Mid week shuffle

We past the half way mark now to shuffle to the finish, running takes too much energy 😘 it feels like a lazy snuggle kinda week to this girl. I blame the cloudy weather and cute puppies. I’ve been getting things done this week which feels awesome. I got caught up on a bunch of computer work, organized a bunch of things and tackled that to do list! Feels great to get things done. Especially since life never really seems to slow down for me.

I keep hoping if I just get _____ finished my load will lighten. HAH yah right new things pop on that list or outside factors play into new things to do and help with. I blame March, it was a heck of a month and with things piling on the getting pushed to later eventually they need doing.

I’m planning to start making myself take at least 1 day for computer work and catch up and 1 day for rest a week. Sounds like it should be easy but ha hasn’t happened yet lol. Sunday’s are going to be my no computer day! 1 day mid week is a shoot/catch up day. I figure I can also set aside a few hours mid week mid day before cam 1 day to do some more catch up.

I often get asked what is a typical day for me… Ok here you go. I usually get up around 10, wolf down a power bar, take the pups out n feed em. Then it’s the gym for about an hour. “Breakfast” follows then it’s computer work (editing, putting together photo sets, posting auctions, email response ect) then puppy play time, shower and on cam for 2 or 3 pm. On Mfc till about 6:30 then dinner break then back on from 7-8:30/9 pm. Then puppies need teeth brushing and meds. I tidy the kitchen from the day then it’s chill time. I’m usually up till about 12/1 pm by the time I get in a movie and the wash up.

Since I consider working out as part of my “job” that means other then the odd puppy play time and 3 walks a day I’m working from 10:30-9:30 pm. No wonder I start to feel drained 🙈 I’m not complaining I love my job and love all the little things that go into it. It just gets tiring day in and day out of 11 hr work days.

Shoot days are different which is a nice change of pace. Usually up at 10, eat breakfast, do the puppy thing. Tidy up room we plan to shoot in. Go over shoot plans once TC arrives. Shower up and get ready. Then filming/shooting. Then eats! Tidy up, do the puppy thing. I usually end up doing customs on the same day since I’m already all riled up and feeling sexy.

Weekends are my chill time, appointment time and odd occasion my alternate shoot day 😋 ahh the life of a workaholic 😉 I just feel blessed to be doing something I love, something fun and creative. So thanks everyone who helps support me no matter how you do it all means a lot 😊 you make it easier to say no to Kinzie and get out of bed lol

She tries her hardest to get me to stay and let me tell you she’s hard to resist 💖 final-10.jpg

Xoxo Katie


Mr Pink 

I’d like to introduce you all to Mr Pink! He’s a long time friend of mine that was dyeing to come out and meet you all 😉 this is one of my favorite toys and yes he’s named after Resevoir dogs. It’s the biggest toy you’ve seen me use yet, it’s 9 inches long and 6 inches around. An old boyfriend got him for me and he quickly became a favorite toy to use. It took a while at first to work him in and to get use to a bigger toy but the more I used him the more fun it became. I would come so hard and so fast just from the feeling of stretching out my tight little hole. It took a while till I could get him all in and a little longer still till I could really take it good. Once I could though I came so often and so much it was kinda addictive. 

My ex would pull him out slowly as/after I came so I could feel my Pusey tighten in his absence. He’d then finger me showing me that my pussy tightened up around his fingers to be snug again. The different between Mr Pink being inside me then the fingers was so hot! 

I’m diving into my big toy fetish with you all so be ready to see me use all sorts of different sized toys 😉 I love the difference between them all. Each toy has its own unique feel and I enjoy different aspects of each. Don’t be shocked by how fast or easy I cum with big toys though! 

There’s something about putting that big hard dick in my mouth and not being able to get my mouth around it or just barely getting it to fit inside my mouth that gets my pussy twitching and my heart beating. I love how little I look beside Mr Pink, how tiny my fingers and wrists are compared to him… Often I wonder if he’ll fit this time or maybe not. But my kitty is very accommodating as long as you warm her up nicely 😉

I love getting to see my tight little pussy surround it and be stretched across his with each long stroke. I can feel my pussy sucking him deeper and deeper. I can feel the big head pushing at my inner walls and rubbing against every grove and every inch of me. The feeling that my pussy is so full, as though it’s being stretched and filled to the brim. It’s a heady feeling that makes my pussy feel alive. Then I can feel the big smooth tip of the cock pudding against my cervix! Hitting bottom and bouncing back only to do it again and again.

It doesn’t take long for my cum to build, for my body to tense, for my breathing to get shallow and my pussy to start to quiver. At that point I just hang on and surrender myself, my body and my mind to the orgasm. I can feel it build in my center and radiate out through my body. I can’t help but hold my breath and turn red as I sucum to my ecstasy. I’m then left panting and relaxed on the floor catching my breath and slowly pulling out that big cock and enjoying the feel of my pussy tightening back up around the absence of Mr Pink. 




Thank Goodness It’s Friday! And it’s sunny! It’s suppose to be a beautiful weekend and I’m thrilled I literally have zero planned. I love a wide open weekend, so full of possibility. My moms place is all ready to go for her open house so no need to head over and scrub or box things up. I shot yesterday 😱 let me tell you it will be the hottest scene we’ve done yet! A hot role play, multiple camera  angels, multiple cums…. Yes it was fun! Maybe that’s why I have perma grin today 😉

Had a movie meeting last night for the film I’m in this summer getting super excited for that! It’s going to be so much fun! My first film ever. It’s long been on my bucket list and it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever. It will hopefully open up other opportunities in the future too for some fun side projects. All sorts of fun things this year. 

So far 2016 has been epic and we are only 1/4 the way through. January was AVN and the AE expo so much fun. Feburary was shooting BG and getting ready to surprise you all, March was the launch of BG, the launch of my first ever DVD appearance, my birthday and landing a movie role! Woo April so far promises to be a little more laid back thank goodness lol March really took it out of me. May might be just as eventful we’ll see. 

For now I’m taking the little moments one at a time. This weekend I plan to enjoy the quiet. Hit the park with the pups, maybe go shopping a little, relax and just mellow out. TC has a project he’s gotta get started so I might help him with that but we’ll see if we end up getting much done 😉

I’ll see all you kinky kats on MyFreeCams later today. 

Xoxo Katie 


Fuck Going Out 

TC wanted to head out to get some eats but really I just wanted to say screw that and have a little meat al to myself 😉 I wasn’t hungry for dinner, I was hungry for something very different. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to convince him so I stripped down to my sexy bra and panties, threw on a sexy pair of heels and decided to work my magic. Lucky for you guys I also decided to grab my camera and film it.


I’m having so much fun filming my sexapades and sharing them with you all. There’s something about seeing that camera in TC’s hands or seeing it in front of me that gets me wet. I love to be watched and put on a little show filming really hits that fetish for me and gets me so horny! I’ll be excited and horny all week thinking about filming.

I love being down on my knees plesuring his cock with my mouth. It makes me feel in control and somehow powerful. To know that I have him right where I want him and all he can do is relax and give into me. It’s an intoxicating feeling that’s for sure, the more times we film it the more I want to again and again and again.

My clit gets so hard when we fuck, it’s so sensative I just love it! I find it hard to keep my hands away from rubbing it. When he reaches down to run my clit that’s it it’s infinitely harder to not just cum that instant. Which of course why fight it! I love to cum at least twice when having sex. I’d even say I’m addicted to that feel good feeling. The tingles all over, the shortness of breath, the warm satisfied feeling… Don’t deny it you love it to 😘


Then the finish, my favorite part. A perfectly aimed facial right across my face! It’s so satisfying knowing that I’m the one that made him cum, that I have his cock right where I want it and can milk it whenever I want. A facial is so surprising yet satisfying 😍 I’m loving being the submissive play thing.


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Aprils Arrived 

It’s April already! Wow March flew by and I bet April will be just as busy for me. Thankfully I finished my taxes :) so that stress is over. I’ve been helping my mom on the weekends get her house organized and to go through 30 years of stuff but it’s finally ready for showings and such. The next mission is garage sales and packing but we have time for those. She’s been doing really good with purging so much stuff! I’m thrilled to see my mom look to the future and make changes that will benefit her greatly. It’s been a lot of work, Sunday I washed walls lol but I’m glad to spend time with my mom and to help lighten her load. Now that that’s done for the time being I can focus on relaxing a little. March always leaves me a little drained, there’s just so much to do and so many social obligations. I’m glad for some down time. 

I’ve been planning many fun and kinky ideas for shoots! So many fun ideas I can’t even begin. I’ve been collecting all sorts of props, accessories and outfits for my many ideas. My biggest challenge now is choosing which one to do next. I’ve got a school girl planned, baby oil overload, kinky hot bath, naughty maid, foreign exchange student, Miss Katie and more 😉 members be ready for some naughty things. 

I’m starting to gear up for my movie role this summer. I got my final draft of my script so starting in on verbing, memorization and physically developing my character. I’m excited to have an acting project to sink my teeth into. It’s been forever since I got to perform and apply my acting skills in a big project. I’m stoked to go through the many tools I was taught throughout school and really get into it. I’m probably going to end up doing way more work then I need but oh well 😛 I’m going to have fun! 

The pups are happy to see sun shine and warm weather finally it’s been so nice to take them to the park and let them run about like wild animals :) hoping for sun this weekend for them too. 

Well back to the grind I go 

Xoxo Katie