Spaghetti Squash

OK this one is for Bryci! Last night I had the best left overs ever, prawn spaghetti squash. It’s super easy.
1-2 spaghetti squashes,                       pasta sauce
chosen meat (in this case prawns),                        chopped veggies (peppers, mushrooms, onions, ect)
1) cut squash in 4’s, scrape out the guts (lol the seeds and such), plce a small dollop of butter (or olive oil for a lighter choice)in the centre of each 1/4, place on pan face up with a small amount of water in pan. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Remove and cool
2) Cook meat in not stick frying pan (if pre cooked prawns, you only need to warm them up for about 10-15 mins) and in diced veggies and desired amount of sauce. Simmer till warm and veggies soft.
3) Peep off the centre of squash from the rind. A fork works well, yes this is messy and it will seem hard (I usually end up flinging 1/2 of it across the room lol) Break up the squash cause it will tend to stick together in clumps.
4) If squash isn’t warm any more then just nuke for like 40 seconds. Add squash to sauce and mix.
Ta Da prawn spaghetti squash =) See that wasn’t so hard. It’s a really easy way to have a carb free pasta night. Just remember to be careful when removing the squashes guts, they tend to get every where, as you can see they look just like a pumpkin.
Well I’m off today and think that it’s about time to do some laundry considering the basket has begun to overflow out of my closet, I don’t know how it happens every week but it does. I’m thinking that it’s a great day to make a few vids of something sexy for my ebuddies, any ideas?
Then it’s time to kick back and relax before I get to talk to everyone in my cam show tonight at 10 pm est. I can’t wait. Mondays always seem to come so fast, I love it! it’s the best way to kick off my week 😉


  1. Neil   •  

    I love the sound of your home cooked meals Katie, I’m gonna try your soup recipes this week I think, mmmmm yummy :-). Had a long but productive weekend, was recording/mixing & producing a couple of tracks with the band THE SOVIET (who I’m gonna produce in Abbey Road soon). It was fun but by the time I’d finished work for the day it was time for bed. I was really hoping to get my gold card today so I could get my bella pass sorted and check out your show tonight but stupid mastercard said its gonna take another 3-5 days, I travelled all the way home specially to collect it too. So sorry I’m gonna miss it, but should defo make the next one, even if it is at 5 am my time, you know i’m desperate to see it.
    As you’re into your cooking, maybe you could do a sexy vid in the kitchen with just a apron on or something hehe :-).
    Have an awesome show and a nice evening ma cherie x

  2. Bryci   •  

    Awesome, thanks Kates!

  3. kris   •  

    Hey katie. Luv the recipe!

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