I had so much fun at the fair yesterday with my cousins and their kids :) I love the fair. It was the perfect day, it was super sunny but there was a really nice breeze in the air. We went on every ride, even the ones I had never been on. I got shot up into the air and whipped back down to earth. I got flipped round and around and unpaid down. I got whipped back and forth in my seat and almost felt like I was going to fall out o the one old roller coaster. It was a violent ride for sure and I just held on for dear life hoping that I wouldn’t fall out and die.

I was a little afraid on some of the rides cause well I’m a little person and the locking mechanisms that hold you in on some of the rides just didn’t’ click small enough to hold me in. If I hadn’t of been holding on I would of possibly gone flying. I felt my ass leave the seat and slide around more than a few times. Thank goodness for the twins cause honestly they helped to hold me in considering they got squashed a little of fit in the middle between the two bars that hold you in. LOL i guess in a way they worked as air bags hahahahah omg I can’t believe I just said that!!! :P

Needless to say I am a little sore today and well glad to still be alive and in one piece. All in all though I got off every ride smiling and having a great time. I didn’t do much last night cause well I was pooped when I got home. Between the late night I had on Thursday and the late night last night cause all my friends got a little too drunk at my place and I had to clear them out at 3:30 am cause well I wanted to get some damn sleep already. I just came home, had a nice hot bath then went straight to bed last night. I think I was in bed at like 10 pm for real lol I know kinda a sad Saturday night but whatever :P

I’ve got a bunch of crap tp get down today. I have to do laundry cause I no longer own a pair of clean socks or underwear :S like I might have to stop at the mall on my way out to get some lol. I need groceries stat…. well that is if I want to eat anything next week :) and I should probably get my butt to the gym but man am I stiff today. Perhaps my work out can wait till tomorrow instead. At least my feet don’t hurt today, that’s a major plus for me.

I’m headed out to see my cousin’s again today. They are staying at my aunts house and go back home tomorrow so I’m going to head over there in a few hours to say hi. Not sure what we will get up to, they have about 4 little kids with them so something fund and activity oriented just so they will be pooped by the time we get back home later tonight. I’m hoping nothing too violent on my body :P lol I feel a little beat up today.

Well any who here is a vid I did yesterday morning before I headed out to the Fair with Joni. You can hear for yourself the sad affair that was Joni :P poor thing….. NOT!! I made sure to take her on every skinny flipping round and round ride I could :D she didn’t’ throw up though so props to her.

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