Videos Videos videos, I have been having a lot of fun making some very flirty and intimate videos for my members. My mind seems to be racing with ideas and every time I do one video I think of at least 2 more awesome ideas that I can’t wait to try out for you all. It doesn’t help that I got a new camera for making videos. It’s got way better HD, it’s super crisp, the auto focus is silent and the best part it has a flip out screen so that I can see what the heck I am doing lol. most of the time I can’t see what I am doing unless I use a mirror or something so a flip out screen is a must. I used it most recently on my Santa Katie and my Holiday Hotty videos and man were they crisp and clear. Only trick I think I’ll need to use more light in the future πŸ˜› those videos seemed a little dim to me.

Untitled 3.tiff

I love baths so of course I couldn’t not do a POV styled bath video for you all. One of my favourite places to be is in the tub. There is just something about the water cascading down my body, the bubbles, the rubbing … that gets my mind just wondering to naughty places. Not to mention the how hard my nipples get from the temperature change between the cool air in the room and the hot water. Now I couldn’t just give you the boob view the whole time, I had to let Miss Kitty get her 15 minutes πŸ˜‰

Untitled 5.tiff

What about a little naughty lingerie video dedicated all to you πŸ™‚ I know how interesting and intriguing it is to see a women getting ready, putting her make up on, doing her hair, primping and preening and what better way to observe that other than when she is wearing a sheer little lace number that she taunts and teases off for your viewing pleasure. I really enjoyed making list video, thinking of you sitting on the edge of my bed watching me out of the corner or your eye when you think I’m not watching. Kinzie and Eva gave me the idea actually lol they always sit in that exact spot and stare at me as I get ready in the morning or for bed. Made me wonder what it would feel like to be watched while getting ready. Ohhhh another fun idea just popped in my head, I’ll have to get TC to help me with this one…. A little voyeur sneaking a peak through my bathroom door without me knowing as I am getting ready, maybe showering, maybe rubbing lotion all over…. oh the possibilities are endless aren’t they πŸ˜‰


Can’t forget a little role playing every now and again as well…. naughty school girl anyone? I had a lot of fun trying to get out of detention and not fail the big test with this video. After all my mom pays my tuition fees and well she wouldn’t be to happy to see that her star pupil was failing and that I shrunk my skirt in the wash. I mean geeze I thought she would be at least proud of me that I did my own laundry πŸ˜‰ So needless to say I was willing to take a little punishment, a few spankings and go that extra mile to get a good grade πŸ˜€

Untitled copy.tiff

And of course being the sci fi Star Wars Space fan that I am I had to do a video entitled Sci Fi babe in my wicked Star Wars T-shirt. Sexy nerd right here and no I am not afraid to tell the world that πŸ™‚ I even completed the look with a splendid pair of glasses.

I’ve got many more exciting videos coming to my members area, lots of boobs, butt and fun costumes too. Can’t forget about a naughty Mistress video thrown in there to play with my darker bad ass side too. Needless to say variety is the spice of life and I love the taste πŸ˜›

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XoXo Katie


  1. James   β€’  

    U should put a nude vid on utube

    • Katie   β€’     Author

      That’s an excellent idea just one hitch in the plan… YouTube DOES NOT ALLOW NUDITY and will can my channel and block me from google forever if I do….. sooo good idea but it’s just that an idea.

  2. Berk   β€’  

    these are very astonishing images especialy bath preview pics are highly inspiring as ever I wonder if I wanted to submit a fan art of you to Winnipeg art galery would you be okay with? I won’t do anything without your say so because a fan artwork of you that I did caught a person’s eye whose friend works in there

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