Detention Girls

I was a bad bad student again (seems to happen a lot! i’m surprised I pass anything these days ;)) and Miss Bryci decided to hold me after class for some one on one detention time. Apparently I’m not very good at the assignments she keeps giving us I don’t pay attention in class and worst of all apparently my uniform is far to scandalous for her class. She seems to think I’m just doing it to tease the boys in class and that that’s a bad thing. Since when was that a bad thing? man I missed that lesson I guess. She decided I needed a good old fashioned spanking to get myself in line and I won’t lie it was rather exciting to have a hot teacher spank me for being a bad little slut hehehe.


One thing lead to another and well I couldn’t help myself! she was so hot and the authoritative look in her eye that said I’m going to punish you and your going to like it got me wet and gave me the shivers all over. Apparently she could tell cause what we did next was very un teacher and student like.


Miss Bryci sure knew how to work over my big clit and make me cum so hard! way better then all the boys I’ve fooled around with! if I had known playing with girls was going to be this much fun I would have started a lot sooner. Her lips were so soft, her tongue so warm and adventurous, her nipples so perky and her skin felt amazing.

detention-17.jpg detention-31.jpg

To check out all the naughty photos of Bryci and I’s first ever hardcore girl girl photo shoot you need to head on over and sign up today! the making 4k video goes live this week and let me tell yo it’s going to be hot! we had at least 4 or 5 4k cameras set up to capture us from every angel we could think of! we acted out our detention slut fantasy with each other and man alive did we both cum so hard!



weekend already? 

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday! Where’d the week go? Oddly enough for it being a 3 day work week for me it felt really long. I’m betting that’s just being tired from my work Vaca. I had a blast but it was a lot of driving, sun shine, shooting and taste drinks. All mix for a tired Katie cocktail. Been sleeping like the dead this week since being back home. I’m hoping after a restful weekend I’ll be back to normal by Monday. 

Monday I’m back at the gym and back on my regular healthy train. Was far too blah this week to make it to the gym and good thing considering i still feel run down. I managed to get all my errands done in the mornings though which is fantastic since they piled up while I was gone. I’ve done everything except Costco but sadly that is not a weekend activity. Not unless I want to loose it on a small little old lady or a mother and her 6 kids who stop dead center on the isle right in front of me then glares at me when I almost bump her with my cart. Let’s just say Costco n Katie on a weekend don’t mix. 

I finally got unpacked this morning lol yes I know 4 days late but whatever 😋 was easier to pile it in my closet and close the door. I started a pile of me auction items too so be on the look out for auctions soon! Lots of goodies up for grabs for all my auctioneer loves. Laundry is going non stop today too, my baskets were over flowing! 

Other than that I’ve got a family picnic this afternoon which means of course it’s overcast with a chance of showers lol oh well I’m sure the pups will enjoy the park time either way :) I hope your all having a fabulous weekend! 

Xoxo Katie 


Bad Apple 

Coming this week to is my very first full on girl girl scene with Bryci! We popped out gg Cherry and let me tell you it’s freaken hotter then hell! We had so much fun! We are starting off our girl girl adventure with a taboo role play of a naughty student and bad teacher. God this was hot! We both came so hard! This is by far some of the hottest content either of us have put out. Be ready for the 4k video later this week and for the high res photos shortly after that. There were so many cameras! I’m sure we got all the juiciest angles we could 😉 trust me you won’t want to miss this.



Vacation :) 

Vaca is in full effect and I’m loving it! The weather is fabulous! The beach was amazing and refreshing, the eats have been delicious and I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling yet. I will admit I’m kinda sad it’s already Sunday, I don’t want the relaxation and fun friends filled adventure to end. 

I got 2 shoot days in this week and I’m super excited to see what i got. I found water to play in, summery settings to get frisky in and even found someone to play with 😉 members of will be ecstatic, in fact I think some of you will be blow right off your computer chairs. I can’t wait for you to see what we came up with. 

Sadly it hasn’t been all glitz and glamour, this poor girl got stung by a wasp mid photo set. The little stinker decided my knee looked like a good resting spot. I didn’t even feel him there so I went to place my hand on my knee not looking and ouch! It’s been forever since I got stung. Yes I cried (don’t laugh lol it hurt :P) yes I know I’m such a girl 😛 but I did manage to suck it up and keep shooting. I wasn’t about to let no wasp wreck my outdoor shoot day or harsh my mellow. Thank goodness I didn’t cause I got some freaken amazing content. 

I rewarded myself with a little cool treat afterwards as a way to make it all better 😉 sadly I think I’m allergic to wasp stings too just like I am Mosquitos. My knee is stil red, getting a little more swollen each day, itchy ass all hell and sore. Bah :( oh well I’ll keep on the antihistamine and some allergy cream. 

Yesterday was girls afternoon, did a little shopping, chatted and went for a drive to see the sights. It was nice to get away is girls :)  Not sure what is crazy kids will get up to today but I did hear that frozen yogurt is in my near future 😀 yep that’s going to be awesome! Other than that I’m not too worried after all it’s about who your with not what your doing. And that mean it’s going to be a great day. 

Cheers! Here’s to a great rest of the long weekend. I hope your all having a great start to your August! Can’t believe it’s already August 😱 where’d the summer go? Damn. Guess this means I need to really get on the summer fun days before September comes around 😉 

Xoxo Katie 


Spy Cam

My younger brother’s friends are such bad pervs, they don’t even try to hide the radiculous looks, neck craning and very obvisou excuses to be in the my space very well. I feel really bad for my little brother actually. I try to dress down and not be around if his friends are but man alive they practically live her in the summer. I finally convinced my parents to let me add my own little “living room” downstairs beside my room so that i can leave my little bro alone and just have my own space. Finally no little shits in my space lol.

Little did I know they devised a plan to get their kicks! they hid a little camera in my room facing the couch behind my teddy bears on my bookcase. So there i was just getting ready to relax of the afternoon and watch a movie in my pjs. I wasn’t worried they’d see me in nothing more than a think tank top no bra and panties. My bf called and I was so excited to finally get a chance to chat. He’s been gone for work all month. He were both horny as hell so I grabbed my hitachi and started to tease the shit out of him. I wanted that cock nice and hard for me. I love thinking about him stroking it for me.

After an intense cum-a-thon with my BF and my hitachi I was all cummed out and ready for a nap! I went to turn the lights off and head to my room when I noticed a sense poking out from behind my teddy bears. Those little rats had hidden a camera in my room! i was pissed! good thing I found it first now I can share it with all of you. I think I might just play a prank back on them….