Meeting AJ

Look who I got to meet this past weekend! yep that is right the fabulously gorgeous Aleah Jasmine :) see i told you all i had a really eventful full ass weekend! Meeting a new friend, scouting locations, bbq at a friends, photo shoot outdoors, car show, hike, dinner out and then home lol. I kick started the weekend meeting AJ though which was the perfect way to start things off. She’s was in town and we decided thew at had been long enough time to meet up and hang out! so we met for din din and drinks. Had an amazing time, super friendly and fun girl. Can’t wait to hang out more and yes in the future I’m hoping photo shoot 😉 you guys know me I love to share that camera space with another hot lady. I will say she looks like a beautiful girl online but she was even prettier in person! funny how that is. On a side note man am I short lol here we are standing side by side she’s in flats and I am in high wedges lol 😛 shorty McShort over here!

Needless to say it’s amazing to have another kick ass lady in the Bella family who lives somewhat close so that meeting up the odd time a year is possible! I’m excited for future bella ladies hang outs! girls nights with yummy margatias, ice cream, chick flicks, skimpy outfits and pillow fights… oops wondered into your fantasy right there 😛


XoXo Katie


Car show!

Sunday was car show day! I had a blast shooting then I headed to a giant car show with my family. Road with my uncle in his 64.5 mustang 😀 lovely drive. We arrived later in the day since it was smoking hot! We got there with an hour and a half to spare till the party got broken up, we were car #1259. Yep that’s right there was over 1200 cars there that day. Granted a few had left by the time we got there but there was still lots to see. Far too much to see if you ask me lol and non of it in the shade so we roasted.


The pups of course loved a chance to get out and be seen. Little characters those ones.  They love the sunshine and made a few little puppy friends as we went around. 


By far one of my fav parts was mustang row! So many mustangs so little time. Here was one of my absolute favs! But I will say the blue and white motiphe looked best like Farrah Fawcett’s from Charley’s Angels. 


They had everything here right down to a 1926 model T which was so cool and cute! to things a little more modified like this bad boy 😉 the front turn signals and the mirrors were a nice touch. 

Can’t forget the mud racers too! These tires came up to my boobs. Boob height yep lol they were a lot of work too since they were hand grooved to be more extreme tread. I had to reach up to get to the door handle, even then I’d still need a boost or 3. I like it! Monster truck what? One day 😉 I’ll be riding up on high lol 

After we went for a cruise in the stang 😀 she sure does sounds good and loves to screech her rubber around the corners, but she sure hates idoling. Over heats way too easy and stalls. Thankfully she was running pretty good and started everytime. Good old carberated engine 😉 classic! Nothing quiet sounds the same like a lumpy cam. 

  All in all it was an epic day and I got my car fix in. Only one downer… I didn’t get to ride in all these beauties :/ but I did get to ride in the Stang so my shit eating grin was immense. I swear my uncle peeled rubber a few extra times just so my grin would get bigger. 
Xoxo Katie 


Current state of affairs

See above? That is my current state of affairs right now! Yep that right I’m still curled up in bed with my puppies. I’ve take 2 24 antihistamines and callomine lotions up all 11 of my mosquito bites. I’ll get up eventually but for now I’m lazy. Yesterday’s shoot was great! We got some really amazing looking outdoor photo sets and videos. Sadly I forgot 1 very important part about outdoor shooting…. Wear to bug patch lol I’m allergic to Mosquitos (newer allergy that popped up about 2.5 years ago) and they just LOVE me! Usually I have vitamin B patches that work great! I cut them in 1/2 and put them on the bottom of my feet lol only place that doesn’t get seen in a nude photo shoot lol but this time I forgot till we already were on set and it was rather too late to do anything about it :/

I got bit 11 times :( some just little but 5 times big! Damn bugs! I’m going to be lotioning them like mad. If i do a good job they should fade and go away. If I don’t, they turn purple and can scar, taking up to a year to fade. Yep I’m pretty mad at myself right about now because I’m a grown up and I should know better.

Yesterday was a go go go kinda day. After shooting I headed out to a big ass car show with some family :) it was great! (Pics coming soon) Lots of hot ass rides to ogle, some gorgeous weather and we even finished it off with hand scooped ice cream, yummy yummy. Did I mention we went in my uncles 64.5 Mustang. Omg such a sexy ride!

But we didn’t stop there, we also went for a great little walk/hike to the falls. Was so pretty out we just didn’t want to go back home :) here’s me and my brave little monster on the suspension bridge looking out over the falls. Yes it was a long way down, yes the rocking of the bridge scared the shit out of me and yes I’m squinting cause the sun is right in my eyes! Figured you guys didn’t want to only see sunglasses wearing big eyed bug version of me lol

After this a nice freezing glacier fed dip in the run off was needed! The pups refused to get in of course but they did have fun walking on the rocks along the sore while we all dipped out feet.

All in all it was a really fun day with lots of sun shine and smiles. That said I was completely wiped out by 7 pm when I got home. Waking up at 5:30 am really takes it out of you! Especially when you have a very physical morning and afternoon. Oh well it was a once a year kinda day.

Hope you all had a great weekend, a fabulous Father’s Day and a better start to your week then me! I’ll get out of bed soon… Ish lol

Xoxo Katie


My Kryptonite

You have all been asking for it and I love to deliver your dirtiest fantasies so here you go. I get completely and totally covered in oil from head to toe, rub it all in in great detail and showing you every inch of me close up and all oily. I instruct you how I want you to worship my oiled bod while giving you jerk instructions. I have a little surprise for you all this time though, I stuffed a green jewelled butt plug in my high little ass hole. It’s so much fun to play with, tugging it in and and out in and out making me quiver with pleasure. What happens with oil and butt plugs though? it loosens them up enough I can tug it out and begin to finger my tight little butt hole till we both cum so fucking hard!


Everyone has that one thing that just gets them an gets them good right? maybe it’s oil, maybe it’s big titties, maybe it’s hot chicks in stockings… whatever it is you just can’t resist the urge to stroke it when you see it. Well for me that’s anal play. It’s so tight back there that it doesn’t take much more than a finger to get me good. I cum so hard and so fast that I am left a babbling pile of cum.


Come relax and watch as I smother myself in oil, play with my pussy then finger my tight butt while you watch and enjoy 😉



One more day 

One more day till the weekend! One more day till freedom and relaxation! Sadly I had to cancel my outdoor photo shoot for this weekend and pushed it to next weekend. The weather report shows clouds, clouds and more clouds :( even a chance of thunder storms tomorrow which is just lame. No sun shine means no epic summer photos. Oh well I think we’ll have better luck next weekend anyways. Still going to head out Saturday and do some location scouting that way next weekend we are good to go. 

That means I’ve got a free Sunday :) so I’m thinking I might wash my car, clean out the dog hair and the dog nose smears on my windows lol silly little stinkers! My beast is looking super dirty! In my defense my tires stick out just the tiniest bit and there’s no mud flaps so that means all the road dirt, muddy puddles and construction dirt spray up all over the sides of my ride. Oh well cost of rolling high 😉 (oh yah LOTS of construction going on near me, the next 2 years it’s going to be construction constrcuction construction) 

Maybe even take my life into my own hands and brave Costco on a Sunday! Scary thought I know but it’s really the only time I’ll have in the next few days to go. My fridge is emptying out and sadly that means no snack food. I get all my snack food from Costco since its 1/2 the price for 2x as much food. Can’t go wrong with that. I’ll admit I’m a little afraid! Last time I went on a Sunday it was a zoo in there and I nearly escaped without being mauled by a bear. But a giant hot dog sounds like a good reward for braving the wild 😉 

Hope you Thursday is thrilling! 

Xoxo Katie