Woo hoo Guess who just got the most exciting package ever in the mail? hmmm still don’t know…. ME ME ME ME!!! I got a box of gold in the mail. Ok fine not gold but a box full of my Playboys :) that’s close enough to gold to me. I must say I’m still in shock. Even now that i have had a look at my 6 page spread (yep that’s a lot, some girls only got a 2 or 4 page spread. Only 4 girls got a 6 page spread and I’m one of them :o)I still can’t believe it. I keep trying to pinch myself or close my eyes and expect to wake up but I don’t so it must be true, this must be my reality. Yayayaayyaya!!!! :D I know I sound silly but just roll with it people I mean come on!!! I did mother fucking Playboy!!! WOW!!! Pinching myself right now…. ouch that hurt!


Sorry for a few minutes there I completely lost my brain, I mean I actually saw it crack open my head, pop out, give me a bow and run as fast as it’s little legs could carry it away. I didn’t know brain had legs, did you? LOL

Ok for real this time, sorry guys I am still in shock and well it’s still hard to believe. I still look in the mirror everyday and just see that dorky theatre kid from grade 9 that didn’t know how to do her make up and hair, who never dressed ‘cool’ or hung out with the ‘cool’ kids. So all this is just so surreal for me. Literally all of it, my site, all of you, my blog, my twitter, my youtube page and now most of all my playboys. It feels like a dream and I’m still waiting to wake up in my tiny little single bed at my parents house in bed with my big fat orange tabby.

Now what exactly am I going to do with a box full of magazines containing hot naked women… well other than the obvious :P I have about 10 people that I promised a signed copy to, including my mom :) lol yah I was a little thrown for a loop with that one too. As I have told you all before, my mom knows about everything. Her and I have a very close and very open relationship with one another. Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the first person to have my back and to stand up for me and the first person I go to when I’m hurt or have some really really exciting news. So when I went over there for lunch one day and told her that Playboy had finally printed me and which magazine I would be in she was so excited for me :) she then asked if she could have one. I nearly choked on my tea lol! I said sure if you want one mom you can have one. I’m not 100% sure what or why she wants one, I’m tempted to ask lol but I bet it’s just like keeping a card I make out of macaroni when I was like 5.

Now there are obviously more than just 10 magazines in a box that big so what am I doing with the rest of them? well here comes the fun part :) I got them all for you guys. So how do you get your hands on a signed copy well there are 3 ways to do.

First off I am auctioning a copy off right now on abibids :) it’ll be up there for about 2 weeks and will go to the highest bidder. Here’s the link if your interested https://www.abibids.com/index.php/page,AuctionDetails/pid,35717

I’ll also be selling them for $25 each with about $5 shipping if your in Canada, $10 shipping if your in the USA and $20 shipping if your International. If your interested just email me at katiebanks30i@gmail.com Keep in mind this email was just set up for selling my playboy magazines and that I will not be responding to personalized emails here.

Last but not least I will be raffling one off on www.myfreecams.com you can also pay for this via paypal if you wish or if you are a member on MFC you can just tip in tokens :) here’s a link to my MFC profile for those who are interested http://profiles.myfreecams.com/KatieBanks

Here’s a sneak peak inside just incase your curious or you really really want to see :) don’t worry I got your back on this one. The last pic is a close up pic of the back of the magazine :) there I am second from the left.

IMG_2302.JPG IMG_2304.JPG

IMG_2303.JPG IMG_2305.JPG

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