Naughty photos

Happy St Patricks day everyone 😀 Are you guys ready for my first ever hard core Boy girl photo set? yes I had some fun before filming my St patty’s day Blow job video and took some fun and flirty iPhone pics including some Blow job action shots! it was a lot of fun :) so expect more soon! not to worry though I do plan and have coming some sexy and kinky solo content too! I still love playing with my toys as well :)

Here’s a little sample of what I’ve got cooking for you all! I hope your all loving this new change as much as I am! my brain is full of fun and naughty ideas, sexy role-plays and taboo kinks that I am exited to get started on creating. Soon I will be expecting some BG custom video requests too so have your ideas ready for me. TC and I are excited for everyone to see what we have been up to and what we have in store for you all. A really great big thank you to everyone for the great support so far! everyone has been really awesome and excited for us and this next step in our relationship and in our lives. There is only one place we can go from here and that is up up and away 😉




Mr Horn

My parents friend lives just down the all from us and man is he hot! I can’t help but sneak glances at him when he’s over. I always try to dress a little sexy and naughty when I know he is coming over, after all how else am I suppose to get his attention? I’m old enough for us to have some fun together but sadly I still think he looks at me like some little kid. I’ve devised a plan on how to change that. I got myself this killer video camera and decided I was going to make him a little care package. First I put on my old school girl uniform since i know its irresistible and i’ve seen the way his eyes use to follow me around the room when I wore it. I got myself a nice big hard dildo and a sexy pair of panties and I’m going to do something I should have done a long time ago. I’m going to film myself getting off, screaming out his name, instructing him to stroke it for me then me begging for his cum. I’m then going to take my sexy ass panties and stuff them into my tight little pussy. Covering them in my sweet pussy juices then seal them in a zip lock bag and send them along with the video to him. I bet he lasts all of 5 minutes before he calls me or comes over looking for me. I’m going to make hi want me so bad that there is nothing he won’t do just to get a chance to fuck my pretty pink pussy.


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.33.46 AM.png

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XoXo Katie



Happy St Patricks day to all my fellow Irish brethren and sisters 😉 It’s going to be a fun day on line for this Irish lass. To start off I just had a brand new Boy girl video go live on KatieBanks.com featuring me, something green and something hard 😉 I’ve got some beer to drink with you all on Myfreecams later as well as doing a big prize raffle :) I’m thinking of having 4 or 5 winners today and the prizes will include cummed on panties, video packages, snapchat and 1 lucky fan will ge my latest Boy Girl Blow job St patty’s day video :) Since I got all new videos listed on my MFC profile there is lots of goodies to choose from :) I’m excited! Patty’s day is one of my fav little holidays. So come prepared to have some fun with me :) I should be on around 2:30! I get to go get a lovely shot first though weeks! damn boosters.

I’ve got 2 more days till my birthday party :) Saturday I will be going out for some yummy eats with some friends then back to my place to play some games, enjoy some music and some drinks. Should be a good night! I always find my birthday to be exciting since it always feels like from about January 1st till now I haven’t seen that many friends since everyone is recovering from NYE, resting up and hibernating since its winter. My birthday is usually the first day of fun! Sunday I am off to my moms to help her start tidying out her very packed garage and then birthday dinner with my brothers and grandparents :) Its going to be a packed next few days thats for sure. Yes I will be online tomorrow for a short while from about 5:30-8:30 pm pst.

Other than that i have been keeping out of trouble and getting a bunch of little things taken care of like taxes yuck! I am just about done now though which is a freaked awesome feeling. I’ve been trying to focus on de stressing, getting organized and getting my butt back in a gym routine. Its been 6 months of off and on gym and well i”m not feeling at my best you know. I’m not crazy in thinking I look bad or fat or something. I feel good and feel like a look good I just feel like i don’t have the stamina and toned physique that I use to have. So Starting Monday it’s back at it 4-5 days a week no excuses. I have a movie in 3 months and i will be naked on the big screen so its time to get back to feeling tones. Not to worry i won’t loose my curve, I LOVE them!! just want to help accentuate them a little bit 😉

For now I am going to focus on having fun this weekend after all its my birthday weekend 😀 I can start working hard and being good Monday 😉

Hope to see you all online for some fun today 😉

XoXo Katie


HardCore photos

Be on the look out for this hot photo set coming soon! Me with a cock and cum all over my lower face.

It’s finally Friday! Congrats all we made it 😉 you know what this means it’s time to relax, take it easy and ctfo. I’ve got a bridal party meeting for my best friends wedding party I’m in this October. Other then that I’m taking it easy. Might go wash my car since its filthy. I can tell you what I won’t be doing, I won’t be doing taxes lol I have started that grueling process and spent all day yesterday at it and will spend all day today but Saturday I draw the line. Instead I’m planning to clean the casa and snuggle some puppies. Got a new book and I’m hoping to crush a few chapters :)

Hot tub will be a must tonight or tomorrow to help rest my sore musels and self. Been kicking it pretty hard at the gym this week, I’ve got just under 3 months to feel film ready for my movie. Yes I already feel good but the last 6 months has equaled about 5 weeks at the gym. Just been too busy, sick, stressed or had too many appointments and such to of really done a good job of getting my butt to the gym. I’m aiming to at least put in a better effort till then. Thankfully that butts up to bikini season 😉 perfect!

I’ve been brainstorming up some killer video ideas! Kinky role plays, taboos, fun concepts and sexy outfits. It’s been fun to just throw ideas around and flesh them out. Next time TC and I shoot we’ll be having some fun that’s for sure 😉 which I’m sure will mean you’ll all dig it.

I just finished shooting a really fun and sexy banana, whip cream and chocolate sauce video 😉 it was for a lucky fan who grabbed a custom video. I’ve got a sale on for the month of March, $50 off any custom video till march 31st! I’m doing Anal, role plays, taboos, food play 😉 and so much more. I’m excited to see what kinky ideas you all come up with!

Only 11 more days to go till my birthday!

Xoxo Katie



Another hot boy girl card core update just went live for all my members to enjoy. I needed help picking out what to wear out with the girls so I enlisted some help. Of course I knew trying on all these tight fitting slinky dresses would get your attention and make you hard. Not to worry I fully plan on servicing your cock before I go. I can’t wait to get feel that cock slide into my wet little hole and fuck me senseless. After cumming several times all I want to do is taste that warm load and have you come on my pretty little face. I love the feeling of being down on my knees stroking and sucking you, begging for that hot load.


Love the look of the video? Wait till you see the high red photos coming soon too. Me on my knees, cock in hand and mouth with come on my face 😉 they are pretty Freaken hot if I say so myself!



Xoxo Katie