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I decided that poor kinzie has been stuck inside for the too long. The last 2 or 3 days all it has done is rain. And my poor little bear just hates the rain. I actually have to make her go outside to use the washroom. And by make I mean drag her along at the end of her leash until she is soaking wet (myself included by this point) that she gives up and finally will admit defeat and go pee.I call her a camel on days like that. But today it has finally cleared up enough that there is only a slight  bit of overcast.  As soon as I got home I turned to the little bear and asked her if she wanted to head to the park. I couldn’t believe how loud she barked and how skidzoid she went when I said the work ‘PARK’ OMG she wouldn’t stop chirping (when she is overly excited she sounds just like a bird, her bark is so loud and persistent) the whole way there. It was a long 16 block cruise to the park. Once there she had so much energy! I must have thrown that ball a hundred times and she went and got it every time. She had an interesting run in with some squirrels along the way, I think she was rather proud of herself for running them up and down the same tree 4 times in a row lol! On our way out, kinzie noticed this cute little chihuahua that she just had to go say hi to. He was all brown and as cute as a button. Once I noticed that he’s owner drove a suv with big tires I just couldn’t resist.  hehehe the funny part is that she actually stayed there for like 5 minutes without trying to get down, she was just chilling out. You would think that she would be all freaked out and just wanting down, but no. That’s my little adventurer.

I pooped her out for sure, she’s curled up on my lap right now catching some zzzzzs. I’ll let her rest for a little while, he favourite aunty is coming over for dinner and a movie. My oldest gf, we have known each other since grade 3. I don’t get to see her that much cause she works 2 jobs and goes to school so when ever we get a chance to get together I get really excited. (It helps that she is super cute and that I have had the biggest crush on her for like ever ;)) We are going to make shrimp and squash pasta and hopefully go see the late showing of ‘The Last Song’ (I know kinda girly but every once in a while I just gotta get some sap in there too). Tonight is about relaxation and catching up. I hope your having an awesome weekend. Don’t party too hard now!


  1. Bryci   •  

    Yum that supper sounds good, you should post a recipe blog for me sometime, was it spaghetti squash?

  2. Neil   •  

    Hey Katie, is that squash as in pumpkin?, I know there’s a winter squash which is australian i think.
    Hope you have fun with your gf 🙂


  3. kris   •  

    hey nice rims

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