Just felt like sharing a little something something with you all on video. I love video blogs, their fun! Not sure what about them is soo much fun but they just are :) I think it’s the fact that I probably get a little more nervous when I make a video blog and am a little less sure of what I will say and how it will sound. It gives me butterflies, I get a little anxious and it kinda gets my heart racing which are fun feelings so that’s probably why :P I’m not sure if there was really a direction or point I was going with this video blog, it was just more so a hey this is me being me and probably sounding crazy or silly but mehhh that’s me :D Lol sometimes the blogs or video blogs that you make just spur of the moment can be the best! They manage to catch you when you are the most you and have your guard down the most. At least that’s what I have noticed about other people’s video blogs in the past. I hope mine do the same but honestly I am not really that sure cause if we’re being honest here, I hate watching myself on film. Man I don’t know what it is but I always feel a little embarrassed or think why did I say that or do that or I hate the way my voice sounds. I always think hey that’s not how I sound is it? :S I’m sure it’s just a me thing lol, I think most people are a little surprised by their own voice on film. I’ve even heard that a few big A listers won’t watch a movie that they are in cause they just end up beating themselves up or hatting on themselves the whole tim. Maybe I’m not so strange then…. there’s some hope :)


Just wanted to give a quick thanks to Duston for his wonderful gifts :D I love them!! The girls next door (Holly Bridget and Kendra) are the reason that I love Playboy so much. I would dye if I could meet any one of them. IN fact if you go to Vegas and go see Peepshow staring Holly Madison you can pay like $200 more for a pass to get a tour backstage and meet her 0.0 I am soooo doing that one say soon! Here’s the problem though, I will have to practice what I am going to say cause if not I’m sure I’ll just seem like some crazy starstruck fan like everyone else. I’d rather come across as a smart n pretty young lady who has just met her mentor. Calm, cool and collected that’s what I want :D Yah right comes to mind lol oh well I’ll work on that one. For now thank you soo much Duston! I have been dyeing to get season 4 and 5. I have had 1-3 for like the last 3 years and have watched them in full at least 3 times, watched with all the commentaries and all the behind the scenes and deleted scenes. I even got my gf JLo hooked on it to. Hehehehehe we are 1/2 way through season 3 then it’s on to 4 and 5 :D I can’t wait!

Well I’m off to the shower, it’s time to wash down and start my day. MFC in a little bit then tonight I’m thinking a quick cardio trip to the gym then it’s time for some relaxation, a home cooked meal and some girls with JLo.

XoXo Katie

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