Play time

It’s time to get in some playtime before the holidays, I know for me I spend 3 days away from home at my mom’s visiting family, hanging with cousins, helping to cook a big old turkey and just relaxing as such. So what does that mean, it means today and tomorrow are my last few days to get in some play time for us to get rid of that frustrating build up that just needs to be releases! for us to scratch that itch before it becomes insatiable 😉 I’m looking forward to two full fun days of play time with you all on MFC. I have a bunch of naughty Christmas videos on special, Date raffle tickets on half price from now till the end of the raffle not to mention a Skype show going out to my highest tipper today.

I’ve got all my packages wrapped, tagged and bowed! feels good to have it all done! I will admit I kinda slacked on the wrapping part this year 😛 oops. But thankfully I had lots of present bags left over from my Christmas shoot :) means that it wasn’t as tough as I though it would be.

I’m super excited and nervous at the same time, The last week has shown that the weather report is SNOW on Christmas eve and Christmas day!! it’s switched to rain last week and I got a little sad then it switched back! I’m nervous to check cause the 5 year old in me is so unbelievable excited for a white Christmas for once that I don’t want to crush that dream. All I ever want for Christmas is a white Christmas. It never feels like Christmas to me until it’s snowing. It doesn’t even have to snow on the day or the day before I will take it just being a little, just a little white outside on the day. I remember making snowman and snow angels on Christmas day as a child. The joy that I felt in the silly wet cold wet stuff. The last time it snowed on Christmas was 7 years ago and let me tell you that is a long time! This is the first year that the forecast has even mentioned snow. AAAAAAHHHHHH I’m really hoping it’ll happen. SO on Christmas eve do me a big favour for all you lucky snowed on cities. Go outside and fan the snow up here! I’m straight up and far to the left 😉

For now into the hot shower i go and I will see you all on MFC shortly.

XoXo Katie


Soaking Wet

While it might be freezing cold where you are I thought I would help you warm up 😉 do me a favour and picture yourself somewhere nice, its sa nice hot sunny day at the beach. Your there all played out and relaxing by the water, not too much going on. You can hear the cars drive by and wonder hmm I wonder if anyone can see me? You hear some splashing and look up to find a big booked, tiny little big butt babe walking through the water towards you.


You look about wondering if it’s you I’m smiling at… no one else around it must be. I tease you about being hot and wanting to come cool off with me in the water. your hesitant so I decided to help convince you you need to come join me. I slowly tease you with my big boobs! I see you starring at them and I like it 😉 I slowly start to undo my top… your a little shocked! I wink at you and playfully throw it at you.


I can see you adjusting your pants, things getting a little tight? why don’t you reach down and adjust that big package of yours, I won’t mind 😉 in fact I like seeing you get hard for me. I then move down to my itty bitty bottoms, even though they aren’t covering very much your dyeing to see my smooth soft pussy.


Before you know it I’m there naked in the water showing off for you starring at that fat ass cock in your pants. No hiding it from me. I tell you to pull it out, I want to see that hard cock, I want to watch how hard you get as I fuck myself with my big fat dildo. I don’t care if the cars driving by can see, I don’t care if someone else is watching and stroking to me. All I care about is getting that cock so fucking hard that when I’m done fucking my tight little box I can come over there mount you and fuck you right there right now.


So get stroking for me, tell me how much of a dirty little slut I am and beg me to ride you till you fill up my tight little hole…


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XoXo Katie


4 days! 

Only 4 days to go to Christmas! Ahh that was fast. What a fun lead up its been though, yesterday was a festive day for this girl. First off I went and saw the new Star Wars! My Star Wars marathon all week long ended with an epic viewing of the Force Awarkens in imax. Yes I dressed the part! I mean come on now you knew u had too! I contemplated dressing up as slave leia but since it’s winter and freezing cold here umm no! Lol instead leia buns, Star Wars Jedi shirt and R2 n c3po spandex. Not to ruin anything for anyone but man was it epic! It was awesome. I left very pleased. The sets, the animatronics, the real life creatures it was all how I hoped they would do it. A great blend of new film technology with classic sets and costumes to help create a futuristic world. They blended my favorite parts of the original movies with a new store line and new characters. I can’t wait for the next one. 

After an epic viewing of Star Wars I rushed home to get ready for a Bbq with friends. I had sailor, her bf, Aija and her bf over for a Bbq dinner and hot tub. A nice chance to hang out, enjoy some good company and just mellow before the holidays. Was a lot of fun! But I will admit I went to be pretty tired last night at 10 pm lol 

Now that my rev up to Star Wars is over it’s time to rev up to Christmas! Today I’ve got dinner with my longest standing friend (known her since I was 7) and errands to accomplish. High on the list is the post office :/ that’ll be a fun line lol I feel awfully bad for the postal workers this time of year, that’s got to be a very very stressful job for them. 

I’m online tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday then that’s it till next week. Yes I’ll be inking between Christmas New Years but only 1 or 2 days so be on the look out for my tweets as to which days 😉 

I hope Monday is treating you all well 😉 if not head to Http:// to check out my latest 4K video. I’m your naughty little present from Santa! You must have been a very good boy this year. 

Xoxo Katie 


Cute Sales Girl

After a long hard day at the office all I want to do is release some stress and what better way to do that other then being a naughty brat and flirting with someone hot! I stopped off at the the lingerie store to pick up some of these panties you love for when you get home later and what would you know the sales girl was adorable! Super hot, with big boobs, a banging body and flirty eyes…. I couldn’t resist teasing her and flirting with her. The exciting part was for every advance i made she made one back. Good thing there was other people around or I might have pulled her into my change room.

4.jpg 1.jpg

Once I got home I found she left me her # on the back of my receipt. I couldn’t wait for you I was way to horny so I grabbed the video camera so you could enjoy my revved up honey masturbation session. I was so horny and my little holes just needed to be plugged that I did something I haven’t done with you in a while… I fingered that high little butt hole. But that wasn’t enough! I needed to get something in there while I was being fucked.


It felt so good to fill my tight little butt and it instantly got my pussy dripping wet. Good thing I’m a horny girl and I keep a toy on hand in most rooms 😉 You never know when I might just want to put on a show for you or get off. I loved the feeling of sucking on a nice hard cock. You know how much I love to see that look in your eyes when I do and feel your cock get harder and harder in my mouth.


I’ve never had both my holes filled while I got fucked before it was an amazing heady feeling. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming. I felt like such a dirty little slut and I loved every second of it. I teased you about my butt and how much you want in there. I encouraged you to stroke that hard cock for me even though you might be at work when you first see this and that might be a little dangerous 😉


No one would ever know that us two fine business people are really kinky freaks once we get home 😉



Mistress Wank

You’ve been a very good pet today what does that mean for you? it means you get to worship your mistress in a whole new way. I know you have been begging for this like the dog that you are and I feel you’ve earned it this time. Better listen up and pay attention to what I instruct you though. No getting lost in your enjoyment or you will wind up back on the cutting block. Never forget I can both create a very warm and welcoming environment to cum in as well as inflict such punishments to make you never forget what you have done wrong.

First you need some spankings and then we will follow that up with spanking for mistress after all I’m a devilish girl who loves to be whipped and shown a good time. You don’t want to disappoint me now do you?

Now on your knees pet, time to stroke that hard cock for me. Listen and obey as I tell you what I want you to do and when I want you to cum. Don’t you dare cum too soon or you’ll pay for it hahaha not telling how. Better learn to hold back and build your stamina or you won’t last long with me and from the look on your face your already sweating. Beg like a good little minion if you get desperate and i might just take pity on you and let you cum hahaha.

Mmmm does that tight little pink pussy look wet and inviting, a great place to stuff a big fat cock don’t you think? show me just how that hard dick looks and how good you could be and you might just impress me.