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Guess who started up a butt load of new auctions! how much is a butt load? well i started with roughly 22 auctions but since I have started using the Buy It Now button people can scoop up the items they have been eye balling before anyone else can bid on them. So now I’m down to about 12 auctions after just 2 days! I’ve got sexy heels, paints, dresses, lingerie and a whole lot more up there. I have even included the HD video of me masterbating or playing in the items for sale. Don’t wait to start bidding or someone might just buy it now on you and then it will be gone. Here’s a little look at what I have up for grabs

anime-hottie-15.jpgpurple-33.jpg miss-katie-06.jpg 0-2.jpg 0.jpgsuper-34.jpgbandana-68.jpgIMG_8036.jpgScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 4.51.32 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 4.50.26 PM.png wonder-katie-37.jpgkatiebanks-740-10-lg.jpg01.jpg

Happy bidding to all those who are trying their luck :) Don’t forget to also check out my Store by clicking here for deals on Custom HD videos filmed just for you. I act out your naughtiest fantasy, whip you into shape as your mistress or play the submissive barbie doll for you. I am offering – $50 off all custom videos till Sept 30th so if you have always wanted to get one now is an excellent time to do so. I am also offering SnapChat, for a 1 time tip of $25 you can have my SnapChat for life!! you will never be deleted, promise.

XoXo Katie

Killer Wallpapers

Just thought I would share some kick ass wallpapers that Jeremy made for me :) love them they are killer! Very creative and very fun! feel free to email me any wallpapers or fan art that you might find or make yourself I include them in my website for members and I love to post them here and give the artist some props :)

asOfTiD.jpg gAXzQ24.jpg ppyrJw0.jpg

Hahah I’d hav to say so far my favourite is the bottom one ‘Cowboy Up” heck yah ;)

XoXo Katie


Another hot outdoor photo set just went live for members of I’ve had all sorts of sunny outdoor adventures this summer and since it’s a late summer here and the weekend calls for hot sun shine I’m thinking I’ll sneak away again for an outdoor shoot. I’ve got a few costumes in need of some excitement ;) in the mean time check out my AC my DC set love now for members! These pics are hot ass and huge, they are 4000 pixels! Oh boy that means giant high res photos of doing this….


Can’t beat that now can you ;) there’s a sexy back seat masterbation video going live this weekend too. I didn’t let a little rain stop me from having fun! After all I got myself all ready for a shoot just to be met with rain. Oh well I rolled with the punches and I think the results were freaken hot. After all I’m a car girl through and through so cumming in a car is right up my alley.

It’s funny me and TC were having this convo the other day about how I name all of my sex toys, my teddy bears, the dogs toys etc but I have never once named my cars. When asked why? Hmm all u could think of is that is so a girl thing to do lol I’m a girlie girl that’s for sure but I also a big tom boy. I grew up not bothering with makeup much or doing my hair really. I wore punk band shirts, guys board shorts or looser fitting pants (picture Avril Laveign when she first came out) I slowly found my girlie side over the years. But during my tom boy phase I found my love of cars. Working on them, in them, the clean lines, hard edges and throating growls! I’m getting excited just thinking about it ;) when it comes to car I’m basically a guy, the more horse power, the crazier the ride and what’s under the good matter to me more than the color and practicality of it. Don’t get me wrong I’m particular about what colors and cars I like but not in the way most girl I know are. So to name my car something girlie just seems so wrong and so out of left field. I don’t know just a funny random fact that I realized this week that I thought I’d share with you all :)

Hope your hump day is hunperific. yep I just made that word up! Feel free to use it. Give it a try, come on it’ll be fun just do it!

Xoxo Katie

New beginnings


Here we are another new week and I feel like it’s a fresh beginning. Last week was notable a rough week for me but I’m determined to make this week better. Eva is doing better, she seems back to her regular self. She’s still on pain meds for the rest of the week and goes back for a check up on Friday. Today I cut her meds back to every 12 hrs rather than every 8 hopefully this will give me a better indication of how she’s feeling. She seems to want to tear into her new soft toys but I’m having to watch her closely as that’s not something she’s suppose to do. She’s starting to figure out that her food and treats are loaded with meds so I’m having to watch her to make sure she finishes all her food. She’s pretty funny after I rinse her mouth after meal time. It’s this blue jell stuff and she can’t help but flail her tongue around in her mouth afterwards and on occasion her tongue gets stuck between her 1 molar and her canine lol it cute! I think both her and I are ready for life to get back to normal.

I had a kick ass Monday on MFC thanks to everyone who came online to welcome me back :) it was nice to get back to normal. Today’s my first day back to the gym since Eva came home, feels good to work out some of the frustration and stress.
Visited my mom on Sunday night, she was happy to see me and the girls. I think she was a little shook up too about our little monkey so she was glad to get a chance to see her and know she was ok. My next mission is walking her 3x a day and I mean till she’s panting and had some good excersize. She’s a little over weight for were is optimal for her size and breed and I don’t think the wet food is as good for her. She may just be swollen still from surgery it’s only day 4 after all. She seems to be enjoying the extra time outside so I’m getting her as much as I can before the rain comes. I think come winter and wet season I’ll take her down to the storage locker room and get her to run around there that way she won’t get as dirty and won’t want to go in every 5 seconds. Kinzie loves the extra adventure time too so it’s all smiles over here :)

Over all September had a shaky start but I’m sure we’ll turn it around pretty quick here :) I’m trying to remain optimistic. I’ve got 2 little misses relying on me.

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Xoxo Katie



Here’s an update for everyone asking, I figured it easier to write out the details once then just direct those that ask here. I’ll start off by saying today is better than yesterday just as tomorrow will be better than today for both Eva and I. I feel devastated about my poor little puppy. Eva went in for a dental cleaning at the vets yesterday. She appeared to have some blackening bellow the gym line that was visible on 2 teeth so the vet warned if it was bad she may need to pull those teeth but she would do all she could to save them if possible. At 12:30 yesterday the vet called me with the results of the X-rays. Bottom line Eva lots 12 teeth and the worst part is they are all her molars (teeth needed for chewing) she has 1 molar left on the left side (1 on the bottom) none on the top and 3 on the right side (2 top, 1 bottom). She still has her canines (the pointy long teeth at the front of her mouth) so that means her tongue won’t lop out of her mouth and require drops which is very good! she’s very drugged up, swollen n confuses right now. Hopefully with a diet of just soft food and if I’m strict on teeth brushing and mouth swooshing with an antiseptic mouth wash after each meal in 3 months when I take her in for a follow up mandatory cleaning she will be able to still hang on to 3 of those 4 molars. 3 are in question wether or not they will last. Basically bad genetic meant that Eva’s gums were really bad for gingivitis despite never appear red, swollen or irritated. The bone had reseeded from the teeth causing most of her them to be free floating in her mouth. Sadly it was a scary day complete with whopping bill and a promise of another another whopping bill in 3 months. The money’s the least of my worries. I’m just happy to have my baby back home. Thank you very much everyone for your well wishes and support.

Xoxo Katie


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