My Valentine

Looking for that perfect Valentine, that special someone to love, caress and tease you. You make you feel better then you ever have, to make your cock throb and cum big long streams of cum. Loo k no further, I’ve been looking for my perfect valentine too and sounds like we have found our match! 


I want you to get comfortable my love, I want you to focus on me and let me take you to a magical place. Mmmm I love to tease, taunt and arouse  your senses. Starting with your sense of sight. Follow my hands as they caress their way all over my body. My skin so soft, my body so lean and touchable. 

Next is your sense of touch… Here hold this silly bra for me I don’t need it, in fact how about you come here and take it right off my body. Don’t forget about my panties…. You’ll want to hang on to those 😉 

Now bring me that nice hard cock I want to taste you, feel you in my mouth. I love the feel of a hard throbbing cock in my mouth. My tongue lapping at your cock, caressing it, milking it…. 


  Now to get you into my tight little wet hole! Yes I want to feel your cock nice and deep inside me. Stretching me open and claiming me.  

 I want to cum over and over again all over your cool then taste how good your cum and mine tastes off your cock after you fill me full of your hot seamen. 


Xoxo your slutty little Katie 


Weekend prep 

Another week down and i’m left thinking where did it go! I’ve been a very busy bee getting new updates ready for all you members just you wait! March is going to be one hell of a fun month. Be ready for a change and something very exciting, fun and of course naughty. March will also mark my 6th year anniversary online and it will be the release of my first time ever appearing on a DV :O shocked I know! I will be appear on Bryce’s new DVD in a hot scene with my lady love. It’s the hottest scene we have ever shot trust me. I will be giving a few more hints and some show and tell if you will as we get closer to March 😉 be ready for it.

I’ve got a big day planned tomorrow, I will be shooting my St Patrick’s day and my birthday scenes. I’m stoked! always fun getting up to no good with TC 😉 we have a very fun day planned and I think you will all be excited to see what we do. I need to pick up some yummy cupcakes tonight heheh so yes something sweet and yummy tasting is in my future for tomorrow.

Other then that my week has been a blur of computer work, emails and cam. I have been blowing up my inbox as fast as I can since it’s been piling up sky high with everyone getting their hands on my goodies and inquiring about custom videos. I always love a good naughty custom video :) I’ve go ta few to shoot this next week and can’t wait to act out some lucky fans deepest fantasies.

Other then that this weekend is going to be busy but also relaxing. Tonight I don’t have much planned, just going to take it easy and stay in since tomorrow I’m up earlier then normal so I can shoot. Tomorrow night is hot tub party night at my place with a few friends 😀 I am going to need a nice long soak by the end of the day that’s for sure. What better way then with a few friends and some yummy drinks. Sunday I have an appointment mid day then bowling!! yep bowling! I am going to try my luck again to see if I can’t get better or at least not be the worst lol 😛 yes that is how bad i am at bowling that my goal is not not finish last.

Then ta da Monday again! I swear I am going to have a planned free weekend soon! no plans just lock the door and hide out! read my book, soak in the bath and mellow! Till then I will take out my go go stress on cam with a toy 😉

XoXo Katie


Beach Hook Up

Wether its on vacation or just around home I always seem to get a little horny at the beach. Maybe its’ the skimpy outfit in public, maybe it’s seeing everyone in not very much or maybe it’s the chance to relax with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my skin. I find after the beach I am always looking for a fun hook up, someone to take back to my room with me and put on a show for them. Lucky for you I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you at the beach and I saw you peaking at me when you thought I wasn’t looking. In your defense I didn’t exactly dress very covered up this time. I wore the skimpiest bikini bottoms I own. They are just string and string and well string 😉


Miss Kitty was practically begging you to come over and pet her all day. Now I want you to sit back there on that comfy chair for now and watch me. I want to put on a show for you and get my pussy nice and warmed up for you and that big cock. No cumming yet though I want to see how long you can last. I want to know that your going to make sure I cum over and over again before you fill up my little pussy.


Mmmm wow I didn’t realize you were so big! god that cock looks good in your hands. Mmm yes stroke it like that I’m getting wet just watching you… I can’t wait to stick it in my mouth. I feel my lips surround him as they stretch open to accommodate you in my mouth. My tongue swirling around your head as I slid up and down on your shaft.


Yes that’s it, I can’t believe how horny you have me! I’m dripping and this pussy is ready for some fun. No no just lay back and relax I want to do all the work, I love to ride on top and control how fast or slow that cock slides into my wet little hole. I love the feeling of my titties bouncing up and down as I thrust deeper and deeper letting you stretch my little opening.


Can you feel my warm wet little pussy squeezing your shaft, milking your cock mmm I can’t wait to cum all over your hard cock then have you fill up my tight little hole. Don’t stop I’m so close! yes right there, right there…





Hello all my fellow sexy freaks! wow what the heck I am so lost! for some reason I thought it was the last week of January last week not the first week of February so now I’m all off. I hate that feeling! here I was thinking I got tons of time to get all this content sorted and ready for James when really nope! if I want my Valentine’s day set and video to go live on time i need to send it early lol oops! so I have been on the computer since I first got up sorting and fixing this or that and getting it uploaded to James. I took close to 1000 candid photos off my phone when I got home from Vegas and I hadn’t had a chance to go over them. NO they are not all from Vegas they span the last 3 months or so so expect some awesome candid updates soon for my members. I found behind the scenes shots when I was shooting and some fun costume party shots when I was just playing around and having fun :)

Add to that the big surprise i have coming for you guys next month and oh my goodness are members of going to get spoiled rotten next month. And why not it’s my birthday month 😀 😀 that’s right a little over a month til my birthday! I am sorta trying to figure out and plan a party we shall see. SO far all I got is to rent the party room at my building and do a Vegas themed party with different games set up and prizes. For now though that is just an idea haven’t quiet figured out the details or flushed out the likely hood i can make it happen in that time. It’s a big Birthday for me too! a lady never tells her age but it’s a big year and i want to do something different from the norm. That said I don’t want to go to the club and I want to just be with my loved ones including those fuzzy butts that I can’t get enough of 😛

As I am getting content back from TC and getting ready for you all to enjoy I am getting so excited!!! you guys are going to LOVE what I have been up to and what I have been doing. Lots of fun new things for 2016 for me and and I’m thrilled to have you all along with me for the ride. I know it’s only February and a lot can change in a month, a week or 6 months but I just know that 2016 is going to be one epic year for me both online and off. So be ready to experience it all with me cause you know I will be sharing the details, the candids and the videos with you all along the way no matter what I end up getting myself up to.

All that said I didn’t make it online today guys sorry! miss you all but had to get things cleared off my plate so I’m not stressed about them all week. I love a clear to do list that doesn’t have many things on it and right now there are way too many things on it ^.^ I’ll be online tomorrow till Friday then I think Saturday is going to be a naughty shoot day.

I hope Monday isn’t kicking your butt too badly! Heres a titty and a hard nipple to help just in case 😉

Xo Katie



I can’t believe its already been a week since I’ve been home from Vegas and it’s already February! 2016 slow down ok? I don’t want this year to zoom right on by me! I have way too many fun things planned for this year and I am eager to get started on all of them but alas 1 thing at a time.

Vegas was unreal! it was a whirl wind of a trip that required some self reflection when I got home. I met so many awesome people in the industry, had fun partying with a few bad ass individuals and got some quality time with my bestie Bryci. I would say my fav part was an adventure away from the Hard Rock to a lovely Mexican restaurant with Bryci, James and TC. We ate, chatted and then did some slightly tipsy mad dash shopping before the stores all closed early on us. All in all it was a great trip. I shot some really hot new content for my site. I am so excited to show you all what I have been cooking up for you in my secret kitchen but you will have to wait just a tiny bit longer. Needless to say members of be ready for a fun ride. Those of you reading this who are not members hurry the heck up or you might miss the start of this fun ride. More on this as things develop.

This last week has been me getting back to basics. Being away from home for basically 2 weeks meant that my house looked like a disaster zone. Doesn’t help that i left for the airport at like 3 am and packed the night before so yah. I had major tidying, cleaning and laundry to do when I got home. I had to get back in the swing of things with the pups, cam and everything else. IE why I suck at blogging lately :( sorry guys! add to that I am fighting a bit of a head cold that for the most part I am kicking it’s ass but the odd morning I wake up and feel no bueno.

So here we are back on track and its Monday February 1st. I say what? February ?!?! man I thought we still had some January left, guess not right. February is bitter sweet for me, it’s always a really short feeling month. It’s only a few days shy of a regular month but it always seems to disappear in a blink of an eye and i’m left feeling like wow what happened. I’ve got a few big projects to get the ball rolling on this month and next and even a few more I want to start planning for later this spring/early summer. Those will have to wait though till I find out where I stand with my current projects. I know I sound super cryptic but I don’t want to say too much incase I jinx myself. I’m working towards getting a few things in play, I can breeze over a few for you though.

To start with I am sitting on a bunch of content I just shot in Vegas that I need to go through, process, get sent to the other ladies and up on my site for you all. I did a few new things which means new mile stones to share with you all too 😀 I’m hoping to be able to get my own place this year, no not a new rental I mean buy my own place! nothing too crazy just a place to call my own with a yard for the pups to play in and no stupid strata 😛 I’m hoping to plan another trip down to Cali like i usually do for some fun in the sun and maybe some sexy shoots with a few other ladies. I’ve got a birthday coming up and I am thinking Disney Land!! I’ve never been and I’m hoping I can get some friends to come with and make a fun trip that isn’t going to be too expensive cause WOW when I checked out the costs of a Disney land vaca I was a little surprised. I have a family trip this summer at the begging of May. I’ve also got a few fun side projects that I hope to get up and going soon too 😀 Add to all that my usual stuff of cam, website, store, auctions, customs and you can see how things pile up and go by fast.

So here I go on the first day of February, wish me luck! and if your not up to much come keep a girl company on MyFreeCams I’m hoping we can make February a rocking month 😀

XoXo Katie