The Ugly duckling

Everyone knows this story, but I just thought how cute this walt disney cartoon was. I can really relate to this story, I was kind of an ugly ducking growing up. I was a little awkward and not that put together and now just look at me. I think I turned out just fine! I am headed to work in a bit. Tonight was supposed to be my gym night, but my calfs are killing me! I think it was the trek down the 24 flights of stairs yesterday morning. Who knew that they turn off the elevators when the fire alarm goes off :/ I had to hike all the way to p3 to get my car, just to find out that the gates don’t work either. They also run on the same power that the elevators and in the case of a fire they turn off. So manual was the way to go. Oh well at least I got a really good workout at 5am lol. So tonight I am just going to kick back and relax, maybe head down to the hot tub for a bit. Have an awesome hump day everyone and enjoy guys.


  1. Neil   •  

    Aww what a cute lil cartoon, just watched it now. I also can relate to it Katie, I liked my food when I was alot younger, wasnt fat, just a bit bigger than most kids. I did get teased cause of it now and again and it does really hurt when you’re that age, never got to play in the soccer team, always be a sub kinda of thing on the bench. It was like this until I was in my mid teens at secondary school when I noticed girls started looking at me different (in a good way of course lol). I had lost tons of weight by now and by the time Ieft for college I was really slim and slender, felt great and was quite the ladies man ;-).
    I can’t imagine you being an ugly duckling Katie, as you’re such a wonderful,beautiful swan. You’re on the up and up, I’m really pleased things are going good for ya hun.
    Hope you don’t have any more fire alarms going off, and tell Kinzie I said hi 🙂

    Big ehugs n ekisses

    Neil xoxoxo

  2. Joel   •  

    For what its worth Katie, I truly think you are a beautiful swan. People may say ugly duckling but I dont agree with that term, because in fact, you were never a duck to begin with, you were something much greater.

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