, I’ll keep trying. It’s not like she’s on a really unhealthy food as it is. No soft food which is fattier, she gets regulated meals not just a bowl full all day long and she only gets treats for special occasions.

Eva’s headed in in 2-3 weeks to get her teeth cleaned again. It’s her 3 month check up. They are going to clean her teeth again and do more X-rays to check on those 3 molars that were iffy. Hopefully since I have been doing her daily teeth brushing (literally doggy tooth paste and a tooth brush and brushing her teeth like i would my own) means that I have helped save those teeth. My fingers are crossed. Kenzie goes in in January to recheck her teeth. Fingers crossed all goes well. This is my christmas and new years gift to myself… dogs with teeth :P lol ok that wasn’t funny.

If your bored head on over to KatieBanks.com and start watching I am sure you could loose a few hours or a few days having some fun watching me ;) have a kick ass Sunday

XoXo Katie


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Another day another adventure, put in a good work out this morning. Feels good! But I’m beginning to think I need to pack a parka just to make it from the car to the gym and back lol burr! It’s 45′ F here despite the sun being out and it being mid day already. It’s a damp stick to your bones sort of cold too, sucks living in a very humid place. Winter is definitely rolling in!

I’m pumped for the rest of my week :) yesterday was relaxing and refreshing. I treated it like a Saturday and did a few little things, went to the movies (haven’t been to the movies mid day for ever and a day) saw Interstellar. Was a great movie! Really enjoyed it and thought Mathew Mcconaughey was amazing.

Since my Saturday came early this week in thinking some weekend play time is in order :) so look for me on MFC on Saturday mid day.

Packing up some more calendars! Wow they seem to be flying out my house left right and center! Glad to see you guys are loving calendars :) make sure to head to my store or email me at katiebanks30i@gmail.com to order yours before they are all gone. This years is fully nude and contains way more photos than last years.

I also get to shoot a body worship custom video this week. Someone special is getting an upclose intimate look at every inch of me with some encouragement as we go. It’s going to be steamy! I love hearing all the kinky things you guys want me to do, naughty school girls, flirty brats, sloppy BJ, mistress JOI just to name w few ;) what’s yours? I’m dyeing to find out.

My kinky world keeps growing and I freaken love it! Soon you’ll all see what I’ve got up my sleeves as my coming soon reel fills up ;)

See you online in a few short hours

Xoxo Katie

Remebrance Day


Today is a little bit of a sullen day for me. I reminded of my grandfather, a man that was very important in my life :) He was a brave soul with a kind heart who loved to make me laugh, play games and smile. I lost him around this time 2 years ago which is always a little hard but I am reminded today of his courage. He was a war veteran much like his father was. My grandfather enlisted of is own free will when WW2 was ragging on. He decided that fighting for the protection of his loved ones, his neighbours, his friends and undoubtable his future children and grandchildren was his duty. He originally wanted to enrol in the tank unit but it was too full so was put into antitank which as it turns out once he finished training he was very thankful he wasn’t in a tank lol. He was shipped over seas all throughout london, France and a few other places. He would tell stories of marching through the deserted crumbling streets looking for survivors, hoping not to find enemy soldiers. He use to tell a story of rescuing a poor little girl who was trapped and separated from her loved ones. She gave him the only this she had as a thank you once she made it to a save haven, her little wooden shoes. My grandmother still has those shoes to this day. He received many metals of valour along the way but was very happy to return home. He never use to talk about the war, at first he would just shut down, but near that end he started his war book. He collected every news paper article my grandmother had saved about the war while he was away. He researched the ship that took him overseas and where she was now as well as the ship that brought him home. He was proud of his courage and his service well spent. I’m proud to say I was his granddaughter and that he was the hero in my family. On this day I fondly remember him and his great deeds. Wether they were fighting for my freedom or driving me to school on a rainy day when my parents were away, or teaching me to paint and draw. He was a brave hero in my eyes.

There are many many people with stories such as these and I am thankful for each and everyone of those who fought for my freedom. I am even more thankful to those soldiers today that fight for my freedom as well as yours today. May there be a guiding force that watches over you and protects you from harm. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice and your bravery. Lest we forget.

XoXo Katie

Professor Daddy


I’ve been a good student ;) or a bad one, it all depends on your definition! I like to think of myself as both. My favorite professor and I have a special arrangement. He helps tutor me during free block and I play the good student. He likes when I call him daddy! Professor daddy in fact hehe I feel so naughty when I call him that it gets my blood pumping. Today I have a special surprise for him at our tutoring session. Something that I haven’t yet done for him but I’m sure he’ll love. I feel so dirty sneaking around while everyone else is in class, the excitement of possible getting caught by the other students or another teacher or even worse my daddy’s wife! Is it wrong that I find that exciting? I secretly wish someone would catch us.

Care to watch as I please my professor? You can see me play just for him and you in full 4K or 1080 ultra HD! It’s so crisp and clear in both formats that it’s like I’m right there in front of you. You won’t want to miss my lesson today. CLICK HERE to sign up today and start watching all my naughty adventures. I’ve been branching out and getting a little kinkier. I love the good little girl role plays. There’s just something about being a little taboo that is exciting. It’s all in good fun though ;) just try and tell me that it’s not shocking yet hot when I call you daddy?
Not only do you get to enjoy my dirty little antics you also get full access to the bella network for just signing up! You won’t believe all the dirty things us girls have been up to. And I mean dirty is the funnest and sexiest way possible.

Xoxo katie

Crazy Weekend


Wow has my weekend just flown right on by! i mean damn! I did have some fun and i did find some time to relax but I did get a lot of work done too :) work that I was happy to finish and excited to send out. Friday I was at the hair salon getting a little more blonde in my main and touching up my roots! Had a blast just shooting the shit with my bestie who is my hair dresser. I swear if she wasn’t my hair dresser I might not go as much lol as it is I love to go once a month like clock work. I love having my hair played with, I love freshening it up and I take excellent care of it so I am not so scared. She’s been doing my hair for the past 10 years and just kill me if I have to ever go someplace else!


I’ve been a busy busy little bee this past weekend so far. I got all my calendar preorders signed and packed up. If you preorder a calendar it will be in the mail first thing tomorrow! that was one hell of a job! a fun job but still a big one. There are 25 pre orders in total and they all included a free gift. Thank you to all those who pre ordered my calendars, the support means a lot! this years is the best yet (yes I always say that each years but that’s cause I strive to make this years better than the years before and the years before that’s :) I don’t see this ever changing.) You can still grab your 2015 limited edition Calendar they are $45 including shipping to the US/CAD (please add $5 for anywhere outside the US or Canada) I have a limited supply left so please don’t wait I know quiet a few people miss out last year and that always sucks. CLICK HEER TO POP OVER TO MY STORE AND SEE :)


How did i celebrate my calendar pre orders being finished? well a sushi food comma I mean come on now that’s what all us crazy kids are doing now isn’t it? :P Man I could eat this every day! i know it’s not that good for me but yummyyum!

WSB Page 3 - 2.jpg bloodyfunnykatie.jpg

I wanted to share some cool fan art that was shared with me :) Thanks to Tim For drawing these, he’s a really good artist who is creating a comic book with a character who is based off me. I’m super flattered and this is his early work on it so far. Way to kick butt Tim.

I spent the better part of yesterday playing dress up, teasing the camera and making myself feel fabulous!

IMG_4656.jpg IMG_4671.jpg

I had a pinup themed custom to film for a very lucky fan which was so much fun! I had a blast doing a smokey wing eye make up and red lips! matched with a 50’s style dress, matching bra and panties, stockings and sexy heels and you have a recipe for sexy times ;) I didn’t just stop there though I filmed a few other naughty adventures for the members of KatieBanks.com !

I also took sometime out to book a little shoot get away this December :) I have a few friends that are wanting to go on a local mini vaca around their birthday so I figured why not book and extra day and do some steamy hot videos in the Jacuzzi tub or giant walk in glass shower ;) I’ve already got a few ideas that are floating around in my head that will be kick ass for you all.

Alas it’s now Sunday afternoon and I’m ready to curl up and read a good book by the fire while watching the rain come down. I hope your weekend was tip top.

XoXo Katie