Star Wars Dance Dance

I love my xbox kinect! it so fun and such a great way to get in an at home work out. Why not dance your way to a great work out rather then hit the gym. Its great to mix it up! With that in mind I got Star Wars Kinect. While the game wasn’t very popular I will say I find it to be kick ass! you get to pod race, train to be a Jedi, be various machinery throughout the Star Wars galaxy and you even get to do a dance off for Jaba the Hut. So much fun and once you get to see Slave Princess Leia do her thing on the dance floor in her metal bikini you sure will not be sorry you did. Here’s a look at my latest attempt…

My Star Wars Obsession

It’s no lie that I love Star Wars! it was my first ever scifi movie I saw and I fell in love with the whole damn thing instantly! I have been obsessed eery since. SO n surprise that the most important part of D23 for me was the Star Wars exhibits. I made sure to get you guys a close up look at all the original models and set pieces that they had on display 😀 Of course I did this video in my Chewbacca cosplay! this was the day before I shot my xxx update for my site in this same outfit 😉 Yes that happened and yes there will be more scifi themed cosplay shoots that come from my fav scifi movie ever 😉

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Xo Katie

Space Companion Hardcore

I know you get so stressed right before a big mission and battle. IT’s hard to be the leader, to instruct an entire intergalactic mixture of people. TO have everyone looking to you to solve the problem, to save the day. Let me help get your head in the game and release some of that stress before we blast off. Your fingers are so long and strong they feel amazing as the blunge into my wet little hole.

I’ll make sure to polish your sober just right, after all I know exactly how you like it. Being your best bud, the first mate and your star companion means I’ve learned a thing or two about you over the many missions we have flown on. Don’t be afraid to use my space buns to help you hold my head still as you face fuck me nice and deep making me gasp for air and smile from ear to ear. I love when you do that.

That’s it I can feel your finally letting go and giving into my special brand of relaxation and collecting your mind into a single focus. Use that focus, concentrate and you can do anything. Let my big booty do all the work as it bounces up and down on your roc hard saber. I love being on top and making you feel good.

All I ask Captain is that you give me exactly what I have been craving all this time, What I need to feel satisfied. I want you to shower me with your star dust!

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Star Companion Solo

Need a companion on your next big mission? maybe its into the galaxy, maybe its rescuing a damsel in destress, fighting an evil order, defeating a killer planet or its just hauling ass and making some good cash. I’m the perfect star companion to follow you into the stars even if its into a war.

No one wants to be alone in a galaxy far far away is never a wise idea. Everyone needs someone to watch their back. Lucky for you I won’t take no as an answer. I’ll show you how good of a first mate I can be and I’m sure you will want me to help operate your space ship and weaponry. You be the judge and tell me if you think I have what it takes to help stroke, massage, milk and release all the things that you need 😉


Star Companion Pics

Time for a dive into something space oriented and very scoff! I love my recent cosplay shoot! can you guess who I am 😉 😉 I won’t name names since well we don’t want no one getting in trouble. This is one of my fav movies series of all time and being a big space dork I loved doing a more obscured character. Yes there are many more female character splays coming from my fav scifi movie series. A slave, a white princess and I’m thinking a Dark helmet wearing evil leader.

This one was shot while we were away in Cali recently, it was so fun to shoot in our room and feel naughty since the window was right and you could see down into the main hotel front entrance there… wonder if anyone heard or saw us? kinda exciting!

Of course we took it one step further and got TC involved, after all I’m into the cosplay with a twist. A naughty xxx twist. I have a few new cosplays in the works so be ready for some fun and sassy role-play scenes coming soon. If you have any ideas feel free to comment bellow and I will do my best to see if I can’t figure out something fun to do for that character.

If you love the pics I am showing you here you really should take a look at the full high res photo se, solo bug toy video and then the full length BG pop and riding video.

We are really mixing things up and enjoying exploring. POV is our fav right now but not to worry we mix in a few others angels every now and again in our recent vids so you really feel like you are right there with us.

Of course we finished with a facial. My fav! I love it! there is something that feel naughty and so awesome about ending the scene with a facial. The feeling of it splattering my face, running into my mouth and tasting cum that gets my heart racing and puts a huge grin on my face 😀

XoXo Katie